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Click here for Batman vs Bane Final Fight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gctjqn6_7X0
Andrew Hong
Nolan + Zimmer = Legendary Masterpiece
Laurie Faith Prescott
Well guess Selena got to keep the pearls after all
Johnathan Rose
In my opinion Christian Bale is a way better Batman than Ben Affleck can ever be
What an ending; Bruce found Love, Robin found his Calling, Alfred found Peace, and Gotham City found it's Soul! Dammit, that Ras al Ghul must be cutting onions somewhere!
I'm sorry but haven't seen a marvel movie achieve this level of greatness yet....
4:49 I can imagine someone is clapping in the cinema
Chris Jericho
1:36 they pay tribute to ledgers joker.if you havent realized the seats form a smiley face
Will Menendez
“They know. It was the Batman” That’s how you end a trilogy
Just Do It
This series of Batman is Irreplaceable. Like if you do agree with me
The Movie Industry is currently giving us The MCU, God gave us The Dark Knight Trilogy.
Thierry Henry the legend
living happily everafter with anne hathaway ain no bad way to retire
Swizz Chocolate
The Dark Knight Trilogy should be in a museum
Christian bale is better than ben affleck
The Witcher 3 Expert
I feel so sorry for Alfred when he cries in front of the tombstones of the Wayne family..
Dark Knight Trilogy > MCU/DCEU.. Bring back NOLAN !!
Nerulon Skyven
This is what we never gonna feel at the end of the next Star Wars movie....
I hope when RDJ walks away from Iron man his last scene is this Good.
Despite the fact that I'm a marvel fan, The TDK trilogy is better than the whole MCU combined
Russel Conor
Bale, by his acting, made Batman Shakespearian. Well, he is British in the end :) ( for years I thought he was American). Never before or since, did we have, as comic book audience, such a spiritual feast, such a sophisticated analysis of the psyche of not just Bruce and Batman, but any superhero. Nolan Trilogy is Godfather of superhero genre and no other superhero movie comes close to these movies. This is just something else. I remember watching Rises in cinema, when Alfred did his little nod and Bruce looked back at him, with a mixture of pride, relief and innocence - because finally, after so much suffering, he felt inner peace and just love - how the whole room stood up and gave standing ovation. Such a powerful acting in one expression alone. Bale next to Paul Newman, Gary Oldman, Pacino, Day-Lewis & Paul Dano is my favourite actor ever. It was one of my most exciting cinema experiences. I don't know if I will ever feel anything like that again. The movie was worth every penny of my ticket.
Sir Magnifico
When she said Robin, the whole theater gasped, wise Easter egg right at the very end
Conor Doyle
I love how the statue of Batman looks almost like he did in 'Batman Begins'. I think this is my favourite trilogy of all time at this stage...
Spoke Fists
*_The whole BATMAN Series is GOAT_*
Around the world news
Nolan's movie don't need any post credit scene
Rob Rudd
I don’t get how people still think this was a dream. One of the primary themes of the film was Bruce discovering that his own life was worth living, that he could have a life outside of Batman. The ending showed Bruce letting those he cared about know that he was ok in a way they would understand that was personal with that individual and most importantly, he repaid Alfred’s faith in him by showing him he was alive, happy and free from his burdens, the one thing Alfred wanted the most.
Morin Macias
best batman ever, period.
Eden Hazard
this will always be the best movie in DC history
Anyone get a good look at those coordinates? Look them up in Google Earth, and...you're welcome! Brilliant Easter Egg, Mr. Nolan!
Umut Kahraman
masterpiece... nolan, zimmer and bale are legends. Dark knight and lotr are the best trologies ever
Nick The Greek
Μost badass and satisfying ending of all time
Nate DS
Its hard to pin down a genre on these films. You can argue that batman begins is a drama disguised as a comic book blockbuster. You could argue that the dark knight is a crime thriller. You can argue this is an epic action political film starring batman. I like to put these in a very specific catagory called "masterpiece".
Triatan Albrecht
Best Batman series ever made
Imagine a Christopher and Jonathan Nolan treatment of the Star Wars universe. Hell, those two could make a McDonald's commercial and I'd pay $13 to see it.
Sebastian Aguilar Leri
0:52 That is so heartbreaking :(
Ruby Abc
Christian Bale will always be MY Batman.
jonathan junior
May 30, 2018 and watching.
Psychologie-lernen .de
I love that ending scene...
Imran Ayub
Epic. Just epic. He did to batman what RDJ did to Ironman
Arabu Sanchuchuchez
It is the best, and most emotional scene in Dark Knight Trilogy, because it’s the scene when Batman finally becomes a hero.
Arun Murugan
Best climax ever made in superhero history! Nolan masterpiece 😍
Shivam Chauhan
This Trilogy is more than a superhero's movies ,U can find the truth of the world in this Trilogy.
What a trilogy man, never gets old 👌🏼
Prajakta Bavikar
I want Christian Bale as The Batman again!
stuey fraley
Best batman ever. One of these movies and ending I would watch over and over again. Never gets old.
dhruv pathak
That scene where he made the jump in the prison sent chills to me. Its a message that no matter how broken you are, you can make it. In this case Scarecrow broke his mind, Ras broke his senses, Joker broke his spirit, Dent broke his hope, Bane broke his body and Talia broke his heart. He was abandoned by Alfred, and yet despite all that he fought back. Thats why I prefer Batman than any hero and he's an inspiration.
and then along came long Ben Affleck who butchered batman forever ...LOL.
Rohit Fedujwar
The dark knight trilogy is the best superhero series ever made...... All those people who are criticizing the film.... Just tell me one thing.... Can u make a better than this??? Atleast they are making movies instead of sitting at home and criticizing others.... What did u expect from the movie? Its such a masterpiece..... Everything is perfect 👌
nolan + hans zimmer = imdb 8.4 guaranteed
Dazz Rat
He fixed the auto-pilot after all. I do appreciate this ending. And the musical score. The Nolan trilogy was a rare occurrence of enjoyable cinema in this generation. Were they planning on making some kind of spin-off with Tommy from 3rd Rock from the Sun?
Nick Potter
THIS is the way to end a trilogy. God bless you Christopher Nolan!
Keerthi Vasen
4:23 chills
Andre Hirthing
imagine if the grief of thinking Bruce was dead killed Alfred before he realized he wasn't dead...
Elemental Jedi
Am I the only one still expecting another film?
Ravi Nirala
one more part ..shud be ..ben alfake is suck
LockLear *
The Dark Night Rises and Captain Marvel Winter Soldier. I can't tell which the best Super Hero Movie, but one of them has to be.
Muhammad Sharjeel
Wish I could have seen it in cinema😍😍😍
Tasnim Rahman
Best part: "No one's ever gonna know who saved an entire city." "They know. It was the Batman."
hafsa shaikh
Christian bale was a best batman 🦇 ever
Mike Lizewski
I remember the theater exploding in applause and cheers when Alfred nodded at Bruce and the theme kicked in. Absolutely incredible.
Marvel is shit they are nothing in front of DC
Perfect End for a Perfect Movie Series
Why thumb down this? I won't hate on anyone, I'm just curious
After that Alfred went ahead and started the Kingsman.
Such a great trilogy. I love the dark and gritty vibe/theme. I definitely prefer this over the high contrast superhero movies that DC is making, like Aquaman and Justice League.
honestly the best ending that any batman could get
The theory that those fans wanted that alfred just imagined bruce alive just doesn't hold up. The fact that they clue in that the pearls are missing and that the autopilot was fixed months ago. And out of all women what theorists should wonder is why would Alfred imagine bruce with selena and her wearing the missing pearls? I know many say that there is no way he could have survived the explosion. They forget he is trained in theatricality and deception. He had two bat planes hidden. The moment he blew up the piece of that building he passed it to another bat plane on autopilot and it took off to the ocean. And he escaped with the one he was on while everyone was distracted by the explosion.
Muhammad Abdullah
He's done the best Alfred.!
Muscle Gamer
Back when One DC triology scared the crap out of MARVEL.
Bale was Best Batman but keaton was Best Bruce Wayne
yudhveer singh
Best music
Dave’s Channel
Alfred’s reaction at 0:48 got me 😭😭
Batpanidis videos
Spock vs Khan
Caine, Oldman, the music, the editing, a nod from Bale and Hathaway looking so innocent. One of the best movie endings, ever.
thunai venthan
Truth is hans Zimmer doesnt know about the climax before..
Will always be the best Batman. The movies were absolutely amazing.
Seb Madigan
Bruce Wayne died, Alfred saw what he wanted to see
Matt Murdock
I never understood the issue with this ending. We finally see a Bruce Wayne at peace after all the suffering and torment he's been through since he was a child. It was beautiful to see him like this. A hero can be anyone. Batman is not one man, he's a symbol that anyone can be, a symbol that inspired the people of Gotham when they needed it most, and this trilogy perfected that overarching theme that started in Batman Begins about symbols being everlasting, along with closure on Bruce Wayne’s journey as Batman. Such a powerful scene and ending.
Anne so attractive for me.
naveen rk
The best ending in the history of cinema... no movie can even come close to this... so powerful
Best ending of any super hero movie ever!!!
Mauro Rodriguez
Im not much of a DC fan but this ending hurt my soul.
Gaming Ranger
Affleck can't beat Bale....No one beats Bale in Batman.
chaitanya Mehta
Beautiful ending
I rate one Dark Knight above most other MARVELS
Nate DS
So I wathed this trilogy with my father and when I asked him what the best one was he said it was the dark knight rises. And I said "yeah. Your not wrong".
amardeep gupta
I am Batman 😎
Denis287 Derestor
apoorv gota
You know i am not that guy who usually gets emotional but when alfred started crying i just lost it.
Alejandro Torres
Este es el final mas epico de una pelicula de super heroes. La mejor trilogia de todos los tiempos, gracias Nolan le devolviste el respeto al personaje de Batman.
Juan Pinto
No matter how many times, i always get sentimental with the crying scene of alfred
Geo Boy
Man I also loved the soundtrack toooooooooo
Laisha Zavala
I almost cried
The Creator
This is the best ending I ever have seen
Emile Schaffhaunssen
One of the most beautiful scene.... Magnificent.
B true
The best hero movie trilogy in the world. I think. everybody agree ?
Lil Swanny-b
I’m convinced that Christian Bales looks like Todd Howard at the end
Gavin Planas
0:56 this scene is so damn powerful that it even made me shed a tear
For me it's one of the best scene / ending ever i finally came thru it Alfred! be happy too! ...and the Bat will still survive cuz its not a man its a Symbol
pedro joker
I’m Batman begins, Alfred said that he hoped one day to sit at that table and see Bruce sitting there with his wife and children and it happened what a nice ending.
Khurram Sarwar
Christian bale was the last of real dc