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LINK TO PART II: /> Here is a long overdue, upgraded version of my Pink Floyd Compilation. Now with better sound quality and more music! ***Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.*** Pink Floyd were founded in 1965 by students Syd Barrett, Nick Mason, Roger Waters, and Richard Wright. Under Barrett's leadership, they released two charting singles and a successful debut album, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn (1967). Guitarist David Gilmour joined in December 1967; Barrett left in April 1968 due to deteriorating mental health. Waters became the band's primary lyricist and eventually their dominant songwriter, devising the concepts behind their albums The Dark Side of the Moon (1973), Wish You Were Here (1975), Animals (1977), The Wall (1979) and The Final Cut (1983). Waters left in 1985. Gilmour, Mason & Wright continued as Pink Floyd, and produced two more albums, A Momentary Lapse of Reason (1987) and The Division Bell (1994). Pink Floyd reunited with Waters in 2005 for a performance at the global awareness event Live 8. Barrett died in 2006 and Wright in 2008. The final Pink Floyd studio album, The Endless River, recorded without Waters and based on songs recorded in 1993–1994, was released in November 2014. They were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1996. 01. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Pts. I-V) 0:00 02. Fat Old Sun 13:16 03. What Do You Want From Me 18:18 04. Time 22:37 05. Astronomy Domine 29:20 06. Cymbaline 33:25 07. Louder Than Words 37:17 08. Money 42:59 09. The Fletcher Memorial Home 49:03 10. Hey You 53:06 11. Echoes (Edit) 57:40 --------------------Part II-------------------- 12. Childhood's End 1:13:46 13. Sheep 1:18:13 14. On The Turning Away 1:28:03 15. Let There Be More Light 1:33:27 16. Wish You Were Here 1:37:07 17. One Of These Days 1:42:31 18. Not Now John 1:47:40 19. See Emily Play 1:52:01 20. Fearless 1:54:49 21. Learning To Fly 1:59:18 22. The Happiest Days Of Our Lives 2:04:12 23. Another Brick in The Wall (Pt. II) 2:05:52 24. Comfortably Numb 2:09:46 25. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Pts. VI-VII) 2:15:57 26. High Hopes 2:22:28

I am so old, I remember when this came out. We put it on the turntable, didn't take if off for a year. You kids have NO idea.
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When my son was born, I made all the nurses laugh by issuing him his first copy of Dark Side, within a few minutes of breathing. I felt it was the correct way to start.
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FLOYD музыка на все времена👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👌 coment RU...
dave warren
I want to thank you for taking the time to put this together. It's funny when people talk about the 'greatest' rock bands how Pink Floyd doesn't always make the cut. The simple fact is that for over 40 years Floyd has put out some of the most beautiful melodic rock tunes of all time. The songs may not be the most technically challenging pieces but the purity of sound is seldom surpassed so keep on rockin' boys!!!
Martin Grunauer Luque
Saludos desde Argentina! Gracias por esto, Pink Floyd me cambió la manera de ver la vida
The beautiful Syd Barrett who gave birth to these magical sounds and the valiant boys that built on that talent,as we now have a slice of timeless ethereal poetry in sound . .people say ' the Beatles' or the 'Stones' these guys were something else coming out of the 60's/. 70's These guys though . . Whoa💥✨⚡️🌈🌑🌔💖
Sagar Jain
I hate the guys who hate this video.
This compilation made me fall in love with Pink Floyd. I came back from the University and I went to rest in my parents’ bed listening it. Simply they are uniques! They changed my perspective about music. Today I’m really far from my family, a 8700 kilometres, and it’s really good listening it again, remembering old moments. Thanks a lot! Con esta compilación fue como me enamoré de Pink Floyd. Llegaba de la Universidad y me iba a descansar a la cama de mis padres escuchándolo... simplemente son únicos! Cambiaron mi forma de escuchar la música. Hoy estoy lejos de mis padres, a unos 8700km, y que bien me hace volver a escucharlo, recordando viejos momentos. Muchas gracias!
The comment section of a Pink Floyd video... Where people know how to use grammar.
Gulli Ver
the musical bible
Констант Світло-Саломатов
ОООООоооооохххххх.......К Л А С С !!! я Люблю СВЕТ !!!,))))) ....КС 2000,)
Domenico De Rosa
Il mlgliore gruppo che e mai esistito fino adesso non esiste un gruppo come loro viva i Pink Floyd
James Soldner
Rarely do I comment on YouTube videos, but this is a great compilation. I appreciate you taking the time to put this together and upload it.
Thank you Ryan, You have no idea how much this means to me. These guys have been able to breathe life back into me, so many time over the years, since i was a broken child at twenty back in the year nineteen seventy three. Thanks Bud
Who high listening to this
Joel Ulsh
When I was young(I'm 71) we didn't have Pink Floyd. I mean no one played it. We had no FM stations until the 70's and they were mostly underground stations. I did't hear Pink Floyd until the 2000's and now they are my favorite group. I have most of their albums but your compilation makes it so easy to listen to.....Thanks
lucyy AG re
Cuando te quieres relajar y sólo te acuestas a escuchar buena música acompañada de un cigarro y unas cahuamas
Riley Mccoy
i hated 2:30:16 its the worst part
Alexander Johnson
I first saw Pink Floyd in 1965 at the100 club, Oxford street, London....I've loved them ever since!
Mario Olivos
En estos momentos estoy muriendo mi espíritu y mi alma se toman de la mano y un torbellino nos arrastra hacia las inmensidades del universo., miró hacia atrás y a unos ,segundos,minutos,horas ,tal vez días viene nuestro cuerpo siguiendo nos,el torbellino nos deja en medio de la nada,miró en diferentes direcciones y veo imágenes de momentos de mi vida,recorro mi vida como di estuviera en un cine, a mi lado cuerpo y alma,yo espíritu ,me acercó y de nuevo nos unimos y aparece nuevamente el torbellino me atrapa y me devuelve a la vida.esto es lo que está música provoca en mi ser,sin haber consumido nada de nada
Mary Valentine
Tom Adams
First on vinyl, then 8-track, then cassette, then digital audio cassette, then cd, then gold pressed cd and now remastered. Not counting the thousands spent upgrading amps and speakers every time PF gets remastered this band has cost me a well spent fortune.
Lee B
Comfortably Numb one of the greatest E guitar breaks ever
Philippe Chabrut
Belle compilation Merci Ryan Beautiful compilation Thanks Ryan
I had to create an account just to thank you for this fan-fricken-tastic best on the web Floyd compilation. Cheers from Canada!
Sagar Jain
world's most awesome moments of life compiled in this video. Buddy you have done a very brilliant work. thank you so much😘😘. Please don't stop compiling. compile led Zeppelin, Metallica as well as others.
Kelsey Bridinger
Playing air guitar to these songs is fun as fun gets.
Juang Heriono
Shine On You Syd Barret!
Luis Suárez
Buena Recopilacion de este grandisimo grupo PINK FLOYD Forever....
Thanks for adding this Quality is amazing, cheers fella
Chad Hedrick
THIS is the BEST!!!
Jose Nunes
m8 this is serious work all around! Excellent work! regards from Portugal
Ryan great job, from an old guy, who remembers when this music was new...!!
free sky
La musica ha un'anima parla basta ascoltarla magia allo stato puro
Gary Buckman
Just found this.....really fantastic piece of work here. Enjoying the hell out of this one. Thanks so much!
Robert -
I have nothing more to other than thank you.. Thank you, man.
two and a half hours of gold right there. and that's just scratching the surface of great pink floyd songs. try listening to two and a half hours of justin bieber. you'll want to burst your own eardrums by the end of it.
Tom Daugherty
I was a very sheltered only child, living in a conservative home in america, so I didn't get out much to say the least. So my music tastes didn't come until after I got out of the house and got into the real world. And the first music I caught on to was PINK FLOYD! First concert 1994 Division Bell Tour, what an eye opener! And almost 25 years later still just blown away!
Para mi, cada puto acorde de cada canción de Pink Floyd es perfecta, no le cambiaría nada. Arte en su máxima expresión y a eso sumale un cañito y volar por esas melodías entre saltos y resbalines a veces sin siquiera extrañar una voz porque cada instrumento expresa demasiado. I love u guys <3
giovanni paterno'
Odraude Sajec Allieparat
Odraude Sajec: Soy Dios y cuando terminé de crear el mundo en 7 días, Me dijo mi Hijo: "-. Todo esto esta muy bien, pero aquí falta lo más importante, Padre. ¿No te Has dado cuenta aún?". Entonces, tras pensar profundamente, Me dí cuenta que faltaba la música. Hice que nacieran seres humanos como Mozart, Bethoveen, Roger Waters, David Guilmour, Nick Mason y Richard Wright (Pink Floyd) Entonces Mi Hijo, sin animo de ofenderme, Me hizo una pregunta: " -. Es maravilloso, pero... ¿ya está?" Cuando vi que no era suficiente todavía, entonces hice que nacieran Mark Knopfler con su guitarra, Phil Collins con su batería, Cat Stevens con "su mano lenta", conjuntos como Queens y Genesis. Cuando pensé si ya estaba completado el trabajo que había iniciado, me dí cuenta que me fata Hans Zimmer y su visión maravillosa de la música. ¡Ahora sí está hecho el trabajo!
Lexi Anderson
the beginning song is amazing 💜
los del tibet creen en la iluminacion yo creo que si uno se pierde y esta atentamente metido en el sonido de este presente album uno llega a donde siempre estubo presente el amor se conoce al fin la unica brujula es el corazon hermano
Phil Rathbone
I really appreciated seeing Syd Barretts name at the beginning. I don’t like that a lot of people don’t know about him. I mean hell I didn’t know of him until a year and a half ago but finding out his story made Pink Floyd’s music deeper for me meaning wise with a good portion be influenced by the life and loss of Syd. Thanks for making this, dude!
Ruth e Otaci Ramos
Meu marido adora. Pink floyd
Татьяна Красуля
Спасибо!! Классная подборка!!!!Супер!!!💖💖💖
andy a
Super mix ...Thank you...Peace...
Desiree Hall
Wow!!! I was born in 1960,, and as a kid, use to see all the hype of this band on TV, people really dident understand them! They said they were a psychedelical band and so way ahead of their time!!!! Not realizeing that less than a decade later I would grow into my teenage years loving the great gig in the sky.......
Nina Mackay
I am comfortably numb...Thank you x
rockies52 9
For a while I was an eagles kid, then Zeppline, and the Dire Straits but I found my music soul with Pink Floyd
Melhor banda de rock do mundo.
Thank you for this great compilation. Thanks for including tracks not available on other channels. Kudos. This old lady appreciates your work. Peace and love ❤️
gerison fernandes
linda música
this is really well done, Ryan! I find the version of Astronomical Domaine (correct spelling) to not be as good as that on the LP "Ummagumma," but otherwise. . . . You seem to emphasize Roger Waters' contributions to Floyd, but as an "original" follower of this group I would say Gilmour and Wright were the Heart and Soul of the group, and every member indispensable. imo.
jeff scott
Great compilation.
Just Hunt46
Just what I needed. I don't think these guys ever put out a bad album. I seen them in concert the best one I ever been to.
Maike S
Sometimes, when i try to listen to the music, that is modern today, i have a problem. All sounds as from a clone-fabricated computer, the voices, the instrumentals. These individual music i mss, it was in those days, long ago. Today it's most synthizised, there is no personal character, nothig to remember on. One song as another, with equal voices, the most of them casted and they all sell their soul. Only for some years and after that, they are not more interesting anyone. My English may be bad, my mind isn't. Our whole Life is an Illusion, as long as we only try to get more and more of the material life. Luck isn't material. Luck is in the heart, in ourselves, our relationships to our friend and famliy, not in trophies hanging on the wall or an extrem exprensive picture on the wall in our living room. Or, bad, a trophy of an animal, that is in danger to become extinct. Why? What does people make to think about dead heads of animals or hang them on a wall in their living rooms?? Or treat them as humans as a toy without feelings. Ore put hem in cages and take their tooths and nails, so they can't bite and scratch... We kill our own live at a long sight, we bite the hand who feeds us, mother nature. The Earth isn't sad, if we humans die off. The Earth is there, with or without us... For some Milliards of Years in the Future the Earth will be. With or without us. The Earth don't need us, but we need the Earth to survive. We can kill ourselves, or we learn to live with nature, not against it.
should be twice as long.
Kerri Gorman
Absolutely brilliant......I also loved the Pink Floyd Experience when they come to Wellington, New Zealand. I could listen to this music for hours! Kevin G......
Nikoloz Zarkua
Thank you , I used to listen to Pink Floyd , and this is the best collection I have ever listened to .
cybele desjardins
lovely 💘🎶🎶🎸
Edward Pasco
Love the music. After 15 years at the piano, I picked up the guitar and teaching myself to Pink Floyd music as I relive an era of classic songs. Just attended the Roger Waters Concert in Boston on Wednesday 9/27/2017. The music as good, the concert was very political and anti this and that, but we enjoyed the music.
Flore Crepin
Thank you for this download. The Floyd is great music, kind of a miracle. When I listen to it i am VERY happy to be alive.
Dee Ann Rosediana
I do appreciate this playlist. Thank you, Ryan Bedlack! ^_^
Isa Mariani
Muy buena para armar porro
Kim Railey
shine on you crazy diamond!
David Ellis
A Nice Pair. Roger & David . The Pied Piper missed. Nick & Rick. The week of 9-11 an add for this comp ran on TV. The music of Pink Floyd helped 🇺🇸 Heal.
Loganca D
Ryan. Good to have you back. You still have one of the best comp. i have heard. Great for midnights. Hope utube leaves it on this time. Still waiting for that beatles Comp. Better still how about Lead Zepplin.
Allison Craig
This is wonderful! I got to see Roger Waters in PDX recently and I've been jonesing ever since. This is just what I needed. Thanks!
Dominique SONGEUR
That kind of creativity that brings us to real joy. Thank you
d walker
Just beautiful! Just hooked up a Marantz 1060 with Polk RT7 speakers and was painting the kitchen with this on. Just great. And no damn loud adds. Nice!!!!
Ellen Stanek
Excellent compilation!! Seriously loving this. Thanks so much! ✌️
Yura Dudko
The Best!
Daniela Rigutini
To the 1.5k ppl who have disliked this. You wouldn't know old school acid rock if it smaked you in the face. This was and still is my all time favorite band.. I own everything they ever put out.
Cort McCutcheon
putting echoes in this video made it a real treat. good job man!
ivan fabri
Well done lad,the edited version of echoes is superb :)
Genny Kennedy
gods of music that live through times to come @#
Adalberto Ricardo Diaz Dooku
Gary Barnfather
65 today and still rocking too Floyd after all these younger fellas came in too late and missed the the ride
friendof thealiens
Smoke weed for life lads n ladesses
I love sheep.
Ana Isabel Barría Iversen.
Te transporta a bellos lugares. Geniales"""
My God, all those memories that come back to my memory. Time has passed so fast!
Theresa ELVINS
Legends !
somn dahma
im so young I remember my dad playing this in vinyl and now i have my own vinyls... still listening to the rock from the childhood of my father. I used to play guitar along and I still do and can!
Amy Lowe
I love you for putting High Hopes at the end.
Jean Wijenbergh
Hello Ryann....this is a nice way to close the day. You just made a very awesome composition of All The Great Songs of OUR BAND PINK FLOYD. I appreciate the effort that you made by doing this. Many thanks to you and OUR BAND PINK FLOYD. Love and Life from Mallorca, Spain
mark fields
WOW! nice work Ryan. it makes this "OLD FLOYD FART" very HAPPY!!! In 1987 I went to the Miami Orange Bowl show. BAD tropical storm! the "FLYING PIG" was GROUNDED and we almost DROWNDED!!! LOL
Allan Forber
You've got a good taste in music mate sound lad
Well, well, Ryan. Thank you. You surprised me. Well done. Very well done.
Fatima Loria Cartin
Música. Metálica. Muy fuerte. Hace más de 25 años. Marco mucho entre los Jóvenes. Recuerdo mis Alumnos de La Secundaria. Siempre me gusta enterarme de lo que llevan estos mensajes. Les felicito, por ese manejo de lo digital. Símbolos. ..siempre será visto como una radiografía de como vamos y lo que se desea. En eso ha pesar de mi edad,.. todo lo veo. THANK YOU. FÁTIMA. YouTube 🌹🌹🌹🌹.
Martine Schaal
Mr Rabid
I 4got just how GOD DAM AMAZING the Pink was... Nuffsed...
Luciana Maria Borges
Viva!! Isso é Rock de verdade, o rock não é pra agradar é pra denunciar injustiças e ameaças aos direitos humanos. Parabéns Roger Waters, sempre na resistência, não é a toa que Pink Floyd fez The wall e animals. Sempre amei Pink Floyd, agora amo mais!! Não serão vaias que irão calar a voz de quem protesta contra o fascismo!! Esse show já está na história da resistência!! #ELENÃO
Dan Morrison
By far the best balanced compilation that could be done. Thankyou.
Leonard Krasner
I just finished listening, uninterrupted, to the entire compilation. It is awesome! I thought I was pretty familiar with PF, particularly late 60s to early seventies, right up to and including DSOTM. That's my favorite period, but you had pieces in there that didn't sound familiar(I liked them). I'm going to have to listen to some PF albums that I'm not as familiar with. I was thrilled that you included Echoes, even if it was edited. That and Atom Heart Mother are my favorites. They really expressed the progressive rock symphonic style that I loved. I saw PF in concert in 1969 at small theater where they set up Quad sound. It was amazing. Thank you again. I've been looking forward to listening to it for a while now when I could listen uninterrupted. I've even subscribed to your page. Thanks again for a great morning.