Christina Aguilera USA National Anthem Live At NBA Finals 2010 Game

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sometimes I love her high notes and improvisations when she sings and sometimes I just want to knock her upside the head to shut up.
Christina looks like a hot vampire with banshee abilities...
Carl West
Who else is just watching different renditions of the Star Spangled Banner?
Weyland-Yutani Corporation
she has such a powerful voice. Her low notes are better than high in terms of quality.
Mehdii Laghzaoui
Her voice is A M A Z I N G but just like Mariah Carey, we don't need to hear aaall your vocal ranges in every performance.
Xtina has an incredible voice, her problem is that she tends to oversing and force her voice at times, that's something she should avoid to do.
I feel like Christina can really sing, but it sounds like she is always forcing a heavy sounding tone to her voice. I don't know about anyone else, but I wish she would just SING in her natural voice and stop with all the growling, deepening of her tone, and all the trillion runs she does in just one phrase. Sometimes those things sound unnatural, to me, when she does them. She needs to just let the vocal aerobics come naturally. Plus, she's gonna mess up her vocals in the long run if she doesn't change her technique and practice singing better from her diaphragm.
Kathryn Eileen Kerr
Why can't she just sing normally, instead of adding the yodelling in. Leave the yodelling to your songs.
Aj jones
All these haters but not one can sing
she over does everything -_-
Vinícius Ferreira
She's so perfect she doesn't even need instrumental to support her
ok, maybe not the most beautiful performance of the National Anthem due to her over-singing, but it's her style and she's got the voice to do it!
Lissandra Freljord
She sounds like a broken CD player going in a loop 1:48. Gretchen Wieners gotta give her the Mean Girls kick to fix that thing.
Lecto- Escritor
Don´t know what´s wrong with these famous singers. It looks like a contest to see who sings the worst.
saints fan
shes a mess... stop screaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tuba başer
she  the best voice of all tıme ♥
All that damn screamin'. Christina said, LOOK AT ME! I'm still trying to be Mariah Carey! She came out with her little black walk and that annoying one leg stuck out and that annoying finger on the ear. You can always count on her to kill a simple song. She just riffed, ran, screamed, strained, struggled and grunted it out. Another laughable "performance."
TOO MUCH, TOO MUCH ! I knew she was about to do the most when at 1:50 " And the land of the......FREEEEE.--YAHHAHAHAHAHA-HEHEHEHEHEHE- YEAAAAA" -_____-
u people are crazy i love Christina being extra. she has a fantastic voice
Pretty Reckless
lol she looks really creepy in this video
she was in a hurry
That Took A Dark Turn
If that was screaming, then wow what a potential singers we are.
That was Painful
Da Truth
The Star Spangled Banner is almost sacred in America and is meant to be kept simple and true. Don't try to turn it into a pop song, just sing it as intended.
Chevelle Rose
Amazing! God she gives me chills.
Joel Cruz
I love her, but I always laugh when she over does it. lol I love her <3
laszlone harasta
Whitney Houston is the best!
Simply Horrible.Off key, pitchy and strainy. I dont get this woman.She has SUCH an incredible instrument with such a gorgeous tone - anyone swith a musical ear can hear the beauty in her voice- yet, she continues to sing so amateurish and insists on doing those horrible grunts that tire and abuse her voice
I love her mouth. It's big like my head.
Heathcliffé Harisson
I admire how USA sang their National Anthem so free... I mean, they sang it the way they wanted while in the Philippines you would get sue in the court for not pronouncing or singing the anthem right. :(
Teddy Carrey Aguillera
She always sings it acappella but the other tend to record a track. Love christina😍😍😍
She should not be allowed to sing the national anthem at anymore sporting events ever in her career she does a horrible job every time
Girl why you screaming?
Vaio Boy
I'm not like her biggest fan, but the way her sings is her trademark. -_-  she's famous because of it and yeah, we have our personal preferences.  so to say her singing annoying well say that to all of her sold out albums 
Hannah Hopkins
she makes such beautiful music with just her mouth nothing else required
Erica Lamothe
Not Whitney, but still good
Madison Hedderly
Christina is always phenomenal.. same with Mariah... But I think why Whitney's version is always claimed as the best is because she didn't have to any extra vocals or crazy riffs which is what Christina is known for...Some people think it's too much. But Whitney sang it to the tempo it was made to be sang at, and belted that shit out. Whitney will always be number one in my book.
Chris Tromblee
it should be illegal for he to sing the national anthem from now until forever
Jacob Narcisse
At 1:47 she realize her note gonna fail so she improvise loll
Paige Morris
Christina and Beyonce are the best point blank...
Xo Bear
Best one ever.
Where's Ike Turner when you need him to just say "JUST SING THE DAMN SONG!" Goddamn she tries way too hard.
Her voice is an all rounder . Strong ,vocal range ,Her way of singing. Her critics say she screams cause they really now how good she is . So that's all they can say.
Yes, but unfortunately for all comers, then there was Whitney @the 1991 Superbowl. Nuff said.
Tiarni Melody
Best singer in the universe
Kende Korcsmaros
perfect. no criticism
e c
She looks so good! awesome singing :3
Enrique Ferreira
If a singer can give me goosebumps when singing the national anthom like Christina here, is definetly a good singer.. This is what a good voice with no auto-tune sounds like people, make sure you are comparing her with your idol with no auto-tune and 100% live.. Is not fair to compare this with an album song..
anna c
i loved it.. her voice, her style .. what a gift..
Sometimes less is more. 
Zilivad eiram
I actually loved the way she did it she sings beautifully 💓💓👌
and yet she couldn't remember it at the Super Bowl a couple of years later… sorry xtina, love you, but, really...
Amazing voice and time! Wow. She nailed it
I love Christina's voice& her belts.She did way too much here&ruined the National Anthem🖓
the most strange melody of a national anthem of the world.
Tom Ripley
Faaakin' hell. Cruella Deville's gone off on one.
Hot Fire
I just watched this after watching Whitney's NFL performance.  Please don't get me wrong, X-Tina can sing, but this was absolutely awful.  Holy hell.  Still better than I could sing it, but...I'm just sayin'...
Didn't bring it home for me.
Good version! I like the way Xtina sings the National Anthem in this final.
unknown resilence
this is before i watched it..................i bet shes gonna be screaming the lyrics half the time
To me, personally, she is trying to hard. All the "yeahhh, ohhhh" are so unnecessary.
She's so perfect I can't even. She's a freaking legend.
Louie Bartlett
sounds terrible!
F Absolutely terrible
shanike dauswell
Who's here after Fergie Butch o performance
Carina Matz
wait this was actually pretty good, how is it considered the worst ?
Pincai Swift
Ashley Ann Michele
I love how people feel the need to critique like they can get up there and sing a capella.
Meriem Saadoun
she slayed it💯👏
McConico Famiy
She sounds like a man
Charmaine Bramida
I may be the only who likes her version of the Star Spangled Banner. Don't @ me.
Dion Carey
this is way far better than fergie's performance hahahahha
she should watch Mariah or Whitney performing the before dare to scream this in national television.. sweet lord!!!..
x Luna x
AMAZING!, speechless!
Johana Tamo Ina
Had to come here after Fergie worst rendition of all times!
Anjelica Zaragoza
Here after fergies voice box broke
Ari heart
Stunning<3 As usual<3~
Ju L.
She has an amazing voice but she is a bad singer, she over does it
Alexander Taeryel
la respeto muchisimo porque de verdad canto en vivo no como otras divas de plastico que hacen playback y todos aplauden a eso,,, un asco, respeto a christina por eso es una cantante de verdad
It was good until 0:44
Nathan Wong
No offense... But I think the best version ever of the national anthem is which Whitney Houston sang in Super Bowl in 1991.
Lori Becky Lu
This is terrible.....she kept belting at the wrong places and Unnecessary!!!! Damn, pls watch Beyonce sing this, butchered it....and she took it low at the end which is always supposed to be shooting high up....booooo.
Who came here after Fergie?
marion s
Christina AguilFAILURE .. nah I'm just playing
enigma 32
Fergie performance bring me here😊
Mindy Irwin
whitney houston is the best hands down. 
joe hammond
still better than fergie 😂😂
K a y
Much better than fergie !
Pretty Ricky
Fergie- this is how you do a national anthem. Take notes! Real vocalist here! 💕💕♥️♥️
She stylises to much. Its kind of disrespectful to do that. Sing it how it is, cause when it gets to this, its not about the flag anymore, your trying to show off.
Psychic Medium Trevor
No sweetie you cant destroy the song like that
Evolution Knowledge
If Christina and mariah carey and me were on a stranded island and I had to kill one of them for food. I would kill Christina and listen to mariah sing all day. Only problem is Christina don't got much meat on her...
Astro Queen
She’s so extra! Lol
Shout shout shouting, annoying. Doesn't even sound beautiful, so listen to MC & Whitney, they sound at ease. Not like this.
The One Above All
I hate her voice. So painful to listen to. Waaaay over the top and not in a good way.
Florin Mihai
very beautiful Cristina Aquilera USA,very sweet.Lovely.On her youtube channel that video isn't