Naruto: 4th Great Ninja War [Part 7: The Final Battle]「1080p」

Naruto is practically god at this point yet he is still going on about that stupid hokage rank.
Seth Quinn
Naruto can take more blows than Sasuke no questions asked. I mean, if you sticked around until the end Fight you see Naruto getting messed up by Sasuke while getting back up to fight again!
And then Sasuke became pro with using only 1 arm
Naruto, I'm sure I will start to feel your pain and your emotions You never cut me off. You always kept me in your thoughts. You'd have been justified if you'd come at me with hatred Instead, you always called me your friend. And I tried to betray even those feelings. You sacrificed your arm to stop me. Thanks to you, I found salvation. But now, we share each other's pain. After all my travels through the world, I came to the conclusion that this sharing of pain can perhaps be applied to something much bigger than just us. But I can't do things like you. Things don't go that smoothly, as you and I know more than anyone The bigger something is, the harder. This idea is almost a prayer. To keep enduring no matter what, until things come to pass. And for who we must endure, perhaps that's what it means to be a ninja. - Sasuke Uchiha
Seth Quinn
Naruto is officially my favourite Anime.
chunu limboo
So after this which one is the another episode or movie
Zayne simard moore
Naruto finds romance with Hinata, Obito finally gets a happy ending going out with a bang and reuniting with Rin, Kakashi survives (because he's a survivor), and Sasuke comes back, yet is still a jerk and decides on one last fight and loses to Naruto (whom he accepts as stronger than him).
Aaron Xiong
Hi I sub
Skull Crusher
From Naruto To Boruto ❤ I Hope This Never Ends!ANIMELOVER FOREVER!💯
From there on forward, we now know Madara was not technically evil but was fooled by a made up prophecy. He did do evil things to achieve this goal but at the end of the day, he and Obito thought they were achieving world peace.
Nagato Uzumaki
Btw who else would bang kaguya
Pie Senpai
bee pot
Sasuke and sakura are perfect for each other. They are both just... Awful.
cool guy
Brings back my childhood memories.
Obito surviving in snow with no a shirt
Skull Crusher
Every Girls Wish Is To Have Long hair like kaguya's (RIGHTF GIRLS!)I KNOW THIS BECAUSE IM A MAN WHO HAD A SHORT HAIRED GIRL I KNOW AND WISHES TO HAVE A HAIR LIKE KAGUYA'S Ohh and also the nails tho. 😂😂😂 Thank u for the heart and like ^_^
Rohit Elias
Obito looks like the present naruto!
Daniel Walker
Can’t wait to see Naruto tell his son he can fly
Dual Blue
Kaguya is my favorite MILF. ----pin this comment-----
Nagato Uzumaki
Whats with all the cuts. Wheres the part where sasuke realizes the error of his ways and comes back.
Stêphán radway
Sigh..I only wish instead of a genjutsu Sasuke would have killed Sakura for real this time
The Fight between Sasuke and Naruto without music was just so fitting. Some fights just don't need music.
Shadow Spark
U should give credit to the real editor of this vid bro
Clemarus Jr
at how come the Naruto clone didn't allow obito to give kakashi both eyes then he heal obito so they both have Susanoo?
Dr. Void
Kakashi should have kept his sharingans...
Lmao that sexy jitzu tho
Debaditya Mistri
After seeing Sakura's nosebleed Kakashi was like for first time a girl understood our pain.
Dammit, Sasuke!
ringa jeff
Sakuras jacket.. is forever lost in the void of kaguyas dimension. Never to return again.
Cypher 613
Saitama who? Naruto is the GOAT
Lighting Blade 911
Naruto is "STRONGER" than Sasuke....imo....cos he had so many chances to end that fight
Melhor parte 43:18
Hajimoto Saito
The greatest moment of this fight is when Naruto used SexyJutsu: Reverse Harem no Jutsu!. Even a Goddess can't beat it's might!
Maazin Rehan Butt
First there was hagoromo Than ashura Than hashirama Than minato Than naruto Than Boruto Than koruto Than loruto Than somuto Than haruto And in the end it was the great KISHOMOTO
rob clay
man, this series REALLY jumped the shark...
Thanks for posting this sure bring back memories 😁😁
Reid Pattis
Just realized. Naruto fought with Sasuke his entire birthday.
Melonchen Z
Its soo cute when sasuke cries at the end of the fight :3 thanks for uploading this, it sure brings memories back ;D
I Love Naruto
jessie santos espiritu
I just love this so much.. When sasuke teleport or do that fast thing ...and catching sakura made my heart brougth me back to that 5th grade feeling...that sakura is so inlove with a monster😂😂😂
LolNoWhy WhyYouDoThat
Sasuke would probably be rich when he became a hair cutter with his chidori 😂
Cami Cami
My life is almost complete
Damn she looks sexy and scary at the same time
mrBASS ic
damn these ads, I can't even a support a channel because of it.
Xxcherry -blossom xX
Dang the woman eyes looks like hinata eyes.... Could it be..... *LE ANIME GAAAAAAAAAAAAAASP*
Analiza Ramos
omg kaguya is so pretty women
I never thought Sasuke could be equal to Naruto, if not stronger. I thought Kurama made Naruto too OP, but not for Sasuke I guess
Why it's not 1080p but it's actually 480p
Gerardo Bujanda
What happend with Killer Bee, why didn't he died when the eight tails got taken away from him as Naruto was about to do, did I missed something or misunderstand something, or did I forget anything? Also, enormous thanks to you for uploading the whole war ❤ I can't be more grateful 😅
I don’t blame Sakura for freezing up like that against her in the beginning. Yea she improved but she didn’t stand a chance against kaguya
1:03:48 samehada still on mugen tsukoyumi
「るっせぇよ、ウスラトンカチ」 を入れないとこ、なんか、センスを感じました。
Amlan Majumder
SSB Kaioken × 20 @ 51:27 and @ 54:42!!! 😅😅😅
Andy Savage
greatest anime storyline ever
Legendary Nacar Gaming
I watched entirely. It was amazing to remember those feelings again. Thanks for making this video. Well done mate !
Benjamin McNeil
I love how when Naruto did the Reverse Harem Jutsu, the music *IMMEDIATELY* stopped a few seconds afterwards. I gotta admit, that's one way to lighten the mood when fighting an evil deity. Kakashi's exasperated look of 'Seriously?' towards Sakura as she collapsed made it so much better.
Zen Banares
Naruto and sasuke fight was awesome ..they give all they got untill the end of their strength..
Zack Fayr
where are the other parts ?
Carlo Dinesen
Omg Freaking Good holy shit i really really' love the ending Naruto and Sasuke is back again i really love this Anime sooooo much i love This Anime"Naruto" thank you for Making it Masashi Kishimoto i really love Naruto Im gonna mess this EP 😢😢😭😭😘😍
Larry Ramos
I'm crying
Sasuke is the guy from high school that never grows up. How many seasons has Sakura been jaded about her feelings? I swear the only character development is with Naruto.
yellow chicken
Every tailed beast and then sasuke have rinegan sasuke alredy had trouble kepping up with naruto's second chakra mode
Kennith Rosales
Naruto and sasuke best friendship
Lillian Alexander
Naruto uses sexy jutsu but as a man and saukura she's and gets bloody nose lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😁
Lynne Charles
this was guuuuuuuud
48:55 Attack on titan Reference is it? Play it on 0.25
fabrice axel
Whats with all the cuts. Wheres the part where sasuke realizes the error of his ways and comes back. RÉPONDRE 11 Revonax
Cylus O'Brady
Kaguya was really powerful but an idiotic combatant- Black Zetsu had to aid her with the most basic of recommendations. The bykugan near 360 degree vision was completely ignored by Kaguya not noticing Sakura above her, the blind spot is by the nape of the neck and even then a person will be detected as only a small enough object can hit a byakugan user undetected. All Kguya had to do was use her bone jutsu and spin it would have easily countered all 3 of them in that critical moment. Now to be fair to Kaguya, she does come from a time before ninjas so I realize strategy may not be her forte but I expected a bit more from her since the Otsutsuki clan are combatants.
Overwatch God
Overwatch God
wolfriend 1862
Mittens Master
It was bullshit how they beat her... I thought she was alot stronger than that....
people say that madara is still stronger but Naruto went head to head wit kaguya alone and was forcing her to use up a lot of chakra yes Naruto might have lost the fight but still Naruto used the chakra of each tailed beast smart and even after all that he ended up fighting sasuke and blowing off his arm so all in all Naruto is basically a immortal shinobi
Who else finds the younger Sasuke more terrifying?
Galaxy M
Last episode: Obito: “A Hokage is a pitiable existence compared to what I am now.” Naruto: [addressing Obito] “You have no right to make fun of a Hokage when you couldn’t even become one yourself.” 29:38 Naruto: "Don't laugh at Obito. As someone who tried to become Hokage, Obito is nothing but awesome to me." DOES THE WRITER HAVE AMNESIA? OBITO DIDN'T WANT TO BECOME THE HOKAGE AND INSULTS NARUTO'S DAD FOR BEING THE HOKAGE AS OBITO DESPISES AND LOOKS DOWN ON ANYONE WHO IS OR WANTS TO BECOME A HOKAGE. THAT IS WHY HE IS MANIPULATED TO ENACT A PLAN TO PUT EVERYONE UNDER THE INIFINITE TSUKIYOMI!
11:03 is the funniest shit i've ever seen but also a brilliant tactical choice based on the fact that she sees her sons in sasuke and naruto
Lockheed D Chase
She's only a branch family member but incredibly strong. The main branch is underestimating kaguya. Momoshiki is no match for her.
Good editing job. You really are a true fan
Bouchra Bouchra
Naruto et sasuke ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Akiro Ai Del rosario
Awwww i liked tobi
Have you ever thought naruto will be this smart
alfa craft
Minato naruto boruto citato
52:50 sasuke is one lady jaajajja xD
Steve Fatallo
I hope they have their Sneakers for their hunger
MrR3kt [FireNation]
Soooooooo best soooooooooo goooddddd I'm turkish türk MY we anime is soo like good video SOOOOOO BESTT
Barış Yıldız
Manyaaaaak bir video😂😂😂
Roby cukoy
Vinsen Vernansen
Finally i can see the final battle
The Only One
Naruto Is Spiderman When He Uses His Hands To Swing From Kayuga's Ice..
(K12_HN) Le Son
this video copy from LS Laynus.
Champboyshark s
The amount of ads is just like my grades
So Sasuke impregnated Sakura with that forehead jab damn
Rick Niu
Idk.. personally i wouldn't mind much living in Madara's dream world
royal gaming
22:38 that my favorit
Meran de
Revonax what is your top 5 naruto villian list?
Kazim Channel
Perfect !
quin laure
who would have thought.. someone like madara would be toyed with just like he toyed with others.. damn...