2014 Olympics Team Event Ladies SP Group 2 Full Version

1.Fluff: Kaetlyn Osmond ( 00:05 ) - Group 1 - 2.Warm-Up ( 02:56 ) 3.Kaetlyn Osmond (CAN) ( 08:18 ) - Group 2 - 4.Warm-Up ( 14:54 ) 5.Mae Berenice Meite (FRA) ( 18:13 ) *The music from 19:52 to 22:10 was removed due to the claim of copyright. 6.Ashley Wagner (USA) ( 24:27 ) 7.Julia Lipnitskaia (RUS) ( 30:28 ) 8.Mao Asada (JPN) ( 37:18 ) 9.Carolina Kostner (ITA) ( 44:17 )

2014 Winter Olympic Games Team Event Julia Lipnitskaia Carolina Kostner Mao Asada

Thank you mj. I have been looking for this for 2 years. I and many others rediscovered figure skating through Yulia's performances in the team event. For me, her free skate remains the greatest performance of all time. You may not agree and that's fine. I'm just sad for her that she had nothing left for the individual event.
Mao Asada makes my heart melt.
How did Kostner not win this short program???
IMHO. I think that Carolina Kostner should have won this short program.
Ah, yes.... The event that Sotnikova was left off of because she was deemed "not good enough..." until Lipnitskaya crashed and burned... Funny, that.
Finally out! Thank you, Meejung Hwang!
Cedericoco Santorini
Horrible broadcasting by CBC, putting a banner on screen right in the middle of Carolina's performance, can't get more wrong than that. Incompetents.
Lauren Brown
Where the Russians over scored in the team event to?
Fernando C
I just realized that at 36:15 behind Yulia is Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov. Great to see so many incredible skaters in just one shot ♥
tac tac
kaetlyn really could've been a top skater. she still could! she's such a star! only thing missing is consistency. feel a bit sad watching how talented she was at a young age and how she still hasn't broken through....... I'm rooting for her this season.
Wow the black girl that skated had the biggest skates I've ever seen in figure skating .... looked like a size 10 or 11.
Pudgy Pudge
canada was the worst
Cedericoco Santorini
These Canadian commentators are so annoying!
Mao Asada and Carolina Kostner left me speechless. Mao's performance was so sweet and lovely even though she fell. She deserved higher points for PCS for sure here. Everyone (except Russians) was underscored.
César Abraham Castañeda Valencia
Youlia blowed up the ice that night... one of the most moving and virtuous performance ever
Lauren Thompson
Osmond jumps simikar to Tonya Harding how her angle of attack looks off center.
Cedericoco Santorini
"Osmond is any coache's dream" , make it "any single man's dream" lool
Spinning Yulls
Love this!!
Book Worm
Osmond is so full of herself!! Sure let the spotlight be on her when she botches up her long programs time and time again. Not impressed with her whatsoever!!!!! Ughhhh!!