American Chopper Senior vs Junior - Breakthrough (S03E07)

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So...he paints a black car black, rivets some aluminum to it, and that's a 'car build'? The rest of it is just off-the-shelf performance stuff...
Timothy Blackburn
So many haters on here, Damn!! Y'all just jealous that you dont have Paul and Vinnies life.
Rockie mountin
they ruined that car.
So PJ was secretly a car guy all this time. This car build sucks, I've seen better builds on pimp my ride, which also sucks
Muskateer GripWeed
why is that blonde bimbo even anywhere around his designs and builds? get back in the kitchen woman and microwave me some dinner.
They brought cake decorating to a whole-notha-level
smithy smith smith
l cant stop laughing. this is a comedy right? especially the intro.
I can just imagine how bad that shits gonna rust under those aluminum plates(the car not the aluminum) hope he somehow sealed them so water cant get under
brad ford
now tbey are cake decorators in everything?...coleman grills?LOOLOOOOOlll.. and why was his wife involved with the show?...they failed and welll deserved
drove the car in a straight line and said it handled
roy rogers
All he did was put aluminum plates on it... lame
What a waste of time and effort, bolt a few aluminium panels to that P.O.S and a supercharger, WTF? ALUMINIUM, NOT ALUMINUM. . .
Clark N
this is the gayest motorcycle company in the world
Kerry Flynn
He ruined the car.
Nemesis Xax
Chris Kennedy
I'd be pissed if I went to pick it up and they glued panels on my nice car haha
Vladimir Semin
So they paint the car, rivets, bucket seats, and performance upgrades and call it a custom?  A 13 second quarter mile car #1 of 70 for a 100K price tag?  I think they should do a boat next.  I think they made a major mistake with this car build and sealed the last nail in the coffin.  Cars are not motorcycles and vice versa.  It's like having your dentist perform a breast augmentation on your wife.
some terrible designing right there
Ronan B
wtf... lol
tivis cahoon
I don't like the design it def cud of bin more creative but he shud of done the same thing to the rims atleast that wud have tied it all together
Letocetum sulley
Yeeeeeeeah! stick to bikes.... Bling may suit a chopper but on a car just makes it look cheap and nasty imo!
william angel
the car is no different than any bike pjd or occ made bolt ons paint and light fabrication.. over all I like the look of the car and with just a supercharger it would be a good daily driver and red light racer lol..
Gabriel Muniz
Wow. This show really sucked at the end. Lol. That Camaro looks like something AutoZone would have in a commercial.
Slow Maro2011
Lol my STOCK camaro ss ran a 12.5 😂😂. He shoulda been in the low 11s high 10a
Stefan Müller
not really a custom car, bought something for the engine, and some cheap metal on the hood... so... nothing big.
Did they have to purchase the rights to use the Fire Chicken logo?
Pretty sure the Ferrari let em win
Were they not allowed to call it a Camaro? They kept referring to it in very vague terms.
Rob Superbug
I mean I expected more , Occ was talking shit saying when in doubt rivet it out
Louis Caputo
Those seats were done so poorly lol, look at the wrinkles
Car did under 13 with a supercharger ... take all that metal of the doors and itll actually do a better number .... junk
I always hated watching Junior come up with these shitty designs and horribly fabricated pieces thinking it was actually good. The car in this episode is HORRIBLE looking. It looks like some jackoff made it tinkering around in their garage...oh wait....
Steven Segal
They ruined the car.
A stock Camaro beating a stock Ferrari.....yeah ok LOL I know a lot wouldn't agree with me, but I don't think the finished car looked all that bad.
Rod Amo
Why Take The Blonde Bimbo?
Shrieking Dread
Paul has some cool designs. He isn't a skilled fabricator. He can't shape metal like rick or jesse and others. He assembles and does light modifications. Basic welding.
um....... no thanks
David Meale
if they got better actors this could nearly be for real !!!
Racer's Line
I forgot Americans call a dragstrip a ''track'', A track without corners is kinda useless tbh..................
Steven Adams
Should of left it stock...everything u done was all wrong...wheels are awful.
Tyrone Simon
The car didn't do the bike justice, why didn't they have some polished copper on it? The bike has wood on the wheels where's the wood on the car? Why would you redo the paint and interior the same color? Those wheels suck, especially with the little point in the middle. The stock rims looked better. And I like custom wheels but they missed the mark on this one. Not impressed with the results at all.
candice dyer
Paul Jr....Fantastic choice in colour and car but the interior looks like my duvet in the morning after a few to many ciders!! Its sloppy! The outside looks look's like a quick repair job after a hurricane! And, my 8 year daughter could bolt on a super charger and exhaust in a weekend. Many Thanks Mr Tom Dyer
supercharger, exhaust, and aluminum racing strip lol great build.
Tony Tony
ya...beat a Ferrari... ok
Edgar Aguiar
good job Paul
Gold Bug
dat ass 7:46
Dave442 cc
The blonde dude at 19:22 face is priceless while Jr is babbling on about what needs doing ha
Lazy Loafer
Elizabeth Dianne Russell
american rubish.
Francisco Cruz
me gusta los chos ke asen
Myles Teller
Not gonna lie... that thing is trash... let's throw some panels on it and call it design... smh...
Johan Wepener
Paul senior rules !!!! Crawl back spoiled brat.
Gurinder Singh
Wow such a crap car totally ruined it
Live Wire
Looked better b4 they touched it
Gregory Ferguson
Anyone of you on here wouldnt turn it down. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Could have made the whole car aluminum tho and been badass. ~
colonel blake
the way they were both shifting...i cringed....if they shifted right they would be pinned to seat but did you see how their bodies "rocked" forward? u should hammer thru the gears with acceleration.
Josh DeWall
I love how Sr is building his new production bikes from parts from a magazine and puts an outrageous price of $40k and sells them outta super car dealerships! As if anyone can’t pick up a parts magazine and put a bike together for under $20k! Wtf! Build your own bikes especially if u r going to put your name on it! Ic occ filing for bankruptcy again soon!
Boris Micel Registriert
Boris Micel (R), Ich bin Handelspartner mit Klebepistole, Cheops5.3
john vonburg
jim Griffin
Really ......hahahahahaha.
Juan Carlos
That helmet it's to small for porkie
Mr Watto
Uni cycle means three wheels.... they were on tricycles.... yellow ones
Greg Kowalski
C'mon... REALLY???
Judah Soremy
Goes to the Everglades: "But, I wasn't expecting so many alligators." Wow... What WERE you expecting?
Steve 23464
The car guys had to be thinking wtf... Prb only went through with it for the money.
Joseph Taverna
well if I do say so myself the bike looks better then that Frenchman bowtie dream Chevrolet building the worst damn way to see the Grand Old USA Ford first on race day fast on race day and last but certainly not least ferocious on race day no damn junk Chevrolet
Jose None
the crew heads out to sunny florida? lol ain't it always raining there?
Sick”build” Pauly... looks just like something straight out of an autozone catalog
Boris Micel Registriert
Boris Micel (R), Ich bin Handelspartner mit Pond`s Creme, Cheops5.3
Majin Studio
wow slap a buncha fredmyers letter decals and sheet aluminum on a car an charge a extra 100k for the car. worst build ever. so glad Vinny left an is able to express him self. hes the only tallent in this shop
With the super charger ya the Camaro will beat the Ferrari but without the super charger highly unlikely
Mauricio Flores
Love living n florida
DLH 79,1223
Stick to bikes cars not your thing lol
Kevin jones
That car looks beyond stupid! Glued a bunch of sheets of aluminum and put on a stupid badge and he calls that a car build? Give me a break!
Waste of time
Big Nick Beaudoin
Worst car build ever
Chris D
What a turd!!
joshua Morris
Great whip twoooo
Joseph Taverna
none of them good beat Indian Larry or Billy Lane and that's the fact Jack
Michigan fan
What a shinny terd
Supercar Qatar
Liberty walk kit is better/worse than this, props to Paul jnr if he can sell them, me I prefer the bikes, just my opnion.
Dicks X McIronCocke
Wow the custom interior job on the front seats looks like dookie, so many bubbles n shit.
Flew guy in to paint black car Black.
Alexander Supertramp
Polishin a turd
clickbait 7
The wrst thing he has done
Ron Marsh
Considering all these haters on here they built and 75 of these cars so someone liked them
Nick Ulm
U think he would get a nose job. Looks like a tunnel
Stevie Genoski
They destroyed that car. That was the worst idea ever.
coza blac
terrible looking car but expected as his bikes are not the best looking anyway
Biff Barf
Did he say.. " I power shifted into 2nd " ? ...uh.. ok..👍😂
Richard Kelbe
No way they sold 77 of these
The camero is such a shit designed car already and paul just went and shittied it up even more ever since him and his old goat dad broke up the bike building got worse and worse.
OCC is almost bankrupt.
I miss this show ....
Nick Ulm
I dont think any. Ordered that pos lol
Aussie Outlaw
TACKY at Best , how many of the 70 got made and Sold ?
Buy A Cake, decorate it, and call it custom. pppfffft. Go back to your wife's boutique
joshua Morris
U own the world senior grab it bye the horns😎🖐🤙🤘🖖✌
Richard Barr
Good luck Paul l are happy your recognized and successful. Stay out of politics and youll have my ongoing respect. Lol
Emperor Nero
So fake. A Ferrari would definitely win