Human Sexuality is Complicated...

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In which Hank takes on a topic he's been afraid to cover for a while now. How should we talk about sexuality, what is the difference between sex and gender...and between sexual orientation and sexual behavior. It's very interesting...and I think understanding it is a key to decreasing the amount of hate and self-hate out there. HERE ARE A LOT OF LINKS TO NERDFIGHTASTIC THINGS: Shirts and Stuff: />Hank's Music: />John's Books: /> ====================== Hank's Twitter: />Hank's Facebook: />Hank's tumblr: /> John's Twitter: />John's Facebook: />John's tumblr: /> ====================== Other Channels Crash Course: />SciShow: />Gaming: />VidCon: />Hank's Channel: />Truth or Fail: /> ====================== Nerdfighteria /> /> /> /> A Bunny (\(\ ( - -) ((') (')

zayrixx fxx
why have gender roles when u can have cinnamon rolls
My school's GSA used this video to explain sexuality
Jensen-Marie Spear
This video was so ahead of its time!
Dude this video is in a science museum in amsterdam
Peyton Sorrells
I'm not feminine. I'm not masculine. I'm just me
these gender roles taste disgusting
This was litteraly the most accurant and easiest explanation I've heard on the subject. Though - it covers sexuality AND sex/gender. Sexuality and sex have nothing to do with one another.
I don't know why it took me two and a half years to find this video, but now I have.  Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Maybe now I'll be able to understand what the hell is happening inside my brain and/or other relevant organs. One day. Thank you.
I live in a shiny box, but not a square one. My box is a multicolored dodecahedron.
Mariah Wallflower
This needs to be spread like wildfire
Zara Grainger
Asexual high-five! (whoo we were mentioned!)
Danny Dibnah
Crash Course: LGBTQ+
Hope Siegel
I'm so glad he included asexuality. :D
I do my best to understand the whole gender thing. It just seems that the whole idea is to include everybody (which is good) by creating countless labels and identities. Wouldn't it just make more sense to kind of disparage the whole social construct of what makes a man a man and what makes a woman a woman? Oppose the system as a whole
Emily Richard
Thank you for acknowledging the existence of asexual people. We are left out of videos like this way too much.
Abby Dawn
tfw within 4 minutes of watching a vlogbrothers video you learn more than you do on a daily basis at school
Andie Cavanaugh
These guys are like an injection of knowledge.
You know what would be easier than arguing about which pronouns people should refer to others as, or creating dozens of new ones? Adopting a-gendered pronouns. There are tons of languages that only have one third person pronoun. For example, Hungarian, Finnish, Estonian, Turkish, and Armenian all have genderless pronouns where the word for "he" and the word for "she" are the same word. Using that system in English would be much easier than trying to invent a dozen new pronouns. It would also eliminate all confusion.
Tanis Please Send Help
I don't know why but this made me cry tears of joy.
Jerry Of All Trades
Well that was a change from the whole, "stop being a special snowflake" bs I'm used to hearing
David Bakhash
I like this guy.
Incidental Penguin
Someone's gender identification or sexual orientation are none of your business. When I say that, I mean let other people sort their stuff out how they like, and unless they broach the subject, respect their boundaries and leave it alone. I have seen random shoppers in malls and fellow movie-goers in theaters demand androgynous-appearing people identify their gender, or harass trans-gendered people for not wearing the "right" clothes, or freaking out because "oh my gracious they're being gay in public!"  Shut up and let people be what they are. They aren't hurting anyone. 
It is appreciative of Hank to mention "romantic orientation" because I know individuals who are females but strongly desire intimate relationships with other females (where physical relationship sonot play a role at all).It is normal for a person to yearn for attention from other people of same sex but a non sexual one though.
Hank Green, I love you.
N. Fer. Ⓥ
Yayyyy!! You mentioned us ace ppl!! And don't forget about all the aros🙂
Zach Charlie
i literally had to slow the speed down 50% at 3:07 to follow along
Andrew Field
It's nice to see Hank throw some info about asexuals here. Having more representation than none at all can be pretty great.
Ryan Clark
Finally!!!!! Someone articulate enough that even the simplest of minds should grasp! This is pure genius! Thank you for this!
Sydney T. Harris
I did an air pump when he mentioned asexuality :)
Amelia Joy
aaaand that's three years worth of my gender studies minor condensed into an almost four minute video :( 
THIS IS... I don't have works to explain how accurate this is. Need to show parents asap.
Alec Lipscomb
I'm glad that this community is loving and not hateful. Everywhere else on the internet I see anything that has anything to do with homosexuality or transgendered people or anything not straight, cyst people, I see people talking about how it's wrong or a mental disease or something, with incredibly offensive slurs thrown around, with a few people defending what is right, but it's just depressing, and this community just gave me a bit more faith in humanity.
Joelle Seiden
People are openly saying things in the comments that clearly bash those because of their IDENTITY. And these comments are getting likes! Let's all give an applause to Hank for a wonderful video. I can't believe the terrible and ignorant comments are top comments. That pisses me off.
Timothy Easton
meh, do whatever the hell you want to do i dont care and other people shouldn't care either 
I wish priests were celibate >:(
WaaDoku 【和ァ独】
Can't believe only 2 million people have seen this so far!!! Seriously, how can a music video be more important than this??
Im crying because he included nonbinary and a lot of people just skip over it or don't believe in it and it warms my heart because its so easy to get stuck in the thought cycle of the world doesnt think you exist. Its just nice to be validated. Especially by someone with such a strong voice (meaning speaking out about these things to a considerably large following)
lily athena
So I was just thinking... John dies in some horrible way and Hank, tearfully, ends the video with "John, I'll see you on Tue.... Oh." And just shuts off the camera
Thank you so much for this video! It's very descriptive and eye-opening. I'm also glad to hear it from you since people tend to dismiss such gender/sex/identity intricacies as imaginative ramblings from Tumblr when this is a reality for everyone around. Humans are so wonderfully complex and interesting.
Having the ability to shove my hand into somebodies pants and be satisfied with whatever I find is always nice.
Personality/character is complicated, not sexuality.
Jade Eliot
I'm watching this video again because my sexuality is shifting, and my sexual expression is starting to differ from my romantic orientation. Thank you again, Hank, for making this video so that people can begin to understand the infinite possibilities to being human.
Hailey Mitchell
This. This is what I needed.
Fang Jiunn Ewe
Thank you for the "strength of identification" axis! It's always so useful to have around because people keep forgetting that other people are allowed to identify strongly with something they don't and vice versa
I know someone who fits Hank's description at 3:17 :D
another reason why I love Hank
3:23 You should do a video explaining gender fluidity better. There are not many people who are that way, but they certainly need much help and support.
I love Hank infinitely more now :)
Em Woods
i realize that this is almost exactly five years late and it's not likely hank or john will read this, but i wanted to say thanks. i use this video when i have to come out (particularly to older family members) because it explains gender/sexuality as a spectrum better than i can articulate sometimes. of course attitudes have changed, we've learned new things in the last five years alone, but still. at the end of showing this to someone, i usually then say "and it's EVEN MORE complicated than that, but you get the idea." anything beyond gay or straight is a new concept to some people, i appreciate how this video breaks it down efficiently and in a way that doesn't condescend to a viewer who might not know uch about the subject. so thanks again. (also, my grandmother asked me to email this link to her so she could show her friends, "the fast-talking guy, i like him")
I wish this was shown in schools. Under 4 minutes and people could become a lot less ignorant and a lot more accepting and cooperative.
I sexually identify as a brass door knob handle.
Skye ID
WOW! I am sooo glad that Hank addressed this topic! I was skeptical when I read the title of this video, but I'm glad that he did it in a  non-offensive manner.
Genuine question: Doesn't saying that you can mentally identify with a gender promote gender stereotyping by saying that certain feelings or attributes are male and others are female? Don't we all just have our physical sex and then we are who we are regardless of if others believe it "seems feminine" or "seems masculine"?
Mikael Johansson
Thank you Hank. You are gold!!! This is the sharpest and clearest explanation of these subjekts I've ever seen!!
Emma Whaley
Thank you so much fir the graph! It helped me realize that intensity of a gender is a thing and that I can be nonbinary but kind of womany but not really feel it that much
Alexandra Park
For those of you in the comments section here who do not understand the need to make up new words for gender/sexual/romantic orientations, let me explain. The need to make new words goes along with the fact that people like to put themselves under labels. It helps them feel like at least someone understands how they feel. Like how they feel and identify is a real thing. There are people who are going to identify and act against social norms and gender roles, and there's really not much you can do about it, other than respect their decision and act accordingly. For myself, I could identify as genderfluid, gray-asexual, and demi-bi-romantic, and feel so nice having a little box to put myself in, but when other people here new words that they don't understand, they get confused/scared/or angry, so, to make it simple, I could say I'm ace and aro. It all goes along with how the person feels. Personally, I think this video is a great, simplistic way of explaining this topic.
another reason why I love hank
I don't know why, but I'm taking notes on this video. Actual notes like in school.
Non Profane Language
Everyone should watch this, especially in schools
Abhilash S
I don't think anyone's explained it better
Alicja Frank
Great video, but man.. sloooow down and breeeeath. I missed So much because of the speed. haha
Quite honestly, I don't give a damn. Be who you are. I'll be who I am. And let's just coexist peacefully.
This is beautiful. This should be taught in schools.
im glad i watched this cus it helped me understand or rather express myself better in terms of my sexuality. I sometimes say im bi because im a girl who is sexually attracted to both women and men but i cant have an emotional and romantic attachment to a woman the way i can to a man. so my sexual orientation is bi but my romantic orientation is straight. ive had trouble explaining that to ppl in the past so i might just refer ppl to this video in the future.
i watched this in NEMO with my mum and it sparked a conversation and helped me come out to her so thanks i guess
panromantic asexual trigender <3
Samuel Hamblin
Am I, a transgender man, actually going to dare read these comments? Yes.
Siddhant Goyal
Please tell me some of the people that have commented are not nerdfighters!
Lucía Alberino
This video is perfect. I'm going to send this link to SO MANY PEOPLE. Thank you, Hank.
The biggest problem with this entire thing is that gender is essentially a made up idea that has no basis in reality. Being a man or a woman is defined by the sex, not by "how you feel". Gender is essentially a made up term created for people who deviate from what they feel are the average or stereotypical forms that a man or woman takes. This is why the language can be confusing because the reasoning in it is fallacious. Let's just say, for example, that men are naturally stronger and less emotional than women (whether that is true or not is not the point, but let's just say it is). Then if I am a weaker and more emotional person with a penis, this does not make me any less of a man because the definition of "man" is what is between my legs, not how I think a man should be. Gender identity is essentially the systematic admission that that stereotypical or average personality traits define what you should identify as. When in fact, it should be perfectly fine for society to have a a wide range of males and females with varying personalities that don't feel the need to identify as something other than where their sex has placed them because they do not adhere to the strict cultural definitions. This is the true path to acceptance, and until this fallacious form of reason is corrected in academia there will be no equality or acceptance.
I feel like this should be shown in middle school health classes because that's when people I know started popping as gay, trans, etc.
i feel it is very important to mention that my education teacher, who teaches both the intro to the teaching profession and intro to special populations, used this video to start of the section regarding gender and sexuality She also based a lot of her lessons and final projects around it (it was the last thing we covered in the semester). Coincidentally that was also my first semester "out" as a nonbinary/genderqueer person. And this video actually has helped me start my own journey with my gender and sexuality, once upon a time. So thank you Hank, and thank you Vlogbrothers and Nerdfighteria for giving the world this video, and giving one tiny little person hope. :)
Helcolina Plasticine
Panromantic Bisexual Cis Girl (or something like that, I suppose...) thinks this video is pretty darn amazing.
Erin Bosbury
bless you
Jake Broe
I feel like everyone over the age of 50 should be required to watch this...
my world
They played this at our school today in assembly
Têt'dmétal Chèvrehumaine
2:37 "People holding hands" "That's sexual behaviour" Fetishes are just getting crazier and crazier these days.
Mr Temporal
Something psychological is complicated? IMPOSSIBLE!
Ru-Lee Weller-Passman
So stoked that lesser-visible identities were included in this video. As an asexual panromantic agender, this video makes me really happy. :) DFTBA! 
"I am a straight white male who doesn't have to deal with a lot of the hate" Right then, I noticed the unicorn in the background. I figure that, even if you did, you could not care less.
PK StarStorm
Thank you
YES! Give this man a medal!
This video is so important, everyone should watch it
Eleonore R.
**applauds loudly**
Taylor Murray
Thanks so much for understanding this stuff!
BookLions United
I'm glad that it's ok for me the be a biracial bisexual female in this great community. It is absolutely FANTASTIC that my pansexual and genderfluid best friend is also accepted. Moments like this restore my faith in humanity.
Jeremy Alex Still
The emperor has no clothes...
I love this video! This is what I've been saying for the past year... though NO WHERE NEAR as coherent =^_^= Seriously though... people need to quit with the Shiny Box Bullshit.
Thomas King
This man has done in four minutes that which the entire continuum of Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube, and Facebook has not in 5 years Bravo, Hank Green Bravo
save the unicorns
No shiny boxes just glitter.
Derek Wise
Yay! Love this vid !
This video is so important to me. Thank you again for making it.
Jessica m
lmao. "sometimes these things change hour to hour". what if you changed your sex hour to hour and had surgery every hour😂😂😂😂
Ali May
I'm so glad you made this video.
Evija L.
The Vegan Alien
this is how it all should be explained
Micky Mouth
Such a fantastic explanation! The diagram breaks down everything so well.
u confused me at the end a bit
Ben The Birb
Should have seen it coming with the Tumblr musical.........Kidding, kidding.