06 2009 WTT Jessica DUBE & Bryce DAVISON EX

crash :(

Lauren Rossi
You guys are all being too hard on them. They probably practiced this perfectly a hundred times and they still got hurt. Anything can happen and it's silly to blame either of them for this. Accidents occur.
No wonder they quit skating together. I feel so sorry for both of them.
Em's Gems
This guy has caused her a lot of accidents... I'd be getting a new partner!!!
Keaza 077
when you try your best but you dont succed 😂
h ey
i find it ironic that the opening line to that song is "if you try your best and you dont succed"
Yeah, this time it was her fault. She did elbow him in the face cause she opened her arms in the air. But it looked so promising, beautiful chemistry.
How ironic that they were skating to Fix You. 😂
Mel J.
Damn her face getting bashed up all the time...
aww he carried her off
Paulo Ferreira
WHH! She falls down to the ground, nobody enters the site to help her and somebody out there turns the lights off. I can't understand!
Pink plant
The song is so ironic that i first thought the editor put it for extra effects *face palm
carz g
He trying to kill that girl!!
Sydney Guerrini
wow the song is very ironic
One day she will die on ice..
alyna nord
It is stupid how everyone is saying "oh it was totally all his fault he sucks," when you are missing that she was the one who elbowed him int the face, and after she it hurt, he immediately stopped skating to check if she was okay and stayed rift next to her when he knew she wasn't. It also looked like he felt audio be side she was hurt! So everyone who is saying that it was all his fault, watch it again and you will see what actually happened.
A lot of people criticising, seem to be ignoring one fact: skaters have said hundreds and hundreds of times that skating under spotlights makes everthing HARDER. Singles skaters are more likely to muff jumps under spotlights; pairs muff twists. Only, on this occasion, everything went horrifically wrong.
Matthew Hines
oy, what was she thinking? She never committed t the twist and came out way too early.
at first i thought it was the dude who messed up again but it was actually she who lost her air sense and probably got scared enough to open up (stopping the spin by moving arms and legs away from the core) and clock him right in the face! pause it right before the fall, his head is snapped right back like he got punched. sadly her confidence is likely not all there for him bcz of past incidents and maybe that's why she got spooked in the air?  hmm, why do i even care? lol
KidFlash Semantyx
For all those wondering, it wasn't entirely his fault. She struck him on the head while spinning, he dropped her as a result. Imagine the angst both of them felt during the competition. No one's perfect. I hope today they are happy with what they've accomplished, both were great Ice skaters. 
shadow cat
ей надо менять партнёра пока он её не убил
Depression Beast
"When you try your best but you don't succeed" hmm well😂
E Long
Wth with turning all the lights off!
Rachel Smith
I have been hit before it really hurts but it then feels better soon
deb 3000
Shes always getting hurt buy the guys gosh
When u try ur best but u don't succeed
she elbowed him in the face,... her forehead hit the ice...
elbowed to the face...... hard to catch
Aww she's working to hard cause today I saw another video with them in it and right under the eye is blade cut her under the eye
Ironic... he is trying to do the opposite to her face.
aww did he carry her off
stavroula a.
look this time she struck him on the head during the twist so he was unable to catch her and she crashed to the ice hitting her head
Kaylee Wesley
Fix You by Coldplay
How any times has she been hit by her partner
First he cuts her face off.. then he drops her. No wonder they broke up.
Trystann McClarnon
I know them I got there autograph and everything
Ramona Beatriz Alejandra Ureña Leyva
he always let her fall down
Alicia Cupid
I would of loved to hear the rest of the song
I don't understand why people think she needed a new partner because of two accidents! If you look Jessica hit Byrce in the air when she was turning and he was stunned so he dropped her, unfortunately these things happen. These two had some of the best chemistry seen and you can't condemn him because of an accident, he helped her, he even carried her off of the ice. I for one loved them together and was sad when the pair stopped skating together!
morgan chandler
I think it's time for a new partner there Jess...
kirsty boo
Ironic music... Fix you.... Oops
He don't power
This probaby happens to all couples in practice
Yesno Maybeso
Yesno Maybeso
Two accidents with this combo? I'm glad that Jessica got a new partner. Not saying it's all his fault but clearly the combo is just not working! (at least not safely!)
ironic song choice
give him a break its not his fault. its nobodys fault but the ice. accidents happen.
u clearly r behind...they stop skating together last year she has a new partner now they got 2nd at nats last year his name is sean wolf
jessica closs
jessica should find a new partner bc she always gets hurt skating with him. its dangerous
Jillian Schmitz
he's so nice as he carries her off 2:12
spike gaming
HAAAA HAAAA she always cryin!! spoiled bitch
As much as I love Bryce, he was the one who traveled during the spin when her face got cut.
sonia horvath
he was always the one fucking up, they would have got gold everytime if it weren't for him!
this time was HIS fault. Totally. But the time she got her face cut was HERS. Anyway, it does not matter who is the fault
.....i love them but.. what happened?
@Emma19997 it was after.
Jesus! She hit her head on the floor when she fell as well!
This team really has the worst luck.
poor girl, bad karma :( always get hurt
I like how he carried her off the ice instead of letting them put her on a stretcher very sweet.
Antonia-Jean Eccleston
What did she expect to happen after she elbowed him in the face?
Aaron Chiel
there two alwayfs fuck up bad.
Captain Sulu
@LaMargoful oh its not his fault...he cares about her, they just have unfortunate accidents...at least this one wasnt during competition
@SpOrTsDiVa10 Really! How many times is this guy going to screw up!?
K9 Plays
that guy is 1 big idiot ....
@monuorah I can't believe he skates w/her. She bailed on that move & smashed him in the head. How can he catch her when she bashes him in the face? She opened up far too early. Bailing on a pairs move is extremely dangerous for your partner. Bryce could have gotten a concussion. The flace slash event it is clearly seen that they both travel too close. Her first, then him. It's mutual fault. She is the one who calls the timing of the sbs spins too. Usually it's the male.
@monuorah I can't believe he's still skating with her when this accident was her fault and he gets blamed. Look at her - she opens up on the twist far too early and makes him black out wiht her elbos. She also was the first one to travel in the sbs spins with the face slash, and she is the one who calls the changes.
worst partner ever. dangerous as fuck!
he has to be the worst fucking partner you could ask for. dangerous!!
wow, I can't believe she's still skating with him even after accident #2. brave girl.
_ _Nicole
why does she always fall?..poor thing..thats sucks so much..to practice so much and then not do well in the actual day they have to perform...she must've felt horrible...not to mention him..I hate that feeling :{..btw they make such a cute couple...he is cute! ^.^
@ryuurei01 Sorry, nothing specific, just an observation of the OLYMPIC skate. It just seemed to me that she could have cared less about her partner. More intuition than anything else. Of course, I could be wrong, but I did notice it.
how was he treated bad? sorry just wondering...did anything happen?
obviously she trusts him after all the accident she's been through...honestly i think she knows that he is soo concerned with her thats why she knows its not his fault..otherwise she would've switched partners long time ago
@fatima14936 She is too heavy for him to lift, imho. She also seems to have an "attitude" towards Bryce. Indeed, poor Bryce was treated pretty bad at the Olympics.
Fatima Estevez
OMG not again! Poor Bryce! They are SO awsome!! I just love how they're so close and the cool relationship they have together. Hope they keep winning and that they don't have any more accidents
he is so sweet to her.. and pls people stop saying its his fault. when someone falls on the ice, its no ones fault but the ice. hes so sweet to her when she gets hurt. as most couples are.. but sometimes they will just set there while the girl gets herself together, but hes always trying to find out whats wrong with her when she gets hurt, and hes so caring. hes a very good partner.. give him a break guys
Nathan G
OMG! the music is so fitting
Not entirely his fault it was really dark there and then you have those blinding spotlights to boot. God, How unlucky can you be? I think they should get new partners too much psychological damage going on. How could there not be?
Katharine Daley
Um, what does dimming the lights do, other than make it harder for them to see when skating out of the rink? And did anyone bother to help? That was really uncomfortable to watch.
Poor Jessica!
Geez again?! Girl get out of there and run for your life...
he keeps injuring her in front of other people !
wow again!! he's trying to kill her!!
The triple twist is probably their weakest element, though they have improved on it. People exaggerate way too much though, they've had a couple accidents, but I bet most pair skaters throughout their life have, you can't avoid it, everyone makes mistakes. It's a partnership, they both share the responsiblity 50/50, so it's ignorant to try and place blame on anyone.
Karoline Lucas
AGAIN?!? holy alot of accidents :(
omg i feel soooo efifng bad for them!!
veronica brown
oh k
Jasmine Tsim
i feel so bad for them they seem like the unluckiest pairs skaters out there at the moment xxxx
Ouch ..!! Poor girl
As a courtesy and a form of privacy for he skaters involved. I would not want everyone watching me after a fall like that. Her head bounced off the ice. I think it was gracious of them to offer as much privacy as possible in the situation. Last time she had alot of blood from her accident. Those in charge did what they thought best.
Give him a break you guys, the routines are difficult and you cant get every moment perfect each time. You never see David falling or crashing because he is never lifted, Jessica is. Pair Skating comes with a big risk and they trust eachother enough to continue skating together.
veronica brown
why? why would they turn the lights off if someone was hurt? i mean really?
they always have accidents...
Алинка Витаминка
damn this almost amde me cry lol
Trews Detroit
I think Bryce Davison took a life insurance policy out on her...First slashing her face open with his skate blade, than dropping her head first on the ice.
ohmygod I feel so bad for her! second accident, and in the head. i feel bad for him too, he has to live with this guilt, even though no one can predict accidents like this