Fresh Fitment - Alex Godoy - 2006 Mitsubishi Evolution IX MR

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Summer time has come and it is now car show season. We all know that we are all getting prepared to chill on the beach on those hot summer days with our rides clean and ready to show-off. ILDS has finally posted a date for their (Cars and Beaches Meet) set for July 20th. ( Photographer Anthony Lee Miranda has now found Alex Godoy and his beautiful Flush and Fitted Mitsubishi Evolution IX MR for his very first Exclusive Feature. Alex only brings his Evolution out a couple times a year to some big Events. Everyone should keep their eyes peeled because this stanced Evolution will be stirring up some waves at the (Cars and Beaches Meet) this year. Owner: Alex Godoy Age: 24 Repping: Naples, FL Year/Make/Model: 2006 Mitsubishi Evolution IX MR Build Time: 2 Yr Mod list: Wheels: CCW Wheels LM20's Fully Black Polish 18x10.5 All around offset (unknown) Motor: Fp Intake, Injen intercooler piping, Ets intercooler, Greddy RZ BOV, Grimm Speed Electronic Boost Controller, Fp Black Turbo on Ported Stock Manifold, Walbro 255 Fuel Pump, 1000cc precision injectors on AWD Motorsports tune by Dirk Suspension: BC Coilovers Exhaust: Greddy Ti Exhaust with Megan racing o2 housing PHOTOGRAPHER: Anthony Lee Miranda - For more info on this feature: />Music by: soFLY

neehcS MusicProd
Rules for life!: 1. Not hit a girl 2. Not remove a spoiler of an Evo!
You dont remove the spoiler on an Evo :(
Eric Williamson
ugh. not gunna hate on it because its not my car and if the owner enjoys it then more power to him. but i also fail to see what the point is in doing this to a performance car. evos are for driving, not hard parking. i think wingless evos still look nice but the whole stance thing is ridiculous. why not just buy a civic or integra or 240sx or something? and am i the only one who noticed that this might actually be an evo 8? if it actually is a 9 then why does it have an evo 8 rear bumper? its almost a scientific fact that evo 9 has the best looking rear end (when paired with evo 7 tails :D). oh well, i guess the muscle car guys need something to beat on :/
Nice car but damn it looks really low. I got mine lower 2 inches only so it can at least be high enough to go over bumps.
Song is undisputed by SOfly. You have to go on to find it
Omar Jamali
I'm dying to see one of these in streets and people doing that hellaflush/stance thing sad to see a real ralliArt ruined
Jessy Godoy
Lol @ all these comments. People buy and build cars for their liking and tastes. If it doesn't suit you then just keep it moving. No need to hate. My 2¢
nh skiier
This looks so stupid, at least put the spoiler on if the car like a gtr, skyline evo or sti has a stock spoiler dont take it off theyre supposed to have it if people wanna stance an evo or sti buy the damn base model and save the evo or sti for a rally or track build for christs sake
Is that a Vice City at the start of the Video?
Tarnjot Ojla
always gotta be haters
Abayomi Hinds
The best model evo ever
Why would you ruin a perfectly good car? It makes no sense...
chase pierce
you goofed
Song name please ?
ееееее тема
ilhan husein
dans ma werss  insturmetal la cuenta... muzic ;)
His choice his car, but my opinion is it's been ruined the car was built to be driven properly not for slamming it on the ground robbing it from it's legendary performance and stability. 
tinko mollov
why... why dropping an evo???
Fredo FB6
sad to see this but, hey not my car.
must handle like a poo poo..
Arnold Godoy
Nice man Also same last name!
Taylor Tran
Nice evo
Sick evo
luis aguilar
A spoiler would look nice on the evo
Kevin Martinez
wheels look like hubcaps
Not a big fan of the rims he has on it
Karl Binas
what size spacer is he running and specs on the wheel??
I've seen better.
1080p my booty hole.
Ashlee O'Neill
This car looks sik
What wheels u got on it
I like the song,the footage was wack, I'd rather see a track monster or a car manji drift, theses guys might as well drive a honda if their just gonna cruise around but I guess their still JDM....sike
C Fitness
And thats a good looking evo you got by the way how much power has it got flat out
C Fitness
You should have a lot more than 1000 views
Jessy Godoy
Looking good~