Yella-Fella rabbit distress call

This is the instructional video for the Yella-Fella rabbit distress call made by Aaron Glenn.

Matias Roman
Sounds like a dry erase marker
Redfish Incorporated
Haha, both of my dachshunds were sitting here cocking their heads from side to side while the video played. It definitely got their attention.
Raymond Moreno
Nice. Went to your website and checked out your other videos. Will be placing an order soon. I hear these distress calls work well with bear. And being an avid bow hunter, it will be another tool in my arsenal.
I played this video while my pet rabbit was running around, he came to investigate the noise...I'd say that it works! Even on video!! Good product!
Awesome calling!
i feel so bad for my rabbit, it really scared him :(
Jordan Albright
at 34 seconds is when the noise starts
haha my dogs had a shit fit when they heard this :D
Jason Li
ylla fella is for refering to asians 0-0
sounds like a little kid
@gonefishin1977 background's fake buddy
T.y. for the Ad hear My Call its as Yours See if Mine is More Real. Nice Video*****
Rickard Lundberg
crap.. sorry for my bad spelling! :-(
Rickard Lundberg
Nice Arone... but for me.. Red River bandit... will always be the number one call By the way.. need moore of thoose now.. email you later on! Rickard Racerback from Sweden
Duff Man
Wow, I think I might be purchasing a Yella-Fella
I finally know how to use my cottontail distress call!
desert hawk
my hunting dog didn't react to these calls.
My rabbit go so scared omg
kasandra turcotte
my border collie looked at me like i had six heads while thos played lmfao she was like wtf is that shit. i reallly wanna hunt coyote ima try this
• hxiz •
my bunny didn’t give two shits she just sat in her litter box looking at me like i’m crazy:)