How to Call in Rabbits. Here's How! BOW HUNT

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Here is an amazing way to hunt rabbits. I found the sound that brings them in close. Much like predator hunting. Bow kills on this video to back it up. Watch and learn if you're interested in a exciting way to fill the fridge!! Make these sounds and it will work for you too. Check out all my full shows at You could win a hunt or Oneida bow so check it out and sign up!!

Joseph Carter the Mink Man
What call are you using? It sounds to me similar to a predator call which mocks a rabbits distress cry. I've never had a rabbit come to a rabbit distress call. Do you know what is different about the call you are using and the one I am?
Sheogorath, Daedric Prince of Madness
I'm not a "tree hugger" as I hunt also, but I don't like your attitude towards hunting, you shouldn't kill an animal just because you want to kill it, that's what caused so many animal species to go extinct, granted rabbits aren't going extinct any time soon but I don't hunt because I wan't to kill something, I always eat what I kill and don't kill what I won't eat.
Catch N Cook California
I have been hunting my whole life for food. This video sucks! You guys are so disrespectful! They may be just meaningless rabbits to you, but black tailed hares are a staple on my table. At least cook your take! I will never watch another one of your videos!
Christian Adrian
I usually hunt with a RPG but bows are cool too I guess
Josh Head
This guy is the cris angel of hunting and I’m not talking about his magical skill. I mean because he’s a huge douchebag.
dippers unite
who else loves his intro?
Adam Celadin
Tim was that 1:58 a throwing knife ? :O
Stewart Kelley
Not All in California are tree Huggers Thank God. and if the grid ever does go down they will be looking to the Hunters for food.
So many PETA activists in the comment section. It's hilarious.
Warning - Rabbits may cause cancer in the state of California
Zealous Geek
When you realize he is the fish vs bomarang meme XD
Which mouth call is your buddy calling with??
Sif Greyfang
Keep hunting bro. Don't let peta lovers and tree huggers stop you
Prestons adventures
I don't even want to know how many animals you have injured without killing...
William Hickok
I would hate to have to buy your arrows. But I'd buy you a beer.
I think the reason this rabbit in distress calling is working so well is because the jacks are canibals!!!! rushing in to eat their fallen siblings!!!
James M.
I slocked myself a rabbit with a cold steel blowgun yesterday.
Ed Dorvil
Selling tamales out the back of a minivan, yup, completely normal.
Another outstanding Introduction to a great and unique hunt.
Glo Avenger
I can't wait to harvest a few jacks and cottontails here in southern Nevada. I tell people that never cooked either to use pork and chicken recipes when cooking cottontails and use beef recipes when cooking jackrabbits and you can't go wrong. I am letting people know if you miss your big game tags there is still some great hunting out there for you. Chili, Tacos, Burgers,etc.
James Doyle
Doug Dunlap
Do you eat rabbits with ticks on them?
Miguel Q
i hunt rabbits with the 500 nitro express
Jurgen Schwanecke
Irresponsible and reckless
Call 911 For Cookies
He's not hunting for sport or food, he's hunting to kill. He loves causing death.
"People" who hunt disgust me
Where were you hunting?? I lived in Riverside for 7 months last year. Met some fun guys, but no real hunters.
Rodney Wroten
I bet that was fun
John Beechy
Good hunting for the rabbit's. Yes a good witness on the tree huggers.
Janet S Martin
that fish tried to kill that guy
Alvaro Ontiveros
WTF 2:06 punch face
Great video Tim also the intro was amazing
Jurgen Schwanecke
you hunt for the wrong reasons
Slade and Quaid's Vlogs
Tim you were in missippi I went there and saw you and won a spear
Mick Taylor
Hunt hunters,now that's a sport.
Tommy Wooten
Awesome video Tim.....
Taras B. Ukrainian
15:54 now that's some funny sh*t ROFL!
Bradley H. Games and Aquatics
I would hunt mice with a tank, but I could never find them because they explode. 💥 sometimes I try whales but the slippery bastards slip away into the depths. 🐋
Abs Godwin
You are too awesome! If only you were allowed to kill scumbags aswell :)
iced dodo
Pretty gay intro. Kills grizzly bears what a homo.
somangala somakasan
how about you reverse the situation you hunted by them for fun and laughing you have other other meats already at the shops and retaurants to eat one day you will face it that will be a big laugh
Prestons adventures
Why would you shoot that bear in the face...
Brandon Grady
poor animals
saff Amen
I feel bad for the birds and the deers and the wolfs and the foxes those animals are beautiful anyways don't think I'm vegan in eat chicken and steak everyday and I have fangs on my bottom teeth and my top teeth as well
Sandeep Singh
Kyun maar raha hai masoom jaanwar ko ? Bewkoof. Insaan
Ronald Goodrich
Reminds me of when I hunted ground squirrels. They are quick.
Ronald Goodrich
A lot of women hate it when you sneak in the back door.
awww man not a bear!!!
Hayden Howard
click bait
Gypsy Paz
Hunting for your food is better than going to the grocery store and paying other people to do your killing for you. But that's no reason for people like the maker of this video to be such belligerent jerks. And no, God didn't give you the right to bare arms, the founders of the USA did that.
Bobby Akbaroff
I have been trying to find a place for Rabbits hunting with a 22 LR and haven't had much lock. Any advise?
auto tune girl
Poor Jack rabbit
Scott W
what edge lord with that opening.
Grimmy Reaper
I had to start the video again in order to watch that badass intro
Brian Wissner
I will have to try this in SW New Mexico when I go dove and quail hunting. There are tons of jack rabbits and cottontails where I go, helps the farmers out and are quite delicious.
Jason Hynes
Those gut shots.... cringey
Wyattnoblesisb and the goatkiller8
The guy on the right that's how I wear my hunting clothes and M2D camo and a SITKA when I am out turkey hunting or deer hunting
Doug Dunlap
Two words for you air gun. Will they allow that so close to LA. It's a lot of fun.
Vincent Richardson
That intro was fire nice video just got a new subscriber
Assassin Nation
Haha he likes tamales but I bet they would taste a lot better if you unwrap the husk😂
The krombopulous Michael of animals
The Wildguide
I'm no rabbit slaying expert by no means but id  go for an ear shot so theyd be pinned
อริยะ รอรักอยู่
What call tool name? Please
My Life is a Complex Pastiche
2:58 is when he stops rambling. You're welcome
Nugget Dugget
i've been trying to learn to call rabbits but can't lol
Steven Dennis
Tim you are one funny sombi.keep on whacken an your show keep killen bro.
Tyler Hughes
I cringe when I see those broad heads carried like that, right next to the bow string. Makes me want to get you a side quiver lol
Pet Scientist Modern Dinos
i live in Lancaster California (about an hour from LA) and rabbit hunt in the Antelope Valley area, I'd like to know if this was done in the Antelope valley?
polishtheturd mickelson
RIP Oliver. Nice video Tim.
Joey Puentes
You made me sit through a 3 min intro you madman
m d
that's why I stopped hunting them here in Arizona
Music play
I'm a "tree hugger" but I really love hunting
Bunnys and ROBLOX Bunny's
Witnessfitness Meals
I hunt that same desert with my 20 guage walking around many body counts
LegStitchedTiger Ftw
Oldman Overlanding
Lol , check his butt and see if the collar fits ! Lol
Christian Dad
I don't know how you cope with the amount of animals you have injured and let them die slowly animals should die quickly and not know what hit them I don't know how you live with yourself
Bing Howard
Tim you are a great archer, but, acting... hmmm, I am not so sure. You better keep on "slocking " them rabbits. You are much better at it. 😜 P.S: Love your videos. Keep up the great job.
Aiden Frette
That is a coyote call but the sound of it is a dying rabbit in distress
Sandalio Chavez
When you come back to California let me know just take me hunting n I'll get all the Mexican food you could eat
Clan Gunn Bushcraft
RIP Oliver 😂 Good shooting guys
jock barblessable
not easy to like , cos your an knuckle dragging cnut . bring shame on real hunters.
Nairu Kawa
Sierra Hamilton
Do you think this would work on cottontails?
Geoffrey Humberd
Tim, this is pretty cool. Can you shorten the intro a little man? I just wanted to watch the video. Also, why did you let that dude sock you in the face?
Slacin' Ace
did he just eat a tamale with the stock on
I use a .177 air rifle for rabbit hunting. I got a rabbit today in about 20 minutes it took me to find him. I’m saving up for a .22 for small game hunting. I use a 30-06 for big game. I’m 15.
I wish Tim was my dad. I love hunting Primitive ways but my parents think its irrational.
Bayshore Outdoors
Hahahahaha love it Man!
Brendon Scott
Tim. I must say I respect you for your always giving Credit to your Crew. not just like some yakking all the credit. And the dry sense of humour is so entertaining. keep it up
Nothing Interesting here
hey I'm a treehugger and I hunt
Martin Mitchell, hunter
lol I have no idea why I just watched that but it was funny. I might be shooting the next jack I see.
Sandalio Chavez
Anaheim Orange County California not to far from LA
Bobby Akbaroff
Which area is this?
Oneshot Onekill
My favorite far, would love to do a jack bow hunt and grill with ya some day. (Bucket list)
.410 shotguns work great from what I hear
Andres Etchenique
what is the call you're using? l thanks
evi hernandez
What desert is this