How To Order Mcdonald's Like A Boss!

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Can you please repeat that??
"we serve food here sir"
Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku
*2018 Anyone*
Charlie Man DogeYT
lol :D
Dušan Dobrić
"Did you get all that?!!!" Hahahahahahaha🔥
II HyperSh0T II
Ain't gonna lie…that was lit af
2018? :D
When the cashire said ok it shounded like az girl
Anyone watching in 2020
Ranjana Bhaguane
Can't rap can't do it
Trey Canary
At the end he shoulda been like “nah scratch that” 😂
sajal jaiswal
Yes sir, that would be $1537.Enjoy your meal
Face Plantz
That kirby music at the end tho
And now that's how you order like a bo$$
Briann Powell
bigger order than Big Smoke's?
GreenapplesauceRB -Roblox
Muhd Firas
Why don't you do rap battle with eminem
Ayushman singh
If I was that cashier !!Nah actually.lemme get 2 big mac and tow apple pies......blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.... Cashier's turn. Ya u said something. I was busy pressing that 9 buttons.
Fallen Angel
This dude ,rocked it😎
AĞ Games
awesomedogeman 2.0
Rez:Would you please repeat my order. Worker:Uhhhhh
[DRZK] IcyBlazer
Someone do the lyrics
Lynn Dunagan
Isabelle Farhat
I saw this on Instagram and loved it so much
Hi iam just looking at this and am like 🔥🙃
Kaleb Crise
That was savage
Lotus Galaxy
Damn dude how much can you eat?!
Shadow Cat
This order is better than ordering a cheeseburger without cheese.
Jimmy Mcmillan
Lol the worker was like wtf is this guy saying 😂😂😂
Jack L
I'm lovin it
Skele - bob
Eminem's got a new competitor😨
Eprocuber Prochowski
He is faster then Eminem
Did you have the beat/music in mcdonalds
Raditya Nugroho
Did he get all that food though?
Pink Fishii
1:16 That's probably the manager in the tie just like "Whatt....?"
InTube 123
The best impossible!! 🙌🙌🙆🙆 😻
Sounds like no one is paying attention to him😂😂😂
I Live Under Your Bed
1:25 music name?
TitoTheBurito96 %
Dude was acting like he was taking down all the order LOOL
Syon Verma
LebronFan 000
..........OOOOOMMMMMFGGGGGGGGGGGGG😱😱😱😱😱😨😨😱😱😨😨😨😮😨😮😱😱😧😧😮😱😱😱😱😱😱that guy Is a legit boss
Addicted A1
Believe me I'm in McDonald's.
Jj V
LIKE A BO$$🔥🔥💥💥
Phantom z show
(0:40-1:20) the teacher in the last minute of a revision session
1.25 speed and 0.5 speed
xoxxxoo xoxo
Totally awsome you guys are crazy
Nash Dalida
thats a good rapper
Reuben Taylor
That was BEASST!😁😂
Him just starring at the register like "what he just say?"
servet kabasakal
Hesap girecek kdkxkxkxkx
Isis Clark
Isis Clark
Right can you reapete that
The Jinka ninja
That is why it's called fast food
Edwin Siaw
Nice Rap >:3
Cyber Samurai
Damn awesome lyrical rap
samantha widyarathne
hi-rez studieos is the devoloper of paladins multiplayer game.
Mehdi Albiraihy
Can I get chicken chicken chicken chicken and chicken nuggets with some more chicken
Travis Brownie
Still hasn't got his order
Maceson Vasquez
He raps like a boss
I am de way
bro you fast
omg good job rapping
Nathaniel Allen
This guy ordered everything but instead he got an ice cream
Melany Ramirez
I subscribe and hit the bell
Showtime by kollegah
ermal dema
You are so cool
ernesto cervantes
Bulletz4Breakfast B/
and from this moment he knew he was broke 😂
Mekael Nauman
The Perfect Kids
Party Rock
I can only imagine what the cashier is thinking
Rayaan Amir
lol the song just lol
Vince Phan
Imagine the guy said.. "Ok, that would be $1000.. is that all you want for today?
Alex Minkin
Simply Amazing 🙌
Itz Ken
He spit that!!!!! 🔥
Aman2002 Raj
You made Paladins?
shania freeman
That's was boss man heh you were good😘😙😚
Oh hey that rappers pretty good :)
Cole Sprouse
Lol the cashiers face
Lexi Roberts
How do u dislike that it involves food and music lol
seb seb
I bet he can't even eat all that😂
Alec Remoticado
I would’ve been sincerely impressed if that guy got everything and by the end he just said “anything else sir?”
The guy is actual trying to take down the order
raad العابد
واو 👌😎2018
ARS Studio
I'll have 2 number 9s A number 9 large A number 6 with extra dip A number 7 2 number 45s One with cheese And a large soda.
scotty pecina
Damn he is so cool😎
Rohit Saini
Warning:dont try this in India🙈
"Did you get t hat?" Cashier: 199.99$ Sir
Zeno Sama’s #1 Guard
He didn’t get not one thing 🤝
Nerf. Man
KITTY Moreno
I am dead of laughter 😂
Nirjara rocks JB
That was lit af❤❤
Freakkk - MCPE
sure.. Ur total is Papers of ur properties only :)
Jock Sprunger
Lol his one highlight of his life.
Loekyloek1 xD
Uhh, do 2 number nine's too!!
Loekyloek1 xD
*Tgats a good raper!!*
Contagious DNA
I’ve gone to that McDonald’s before at NYC! (New York City. I live at New Jersey) And I love how the guy is just trying to type in the orders 😂
Mocha Moo
Wanna know what would have been funny? If you said, "You got all that?" And he actually had everything you said.😂