How To Order Mcdonald's Like A Boss!

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I thought he was about to just yell his order.
"Sorry, can you please repeat that?"
Grace Scottow
Riippp the cashier
:) hes a good rapper
10000 subs with no vids boi
Amarachi Nosike
*When your friend offers to pay.*
Angelina Sophie Kalamazad
Is it just me or....? Is anyone else wondering if he actually got the food???? Edit: Wow thx for the likes Really I was just stating my opinion :) (I usually get a lot of hate for that)
That cash register guys thinks ‘pls, it’s my first day, lil slower’
Starlight Pictures
Can I get two Big Macs 2 apple pies No no actually Let me get 2 big macs and 2 apple pies a little bit of Sprite and a side of fries Let me get a McDouble let me get a McChicken Hot sauce, make sure that is kickin I wanna a McRib, before I McMiss, let me get a hashbrown if it isnt lunch yet If it is imma be mcsad and upset let me get some nuggets too I wanna a bar cake and parfait two of them ive really had a hard day let me get a mccafe latte and a couple hundered large shamrock shakes Powerade, Hi-C, Ranch Snack Wrap on the side please Let me get a burger with a slice of cheese but no onions or pickles so hold that please I wanna Mcflurry, two of those, I want m&m, want oreos I want everything on the dollar menu and a burger with jalepenos let me get a snack rap from my backpack better not tass that have no sauce no aflack takin everything to go so pack that in a black bag Hi-Rez eatin all the flapjacks
I have to wait 90 days to change my name
*I'll have two number 9's, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45's, one with cheese, and a large soda*
prettylittlelaur 3
haha he ordered an *eminem* mcflurry😂 4/10 joke
Nathan Benites
At least he didn’t mumble like the rappers we have today
EvaEvita Eve
And then everyone comes into McDonald’s like this. Employees:I QUIT
Tako Gigolashvili
I am surprised that the ice cream machine isn’t broken
The Flash
He is a good rapper like if you agree
Lets go to mcdonalds and ill pay Me: 0:40 Edit: thanks for the likes
Omran Amin
Friend: let's go to McDonald's, I'll pay you. Me: 0:40
MaskSo James
The worker is like, ok keep going I got ya
Nico Nico NII
I feel sorry for the waiter
AR2YouKnowMe C-ops
2018 anyone?
Therapist Flim Flam
If the guy got the whole order perfectly on first try I would promote him to manager
Sneha 2004
I thought the cashier really understood what he ordered 😂😂😂
Wait what?!?!
I love how the worker is just staring at the cash register like he's actually doing something 😂😂
Who thought he was actually getting his order until the end
X TheNamesAce X
The dude taking the orders looks like he is really trying but doesn’t get one thing 🤣
*Order unclear, got register burning from fire bars.*
Indian Music Productions
Just imagine if the person taking the order got everything and gave him the bill 😂😂
Siddartha Dhanukonda
That would be $5000 sir!
Ismail Nisar
Big Smoke is proud
Sleeve Of Wizard
I once asked a girl out to some mcribs and shamrock shakes. Neither were in season. We shared a laugh. Later that night, we shared each other...
King Swag
It's been 3 years and i still keep watching it over and over again
Plot twist: he was serious
I put no effort in my videos
*finishes rap* "Did you get all that?" Cashier: Will that be all sir?
The Soccer ball
I said all this to the cashier at McDonald’s and all she said was, “we don’t sell shamrock shakes anymore”
Konny Ezeama
When Eminem goes to McDonalds
Sirish G
And that's how you go broke
Let’s get 1000 subs with no videos
Your total is $328.10
"we serve food here sir"
The Kirby remix music at the end is 🔥
Only squidward can understand this godly language
Team Jiggawatt
I'm into nuggets y'all, dippin in dat BBQ sauce🤓👍
Tommy Nguyen
That was not bad :)
Some Other Commenter
Cashier: Do you want bigger fries for extra 50 cents?
Gumball Lulu
When people still go to Public Food Places/McDonald recording themselves trying to get A MUSIC Career Deal Signing lol:-D
Daniel Saucedo
Just imagine Eminem
Lmaoo he didn’t got one thing
When u hungry asf after school
Can you please repeat that??
Giancarlo Colistra
I wanna know what he ACTUALLY ordered after that 😂
Goblin Slayer
Actually Gets Burger King Like a Boss OBESITY TIME
This was posted 3 years ago but its recommended to me now, god bless you recommendations.
Tide Free & Gentle
I need to stop watching this...
meanwhile dudes like, "can you repeat that?"
Avriana C
(Perpously roasts him) Did you get all that?
Datpotatoboi 0
He raps faster than I can type this comment.
Mason Bell
If He Didn't Spas Out With His Hands This Would Have Been So Much Better
Henrique Cabral
Why is this on my recommendations 3 years later....😅
Joe Cross
Sorry but the icecream machines broke
Rachel Green
Ahhh sir, can you repeat your order again
LPS Diamond89
I like how to cashier looks like he is doing something lol 😂😂😂
Falling SKY
*CASHER.EXE* has stopped working
Eugene Epshtein
He couldve just ordered everything on the menu 😂
Adeen Shaukat
Damn he deserves everything on the menu 4 free
Savage Nation
OMG what lol it's so fast how can anyone have breath from this what
Sam Marriott
McDonald’s have left the chat
Did he get his order, though?
Creating with Kaitlyn
2018 anyone?!
The Flash
Zorgo diffuse 2:26
u built like a protractor
lmao this is so corny
Jastin Doble
Oh hey that rappers pretty good :)
Lil Nass
I cringed so hard
Arks Gamer
If only the cashier had a gun.
So what's the big fucking deal
Luckily cashier didn't get it all or it would cost 200 dollar...
Fire bird Gaming124
I remember when this video only had 4M views lol
Shit was fire
Gacha studio valuecackecandy Candy
Good rapper asome
10,000 subscibers with no videos?
Im better
This video taught me how to order *like a boss* better than the Wendy's commercial
Hector Hector
Big Smoke: I have 2 Number 9s a Number 9 Large a Number 6 with Extra Dip a Number 7 2 Number 45s, and a Large Soda
Tito Snider
I just like how the guy has his eyes on the register the whole time😂😂
Coby: did you get all of that? Cashier: sorry, can you repeat it again?
Diana Padilla
The cashier is like ok yup i got you 😂😂😂 McDonald's🍟🍔
Venice 1987
Wholesome youtube pranks are the best
Isaac Wood
What are the lyrics to this rap?
Klabron Hames
This is me when I feel like eating McDonalds but I'm gonna be late for school.
Angel Dubon
Not sponsored by mc donalds*
Lammy For PM
Weak sauce
Friend: hey let’s go MacDonalds on me! Me: (this video)
Maggy M
I felt so bad for the cashier until the end.
Dipraj Nag
*He didn't get one thing* Me- *OK give me all things without that one* 😂
Vanessa Cuevas
Lemme get 2 Big Macs and two apple pies a little bit of sprite and a side of fries lemme get a McDouble lemme get a McDouble lemme get a McChicken, hot sauce, make sure that shit is kickin, I wanna mc rib, before I mcpiss lemme get a hash brown if it isn’t lunch yet if it is imma be mc sad and upset (lemme get some nuggets too) I wanna bundt cake and a parfait two of them I really had a hard day lemme get a mc cafe latte and a couple hundred large shamrock shakes, Powerade, hi-c, ranch snack rap on the side please lemme get a burger with a slice of cheese with no onions or pickles so hold that please I wanna McFlurry, 2 of those one m.m one Oreos I want everything on the $1 menu and a burger with jalapeños (fast part)lemme get a snack wrap for my backpack better not tax that add duck sauce no Aflac takin everything to go so pack that in a black bag, Hi Rez eatin all the flapjacks (did you get all that?) Enjoy😉🍟🍔🥞
Zack Tiger Heart
*McDonald's Is The Best!* Because You Only Have 5$
Imraan Adam
Sorry, Machine's broken
The swapping
The cray cray Tomboy girl xox
His rapping is LIT 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Tony Star
HusseinPlayz 523
Dis dude a fatty