Ronaldo - Craziest Skills Ever HD

Amazing Skills & Tricks by the Brazilian Phenomenon A compilation of best moments of Ronaldo Fenomeno in HD Click "Show more" to find the name of the songs and more info Video Produced by: Lorenzo Faraoni Computer used: Macbook Pro 15' Retina Software used: Final Cut Pro X, After Effects CC Official website: /> Do you like Nike? Click this link to have a 30% off on the sales items: /> If you like my videos don't forget to follow me on this links: /> /> /> Soundtrack: Jim Yosef - Firefly Music Artist Links: /> /> X

i wish there was atleast 1 video of football where the music doesnt sound so cheap and lame. always some groose techno or shiet..
joe chalala
R9 before his 1st injury in November 1999 was 23 years 2 months old and had scored a total of 233 goals between clubs and national team. After his injury he stopped for 2 years and 8 months before coming back in WC 2002. Although he won the WC, he became slower and started to gain weight and had health issues before loosing his second knee with AC Milan which ended his career later. Now since R9 is a striker, let's compare him with other strikers/goal scorers at the same age who played from the 80's to date: R9: 233 goals Maradona: 167 goals (66 goals less than R9) Hugo Sánchez: 154 goals (79 goals less than R9) Dennis Bergkamp: 140 goals (93 goals less than R9) Messi: 136 goals (97 goals less than R9) Ronaldhino: 134 goals (99 goals less than R9) Patrick Kluivert: 131 goals (102 goals less than R9) Túlio Maravilha: 130 goals (103 goals less than R9) CR7: 114 goals (119 goals less than R9) Zico: 120 goals (113 goals less than R9) Romario: 116 goals (117 goals less than R9) Jürgen Klinsmann: 90 goals (143 goals less than R9) Roberto Baggio: 78 goals (155 goals less than R9) Zlatan Ibrahimovic: 77 goals (156 goals less than R9) Thierry Henry: 65 goals (168 goals less than R9) As you can see, the nearest to R9 in goal scoring was Maradona with 66 goals less than R9 ... R9 was a BOMB before the injury and this is why he is considered the BEST STRIKER EVER in football history !!! PERIOD!!!!!
Az Slump
In my opinion he is better than pele
One the best ever with 3 knee injuries. Definitely GOAT without em R9 > (CR7+M10)^2
Random Palmtop Gaming
Prime Ronaldo is the most unstoplable player ever
Kos Koster
If Messi is from an other Planet, This Ronaldo is from another universum
Giacomo P
The best Ronaldo player in INTER 🔵⚫️
diego consafo
Ronaldo was like a bull with the ball. Players bounced off him. He was so strong, yet graceful with the ball. He was fun to watch. Ronaldo is the best soccer player ever.
The best player in football history.
Marko Djordjic
I can t believe people are comparing c.ronaldo and messi to R9, its funny, what are you like 12? One of the best of all time ronaldo lima and ronaldinho. They didnt play football they enjoyed it, they were dancing. They could have done anything on the pitch. I believe it was mihajlovic who said, ronaldo started going into counterattack me and nesta alone in defence, we didnt know what to do, which way to go :)
The real Ronaldo
Marlon Rolon
The real “Ronaldo”
Alicia M
Why ronaldo 9 is the best soccer player in the world? ======================================== At that time tons of great soccer player still exist and played in the toughest league at that time : "Serie A", and the rest of the "heroes" played in other top league eg : GK: Buffon, S Frey, F Barthez, Peter Schmeichel, José Luis Chilavert, Andoni Zubizarreta, Santiago Cañizares, Jorge Campos, Edwin van der Sar, Andreas Köpke, Oliver Kahn, Jens Lehmann, Brad Friedel, David Seaman, Bogdan Stelea, Carlos Roa, Germán Burgos CB (Legendary defense) : Maldini, Nesta, Baresi, Costacurta, Hierro, P Montero , Cannavaro, C Ferrara, Cafu, Aldair, R Carlos, Torricelli, L Blanc, J Zanetti, L Thuram, Rafael Alkorta, Abelardo, Jaap Stam, Frank de Boer, Jürgen Kohler, Lothar Matthäus, Sol Campbell, Tony Adams, Gary Neville, Rio Ferdinand, Roberto Ayala, José Chamot, Roberto Néstor Sensini, Slaven Bilić CM/DM (Legendary Def/Pass) : Guardiola, Redondo, Scholes, D Albertini, P Viera, D. Deschamps, E Davids, M.Desailly, E Petit, Sunday Oliseh, Paul Ince, Diego Simeone AM (Legendary Pass/Creative) : Totti, Zidane, Ronaldinho, Hristo Stoichkov, Jay-Jay Okocha, Enzo Scifo, Clarence Seedorf, Andreas Möller, Gheorghe Hagi , Ariel Ortega, Juan Sebastián Verón, Robert Prosinečki, Zvonimir Boban W (Legendary Pass/Cross) : Beckham, Giggs, Leonardo, R Pires, T Henry, Luis Enrique, L Figo, Marc Overmars, Vladimir Jugović, Steve McManaman F ( Legendary Forwards) Batistuta, R, Baggio, Del Piero, Mijatovic, D. Suker, G Signori, M Salas, Klinsmann, A Shearer, R. Fowler, D Bergkamp, T Andre Flo, S Etoo, F Inzaghi, E Chiesa, C Vieri, Victor Ikpeba, Fernando Morientes, Raúl, Luc Nilis, Cuauhtémoc Blanco, Luis Hernández, Patrick Kluivert, Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink, Oliver Bierhoff, Brian McBride, Dejan Savićević, Savo Milošević, Faustino Asprilla, Michael Owen, Claudio López, Abel Balbo, Hernán Crespo, Goran Vlaović You can see tons of league legend still playing in his prime time during 94-98 and yet r9 can deliver beautiful gols and several award before injury. Now i got bored to see only Messi and C Ronaldo...really boring..!!!
Devanshu Mishra
Better dribbler than messi
Honestly wasn't for his injuries , he would of been the greatest footballer of all times . Without a doubt , brazil would of probably won the 2006 world cup also .maybe even the 2010 if him and ronaldinho were to stay in shape .... one thing about messi and ronaldo ... they constant professionals , and wouldn't be surprised to see them in 2022 in Qatar still in high form
Pemum Bandung
Dribble : 99 Speed : 99 Body Balance : 99 Shooting : 99
Stone Wong
Ronaldo is fast strong and skillful. Messi + C ronaldo + strong body = R 9
Yang Guan Tang
The Brazil team at that time is like the dream team of NBA
David Moreno
There is only one Ronaldo and that one is from brazil 👍
Nick Neri
0:16 Mi emoziona ogni volta... dribbling da favola, strabiliante, impossibile...
The man was destroying defences in an era where defenders could actually defend. In the modern era he would have scored twice as many, genius.
1.) R9 2.) Pelé 3.)Messi&CR7 4.) Maradona 5.)Zizou The Greatest These players changed the game for ever.. honorable mentions: Johan Cruyff, Franz Beckenbauer, Paulo Maldini, Marco Van Basten, Lev Yashin
Hakan Demir
Soccer is not CR7 And Messi. Soccer is Ronaldo - Rivaldo - Ronaldinho - Robinho - Roberto Carlos - Zidane - Figo - D. Beckham - Maldini - Kaka - Hernan Crespo ..... :(
jrjfif ffjr
Look kidies (anyone born after 95) this is what football is about. Not flopping, not quiting, not bitxhing like your role models lame-R, luis i need a diaper suarez, or penaldo. There was no two greatest player comparison(messy/penaldo)All players early 2000 and before were all badass. They all respected their opponets for the most part and called it a day. Not this circus you see now where players care more about their hair then the team.I miss this era of football!
The era of football when winning a ballond'or was not about the number of goals
Lol. The way they all run after him lol. That’s all they can do. Lol.
Syahmi Ghafar
even the cameraman had a hard time filming him lol
Jan Papilaya
The only one who can singlehandedly destroy opponents defender. The only one il phenomenon
Jai j
A true phenomenon.
his brain was too far ahead for his body
Nice Guy
Best 9 ever. His peak was absolutely ridiculous. Unstoppable
ilyes fcb
Hollywood need to make a movie about this legend ! There is only one Ronaldo ❤️🙏
Gabriel Carrizo
El mejor 9 de la historia, lejos..
fire James
This guy was superman, i remember when he made soccer soccer
The Best in history Orgoglioso che hai indossato la maglia della mia amata Inter Ronaldo il fenomeno AMALA😍
best striker ever
luks okram
he is the best football i hve ever watch simply the best
forget "best striker ever" this guy was and IS the best player of all time in my opinion. CRAZY TALENT! I grew up in Italy those years and I'm telling you this guy brought the whole stadium to its feet almost every time he touched the ball. Was unbelievable! Also, all the tricks you seen the past 15 years or so, are ALL derived primarily from him. Before your Ronaldinhos, your fake ass R7s, etc etc. And even those guys trained themselves on those. This guy it came natural to him. Him and Maradona are the only ones to be pioneers like that in my opinion. But given that these mid 90s to mid '00s years were in my opinion the toughest and best level soccer years in history, I have to give it to Ronaldo. to do the things he did to names like Stam, Maldini, Baresi, Costacurta, Cannavaro, Nesta, etc etc etc was truly out of this world. These defenders nowdays suck and your bullshit Messi & R7 STILL cannot even come close to what R9 was doing to the best of the best in history.  HANDS DOWN THE BEST PLAYER OF ALL TIME, PERIOD!!
kouakou Samson Kouame
4:13 amazingly done while moving. Best player ever
Mo Ali
Maradona, Ronaldo and Ronaldinio - top three of the GREATEST players of all time
Şenol Arslan
the best player in the world.
The one and only Ronaldo!
A Ghetto Christmas Carol
Best striker to ever live.
Jo Ol
So sad to watch todays football compared to this, most of the challanges today they just throw themself in the grass like they lost both legs
gb gb
kiias Ferreira
Ronaldo the best ever
The Saint
I miss this Brazil, those were the times.
John Benni
Greatest of all time!
Game Changer
Apsolute legend, greetengs from Croatia
Fran Málaga
Messi?Cr7? Who are they? Jajajajaja , Ronaldo Nazario, Ronaldinho , Zidane from another universe!
Jean Marco
Representou o Brasil e o Rio de Janeiro #RONALDONAZÁRIODELIMA🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Pravèèn 8⃣9⃣
After 10 years ..there will be a player who does trick like CR7 but even then we will never see a complete striker as R9... That speed , dribbling , ball control and finish... Ronaldo R9 chance .one goal
Bigcock Loadsofmoney
Better than Messi. Cant believe people even argue about it
Bullet Toof
Neymar does not deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as Ronaldo
rocky benson
Jesus is nowhere near ronaldo, idk how dani alves calls him the new r9(no hate). Ronaldo was at a different level, his speed and dribbling skills were unique. His finishing, first touch and tricks was beautiful. No defender could ever stop him, the ball is like glued to his shoes.
Lucas LLU
Born to shine, Ronaldo Fenomeno... UNSTOPPABLE
Anto Joseph
Best striker in the world foot ball history 😍😍😍
This is the real Ronaldo!
Daniel Paiva
Ball Control 99
All of that talent, playing against 90's style hard knocking defenders... And NEVER complained about needing protection! What an amazing player!!!!!!
if only his knee could keep up with his instinct..
Ronaldo Inter is the best Ronaldo of all time
Pxlpuy TV
My favorite Player of all time #Ronaldothegoat
Man I still think this guy is the GOAT.
Akrem Amara
Anyone who watched Ronaldo before his first big injury would have no doubt to say; he's the best football player who ever touched a ball in the entire history without any doubts.
Sonny Bill
This Ronaldo is better
Goku Super Saiyan
This Brazilian Ronaldo was and always will be the best player of all time! And apart from that, he seems as such a nice guy!
Jesper Bo Hansen
if he didnt get all those injuries could have been the best ever
Best player ever!
Giorgio Brera
Lucaas 1930
Tenho orgulho de dizer: O melhor 9 da história é Brasileiro. 🇧🇷
Everton Miller
Lionel Who? Cristiano Who? Neymar Who?
Endrigo Asa'ari
Too op for maybe 5/6 years , before injuries robbed him. Even after injuries he was still world class. And against an era of greatest defenders; maldini, cannavaro, stam, nesta he still gave them hard times, what a talent
Before Cristiano, there was Ronaldo!
Mohammed Ahmed
Remember Ronaldo in age 22,23,24 was injurd✋
michael lapdance
If he didn't have those 2 bad knee injuries, Ronaldo could easily have been the greatest player of all time.
Akhtaruzzaman Joy
he is my childhood ... he is reason why I love football ... that WC2002 ... miss u legend
The Real Ronaldo. Making professional defenders and goalkeepers look like helpless children. lol! :P
UUB Repus
Messi and C. Ronaldo stills needs their own World Cup trophy lol
sylvester stallone
I Miss this Kind of Football Pure Legende, Ronaldo, zidane .etc....
JAlex Foolish
R9 best striker ever
Ronaldo in his prime was something we won't see ever again.
German Antonio Perez Lopez
El mejor 9 de la historia. FENÓMENO!!!!
I saw R9, Maradona and Messi. Just R9.
Tow Boon Lim
far better than CR7 & messi
Tushar Singh
One of my greatest football player of all time, Ronaldo is just amazing 👌👌👌👌
Erdem kaplan
He is more skillfull than C.Ronaldo and Messi. He is Legend!!!
Stbs Abs
After Michael Jordan think Ronaldo is the second best athlete ever
Quando você ler os comentários eu estarei lá Jr
Ronaldo (R9) cheers for club Sport Club Corinthians Paulista
Ari Service
gotta love Brazil at the world cups, they will always represent what football is all about! when it comes to tradition, they're the no 1 national team imo...
he is actually better than messi and ronaldo put together
Marcus Er
Enzo Russo
il numero uno 😍
The Institution
The Greatest.
Jesus Solano
Esas épocas cuando el fútbol tenía jugadores atrevidos que engachaban a pesar de tener muchos rivales delante, jugadores que se lucian, ahora son puro show y maricadas
Ajwad Jawad
Ronaldo beat defenders for fun, without trying almost. To me, he is the greatest striker ever. And nice work Lorenzo, well done mate!
erick alberto diaz martinez
Ronaldo sos mi idolo, eres el mejor jugador de futbol que he visto, eres genial gracias por tu futbol
Vincenzo Bianco
Ronaldo Nazario da lima e' agli stessi livelli di Pele' e Maradona. E basta.