Can Richard Sell This '65 Shelby For $600k? | Fast N' Loud

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#FastNLoud | Mondays at 9p Richard aims laughably high while trying to sell the numbers-matching '65 Shelby GT350 he picked up for $300K. Full Episodes Streaming FREE: /> Subscribe to Discovery: Test your Fast N' Loud car smarts: /> Follow Us on Twitter: /> /> Join Us on Facebook: />

Eduardo Gotti
For 400k i am buying a nice brand new Maserati Or Lamborghini , Ferrai . Not a shelby Mustang
Aaron Grace
To all of those questioning the 65 Shelby and it’s high price, it’s a first year, super rare, original shelby that was only owned by one family. But I guess you’d rather buy 3 Lamborghini huracans because they are “better” cars...
Raul Barriga
Man, I don’t even buy cars that cost 1,000, and they still run
Pasha Kovshik
You kidding me.. 600k? I would rather buy 6 gtrs or 9 teslas, and rent them out rather than buying this 50 year old bucket.
H_town_don 281
only 500 of these exist but these can fetch up to a million
Shotgun Toker
In the real world, I barely made 10k profit on an 83 cutlass buy and turn..... good on him. I love some Richard and Aaron!!!!
Jason Schimonsky
Richard is an absolute idiot. The "R" models are 800k cars. This is the street version. At least get the writers the correct information for your lines pal.
Joe Garcia
Fake Show!!
strapped forCash
I hate this dude so bad ...he just rips ppl off ...even his old mechanic hated him
Kaden R
I love classic cars more than anyone. But hell no. Not even for 100k.
xv70 1
Just a bunch of sheet metal, it is ridiculous to pay that money, it's just stupid, like ( oh this charger is worth 300k because the owner installed oval side pipes that cost 24 dollars, back in the 60
Nick B
Don't call yourself a car guy if you think this thing is worth 600 at all It's a driver's car. If you think this thing is worth that much you're also gonna be the kinda guy to let this thing sit as a garage queen. Cars are not investment pieces they deserve to be driven
Jamie Collins
There are sucker ever were
Fuck You
Richard is a thief
Rocket Power
400K for a Shelby that does not run? I know my cars and no way that car goes for that just no way
Norman Olsen
too perfect..think this was a scripted show
This is the worst car show on tv. Good for the bearded one to go, better for it
Mike Jones
Fake as they come
Jeremy Kitto
At least that little meth head Smurf isn’t anywhere around (Kaufman)
Dragon Butt
He paid 300k for a car worth less than 80k at the barret jackson auction...
David Spice
So a fast sell made him 100k yet if he used his shop to rebuilt the Motor refresh the car he could have gotten 700k for it making a larger profit also paying his employees for work
I'd rather put that money towards a Honda Civic for the rest of my life....600k and a Civic....
eric burhed
Why wouldn't he make it run first
Antonio Mao
And de motor doesn,t run?..
Al Testic
con artist
Josey Wales
Too much by the time you restore it ,better hope you can use that motor ,won’t get your money back ,get a better one at Barrett Jackson.Good luck!Hope Carroll raced it.That car may not run 🏃 but tricky Ricky sure took that guy for a ride$$$
The real question is.... Can Richard(Dick) build a car?
I'll give you $1,200.
Danny Jones
So the last one sold for £800k finished? So why didn't they finish it! After all they have a company that do just that!
Pablo Martinez
Is this show still on I tough they end because the other guy left the show
Antonio Ortiz
No Ford is worth more the 15,000
Ryan Wigglesworth
Fucking scumbag
Dale Hall
Craig Python
I wouldn't buy nothing of s*** monkey
Robert McCarthy
I wonder if those numbers are realistic for a numbers-matching '65 Shelby GT350?
Pierre-Henri Landriau.
"it dodun run"
Dan Bonacum
Don't believe what you see. Discovery was footing some of the bills and costs and the numbers were made up for the show.
Juca Bala
Uma pena não ser dublado, brasillll
Reading the responses below from the idiots questioning the value of this Shelby and or even commenting how they can buy foreign cars. I don't think you guys should be commenting and making yourselves look like dummies. Some of the most rarest cars, rusted out, missing floors and things like that can fetch upwards of a million. We are talking about a first year production here and all original. This is a museum piece.
Zach Galanius
Damn that Mustang GT350 is beautiful y'all 👍❤😊 Wooo
Richard Rawlings WHO CARES !!!!
Steve Fowler
That was severely overbought...and as for the engine being original claim...there is no way to verify that on many Hipo 289 mustangs...some don't even have the vehicle ID (VIN) stamped in the really if it has a date correct stamping for the VIN and is a HIPO block you are good to go (a guy who owned a '65 GT-350 about 15 years ago.
Zach Galanius
I believe that Richard Rawlings and his own family are Christians y'all 👍 Wooo
joe raymond
On offerup
Mac Turner
To all you haters who don't understand and appreciate the American classic car ,go pay multi-millions for your Mona Lisa's, Millions for a Stradivarius violin, this is Carol Shelby's masterpiece you can meet women with this car, you can have sex in the car, you can drive away from the woman in this car, a car has a whole Bubba Gump of uses
As an owner of 3 Mustangs and a big enthusiast for foreign cars also , I️ would pay 400 for this , not cause I️ think it’s better than a lambo but it is absolutely the most iconic American Car ever made
Extremely rare? There are shitloads of those "rare" cars around yet. And since "rebodies" are considered "acceptable" by even Shelby "purists" (who no doubt own rebodied Shelbys they don't want to hurt the "value" of) its easy to understand why these "rare" cars bring dogshit for money compared to other similarly "rare" non-Ford "muscle cars".
idantheman 1
Shame this old mans lettin one rott in his old barn...he rolled it out ,white, green mold,, .. then back in.. its probably just plain fastback..
Ramiro Sosa Garrido
A 67 Eleanor and i'm the happiest man alive.
brian stuart
in this world 100 Grand isn't s*** that's one month's work quit flipping out Richard
Half a mil lol i found a camaro with 57k kilomètres and in very good condition for only 15k and it was a 1969 chevy camaro but i already said that
harvey jackass
Way,way overpriced regardless of heritage.
Blah 221
That’s. Darryl he’s a car seller at my hometown that’s so cool lol
joe raymond
There's a 74 stingray corvette for16500
motorhead Maddness
What a Tool!!!!! 400k for  a car that might have a salvageable motor? bet me. For that kind of money maybe fully restored with full documentation !
that car is so overrated like that stupid show
You guys need to think of the buying and selling of these classics as investments and nothing more. 99% of the cars on the road today are better than that clapped out Mustang.
Drago Musevini
For that price I would clear my families debts first.Then rent myself a house,then buy a car,motorcycle and a few other incidentals.All the while still having at least 300k left.
I'd love to take that '65 GT350 for a nice rip, screw trailering it everywhere.  Get the proper insurance for it and enjoy!
its only 50 grand hes probably made more then that on other cars
Horse From Hell
Couldn’t get it running... Great shop you’ve got there.
shakil ahmed
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Chris J
That’s impressive
Drive Life
Roadkill is Better
It's "reality" tv. The price will be as fake as the rest of the show is.
Someone needs to punch this guy in the dink.
Adam Russell
Obviously most of you are morons and have no clue what Shelby's are worth or classic cars for that matter
Blah 221
Yo wtf
With that kinda dough why dont they just go to the CO and make one replica? Im sure they'd oblige.
Shouldve said 500k and let him counter 450k
molver phiri
I'm buying me 2 1989 m3s n still have hella extra cash to work on them
Fukn junk !!! Sold by two crooks !!!!!!
ndts ndts
I saw 1 for 47grand got rip off
Jadon Wilkerson
He bought this thing like ten minutes from my house.
Decks Ahoy
600 grand for a piece of metal than dont drive
You can build four of them with that amount of money
Love Peace
It's good for TV. They are great actors and he knows what he's doing. The show is still on.
Tony Hughes
Who cares
You have to be a fool, to buy a car from this billy-bob.
Mr. Wayne
600k? 🤣🤣🤣
facies et duos
60k yes but nothing more.... its just an American car... nothing special
Eleazar Ruiz
Thats wine not beer crackhead
Ricky Gonzalez
Talk about buying a big boy toy
aksi iska
richard rawling: blood sweat and beers! bear grylls: mud sweat and tears! from "the untold truth about bear grylls"
Black Titanium
You cab always by one for 500 dollars and restore it for 10000 dollars.
Jimbo Slice
David DeJesus
You did not pay $300,000 for that Mustang
Me Too
Carl Pinson
Richard must be nice to be so rich hey that makes you richey rich love you brother
Wonder World
is Fast N Loud still making new episodes ? we only get repeat episodes of Season 4 in Australia.
AJ style's
Chris Vance405
sote ful
Nice but not into classics. I'd be happy with a brand new one and some money still in the bank.
Ryan Vargas
Wasawat Rojratchadakorn
Didnt that car got stolen from a us soldier who entered commision in japan? And the police was on the hunt for it? It was stolen for 25 years until they found it
I would have gave 2 million 1 dollar bills ha ha ha
brian stuart
the luck you been having lately that hundred grand I'll be gone tomorrow
Lol overpriced pos