Once Upon a Time 7x09 Promo "One Little Tear" (HD) Season 7 Episode 9 Promo

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Once Upon a Time 7x09 "One Little Tear" Season 7 Episode 9 Promo - Check out the promo for Once Upon a Time Season 7 Episode 9 "One Little Tear" airing in three weeks on ABC. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on Youtube for more Once Upon a Time season 7 promos in HD! Once Upon a Time official website: />Watch more Once Upon a Time Season 7 videos: />Like Once Upon a Time on Facebook: />Follow Once Upon a Time on Twitter: />Follow Once Upon a Time on Instagram: /> Once Upon a Time 7x09 Promo/Preview "One Little Tear" Once Upon a Time Season 7 Episode 9 Promo Once Upon a Time 7x09 Promo "One Little Tear" (HD) » Watch Once Upon a Time Fridays at 8:00pm/7c on ABC » Starring: Lana Parrilla, Colin O'Donoghue, Robert Carlyle, Dania Ramirez, Adelaide Kane Contribute subtitle translations for this video:

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3 weeks...someone slip me a cursed apple and wake me when the wait is over XD
Yeah! Regina and Henry are going on a road trip to find Zelena!
Kee Leicthle
So Alice is Hook's daughter! I should've guessed that by the way they has a shared bond when it came to chess!
I'm Loving the story between Hook and his Daughter!!! i had a thought it would be Alice but wasn't quite sure!! I hope it will reveal how they got separated!!!
Renata Padilha
So Tremaine is the real Rapunzel!! That girl she was crying for...THAT WAS ANASTASIA!! Damn!! She made a deal with Gothel!!
Kee Leicthle
I'm not gonna make it! 3 weeks?! I get not airing an episode on the week of Thanksgiving but why 3 weeks?!
I just want to know why Weaver lied and refused to help Regina
Niles Reacts
LOVING this season!!
Angel Austin
As much as I can't wait to see this, I only have one thing to say after the 2-hour event: Rip the ship of Henry/Ivy aka StepBeliever.
I wonder why Victoria tells Lucy the truth
Kee Leicthle
Henry and Regina going on a mother son road trip! I'm so excited to see that! Hoping it's to find Zelena!
Moonlight At Midnight
If Regina and Henry go visit Zelena, I wish we'll see Robyn!
Tahmena Ferdous
Wait so if Hook's daughter is Alice, and the witch is Gothel, then WHO IS ELOISE GARDENER?
I don't think Lucy is biologically Henry's or Ella's... unless the curse takes place 7-10 years later. What if she is Thumbelina, grown from a flower haha...
Mujtaba Walji
That woman kind of looks. Bit like the black fairy... or is it just me?
Luís Dias
Im 100% sure that tremaine is rapunzel after watching this!
Vincenzio Lucia
Hey 👋 y’all of u guys I just wanted 2 say that I hope 🤞 that all of us including myself watch this episode because I really want both Once & Shield get a another season because their both my favorite shows as well because we both love 💗 Quat & Shield as well ok 👍 u guys so let’s both help support both of our shows ok 👌 please u guys ok 👌.
I was right about the twist I knew the moment they mentioned rapunzel's backstory and Lucy crying
This kinda reminds me of why Regina became the Evil queen. Hers was because of the murder of her first true love, and for tremaine, its anasthesia
Rome Blanchard
I saw a Snowman on the book, are we going to see sone Frozen again??
This season doesn't have any sense! After watching 6 seasons honestly everything become so confusing... Cinderella was already a character in the previous seasons and now she is in love with Henry?? What happened to the storyline?? maybe they should have stopped at season 6..
Jonny P
Really enjoying this season with every new episodes. Can’t wait for this episode it looks amazing!
Marcos Brito
Somehow Anastasia’s death was Cinderella’s fault though! Remember !???
Rowyn Blank
Basically If the curse is broken Ella and Henry will meet their fate and be dead again. Regina wants to percent it some how needs rumples help. Anastasia is under a curse from Gothel. Gothel is playing Druiciella. Gothel is maybe the new dark one?
Christy Altomare Lives
At 0:15 is that Emma or Alice/Tilly?
Butterbean Head
This is the worst season ever
aminata ka
Sorry but Where is snow charming Emma and zelena ? Did they left show ?
Wolf 358
So many answers revealed!!! So intense!!! So crazy!!! 3 WEEKS! It's too much for me to handle AGAIN!
Dannie K
Who is in the book at :12?
Turkish translate please
Michael Mayoh
so Victoria is good. woo hoo
Franklin Warner
Luís Dias
Im not understanding any of this this is so confusing. Wish realm isnt making any sense its a huge plot hole. Cora was the one to make an alliance with hook theyre plan was to go to storybrooke and he would get his revenge. but here hook appears with EQ and he says his plan was to go to storybrooke with her through the curse. plus they shitted the black rapunzel she was compltly forgoton and replaced by a blonde one. WTF?!!!!
Luís Dias
I bet Lady Tremaine is Rapunzel! 0:13 there she is holding who looks like it is anastasia. 0:12 In the book three girls appear (Drizella, Cinderella and Anastasia) and LT also tells Lucy that fairytales are real and shows her rapunzel´s story aka her story
meriln leghcgjkssd
Aaaababbaacvpvvv qaaqdq salad aqqfvvqpqkqqscl lol
Anti Komformistis
What if Lucy is the 8th witch and the Guardian of the Darkness because her name means light? And she is Henry's kid who is Emma's kid!
I am confused AF since watching this new season. I would rather they just went with a whole new line of stories. Have Henry travel realm to realm restoring hope, love, and all that good stuff. This wish realm Hook, multiple versions of characters, Henry falling in love with a different version of Cinderella; it's just too much. Also, it's so damn repetitive. Curses, it's always friggin' curses. Is there anything else that can happen to these poor people? I know it's all based on the known Disney characters, but who didn't want to see it get a little darker, a little broader. I'm not even going to say that this season sucks, because this season is just so out there in left field I don't know what to say about it. I do believe it should have ended at season 6. And I'm a trooper here, I'm going to see it through to the end. But as a true fan, we are all entitled to our opinions since we've been there at the start of all things.
Vincenzio Lucia
Hey 👋 everyone let’s try too have this show really popular ok 👌 u guys. Will now that popular ok 👍 u guys please I’m begging u because Shield season 5 is already ahead of us even though I still love ❤️ that very very much ok 👌 👍!
I can't wait for this and The Brave's return in January ♥️
Emma Swan
Wait so is Tremaine a real person or just a fake persona Rapunzel created to disguise herself?
I wonder why Tremaine has the Original Book. It looks like she is the one that pulls the book out and Lucy is the one she shows it to.
jay rose
Somebody explain lady tremaine is Rapunzel part
....... one month ARE YOU KIDDING ME
Bill Farrell
After all the stuff with Drizella, it's obvious now she was responsible for what happened to Anastasia
David Eli
Watching on speed .25 isn't that Emma Swan crying laying her dead daughter down on the snow?
Branimir Cenov
I can't wait 3 weeks
Mikayla Prince-Brown
can't wait 3 weeks is too long for me can't take it
this looks cool.. saw promo photos of some later eps.. Who's this guy thats gonna be hooking up with possibly reggie?
Iris Valo
I have one doubt. Is Rumple awake or not? That got me confused because he saw the daga and I think he kind of remembered Belle in their episode some weeks ago. But now he pretends not knowing what Regina is talking about and I don’t get why he would do that unless he actually doesn't remember.
Ilahmae Cunanan
Tahmena Ferdous
Ughh I cant wait three weeks 😣😣😭
TV Shows
0:13 : Snow White ??
Operation Zelena YAS! Regina said: the person that hates me the most!" but Zelena isn't awake, so she don't know the bond between her and Regina! that's going to be a fun road! i'm soo excited!!!
Omgggg dis is soooooo good
Sam 01
Why in 3 weeks?
The Bad Jocker
This is soo good!
Jayde Kinkaid
Dabbing Man
Lucas Gonçalves
once upon a timer for ever
Who do you think is stronger the witch or the black fairy?
Oh right, If tremaine is Rapunzel, then It can explain why Drizella have magic. Because Rapunzel or her hairs have magic in the Disney's movie.