06 2009 WTT Jessica DUBE & Bryce DAVISON EX

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crash :(

Em's Gems
This guy has caused her a lot of accidents... I'd be getting a new partner!!!
Lauren Rossi
You guys are all being too hard on them. They probably practiced this perfectly a hundred times and they still got hurt. Anything can happen and it's silly to blame either of them for this. Accidents occur.
Pink Plant
The song is so ironic that i first thought the editor put it for extra effects *face palm
Keaza 077
when you try your best but you dont succed 😂
Paulo Ferreira
WHH! She falls down to the ground, nobody enters the site to help her and somebody out there turns the lights off. I can't understand!
alyna nord
It is stupid how everyone is saying "oh it was totally all his fault he sucks," when you are missing that she was the one who elbowed him int the face, and after she it hurt, he immediately stopped skating to check if she was okay and stayed rift next to her when he knew she wasn't. It also looked like he felt audio be side she was hurt! So everyone who is saying that it was all his fault, watch it again and you will see what actually happened.
h ey
i find it ironic that the opening line to that song is "if you try your best and you dont succed"
No wonder they quit skating together. I feel so sorry for both of them.
How ironic that they were skating to Fix You. 😂
KidFlash Semantyx
For all those wondering, it wasn't entirely his fault. She struck him on the head while spinning, he dropped her as a result. Imagine the angst both of them felt during the competition. No one's perfect. I hope today they are happy with what they've accomplished, both were great Ice skaters. 
carz g
He trying to kill that girl!!
Yeah, this time it was her fault. She did elbow him in the face cause she opened her arms in the air. But it looked so promising, beautiful chemistry.
Mel J.
Damn her face getting bashed up all the time...
Sydney Guerrini
wow the song is very ironic
A lot of people criticising, seem to be ignoring one fact: skaters have said hundreds and hundreds of times that skating under spotlights makes everthing HARDER. Singles skaters are more likely to muff jumps under spotlights; pairs muff twists. Only, on this occasion, everything went horrifically wrong.
aww he carried her off
One day she will die on ice..
Matthew Hines
oy, what was she thinking? She never committed t the twist and came out way too early.
shadow cat
ей надо менять партнёра пока он её не убил
Moira Maxwell
It's really surreal to watch Bryce skate in things like this considering he retired to my homeclub and I see him almost everyday now
Rayna R
This time it was Jessica's fault she elbowed Bryce in the face!!! Stop saying it was his fault!
Ouch ..!! Poor girl
pair teams takes 2, they were both awesome partners just always there consistency was never together, he did catch her but if he fully caught all her weight they both would have fallen backwards 
She's retired now. Probably for the best.
E Long
Wth with turning all the lights off!
Алинка Витаминка
Shaun Lester
she hit him in the face thats how he dropped her
Taneesha Gray
She don't need him as a partner anymore...
Coringao Timao
Oh my god.
Bea U.
She has the worst partner ever
В гостях у Харли и Зайки
Thaafnyys Palmeriim
Omg :/
lovely lynn
if the song fits
She should stop do it with him..
at first i thought it was the dude who messed up again but it was actually she who lost her air sense and probably got scared enough to open up (stopping the spin by moving arms and legs away from the core) and clock him right in the face! pause it right before the fall, his head is snapped right back like he got punched. sadly her confidence is likely not all there for him bcz of past incidents and maybe that's why she got spooked in the air?  hmm, why do i even care? lol
It looks like he didn’t throw her up high enough to make the full rotation cause when she came down her back was facing 1/2 rotation away from him
Homem de preto
Ela quebrou o braço?
Dang another accident in performance yikes maybe they need a new coach. I know it’s a dangerous sport but too many accidents 🙈
Lan Rey
Что за музыка?
Vince Govianni
This is the same girl who got her face cut open in another fail
He should not be pulling her neck up. He's an idiot. She needs a neck brace and She needed to be strapped on a board and get to the ER.
Vince Govianni
They couldn't turn the fn lights on!
Karoline Ribeiro
Nossa coitada ...
ahlam hlooma
لو سمحتو نحب نعرف اسم الاغنية والفنان
Depression Beast
"When you try your best but you don't succeed" hmm well😂
Is this the same guy that sliced her face open a few years ago?
marina allen
What do you expect when you play a crap group as your music
Nancy Aransa
Esa tal Jessica siempre llorando cuando falla su compañero o ella,debería terminar su rutina como toda una profesional,pero no es nada profesional 😠
Valeria Paula
por que en la oscuridad patinan? Why darkness??
Its clear hes a wife beater.
Maureen Staniforth
Listen to the jahmene douglas version of fix you he was runner up in x factor 2012 he is a brilliant singer and sings gospel too im sure you, ll like his voice
Her outfit looks so similar to JOannie Rochette's Vole outfit...
Roman Ruiz
Bryce Davison, are you so Unexpected! VERY BAD!
Mistress of Dragonstone
was this after his skate cut her face?
Mary Poppins
ღヅGirl with a Maskღヅ
i love this music 😘❤
Ouch !!! Port girl
Scoopy Y.
Ouch! I Feel Sad 😢
jimmy pool MF
Bryce DAVISON face failure jessica dube is a beast .....
Octavio Rinaldi
entoses que la paso
Silva Chow
Supposed to be high enough when he throw her, but that too short,,
Celeste A
At least he carried her out some partners just ask if there ok and then just kind of stand there
elza ulloa
nice fall :) ;)
Ella Blu
Scary! She came out of twist way too early plus she needs a new partner
maggie rhee
Lord Varys
i love their music
Heidi Lyn Wolff
Oh my gosh. Not again...
Sudenaz Diskaya
ve adam kendini suçlu hisseder...
Fernanda v.t
Настя Найз лав
His falt
Mary Poppins
૮ε૮ílเα ɓ૨σω
Ou mais godê 😂🤣
Axel Kahla
good !!😏
la- m
هذا ناوي يقتلها مرا كسر انفها ههههه هيا منحوسه او هوا
Alemão limão
Carlos Gonzalez
what song?
Emi S
Was it her nose she hurt? Or something else?
Tsunami Barrier
How did he let that happen to her. Dick.
I see many "accidents" with this guy, too many to ignore. My advice is get another partner quick before it's too late...
Selena Fradji
Ohhh la chute aille😨😰😰😷😵😲😳😭
Laura Martins
What is the name of the music?? 
тнιѕ gυy ĸιllѕ нer. нe ѕlιced нer wιтн a ѕĸaтe тoo.
Rachel Smith
I have been hit before it really hurts but it then feels better soon
deb 3000
Shes always getting hurt buy the guys gosh
When u try ur best but u don't succeed
she elbowed him in the face,... her forehead hit the ice...
elbowed to the face...... hard to catch
Aww she's working to hard cause today I saw another video with them in it and right under the eye is blade cut her under the eye
Ironic... he is trying to do the opposite to her face.
aww did he carry her off
stavroula a.
look this time she struck him on the head during the twist so he was unable to catch her and she crashed to the ice hitting her head
Kaylee Wesley
Fix You by Coldplay
How any times has she been hit by her partner
First he cuts her face off.. then he drops her. No wonder they broke up.
Trystann McClarnon
I know them I got there autograph and everything
Ramona Beatriz Alejandra Ureña Leyva
he always let her fall down