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Amazing Skills & Tricks by the Brazilian Phenomenon A compilation of best moments of Ronaldo Fenomeno in HD Click "Show more" to find the name of the songs and more info Video Produced by: Lorenzo Faraoni Computer used: Macbook Pro 15' Retina Software used: Final Cut Pro X, After Effects CC Official website: /> Do you like Nike? Click this link to have a 30% off on the sales items: /> If you like my videos don't forget to follow me on this links: /> /> /> Soundtrack: Jim Yosef - Firefly Music Artist Links: /> /> X

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i wish there was atleast 1 video of football where the music doesnt sound so cheap and lame. always some groose techno or shiet..
Kos Koster
If Messi is from an other Planet, This Ronaldo is from another universum
Ajwad Jawad
Ronaldo beat defenders for fun, without trying almost. To me, he is the greatest striker ever. And nice work Lorenzo, well done mate!
Good work lorenzo
A Ghetto Christmas Carol
Best striker to ever live.
The era of football when winning a ballond'or was not about the number of goals
Goku Super Saiyan
This Brazilian Ronaldo was and always will be the best player of all time! And apart from that, he seems as such a nice guy!
Tigerking 125
FIFA 17 should put him in the legend
0:16 omg !!!
Jorge G.
best player of all time.
Everton Miller
Lionel Who? Cristiano Who? Neymar Who?
Malik Raja
Messi e CR7 are strong, but I never see 'em dribble in this way no one did it.
The real Ronaldo
marwan gedo
Ronaldo and Zidane are the best of the best
Muus #91
Worst Ronaldo's enemy his own knee!! Phenomenono da best football player
Giraloi Mauricio
best player after Pele. top 3 best players of all time: Pele, R9, Maradona!
Erdem kaplan
He is more skillfull than C.Ronaldo and Messi. He is Legend!!!
The best editor with a video about the best player. Awesome work bro!
Anif Constantine
People usually use their hands to perform magic. Ronaldo prefers to use his feet for that.
Wail Domo
one of the few players who can dribble fluently with both feet👏👏others i can remember is zidane and ronaldinho
Mattakoora Mattakoora
He is the reason why I love football.. viva el fenomeno
Junior Monteiro
Amigo... Já vi mto jogador top. E com todo respeito aos coroas antigos que antecederam essa geração, mas pra falar a vdd essa foi a nata do futebol mundial. E eu pude vê-la jogar... Eu nasci e vi os maiores da história jogando e competindo entre si. Nomes como: Zidane, Romário, R10, Messi, CR7, Figo, Raul, Trezeguet, Henry, Nedved, Del Pieiro, Vieri, Shevchenko, Bergkamp, Beckham, Nesta, Maldine, Gamarra, Marcelo Sallas, Zamorano, Crespo, Batistuta, Ortega... E tantos e tantos outros. Indiscutivelmente essa foi a era de ouro do futebol. E de todos os nomes que eu falei, nenhum jogou mais e foi mais craque do que o R9. Os 2 maiores jogadores da história do futebol mundial foram R9 e R10. Ninguém nunca fez e talvez chegue a fazer novamente o que ambos fizeram, kd um em sua posição e estilo. R9 sem sombra de dúvidas é o maior e melhor jogador na posição dele da história da bola. Esse cara era um absurdo... Velocidade monstra, técnica inalcançável, físico privilegiado e talento sobre humano no ataque. Nunca vi alguém dar tanta caneta como esse cara... Nunca alguém entortar tanto os defendores, deixando no chão nomes como Gatuso, Nesta, Maldine, Stam, Van Der Sar, Buffon... Com todo respeito a quem veio antes e depois dele, mas R9 foi e continua sendo o melhor da história. O maior dos monstros numa época em que só os monstros jogavam. Sem mais! ...
Privileged is who saw Ronaldo play. There will not be another one so soon So simple, so cool, so strong and good player He's the best of the best. When he got the ball, the defenders trembled Neymar, Messi, Cristiano, Pele NO. No one, just Ronallllldooooooo. Unfortunately these times do not come back any more
Moe Othman
No one like him, El Phenomenal !! ❤️❤️❤️
Arifin Lotus
He is the best striker in the world football history
Redi Dibrani
forget "best striker ever" this guy was and IS the best player of all time in my opinion. CRAZY TALENT! I grew up in Italy those years and I'm telling you this guy brought the whole stadium to its feet almost every time he touched the ball. Was unbelievable! Also, all the tricks you seen the past 15 years or so, are ALL derived primarily from him. Before your Ronaldinhos, your fake ass R7s, etc etc. And even those guys trained themselves on those. This guy it came natural to him. Him and Maradona are the only ones to be pioneers like that in my opinion. But given that these mid 90s to mid '00s years were in my opinion the toughest and best level soccer years in history, I have to give it to Ronaldo. to do the things he did to names like Stam, Maldini, Baresi, Costacurta, Cannavaro, Nesta, etc etc etc was truly out of this world. These defenders nowdays suck and your bullshit Messi & R7 STILL cannot even come close to what R9 was doing to the best of the best in history.  HANDS DOWN THE BEST PLAYER OF ALL TIME, PERIOD!!
Rwot Chan
the omly man that made paolo maldini look average.
CR7 would have felled a hundred time in these conditions
Carlos Leon
Que Messi y Cr7 den gracias a Dios que no jugaron en la misma época que el Fenómeno , por qué de ser así serían dos más del montón a lado del mejor jugador de la historia , ósea Ronaldo , el Fenómeno .
Ronaldo in his prime was something we won't see ever again.
Pemum Bandung
Dribble : 99 Speed : 99 Body Balance : 99 Shooting : 99
C. Ronaldo+Messi= Ronaldo
Kazu Rodrigues
Messi+cr7+Suarez +Neymar +Lewandowski+aguero=R9
Fanoun Farid
he is the best player i have ever seen in my entire life
Reus Bale
3:14 .. Name one other player who could humiliate this legend like he did..
Guardian Uruguayo Guardian
Suarez > Ronaldo9
0:16 - 0:24 those defenders are still scratching their heads today and wondering where the ball was. Number 25 retired straight after that game
The spirit of soccer incarnated as Ronaldo's body. but his human body could't endure the gift and the talent. That's why he had too much injuries and hard time.
Nick Nader
Absolutely amazing! Your work is pure creativity and just a beautiful sight to watch! Thank you
Jack Dowd
if he wasn't injured, would have been the best ever no doubt in my opinion. for me he's the most talented plsyer ever, more so than messi.
Still the best player for me.. Messi nahh.. C Ronaldo nahh.. Even ronaldinho (when his era) still better than that two..
Gaudio Wind
The best brazilian player ever!!!
Honestly wasn't for his injuries , he would of been the greatest footballer of all times . Without a doubt , brazil would of probably won the 2006 world cup also .maybe even the 2010 if him and ronaldinho were to stay in shape .... one thing about messi and ronaldo ... they constant professionals , and wouldn't be surprised to see them in 2022 in Qatar still in high form
Not a single Dislike Respect even you hates like this video :D and nobody can hate '' ''The Real Ronaldo''
Akhtaruzzaman Joy
he is my childhood ... he is reason why I love football ... that WC2002 ... miss u legend
Giacomo P
The best Ronaldo player in INTER 🔵⚫️
Wis Dub
best striker in all earth planet.
Clearly the better ronaldo
Serie A players destroyed his knees because of how good he was. Let's not forget that.
RZ Productions
Fantastic work Lorenzo! You're an artist.
One the best ever with 3 knee injuries. Definitely GOAT without em R9 > (CR7+M10)^2
Texas Lame
THE ONE AND ONLY....This man does stepovers but he finds other dribles to pass players CR7 only stepovers can do to pass 1 player not 5
payaro garcia rodriguez
Por dios,cuando ira a salir un jugador como el fenomeno,ni cristiano y messi licuados le llegan.
Nelosko Cesar
O verdadeiro Ronaldo, os outros são só Cristianos. Grande Fenômeno!!
Garrett Doherty
I hate the way people call him "fat Ronaldo" when he is the one of the best and toughest footballers of all time if ur wondering y he is so tough look up his leg injuries and despite being badly injured 3 times he kept going in my opinion he would've been better if it weren't for the injuries
Sarthak Bhalerao
the era where greats like zidane, ronaldo lima, ronaldinho, beckham, klose and raul use to steal our heart and it was difficult for us to support one international team for sure :)
zeusboltxd boltxd
Marcos Cândido
fenômeno the King ♔ the Best play forever forever ever.
Great Video. For me no doubt , Ronaldo R9 was better than Messi and much better of Cristiano Ronaldo.
A monstruosidade em um cara, quem está nesse nível em termos de técnica... Ninguém nem Messi tampouco Cr7.
Diti Diti
Everyone has his idols like maradona,pele,zidan,ronaldinho,beckham,roberto baggio,cr7,messi,ibrahimovich etc....but the best idol ever is r9,the best ever!
world in the best player...amazing RONALDO..
Devanshu Mishra
Better dribbler than messi
his brain was too far ahead for his body
The Big Quack
Ronaldo Brazilian was the best in Madrid he will always be the best player in Madrid when I hear the name ronaldo I think Brazilian ronaldo because he's the king respect to cristiano ronaldo he's a great player
Matheus Dutra
Like bro!
he is actually better than messi and ronaldo put together
P Nis
Afro Ronaldo was the best.
Icky Muhammad
fantastic skills R9.. The best player and striker..
Max Abdillah
Best of the best.
zeusboltxd boltxd
emerson criado
yo nunca he visto a Messi ni a cr7 hacer lo que Ronaldo hacia y de una manera tan natural. El mejor de la historia para mi
C. Wilson
Best Madridista ever
Gentil Junior
CR7 Força....Messi rapidez.....Ronaldinho Técnica e Magia....Romário Faro de Gol.....RONALDO....os 4 juntos .....simplesmente um "Fenômeno" .....Quem viu, viu !!! e sente Saudades.....;)
If he ever gets a legend FIFA card, it would be cheating to have it
diego consafo
Ronaldo was like a bull with the ball. Players bounced off him. He was so strong, yet graceful with the ball. He was fun to watch. Ronaldo is the best soccer player ever.
Ronaldo Inter is the best Ronaldo of all time
Ronaldo is legend!!!
Gilles Camilleri
Far better than the current ronaldo or messi!
angela f
Este tipo es la prueba de que los medios actualmente son una farsa completa.
Ari Service
gotta love Brazil at the world cups, they will always represent what football is all about! when it comes to tradition, they're the no 1 national team imo...
Syahmi Ghafar
even the cameraman had a hard time filming him lol
Derp Wes
If they say Suarez can nutmeg a mermaid, i can't even imagine what we're going to say about El Fenomeno?
Endrigo Asa'ari
Too op for maybe 5/6 years , before injuries robbed him. Even after injuries he was still world class. And against an era of greatest defenders; maldini, cannavaro, stam, nesta he still gave them hard times, what a talent
Netor Lefera
In this Man really, I have seen soccer at its best
The best player in football history.
Are the funky teeth and a variation of Ronaldo in your name required to be a legendary soccer player? Is it only in brazil?
Lol. The way they all run after him lol. That’s all they can do. Lol.
Pravèèn 8⃣9⃣
Only God knows what he would have achieved if not for injuries... R9 u r the best..
LN 014
Born to shine, Ronaldo Fenomeno... UNSTOPPABLE
luks okram
he is the best football i hve ever watch simply the best
rocky benson
Jesus is nowhere near ronaldo, idk how dani alves calls him the new r9(no hate). Ronaldo was at a different level, his speed and dribbling skills were unique. His finishing, first touch and tricks was beautiful. No defender could ever stop him, the ball is like glued to his shoes.
Milos Jovicevic
3 fucking world champions finals in the road, and somebody talking about his injury...hellou peoples, even with that injury he is best ever, ok '94 on wc he was just kid on the bench, but that does not metter, he was an alien in foodtball, he made revolution in the football, now everybody using his many trics, and i must also say something--SOME TRICS NEVER SOMEBODY DONE, some trics still nobody done like him, i saw some unbelieveble trics which never again anybody used after him!!!
Hakan Demir
Soccer is not CR7 And Messi. Soccer is Ronaldo - Rivaldo - Ronaldinho - Robinho - Roberto Carlos - Zidane - Figo - D. Beckham - Maldini - Kaka - Hernan Crespo ..... :(
Jean-Paul B.
best striker ever (for me) And amazing video!!! x)
The Institution
The Greatest.
Daniel Paiva
Ball Control 99
The one and only Ronaldo!
black king
the greatest striker/ player ever