GTA 5 Funny Moments #552 with Vikkstar

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That title. (only early viewers will know)
AJ Metzy
The title means that it's the final edit of it, and he hasn't changed it correctly yet. It's NOT the final GTA!
RoarZ FX
Vikk gave his 5 year old cousin the chance to name one of his videos
Nice title, really thought out
AJ Metzy
That title needs some milk!
Elliot Crowhurst
The title is the draft title that he had ready when he finished editing it, it was the final edit, he just forgot to change the title. It's not the last gta race
Fail District
You know you're early when the title is still un edited
Brynty Jermy
Le Duck
GG nice title m8 For late viewers: it says "gta 552 final" exact. For early viewers: you smart, you loyal, Vikk appreciates you.
WilderBeast _333
Tim S
Last time I was this early the title wasn't like this
Inb4 title m9
"final" in the title means the video is edited lmao idiots
Zak Bithell
I have a friend called Chris.P Bacon And the ironic thing? He's a vegetarian.
Brian K
The comment Josh made about Vikk and the stairs was pretty rude regardless of how good friends they are.
Bozza Lewis
What's this? The final gta?
EZ 10
I'm early, let me think of a- *gets shot in the face*
The last I had the top comment Chelsea won the premiership
Adnaan Sajid
simon and stairs dont do well together......stair-iotypical white people
vikk sidemen clothing should do more clothes, like trousers
GTA 552 final ???
The African Warrior
Gta 552 Final? Am I dreaming? Vikk is the most organised one
Only people early will know the true title hehe Oh fine it was gta 552 final
asd asdsad
gta 552 final?? HAHA NICE TITLE
Emil Brattås
What a title
In before Vikk sorts the title out :D
Sebas TCC
what's dj kalied favorite number it's 11 because it has another one
Bozza Lewis
"gta 552 final" has someone not had enough sleep, Vikk?
Why does it say final?
Watching it before it gets deleted
Josiah Hwa
gta 552 final lol
Xeno Reaper
can u get friends that don't swear
Nathan Inácio
is this the final one
PB Anime
Final? what is that telling us?
Chffgfs Fdschh
Wrong title lol
Julian Smith
Who's watching this in prison
Arianna Mock
Vik - the title is scaring me…someone tell me what's happening
Nathan Lewis
Hello guys and girls I have came up with a free roam idea I personally prefer races but it would be nice to change it up a bit so basically u each choose 6 places on the gta map and these can be anywhere and then u use the dice from one of Simons series and whoever rolls the number has to go and wait at the specific point in there map where you guys chose then once everybody has got there place each player has 5 mins to collect and get themselves as much warfare as possible and this can be anything tanks ammo cars whatever and then u have a death match last man standing.I just think this would be a cool way to make the free roam more interesting Like if u like the idea and comment of I have any other suggestions thanks no good bye
Then leave in one of his videos done account please
RelentLess Power
Hey +Vikkstar123 im really intrested to know when are you possible making a new CombatAxe or tomahawk montage Like Scalper V1 v2 v3 v4 v5 and other rest i really miss them and wish to see them in bo3 much love ^^
Bismah. S
By the title I thought it was the last episode of gta but it's just the final edit😂😂😂😂😂
Simply FJ
When he forgets to change the editing title to youtube title 😂
amanda cabrera
wait.... i thought it was the "maggie" bank that they nace anound.... or was that so 2015... lel
Master Karim™
Amazing Title Vik 10/10
Phillip Jones
Lil Kits Gaming
7:10 Simon doesn't like Vik and Tobi together he doesn't like Vobi NUUUUUUH
Intoxicated Ghost
Sweet Jesus I almost had a heart attack when I saw "final" until I realized
ojay henry
Why would you even stop doing this series?!?!?!??!??!
Chris Williams
It's not alliteration. Alliteration is similar sounding consonants. Crab and Cecilia do not sound similar.
Mx Plays
When you come so early that he didnt fix the thumbnail and change the title
i think when he compressed it he saved it as gta 552 final and forgot to rename it when uplaoding it
Dovid Cohen
Some of you guys need some brain cells lol..
Jared Appalsami123
When vikkstar123 swears
Flawless 03
what no more gta5 how me =☺ final = 😢😢🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫
mustafa ben osman
final erm "What do you mean" like "its just a prank bro" and if it is then it is"too late to say sorry". like "comon maaate", "cause I need to know".
Oskar Carlsson
no one thougt about sneakmode on the parkour xD. RIP the world
vikkstar123.exe has stopped working.
Daniele Keny
For me the title is normal it says gta v #552 with Vickstar and people are saying it says final or something
Max Björkander
Did it glitch for anyone else 4:03
Mad Gamer
Why dont the Sidemen Customize their cars ?
Vikk, if I got a pound every time you say 'Oh Dear', I would be a millionaire haha, really love the videos <3
Samuel M
honestly cringed so hard when simon wanted everyone to notice him shout gloryholes...
Valentin Ramaj
VikkStar Final he think he end here but he lost fans bye vikk
Ben Stavrakis
Putting the title like that was actually really clever because its kinda click bait and he can pretend that it was a mistake; but I know Vikk wouldn't do that
most funniest video I've seen all day! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
alex ellis
almost had a heart attack when the title said final then I realised it was final edit xD
African Water
My Phone flashed and saw the Title. This was my face - 😦 - Vik, Fix the Title!
Kieran Digwa
11:53 cheeky finebros shot from vikk
Matt Stilwell
Thank god the title is wrong he needs to change
David Ashikov
you should probably explain why the video says final matey ... that seems to be the main question here
Woooop wooooop🎉🎉💥💥😂😂😂👍👍🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻
Great video keep the good work up... WOULD LOVE A SUBSCRIBE
SuperSaiyan Steve
"Cecilia is spelled with an S."-Vikkstar123 2016
Đorđe Vukovljak
How do I play a horror map on gmod with my friends??
Bacca Warrior
Trivial Pursuit???????????
Ricardo Freitas
vikk ask the sidemen to play cs go plz
already know your gta videos are gonna be good
already know your gta videos are gonna be good
elliot barker
Last time I came this early Adam Johnson was touching me... wait no wasn't in prison...
Oskari Luoma
respawn faster bro
His Little Smol Bean
Rido Lubeek
Where you drunk makin this video title?
The title, in about ten minutes it will be gone. also it isnt the end of gta it's just the final edit of this episode. #Early
At 10:20 "How do you stay rotate" - Vikk 2016
ojay henry
Nooooo!!! You have to continue the series fam!
Nathan Lewis
Sort I meant goodbye I don't know where no came from :)
Ben Welch
how does he make so much money on gta
Vaie Rocks
I like crab
Omar Hayat
I swear the video title was gta 552 Final
cunty McFuckface
Short titles like this one, show the truth about who was early and who wasn't.
Jack Harold
How do you play sidemen playlists in Xbox one
Tiarra L
Vikk play more cod ||| plzzzzz🙏🏽
Prime Glitches
finally vik u changed it btw can u do a mythic crate opening factions thanks
ProGirl9636 _
Do more Death run or stunts v snipers plz. Please Vikk
552 final was the title of the video b4 it was changed like my comment if I made you feel not left out 🙂✌️
Shimul Halder
vikkstar123 what religion are you . just asking by the way please answer, i wanna know