Steve Aoki & Laidback Luke ft. Lil Jon - Turbulence

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Stay in alcohol and don't drink school, kids
"ft. Lil Jon" just means that you will hear some "yeah!"s throughout the song.
Nishit Agarwal
What if they played this on flights XD
Lil Jon really showed his immense lyrical talent on this exquisite track with Mr. Luke and Sir Aoki. One might say it was the closest this era has came to a recreation of a Shakespeare work of art.
Eva B.
When you're high or drunk you don't really care what kind of music is being played...
going to play this song on the plane
This sounds like something that a 5 year old would make when they just discovered FL Studio
Skyline R33 GT-R
I had no idea that Steve aoki' sister was suki from fast and furious........
The Squad
If I ever become a pilot, instead of warning the passengers about turbulence over the intercom, i'll just blast this drop at full volume.
bruh what's with all the hate, i love this song, and the drop, as simple as it is, is straight fire to me. i appreciate the minimalism sometimes
Adán Colmenero Pérez
2019? México <3 Y tú?
Ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to flight 909 Taking you on a journey All around the world With your captains Steve Aoki Lil Jon Laidback Luke Are you ready? Are you ready? Ready for takeoff We hit turbulence Let's go What a rush Yeah! Attention passengers This is your captain speaking I regret to inform you, we might encounter some turbulence So when it happens Put your hands up high Like you on a roller coaster Initiate emergency procedures Up up up up up up Higher higher higher higher higher higher higher higher higher higher We had turbulence, yeah! Let's go What a rush Yeah! To sum up... Lil Jon is a lyrical genius
Taka Oki
2010~2015 was the best.
Jessie M.
Imagine that you are on a flight and you hit turbulence while listening to this song.
Imagining Lil Jon acting that shit (1:16) out in the green room makes me laugh hysterically
2018 Waiting for a remix!
Steve Aoki the song Power... Turbolenza 👏👏👏👏👏👏💪💪
───────────────███─────────────── ─────────────██▀─▀██───────────── ───────────██▀─────▀██─────────── ─────────██▀──▄▄▄▄▄──▀██───────── ───────██▀──▄▀─────▀▄──▀██─────── ─────██▀──▄▀───███───▀▄──▀██───── ───██▀────▀▄───▀▀▀───▄▀────▀██─── ─██▀────────▀▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▀────────▀██─ █▀─────────────────────────────▀█ █████████████████████████████████ ───────────────────────────────── ───────────▀█▀─█─█─█▀▀─────────── ────────────█──█▀█─█▀▀─────────── ────────────▀──▀─▀─▀▀▀─────────── ───────────────────────────────── ▀─█─█─█──█─█▀▄▀█─█─█▄─█─█▀█─▀█▀─█ █─█─█─█──█─█─▀─█─█─█▀██─█▄█──█──█ ▀─▀─▀─▀▀▀▀─▀───▀─▀─▀──▀─▀─▀──▀──▀
How does the black guy manage to speak with that thing on his teeth?!
😜Quien 2019 turbulence 🌌
Totsuya Live4Kill
Putz, Mano, Ouvi vários, Vários, MILHARES de Electro house, e a maioria sao tudo igual... Caramba
Will AB
matosman1 R6S
Can't tell if lil Jon is dancing or having a stroke when the beat drops lmfao watch it tell me what you guys thing @ 1:12
wtf did i just listen to? its just obnoxious sounds with the most generic melody ever.  i guess whatever floats your boat
Tom Obdeijn
It Will be ginius when are inside an airplane and they wanna say that they have turbulence and they are gonna play this number
Emir'in Yeri
who listen in 2016
Akshay Jadhav
Gabrielle Ferreira
Steve Aoki 😍
Andres Lopez Lozano
12 de Octubre....... Centro de eventos de la autopista norte, en Bogotá Colombia....... VIVA FEST 2018........ Presentando en vivo a......... STEVE AOKI..... 🎉🎉🎊🎊
Ryan Ryande
Meu sonho é subir no bote num show do Aoki e ficar fritando lá em cima kkkkkkkkkk BRAAASIL 🇧🇷
Joseph Stardust
I want those hypno glasses 🌀.🌀
ICE Poseidon
We all know this song is... Turbulence!!!
De onzichtbare bootmobiel
Steve Aoki = 90% drugs 10% human
я не такой
Lillards game winner.🤪
Al Self
How did I get here....
AJ Serrano
Heard the drop [1:10] in 0.5 xDD Epic!
I was listening to this while on a flight and the FA told the pilot to send me off of the plane mid-flight.
Once all these hip hop morons and black people got put in to house music, it has taken a turn for the worst ! Downward spiral down the drain. This song is horrendous and shows exactly what wrong with house today. I'm a little taken back laid back luke would actually take part in this shit. He's old school, I personally never liked him anyways. This is like putting a silk tie on a pig. It's still a pig !
BeauRoc Mane
The fun is so magical at the edm concerts like this ✨🌌❤😎
Syazwani Agus
For the best experience, listen to this when you're on 30 000 feet above the ground
I thought it said terminus not turbulence for the longest time, now it all makes sense...
I am going to play this during the last minute before it's officially 2019. Then I will set off a whole row of fireworks and wake everybody in Texas up 😂🎊🎉🎆
Mplex Chann
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uny de papel
Eu tô rindo n sei pq Aiai kskdkskke
They play this at Fed Ex field when the opposing team has a 3rd down. Go Redskins
_David123_ plo
Ryan Satria Manafe
wahbanana brings me here lol
Juão Duarte
*Sem cérebro, sem ganho.*
Ellie S.
Ich feier Steve Aoki! damn it!
Juan Eduardo Torres Mejia
2018 alguien ???
Michael Jackson
Savannah Blackbird
WE HIT TURBULENCE!  Lil Jon + Electronic Music = PERFECT! for water speakers too!
ッK H A N T ッ
In the intro when they splat paint, I was like, WAIT IS THE VOLUME DOWN then I go near the speakers then my ears blasted
valal padrinos de la 21 marzo de
Keishla Gonzalez
Love this song ❤️
WWEKevin Owens
when Lil Jon says. What a rush Does that remind you of WWE Road Warrior Animal and Hawk aka Legion of Doom..Anyone?
Maria Aguilar Rojas
Hijos fantasmas me persiguen
Gabriele Cerqua
2019 still here❤️
When the pilot says "fasten your seatbelt" when cruising, your squad is like...
Camila Cassells
No digo que la canción sea mala, pero el video es horroroso.
I still hear it 2017 <3
Christine Mott
r u kidding. this sounds worse than i could mix. how embarrassing.
turkuaz gozlu fil
ağzına sağlık kardeşim
Open Game
Algum BR? gostei da música!
Heyder Blanco
Para mi que ellos pilotearon el avion de malaysia
Wow..Long time no listened.. 2019 Hello!
Panda Love
I didn't know Lil Jon could say words other than what/yeah/OHKAYYYY lol
Bull Rider Numero Uno
Was listening to this in my truck... didn't hit any turbulence. Just a lot of pedestrians
DJ NoOne
This is the best melody ive heard!
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Cool video, cool drop Perfect Combination Steve Aoki & Laidback Luke
trevor treaty
its for those who love a mind numbing, head banging, heart pumping, blend of sound to make a perfect drug.
最高!( *`ω´)
carlos obed hernandez montelongo
la mejor canción de steve aoki incluyendo él video
helo helo
Lil Jon + Electronic music = most epic bass drop
T.P 777
Could you imagine all the high NRG party's this dude has had... what a rush.
lopez hernandez
siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii te quiero esteve aoki🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Roman Wade
I played this in my car with the volume to the max on the highway....
Kyle Collins
We played this for a warmup song when I played hockey in college. Best warmup song ever!
Who listens to the 2014 ?!?!?!?
Terminus????😨!!! WALKING DEAD????
Video speed 1.5 xD
Alex Echevarria
full eletrop más remix
needs more cowbell
Ryan Branigan
Wow, thought he said TERMINUS(the end). whoops
Nadya Enriquez
vortexx killaxx
Delta Airlines.... WE HIT TURBULENCE
Brandon Earegood
The Lord is my rock and my fortress spam 31:3.
By Dabro
Turbulence, eso es lo que dijo el capitán del GermanWings xD
Alex Privett
This makes me want to sniff some lines and fly a jet!
Hamza Altuntaş
TURK ler burdami Aq tayyipten gelenler 😂
Şırdancı Semoo
Biluguinha ATÔMICA
"Turbulence" the Saxxy Winner brought me here
never gets old ^^
Julian Ettinger-Finley
This will song dont worry i'll give credit be in one of my videos
3:56 steve aoki's left hand...
Steve Aoki was in Lily's vid
Chichicola Is the gorilla
When your jam plays in grocery store
Marlena Perry
lil 💜Jon one the💃 best rap😎 star out there 🎆