Once Upon a Time 7x10 Promo "The Eighth Witch" (HD) Season 7 Episode 10 Promo Winter Finale

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Once Upon a Time 7x10 "The Eighth Witch" Season 7 Episode 10 Promo (Winter Finale) - Check out the promo for Once Upon a Time Season 7 Episode 10 "The Eighth Witch" airing next week on ABC. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on Youtube for more Once Upon a Time season 7 promos in HD! Once Upon a Time official website: />Watch more Once Upon a Time Season 7 videos: />Like Once Upon a Time on Facebook: />Follow Once Upon a Time on Twitter: />Follow Once Upon a Time on Instagram: /> Once Upon a Time 7x10 Promo/Preview "The Eighth Witch" (Winter Finale) Once Upon a Time Season 7 Episode 10 Promo Once Upon a Time Season 7 Winter Finale Promo Once Upon a Time 7x10 Promo "The Eighth Witch" (HD) Winter Finale » Watch Once Upon a Time Fridays at 8:00pm/7c on ABC » Starring: Lana Parrilla, Colin O'Donoghue, Robert Carlyle, Dania Ramirez, Adelaide Kane Contribute subtitle translations for this video:

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I honestly didn't see that Rapunzel twist coming. Good job, OUAT writers, it's been a long time since you've been able to surprise me!
Franklyn Paul
bout time, i mean lets look at the lineage, Rapunzel has bought hurt to Lucy who is the daughter of Cinderella and Henry Mills, who is the adopted son of the Evil Queen who is the sister of the Wicked Witch of the West, as well as Henry being the biological son of The Saviour Emma Swan, as well as the grandson of The Dark One Rumplestiltskin, Prince Charming, and Snow bloody White. Oh and if thats not enough the greatgrandson of The Black Fairy and Peter Pan. Not a family you'd really want on your bad side.........they gon learn today..........
I can't over the fact of how good this season is ... Compared to the last ones this one is almost on the level of season 1-2-3... The twists, the characters and everything is honnestly so good i really hope it's not the last season and i'm not ashamed to say i'm not missing the old characters that much anymore because i really warmed up to the new ones ...
Kee Leicthle
Was that blonde girl at 0:11 teenage Robyn?!
Andjela Vukasinovic
I thought this season is gonna suck, but it's so damn good!!!
A Girl and Two Cats
Zelena is back and that's good because Zelena is wicked. And remember, wicked ALWAYS wins!
Kee Leicthle
ZELENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WICKED IS BACK!!!!!!!!
Éléonore Boutillier
To be honest, I hated season 5 and season 6A, but season 7 is really good ! And I'm so excited about Robyn's arrival and Zelena's return :')
Carli Rivera
Yeeeeeeees!!!! So happy that our Zelena is baaaack!!! and that she's working with her sister to help her family. Evil and Wicked side by side! Love it!!!!
Angel Austin
Am I the only one who seems concerned for Drizella's wellbeing? She looks sick and there's no indication she got up from that fall.
The whole season 7 is so weird... but i'm just excited to get to know Robin so lets see.
Ok so what's the girl's name? AnastaSIA, AnaSTEISHA or AnaSTASHA? Like couldn't they just come to one option?
Wicked witch is back! God I love that women. So beatiful- great actor and really fun to watch.
The Queen and the Wicked Witch are back !!!!!! YOUHOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Darth Kay-San
I really want a scene between Alice and Gothel!! And I want Alice to have inherited some magic from her mom
Roselia Angels
#Oncers TURN ON your TV and TUNE IN for the winter finale if you want to support #OnceUponATime and show your love for the actors, especially for the return of Rebecca Mader. This episode looks awesome and epic, you don't want to miss it ! Let's show that we are strong and the most passionate community ever. #supportOUAT 💪❤
Stelios Manios
This season is way better than season 5 and season 6 !!!
This season is SO GOOD ! Getting rid of all the ships was the best decision ever !
Ok. I'm out.
I love how OUAT always have their twist with their fairytale characters. You have the Evil Queen is a hero,Red is the werewolf,Rumble is the Beast for Belle,Peter Pan's a villain,etc. And now we have Tremaine as Rapunzel. Can't wait for next week.
Keira Rees
Zelena and Regina fighting together! Yeah baby!!
Supercorp 45
I hope zelena get her powers back
Earana Altmer
I CANNOT wait to see Zelena return. I hope they give a good fight scene with her and Regina taking on these witches and working together. Should have done this before ages ago!
Daniela Del Castillo Locatelli
looks like things got interesting, Zelena and a teenage Robyn came to the new enchanted forest to help Regina and our heroes, yes Zelena doesn't have magic but Robyn does have magic like her mother and she is skilled in archery like her father, she may be a villain kid half hero kid hybrid , looks like Henry's hero team could use a extra magical help in the form of Robyn
Sheed S.
How the hell is Zelena gonna fight without powers?!
Supercorp 45
Zelena daughter looks like she's following in her dad foot steps I saw her with an arrow.
Once Upon a Reaction
OMG the next episode looks amazing...I'm so happy Zelena is back!! :D
Tv 101
This season is so much better than I thought. As much as I liked the old characters and their stories I dont really miss them. They ended their stories. They got their,happy endings. The characters this season are still searching for theirs. This is getting really interesting with all the twists and turns
Joshua Hisoler
Zelena is finally back which means grown up Robin is too!!!!
Family R.
Zelena!!!!!!💚💚💚💚💚 wicked is back !Maybe she'll get her magic bag
ThefortnitePlayer Is A a gamer
I'm so excited I can't wait this season has been really good
Bronson Ferrigno
She may be Good now, but she can still be Wicked if she has to. 🎼"Oh, Evil may be powerful, but Wicked always wins!"🎤
once upon a timer for ever
For the first time Regina is actually not running a way from another witch
Wish Hook holding his hook to Gothel (his abuser) is something I didn't thought would happen. I know it's certainly part of a plan but still. The episode looks like an eventful winter finale.
Tahmena Ferdous
Omg This episode is gonna be EPIC!! Im so ready for this!! I will Love seeing Zelena and Robin ❤❤❤
Zelena Daughter
once upon a timer for ever
Regina : you want a witch fight? Me: if you win it whit all of my heart😁😁😁😀
Shaheer Tariq
Omg omg omg my favorite witch is back
Supercorp 45
I was hoping that zelena daughter would have magic
Supercorp 45
Robin looks just like her mother the same clothes the same hair style and the same eye color wow .
Wolf 358
This season is so amazing and so intense!!! Zelena is back!!! #Wickedisback 💚💚💚
How many years has it been since Henry left story brooke cuz Robins all grown up ?
once upon a timer for ever
Poor ivy Regina always pushes her
My girl Zelena is back!
Paula GS
It looks good... (Wish)Hook should have killed gothel there!
HELL YEAH. That ugly old crone Drizella won't know what hit her when the REAL Queens come back to fight her....and by real Queens I mean Regina and Zelena. She may have thought she had power over Regina for a moment when she woke her up, but Regina, Zelena AND Robin....that's DEFINITELY a force to be reckoned with. Drizella and Gothel don't know who they are dealing with. And it looks like Hook is fighting with them as well. THIS is the Regina I've been waiting for all season....she's finally going to fight back. And I bet Rumple comes to their side too now that Madame Belfry did what she did. Rumple may be ruthless, but he does protect family and Lucy is DEFINITELY family.
Supercorp 45
This want supposed to happen Regina and zelena and the witches
Zelena's daughter Robin!! Nice
Giovanni Lanteri
This season SO GOOD ! IT is the best one,since the firs three seasons.
jennifer brown
I want zelinna back as regular
Stephanie Nairne
Mason Perry
The Queen... is Back!
annabeth chase
Yes finally zelena comes back
Kee Leicthle
Is Regina wearing the same hairstyle she wore in s06e02 during the scene where she sends Edmond to poison Snow and Charming? Is that also the same dress she wore in s06e14?
Kee Leicthle
Wait is Anastasia a witch too?!
Max Murgui
Zelena!!! I thought she was gone.
Dion Dupree
Once upon a time is the best show
Money 1 Money 2
Regina and Zelena together again can't wait.
The wicked witch is back!!!!!!!!! ZELENAًً<3
Winter finale? Winter finale?! Wth is up with this crap!
Kee Leicthle
Wait Zelena, Regina, Gothel, Drizella, Robyn maybe, I guess Tremaine since she has Fairy Godmother's wand. But who are the other 2 witches or 3 if you don't include Tremaine?
Supercorp 45
Victoria daughter looks powerful , Regina needs zelena help to stop those witches , that's why she needs her power,
Emma !
What does winter finale mean?
I.m trying really hard because I love this show but honestly I'm not feeling this season. I'm probably going to stick around and keep giving it a chance but its not holding me the way its done in the past.
Fitzytail 89
Tyler Jackson2
Danielle Hart
Yes! It's about time she came back.
Vanira Slush
This looks so good! I can't wait!
Yeeeees. #Zelena is back. Can't wait!!
Kee Leicthle
0:03 Is that a statue of Rapunzel?
Jessica Dorrington
Just wondering why I can’t read comments... hoping this will make it work lol - Also... winter finale?! Gone three weeks back for two... just a tease
Focus Beachuamp
You don’t fight those Sister even if you are powerful
All these delicious twists and turns are the OUAT I love. The actress for Drizella surprised me with her acting too. I guess being a bitchy airhead at first was very trite and one-note since it was her identity and exaggerated like in a story book but when she revealed what was deeper, the acting was great and the character has so much more personality and complexity.
chimchim of busan
Titi Kaka
Screw team Gothzella I'm forever team #WickedlyEvil
Supercorp 45
Zelena is back OMG the is going to be epic
Ok so Robin looks strong af Oo She recked everyone with that lightning xD Love her already
Joseph Allen
Wicked vs wicked and original evil vs evil wow 😈😈😈😈 Regina stared evil tf snow white was the first Disney princess
once upon a timer for ever
So they are three sides of battle one Regina and zelena and henry and maybe hook and rumple Two ivy and gothol and may be their friends Three lady Tremain and Anastasia And why they said ivy's magic is in Anastasia's body??
Supercorp 45
The evil queen return it's about time , this nice act she was playing was getting my nerves
once upon a timer for ever
Yeeeesss Regina is stronger than gathol
wallace wong
i cried when i heard winter finale
Rachel Lee
reuben taylor
Welcome back zelena
Apollo Melo
once upon a timer for ever
Who is the eighth witch?
Zelena 💚💚💚
Cactus Muerto
Cat Li
it is getting so good
Carmen Klein
Oscar S
Woohoo!! Zelena is back!! "Wicked always wins"
Joe Vills
When some wicked return! yeeei wicked is back
Burda Ellis Comics
finally getting somewhere. thought this show was meant to be about henry and his happy ending. but so far its abt the villains in town who are step-related to lucy. and once again, i knew lucy would parallel henry from s1finale. just think it's a little bit sooner. so this means, rumple has to either kill ana to save lucy or ana has to sacrifice herself again to saving lucy and rumple altogether. i hope ana realizes this is what her mother did, she may have been tricked by gothel in poisoning jacindy's mother, even tried to pin her own fathers murder on her too, but poisoning lucy is the last straw. rumple's gonna be pissed, and esp. regina. those2 need to figure out a way to wake henry up, if they can get zelena to join in that clause. bc i think w/all3 they can wake henry up without hurting jacindy bc i think like emma&henry. henry's the only1 who can wake lucy now, if ana can't. though wouldn't it be like another trade, henry would have to sleep for lucy to live. i mean, hasn't he been through enough. really wanted rumple to tell rogers more. he needs to wake up as well so he can be reunited with alice already. for the third time. someone else better wake up nxtwk or so help me, im gonna lose it... the villains are winning this "alternate" dark curse while the heroes are looking pathetic. COME ON!!!
Zelena my babe!! Zelena and Regina, the best! Hook is annoying me....at the moment.
Laurie Faith Prescott
Now this episode looks badass. Got to say this season is just not the best
Marvel Mania
Zelena!!! Yay
Dreamy Angel
Yaaay Zelena!!! I'm sooo excited! I've missed you, sweetie! Wicked Always Wins
THis looks ridiculous. LOL
But she doesn't have magic.... I swear to god Regina if you let her to ge harmed I will find you and turn you into a staff. But no ofence dear I still love you!