One piece - I'm gonna make you eat your words

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English subtitle. from movie 2. I don't own this, One Piece is belong to Eichiro Oda

this animation is GORGEOUS
I miss this kind of sanji, the pwning-by-constant-kicking-the-enemy-around-without-any-chance-and-calling-them-something-about-shit-in-the-end sanji.
mfw an old ass one piece movie has better animation than the current show
That is the badass Sanji we're waiting for since the timeskip.
You know shit's about to get serious when someone asks an off topic question before a fight
Fantasy Crest
geez. is this what sanji does to people who dont give him a light?
man the films really do have the best fight animations
Gold Metwalli
just if the main cannon anime is of the same quality as this ... One piece anime would be a Masterpiece
Achim Hanischdörfer
I love Sanjis fighting music.
sanji has a big pride as a man. make him angry, he will kick you, chase you, then kick you again.
thelastdonutt om
If One Piece have constant animation like this it would be a masterpiece
Sanji too strong
Zachary Doyle
Character genuinely needs more fights. I also like that the fight wasn't CONSTANTLY jump cutting to characters with bulging eyes, snot, and tears running down their face. God recent animation is garbage when it comes to that single goddamn expression. We get it. The character did something cool.
0:15 You just bought yourself a one way ticket to hell. Never say that to Sanji. You won't see what hit you.
Mitsos Kalai
Why when someone tells to sanji that he can't protect anything he gets angry??this phrase hides a big secret..
That first kick at :27 and the the bell ring are the most satisfying things ever.
Asther Phoenix
good job naruto. nice combo
Rendouz Serrano
If you say Sanji can't protect anyone its almost like you just bought a one way ticket to HELL
Small World
Sanji would probably be the best football player if he was one
Hunter Of Legendary Memes
sanji has ..... HAKI SHOES !!!!
kwon jiyong
I dont know why but sanji looks hella sexy and muscular in this movie
Zell Williams
They need to bring back this animation of sanji fighting
Jambydsy Jambydsy
he just past a beautiful woman O.O
Mixing Mix MC
Choji vs sanji
Okik E.
that's a good message for his haters lol
john lolo
kick him so,hard like soccor ball
Heriberto Aponte
where's this sanji in the big mom arc
andreas nikolaou
lee sin vs rammus
Akemi Homura
*Sanji is Zoros Uke* A reality Many Sanji fans refuse to accept.
The Birb's
no ms doublefinger has the spike spike fruit or thorn fruit from the alabasta ark
why did wearing his shoes matter ? , I mean its not like it was made of iron all this time
If only Sanji was like this in the timeskip. He needs his Mr. Prince swag back. 
Benji Kelso
Sanji is such a bada**. Probably my favorite straw hat.
Johnny Salery
"You can't protect anything" is pretty much Sanji's version of Gear 4th lol And now we wait......
Faith Black
dong! dinner will be served in a minute. and sanji beat the shit out of him. and I my gosh he just threw away his cigarette!
menno graafmans
Funny thing, the dutch word (and some other countries as well I wager) for a porcupine is sting/spiked pig. So Sanji vs. Porcupine.
Laena Everwood
Im always hyped when I hear Sanjis theme XD
Lalboi Manlun
This animation is great.
what movie was that?
Yo this is freaking awesome! Hey, can anyone tell me the name of this OP movie?
Yeesh, did anyone notice how bad the spike guy's voice actor was? He sounded so unenthusiastic as he was getting kicked around. Instead of yells or screams or even grunts that tell you he was in pain/taking damage, he was just doing that weird quiet mumbling the whole time. It really stands out since everyone else in that scene sounded so much better.
Yu Jay
I wish all one piece fights were ruthless like this, and no like DragonBall stretching them out over 10 or more eps :S
Mecha Max
hey look! its IAMWILDCAT in anime form!
Haley Garner
More reason sanji could kick mercury ass even with hurt feet sanji has speed ability and lots of badass strength mercury couldn't stand sanji battle underwater or that lighting bolt from enel
Lanre Adedeji
I pity the people in future who'll underestimate Sanji
He has Miss Doublefinger's fruit..
reem karar
Tay Hong Chong
what episode is this?
Xayah roasted me
That's what you get if you just chit-chat instead of fighting noob >:D
Alex Staso
what movie is this
Laura Jeziorski
Did he put on new shoes...?
this is why sanji should be in a dragon ball z game.
fodé cissokho
i don't know how he cook boo jack's word but IT'S GOOOD
Mixing Mix MC
0:37 why is she so scared sanji is a gentleman
What's the movie
this reminds me of a studio gibly movie ( god I hope I got that right)
Toge-Toge no Mi? Hari-Hari no Mi? Does that mean that Boo Jack died and then Paula ate it?
Cortez Lucious
Ryuusuke zero
ow....why they not show zoro fight
Wow I just realize, Sanji has more attention and awesome fights than Zoro in the pre timeskip and in the post timeskip it's the opposite.
Laura Jeziorski
Sanji usually doesnt seem very badass like this. Maybe it's just me that doesnt think cooking is cool. I didn't read the manga, but wasn't he cooler in it than the anime? I kinda feel like I've heard that somewhere.
Tashi Dhondup
which movie is this from?
waifu Rias Gremory
sanji asked for a light but then threw his cigarette cuz the fat guy didnt gave him .
Wow the art is so goog here :3 Too bad main plot is now looking like trash made by talentless fans :/
mine too, its so awesome
this is my favorite part throughout the entire movie