Once Upon A Time 7x08 Ella Punches Drizella & Saves Henry - They Kiss Season 7 Episode 8

Sophia Denisse
When Jackson from The Originals and Mary Queen of Scots from Reign arrived in Hyperion Heights 😥💖
Gpod Joe
Love how she played with Henry’s jacket buttons seductively lol
Dragon Fox
I think drizella likes Henry, the same way evil Regina like the huntsman the first season, this might not end well
“Have a nice trip, hon!” 😂😂😂😂
Why does it feel like they really don't belong together? To me it feels forced into.
Jackson from the Originals is now in OUAT! It’s great to see him on tv again
Jailah Wilson
Fr... This season is getting better and better. I don't wanna wait 3 weeks for a new episode
I’m living for the fact drizella is the real villain & lady tremaine is lowkey weak af. it’s the regina & cora story we always wanted! just imagine if regina went as hard as drizella when she first started off with magic. regina just wanted to kill snow white & let cora get away with to much but drizella is making sure cinderella & lady tremaine are going to pay the price. THATS HOW YOU DO IT 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 now I’m waiting for zelena to come out of no where & show everyone who has the real power because outta all the witches in the show zelena far as we know is the most powerful but we’ll see 😏☕️
Mia Lovely
At this point I pretty much ship Henry with everyone BUT Jacinda. I'm all for Henry/Ivy or even Henry/Tianna. I don't know what it is snout this actress who plays Cinderella she just seem boring and flat to me.
Also, I️ can’t be the only one who find Cinderella insufferable. Her and Henry have zero chemistry.
Clearly a plastic mushroom, but ok lol. Alice is mental and savage. I like her tbh.
How can someone be so badass and adorable? The way she just vaulted over that wall and sailed into that punch. Then that smile when Alice smashed that mirror on Drizella. I hope we get more Alice and Ella team ups (with Tiana).
Omg I’m loving Drizella/Ivy. 😍
Kyra Morgan
Man that kiss was a long time coming. I can't wait till they find each other in this timeline, it's going to be epic<3
Spring Day Is Not Today
I looovvvee drizella!
Ann-Mari Hillestad
You go girl. Ella punched Drizella was so cool. And her kissing Henry.
Reyna Garcia
Once again Drizella proves she is a witch and once again Ella proved she is badass
Naomi Chadwick
Well it's about time
Wow...Ella actually did something other than whine. I'm shocked.
Daniel Martinez
Wonder if they'll be showing the Red queen!!
Bronson Ferrigno
Ah, Driz, you could have just stumbled backwards away from the falling mirror and you wouldn't have gotten sent home. Instead of y'know, cowering behind your hands. How cute.
I don’t like cinderell, not because of her color, but because of her acting. It’s not about the race. It’s about how good or bad gbe actor is. There is something in her expression that looks so exhausted and gloomy. Cinderella is supposed to be strong willed, full of energy and always happy despite all the problems.
Kayleigh Wilson
I feel like they're trying too hard to make Ella/Jacinda into a badass character so we'll like her more.
This season started too slow, but it is starting to grow on me. Good performances overall, but my favorite characters so far are Drizella and Alice.
Wow if Drizella had just stopped monologuing and got to it she'd have succeeded
once upon a timer for ever
I like how Regina make ivy ice when she says her magic is more powerful than ivy's
Ester Samuelsson
I hope when the curse are broken we are going to see a kiss between them again and more
Love Henry and Ella True ❤️
Jeremy Hernandez
From what I'm gathering from this scene I guess Drizella really likes Henry. My reasons are 1) she seductively played with the buttons on his shirt 2) she asked him "it makes me wonder what will happen when my stepsisters out of the picture" and smiled at him 3) they have a whole lot more chemistry than him and Jacinda 4) Jacinda and Nick I hate it. Breaking Henry's heart and unintentionally making him jealous 5) Henry and Ivy have so much in common 6) Gothel warned Drizella about Henry because recently she's been getting to close to him 7) Even tho Regina's taking care of her Jacinda and Henry sharing true loves kiss problem she's still trying to slide into Henry's DMs ;)
Ester Samuelsson
Ahh does who doesn’t love Henry are crazy
xXxjunkfood _legendxXx
We have Jackson 🐺From The Originals & Mary Queen 👑of Scots from Reign
I hate to ruin your fungus. LOL.
I AM SO LOST. Who is drizella? Which episode was when she had her first scene in this show? I'm watching it only because of Adelaide Kane ❤️. Queen Mary of Scots/Cora Hale
Sue Leung
The kiss season on once upon a time lots of goosebumps and Henry mills did a good job
Holy shit Jackson is in OUAT. Never thought I'd see him again.
Satanic Beast
Is that...is that JACKSON?!?!
mik nun
Ella y Henry ❤❤
Eloise Bennett
Caroline Doney
I ship Henvy and sometimes i ship Cindenry omg i am confused
Is that Ethan Lovett?? Son of Luke Spencer. It’s getting crazy up in here with actors.
QuEsT X. BoXiNg,NeWs & EnTeRtAiNmEnT
I think its pretty obvious at this point that jacinda isnt henrys true love it will be ivy and that she poisned his heart thinking it would hurt jacinda and it will inevitably hurt herself ... hence the whole speech from regina magic comes with a price.. i also think that if the curse is broken in hyperion heights henry will probably be evil
I️ couldn’t see it because the video recommendations come on too early.
Johnny G
Sabine all salty at Henry girl pls ☝🏼
Amanda Asay
MY OTP!!!!!! 😄💕🙌💘😍💓😭
Cupcake Queen
Regina needs to find a magic bracelet that they used on zelena so drizella won't use magic oh and get another one for gothel (do they even exist in that realm)
Michellins world
Adelaide kane is so beautiful
I really want to like Jacinda but I can’t
Kaleb Diaz
So there are 2 alices one in once upon a time in wonderland and this...ok
Overwatch- sombra- Di.va-reaper
Realises that you have dated more people then Henry he's dated two and me about 1000000000000 lol 13 year old has better dating life then 20-30 year old adult does 😆😆😆😆😆
Pascal Fernandes
I like them together ! I get that many hat the reboot for being that a REBOOT but its wonderfull and what teh show neded even though a tad bit earlye rlike mayby last seaosn ould have ben better
Kayleigh Wilson
If my last comment is really the case, then, it's not working. In fact, it only makes her more annoying. Yeah, make her a little badass, that's fine. But I'm using my love for Emma Swan as an example-for those are you who are going to comment ' but they're not the same character! ' don't waste your time because I'm fully aware. Anyway, by episode seven of season one, Emma wasn't constantly throwing punches or fixing cars or trying to be the hero-much less succeeding. Yet, she's been my favorite character ever since the first episode. My dislike-not gonna say hatred, because, even for a character, I feel like that's still a strong word-for Jacinda also comes from the fact that they're failing to make her seem stubborn. Instead,, she's coming off as a bitch-and whiny-to not only me, but to make of the people who dislike her, even a little bit. I get that she's trying to fight for her daughter, but, in half the scenes that we see her in where things get ' exciting ', if she's not ' being badass ' or whining, she's lashing out at someone. I won't fault her for doing it to Henry in the first episode-he deserved it, but Sabine didn't. A fire could have started, even if Jacinda was the one who had started it-after all, she was helping Sabine, like NO ONE forced her to do, in the first place; Sabine told her to do it, and tried to convince her, but if she's as strong as they'd like us to believe that she is and had the slightest suspicion that something bad was going to happen, why would she even agree? So, why should Sabine be faulted for having a dream and wanting to get her best friend out of her never-ending fountain of whine? But, oh, it's okay because Jacinda buys her a food truck at the end of the day-something that would have, probably, never happened if she didn't feel guilty for lashing out at her friend. I know I'm pulling old episodes out of my ass, and you don't have to tell me, but i'm trying to explain my dislike for this one character and there's honestly so many other scenes that I could pinpoint, but it's almost six in the morning on Thanksgiving and my ass decided to wake up early, and this is a long enough comment, as it is.
Ok I'm calling it, the writers are planting way too many seeds for ivy and henry, which sucks cuz if he is destined for cinderella there doing a crap job, either that or they just have to keep him away from ivy, cuz there scenes tower cinderella's true love. I swear i was watching the kiss still thinking why they panned so close to drizella playing with his buttons, which is bad for a much anticipated "true love kiss", so to me its all hivy planting and there the underlining story thats gonna blow all other ships out of the water!!!! I LOVE IT! BRING IT ON!!!
Joanna Webb
That kiss gave me feels!!!!!! AHHHHH Can't get enough of it!!!!!!!
Caroline Doney
I ship Henvy and sometimes i ship Cindenry omg i am confused
Jason Martin
Too bad Henry and her have no chemistry...
Erin Kedale
i cant stand jacinda. her and henry have no chemistry. ivy and henry would literally be better together if she wasn't evil.
Daniela Del Castillo Locatelli
¿who here ships Henry and Cinderella now? I know that I do
Panos Geo
Who is more powerful? Drizella or Ella ??.. 🤔
Hinter Keno
Omg finally they kissed what took so fucking long
Karema Fatima
I hate u Jackson :( :(