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support urban dance movements buy the DVD www.juste-debout.com HIP HOP, POPPING, LOCKING, HOUSE & EXPERIMENTAL URBAN DANCE MOVEMENTS Filmed & edited by Yoram Savion & Benjamin Tarquin htttp://www.YAKfilms.com © YAK 2010 turf dance tuttin turf feinz dead silence get active chonkie f krumpin poppin lockin e-ninga E ninja no noise will jerm sco boi idummy t roy scoot breaking breakin break dancin break dancing locking tutting battle popping robot turfin turfing turf fienz groovin boogie music tunes ipod cliff hanger flexin feetwork smooth street dancin allie cat lil wayne clown walk hyphy movement e 40 too short mistah fab yu youth uprising young 16 yoram isolation cuttin feet hand work funk hip hop beats clowning clownin boogaloo the lab americas best dance crew yak presents twins in paris october 2009 la loco club nuit night danse dance turf turfing new style breakin breaking krumpin kruming turfin waving popping spins tuts glides Hyphy Street Show juste debout 2008 preselections new style Juste Debout The Twins Meech Joseph Go hip hop dance jumeaux twins maerican got talent incroyable regis fun break new style tv arts et spectacles Philemon Psycho Hip Hop Juste Debout 2008 Abitwins Criminalz Krump Newstyle Yugson Tip Top Wanted Posse Incroyable Talent Twins Newstyle Criminalz Laurent Larry Breakdance Popping Smurf Dance Moves criminalz cew paris bercy hip hop house experimental top rock

Juste Debout 2010 EXCLUSIVE TRAILER support urban dance movements buy the DVD www juste-debout com paris bercy hip hop house experimental top rock poppin lockin salah twins marthat nikki marvin raf melvin bruce yakfilms yak films yoram savion benjamin tarquin

Guti bboy
I keep thinking here that when I started the break dance in 1984, the opportunities were very few I used to stay on the TV expecting something to happen on the break. It was a lot to learn and to stay inside the break. tv like michael jackson and movies that were pro cinema like break dance and the beat street, watched td that they threw in the clips clips of the time of the break fever in 84, I was the first to make the power move in Bethlehem and never was recognized , hj I dance like I always did for love of the dance I'm happy because the break grew in Bethlehem and we have great representatives in the world out live the break dance live the hip hop.
Georgi Dobrev
Suddenly I cant watch this awesome video on my android phone. Why?
матросов епта
первый трек сука ! в студию!
Ivan Ivanov
JB 2010 and 2011 was the best of all...especially Les Twins show up and their standing now after winning of 2011.
Les Twins appearing out of nowhere at 0:47 o.o
Domenico D'Luciani
Yes. I have it on my computer. You want it?
Angel Popping Frex
anybody know where is Gucchon judge showcase video in HD?
Igor Black
3:04 & 3:26 where can I find those battles?
1:18 remember denmark robot dance.. lol.. i don't know who's biting.. ==a
Taz Oscar
at 1:22 isint she from swaggers?
thumps up for if u think the best seconds were on salah !!! :))
Dave Provo
thank you for this wonderful video! the Mad Hatter greet you!
they got the vibe
Fernando Menezes
name song please ?
Deneen Coats
I don't know about you guys, looks like the party is at the Juste Debout.
Shaky Able
Calvin Nivlacer
les twins standing up at 0:47 yo
Ivar Patterer
1st song: Get Started - Strong Arm Steady ft. Talib Kweli 2nd song: Whenimondamic - Lootpack 3rd song: Heat - Common 4th song: Hear This - Slum Village
Ivar Patterer
@tvoeut Whenimondamic - Lootpack
Ivar Patterer
@suassive Hear This - Slum Village
0.48 seconde twins is up down xD
did i say i love yak films.. :} i want the dark drown with the black sleeves n white tee.3:03
Firat Ahah
@xBboyWaffle Pepito is the popper on the left, and on the right, it's Salah.
Matheus Tamai
ao boda foquio
its awesome how they all show love and respect for each other in the end =)
Chris Eyre
@xBboyWaffle ik the one on the right is salah.
title of first song ; > ?
Who's Thee Guys @ 1:09?
@Crazy0Licious Get Started - Strong Arm Steady ft Talib Kweli
L. P.
0:11= one of the twins :D
song name?
3:10 sic
the prelim for JD 2011 is coming to USA! I cant wait!!!
@YAKfilms What if you dont got facebook, will you announce here?
what's the name of the very last song at 4.36
c'est sa même l'ambiance du Juste Debout yeaah !
Simona Kellöová
martha 3:55 "im gonna beat u" motion looove her!!!! ♥
COOL ... More creations in this year ! (From Taipei)
Steve I.R.S.
Who are the 2 guys @ 3:27?
Julian Echelon
where is javier ninja in this video? he was by far the best there!!!!
Their crazy dancers in it!..Check my Channel peeps..One love!
@Babibouille Strong Arm Steady feat. Talib Kweli - Get Started
@hollowman113 Strong Arm Steady feat. Talib Kweli - Get Started
what is the first song with talib?
victorien richard
Григорий Варман
People, give the name of Tracks Thanks in advance.
Yoo this is soo tuff!
so coollllllllllllllll!!!!! jadoreeeeeeeeeeeee
WHAT IS THE SONG at 1:20??? It's been 3 years I still havent found out. HELP!
3:04 - this is SO SOCK
faycal-mix Ghezali
regarde hip hop algerine
@harmz87 Juste Debout 2010 finals DVD produced by YAK FILMS coming soon to a DVD player near you. stay tuned. YAKFILMS.com on facebook.
Harmz Eh
where can you buy the full DVD from? couldn't find it on the juste debout site
Harmz Eh
@XxEncore187 looks like method man the rapper haha.
Camera Obscura
Love it better then freestyle session or redbullbcone, i love it, normally always breakdancing, this driving me crazy i just try to hip hop pop and shit all the time but, nope i cant! peace to them there legends
@DFSDEX that dude at 3:04? He fuckin went off
dexter Joefield
yo my boy mark went in stand up for brooklyn
Jose Vildoso
juste debout the best danceevent ever! :D
Liis K
Whats tha 3rd song?
Fran Valen
good video
whats the name of the first song?? anyone??
Ozark nwcsa
huuuuuuuuuuuuu hey bboys .. amm .. peaceeeeee - bboyzmart
Ozark nwcsa
huuuuuuuuuuuuu hey bboys .. amm .. peaceeeeee - bboyzmart
Ozark nwcsa
huuuuuuuuuuuuu hey bboys .. amm .. peaceeeeee - bboyzmart
Ozark nwcsa
huuuuuuuuuuuuu hey bboys .. amm .. peaceeeeee - bboyzmart
Ozark nwcsa
huuuuuuuuuuuuu hey bboys .. amm .. peaceeeeee - bboyzmart
when the dvd its gonna be out?, so much preview i wanna have it right now...
Marlon Jones
ony thing *good* bout this vid at least. but thats my opinion.
Marlon Jones
sad cuz i know they could do better than half these kats. shit they old vids are better than this shit. only thing bout this vid is the cinematography and the music..
they didnt pass the prelims hahaah
Marlon Jones
man where the Les Twinz at? they raw'er than all these kats
02:41 Asia Power Crew in da stadium.. APC 4 life
...io C'ERO e nn potrò mai DIMENTICARLO! this is the Dance...this is the Flow. PEACE
Evanz Taylor
It was the BOMB Next Year again xD
3:04 Will Smith lookalike?!?
Thank you Joebloggs, I've been attending JD for 4 years now. My point was that in this video there's a distinct lack of footage from Locking, House & Experimental. + This year was the first in which Toprock was included as a final following prelims in Lille & Marseille. Don't see why my previous comment deserves negative feedback... Hoping the DVD does indeed come out more swiftly than in previous years. A lot of good stuff went down this year. Wondering when we'll see JD on Blu Ray...
This looks Soooo F%#$%@! FRESH!!
Suaps Uns
trailer enorme pouvez vous indiquer le nom des song de la vidéo merci!!
Filipe Farias
jens eddie und chris im trailer uuuuuuuhhhhhhhh monster
isnt that salah at 2:25
Nice trailer but watching this gives the impression that nothing but Hip Hop & Popping went down...
Viktor Milushev
nice video i cant wait to see the dvd
it was awesome
hella sick wid it