Nissan 240sx RB25DET Skyline swap

This is a short story of how I spent too much money on my 240sx project car. Check out my S13 build too!

You BUILT this car for 40k and sold it!? I almost threw my laptop across the yard after hearing that...
FD3S Amman
seems like the new owner won the car lottery at 15k
That Lucky bastard who bought it probably has no idea...
kiwi kunts
When i saw u spent 40k and sold it for 15k i broke my ipad screen
350rwhp? Time to find a new tuner.
Darian Wallace
I don't usually watch slideshow style videos but this was very well done
jon snow
Next owner >1000$ new ecu and maybe injectors >couple of hours of work installing them and fine tuning the car >BAAAM!!! 700+HP >Getting the money spent buying the car in a matter of weeks winning bets and racing pricks.
Ichirou Namikaze
😵😵😵 You dropped $40,000 into that s chassis and sold it for 15k??? You should've just parted the car and would've gotten more money back!!!
Brandon Birnbaum
This dude is the bob ross of cars
Jeffrey Olivas
I feel like i was reading a kids book with this video!
Garage Sideways
That was a really good video man!
Ben Anthony
i threw my phone when u sold it for 15,000
Don Rossco Joe
DUDE!!!..... You spend all that $$$ on a boot full of brand new top quality parts, have a mate to help build a nice little car (paying a shop to do that would have cost another $40,000), take it to the track, a few shows, and sell it? changing to e85 fuel and finding a better tuner than the guy who first tuned it, could have got you close to 500whp and if the engine was built and tuned correctly you could have thrashed it for many safely, the guy who paid $15k for that would be waking up laughing every morning.
15k is cheap for what you put into it
Sam R
I bet Rob bought it with the money he was paid for labor
Simple & Clean
Boy you should be making over 900HP No joke. You sure are one of the greatest nissan owners I've seen. Fully built
Nismo MR2
Seeing the cost and knowing what you sold it for literally made my stomach upset.
sounds like you are reading,"if you give a mouse a cookie"
510 Kev
Hahahahahahah dude ur so funny I can tell u wasn't happy with the car at all
jack Clark
it's a never ending story of "we've gone this far. why not just..."
I'll be that guy for a moment. Only us idiots would spend this amount of time and money for 350 hp lol.
Josh Hall
You owe me a phone because I stomped mins into the mf concrete when I seen u spent 40k and sold it for 15. YOU COULD'VE BOUGHT A USED R35. Lawd
Cameron J
If I had a shitload of money this is exactly what I would do
Rob F'd you over, next time don't listen to Rob
Drift Theory Garage
Bet your kicking yourself for selling. Sounded like you weren't knowledgable enough to own such a beast.. unfortunate
Pride in Power cars and life silva
She is a beaut bruddah im jelly but happy you keeping the 240s alive and ina. Beautiful
This ladies and gentlemen, is the definition of the snowball effect
Nader Saleh
So this beautiful car cost $50k will get gapped by$5k turbo hatch civic 😂😂
No worder he only has one build... that $25k loss could have been invested in other avenues. Wow, your wife is one of a kind for puttin up with your mindset haha.
for all you 10 iq geniuses out there yelping about how he only got 15k for a 39k car, the answer is simple: mods DO NOT appreciate. there's a thousand reasons why, but the biggest one is that the more YOU do to a car, the less you can PROVE is wrong/right on the car. and nobody is willing to take a risk on something a private selling individual they don't know was HEAVILY involved in touching and changing every component on. Regardless of videos, documentation, and whatever they say they did or didn't do. it's 100% impossible to verify everything was done perfectly or what issues are caused by which area of the car as they arise.
This was by far the best video i've seen regarding project cars. All the others skip around the pricing always saying "if you've been keeping up im sure you can figure out how much we spent" like wtf your'e showing us everything regarding your build but making us work for the info still? You explained your whole project car story concisely showed us in less detail but covered it well. I added this to my favorites and liked it. Maybe i'll start a project car of my own but at least this gives great insight. Thank you
K Lorr
I'm 15 years old and going to work next year and save up for a 240sx and go rb swap... I watch this video once a while to remind me wat I'm saving up for
Drew's Power House
Absolutely insane you are my friend 😑😮😫
Dashing Tea
OH MY GOD...that 240sx is so damn nice...also the grand total at the end x.x... OMG! Good advice, though...."buy a car that's already fast"! xD.....damn...I think you should have kept that 240sx...but whoever you sold it to must be a lucky guy! :)
Shahzeboy 1
so you spent 40k modding it plus lets say 8-10k buying the car (total 50k) and then sell it for 15k?!? why, also that thing should be making way more then 350hp.
Team Ghast
LOVED THE CRAFTSMANSHIP!! The "No Food and Drink" sticker was funny, and your sense of humor is also great. Thanks for sharing.
Why did you selllllllllllll
HANDS DOWN, You guys built the CLEANEST 240 I've EVER seen! So meticulous, stylish, and purpose-built! I'm sad that you sold it. 😫 I just noticed your tags, what part of VA are you from?! I WISH I could've seen it cruising the 757 BEFORE you sold it!
Glenn F
What you did to that car was amazing... my hat is off to u for creating such beauty...thank you for this video.. buuuuuttttttt 15k wth... you deserve an extra life for that
I liked it better before the body kit was added 8:00 . I love the original fluid lines the body had. The body kit added to much angularity to it. Its a "meaner" look but not as clean to me. You settled on 15k? man I wish I was more in tune with sellers as I wouldn't have thought for a second about just handing you 20k for it and tbh thats a very lowball number you could have gotten for it.
Mike H
Many of us have a story that starts out small and gets completely out of hand. You are getting slammed in the comments, but I get it and applaud your transparency. I am the same way. Well done on actually completing the build and you definitely have a great friend.
Ayman Lockhart
Omg 15k only damn it! I would got 2 of this project model! 15k is a steal!!
V¡ΠGöP¡Πk SUαααtheworld
Dammmmmmmm...when you said you sold it after you spend a lot of moneyyyy for this car i think you joke..dude 40k lot of money and u sold it after the car look so pretty good.. Ommgg u crazy man😁😁😁😁hahahhahhaha..
Keith Raymond
Nice looking clean 240 with power good stopping power also 👍good job 🔰
Antonio Martìnez
now thats a sick looking 240
should have up'd the boost
Tee Bro
Thank you for this video and your honesty. This "WAS" my dream build, but the last 30 secs or so slapped me with a rude but needed reality! It appears turned out AWESOME. And looks like you made someone very happy. But now I must agree with you, "if you want it fast, buy it fast", lol👍😂
Your wife gave u a number 0 because it suited you for having no brain for selling it jk jk this was a great video but you shoulda kept it
You can get more than that safely on completely stock parts with ECU , injectors, turbo upgrade. The part with the number that suits you is hilarious.
40k lol you could have gotten a 2j and pit about 8k into it and made around 750-800 hp🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
Regis Riley
You built an amazing car
Jacob Guzman
This video was awesome, I absolutely loved the commentary. Please do another video on your next project.
Jay notsure
I'm not alone from being OCD and car obsessed. As far as how I want things done and doing everything to make it happen.
Steve C
350whp???? You could've sprayed a 100 shot on the stock rb motor and pulled similar numbers...
Chris Huynh
Dude, respect!!! it's not about the money, but it's the hobby and love for machine!!! thumps up!!
Skyler L
Dang I could’ve owned my dream car for only 15k! That’s crazy
Bobby Bunkley
I was going to say the same thing...350 that’s it lol rb26 is known for 700-1200 hp
Scott Walker
Please do me a favor... Next car you rebuild call me after your done, I'll buy whatever you build if your going to give if away like this one. Nice job though
This piece of happiness cost $25,000. The guy that bought it for $15,000 got a fantastic deal. It goes to show that buying a well-built, modded car can be cost effective.
CoSm1c gAm3r
Thanx for sharing your experience with such project. Cool!
navy Guy
Great that u and your boyfriend are into cars together dude
Spent 40K on the car, car is worth 20k resale value with upgrades
Adryan Laksana
this video made me cry because you spend $40,000 on your dream car then selling it for third of the price of what you spend building it.
Rafay Jameel
This guy knows how to make videos... Unfortunately didn't get any HP for the effort, time, dedication, and money he put in.
Gabriel Turbskies
345 hp with cams new turbo pistons rods ported head intake front mount fuel and more pretty sure you could have made that with a stock RB with a few bolt on's and a good tune that thing should have made a good 500+hp or some where near it
Car Lover
After all the things you have done to this car the best is the license plate😂😂😂
Money isn't the thing. Its the journey!
I would honestly buy that from you for 30k if I can
Momo C.
Dude honestly idk what your talking about but your I just like your voice haha
you should of just spent 15k on woman and saved all that time
I love how people are sticking up for the guy with dropping 40k on building a 350hp 240sx and selling it for 15k... It's nice and it's awesome to see that you attacked all of the small things in the car as well... but you could have just put most of that money into better performance parts and upped the power to like 500-600 and had a lot more fun in it.
Darryl Schipper
I'm surprised you're still married. Great video. You're smarter now!
This video cracked me up. Glad someone does this for the fun and experience..
Joel’s Attention To Detail
Awesome Video but you're right you should have purchase an new car lol
Damnnn that mustve been so cool to see pics of your car on the internet that OTHER people took. Nice build and nice vid mate!
" I couldn't even keep up with my friends Rx7 or NSX". My man what did ya expect
Hamiora Walters
I learnt the secret of build fast cars now?.... Is having a friend like Rob
david pasquan
thank God you didn't put a f****** Toyota motor in it
That felt like a Winnie The Pooh segment... but with a big turbo S13 as the bear
Jay Bosslingo
what a beautiful car but why in the world would you sell it!?! the new owner basically robbed you! 💔
Jalani Wynn
that car could have put out more power if you had done a few things differently with the accessories and the turbo just to name a couple. but all in all it was a solid build and you approached it like a restoration project (like everybody should imo). good on ya mate
billy castro
i salute you for building this car sir! awesome.
Sean Smile
Gorgeous and properly done , NICE!
rick porales
you have by far the best built 240sx. definitely a true car enthusiast.
I had the idea that a drift car (build) would be cool and fun, but seeing how much money you practically lose if you decide to sell it got me backed off. Not to mention the maintenance and tire costs when you actually go drifting. Nice video to watch, and thanks for the reality check with the total cost!
winch racing
Ya that's about how it goes !! Done that to many times lol
Pride in Power cars and life silva
That was the frst thing and more important that your TURBOOOOO. REASEARCH RESEARCH REASEARCH
this video was like...inspirational
Nick B
Should've kept this one for life, if you weren't happy with the performance. Give it to the ole lady and start a new faster AWD project
Sathya Balakrishnan
Bro why did u sell the car. U did a huge mistake. U spent 40k but sold for 15k ? So u lost 25k ?😢😢😢 Dude , you did a great job by building this car and great video but I think you should have not sold it.
Jim 100% liquid
Dude! please build another nissan 180sx or 240sx and sell it for the same price! lol! I would buy it anyday.
Lovely build! I especially love how it looks from the front, shame you sold it, especially since it only went for 15k whilst the build cost 40k. I hope you're happy with your decision
the whole video is dripping with irony, and as a fellow s-chassis owner who's done a few things that i regret , i feel you.
fook-respect man !!!
After watching your video, i built a replica of it on forza horizon 3! Sadly I couldn't put a rb25det engine so I put a 2jz engine in it, it's still badass!!!
KG88 KiteGod
Bro you had one of the cleanest Kouki S14s that I've ever seen. What a sleeping beast. Glad you had fun
Teddi786 OG
The way you made it look I would have kept it as a normal car
Fucccck thsi is me when I uprgade my pc😂😂😂
That is the cleanest, cleanest S14 I've seen in my life. Who cares if it cost a lot, the knowledge and respect you get is worth far more than 40k my friend. However on a sore note, The RB30det would have been better. I think you wasted a lot of your time and effort on the rb25 engine.. sounded very unnecessary to me