The Babadook Trailer

We've got our hands on the terrifying trailer for horror film The Babadook, which will go down a storm at FrightFest 2014. Called "Truly frightening" by our very own Rosie Fletcher, dare you watch it?

Was lucky to see this at the New Zealand International Film Festival. This trailer definitely indicates at the very dark, aggressive and haunting nature of the film. It surprised me how affecting the film actually was. Some very excellent performances and more than a fair share of spine tingling chills and palpable scares. Somehow, some people at the end of the screening were saying that they couldn't understand the ending. Its pretty damn clear based on the films themes.
This looks amazing. Most horror movies have no suspense or pure horror anymore. Just shitty shock value stunts..
Zidders Roofurry
I had some bad Baba ghanoush one day. The experience afterwards was very similar to this one. 
This is based on a true story. It happened to me once. It was kinda fun but scary.
Guillermo Bosque
It's a beautiful psychological drama, do not expect gore or cheap jump-scares, this is REAL HORROR
Benjamin Taylor
Nice I love Marmaduke!!
Fernando Cunha
BABADOOK = A BAD BOOK ....did anybody else notice this anagram???
Takashi San
Finalmente um filme q tlvz seja tão bom qnt Invocação do Mal ^_^
Roberto Bíscaro
A truly masterpiece, amazing!
Yeah sure, with the sound off :) 
Vinicius Alves
Jessy Lucena filme direto do forninho! Hahaha
Lucas Monteiro
Junior Casemiro
Looks promissing but it might be one of those movies where the trailer is exceptionally great and the actual movie sucks really bad.
Sassgay Coochiha
Jesus, a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes
Peace! Bread! Movies!
Yesssss! This looks so good!
holy shit, i wish we didnt have to wait so long! Id pay 20 bucks to see it now in a second.
Fagner Morais
Meninooo! irei assistir não irei perde não ^^)
666 Likes. Perfect. 
Marco Antonio
Está mais pra comédia !
David Sekules
Whose bright idea was this? It's not like we don't already have enough trouble getting kids to read... :)
Skynet Dreams
Yep totally seeing it.
Eee! I love that roar at the end.
Acacio farimare
Andre cesar
É A BABA DO FACEBOOK????????????
Jacky Evans
eu ri, uhauhauhauhauhauhuha
Stacy Mitchell
1:09 I love the sounds
Maryanne Duarte
A estréia está pra quando???
Matheus Gold
Jhade Styles
Nao achei nada de mais
Shevy BBU
Fazia muito tempo que não me arrepiava com apenas um trailer de filme... muito top!
Георгий Костенецкий
По моему трейлер очень смешной. По крайней мере в 3х местах я просто ухахатывался. А про фильм не знаю , что и думать. Надо посмотреть.
Kim Kovich
wanna watch this!
L Melo
Mds olha os comentarios kkkk
Added to watchlist, oh yeah.
César Ramos
hmmmmmmm parece bom, eu querooo!!!
Vinicius Brandão Lima
Parem em 0:56 e olhem pro canto direito com a luz apagada e qualidade boa, parece uma mulher segurando uma criança, ancioso!
Patrik Fernandes
Pode fazer filme assim, mais nao mete crianca no meu!
Vagner -santos
e uma imitaçao  do filme mama 
because when a weird crepy creature attack you from the shadow you stand and shout at it 
Mais um filme bobo para adolescentes retardados!
gabrieli borges
Achei legal, gosto de filmes assim, babaca é. Teu cu babaka
I think that I just peed a little.  
Shemarlison Junior
very funny
Мирослав Лукьяненко
Babadook himself looks like a Lon Chaney's Sr "vampire" from London After Midnight, which is greaty great, but lets wait till Nov 28 to see what comes from all of this promising movie (oh, that tideous waiting...)
So, I’m guessing that the demon thing is a representation of the woman’s ex or dead husband and that she’s probably insane? The themes that it’s dealing with don’t seem too original, but it does look very creepy and intense. 
Param Singh
Not scary at all. A bit comical at best. I had a hard time trying to take this movie monster seriously... Got intimidated by the screaming mother at the end, and now lives in her basement like a pet lol, wtf...