Kaleido Star Season 2 Episode 16 [Part 1]

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(。・ω・)ノ゙ READ ME PLEASE! Kaleido Star Season 2 Episode 16 "An Amazingly Humiliating Performance" ♪ Opening song: "Tattoo Kiss" by r.o.r/s┊"Escape" by r.o.r/s ♪ Note: I'm sorry guys i will mostly likely be uploading the whole 2nd season in parts since youtube is no longer letting me upload the whole entire episode. ------------------------------------------------------------­­------------------­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­-­­-­­­­ I Do Not Own Kaleido Star All Credit Goes To The Creator ©Junichi Sato & The Japanese Studio Gonzo Digimation Holding . I'm Just Sharing It With Fellow Viewers On Youtube

Cats and stuff
May you now why Leon is not interested in you it because he has eyes for Sora a NICE person
Jayla Olds
it's gotten kind of boring without Sora on the stage
Emily Reed
This whole episode gave me an anxiety attack. Christ Leon -.- Dx
Emma Lee
Dhona Portugal
_so breath taking,, one of my favorite scene. .I watCh tHis so maNy times..aNd until now I still believe that the laSt 4minutes waS the moSt heart catching,,, @ 6:40 and 8:16 my heart beats kinfa like.dugdug-dugdug-dugdug..favorite part..♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡
Emma Lee
Okay, people keep bishing at Sora and have they seen the sh!t that she actually had to endure by May
Tara time
KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! Romantic AND thrilling, more more, Me want more!
Amidi Ba
leon is scary but cool oh OH OH OH OH OH OMG
David Emiko
OMG he was like COME ON....soooo cool I love this part
~Spoiler Alert~ (Read at your own peril. Only for people who have already seen Season 2) - - - - - - - What I don't understand is that Sophie is Leon's sister but here, it makes you think Sophie was Leon's lover that died. Did he have a thing for Sophie?
Abigail Ghiorghis
Leon x Sora
Haley Moree
One of the best episode awesome!!!
michaela nicole falcatan
i really wish it has season 3 , i already watch this 20 times not just twenty times but i think every 3 days
Wainright Mckenzie
know this is like areak romeo and juliet.leon climbing up to see sora on the balcony perfect
Sanja Subba
May is such a meanie she slapped sora so hard I wuss she would get out of stage forever
Favour Emiko
Ohhhhh my i can't even count how many times i've watched this episode.........its so awesome😍😍😍😍
Ariel glasgow
i knew leon had a sory to him, i thought he was just like layla when we first saw her and without a doubt leon woud also turn out to be good
Jesus Christ
Charlene Lee
Is it just me or Leon has become really creepy...
Jessica Villar
What I never liked about all this situation was how unfair was the world with May. The girl worked hard since day 1, is talented, got a proper training since kids, she had the same dreams that season 1 Sora. Yes, she have a bad personality but Sora didnt had everything figured since the start
I was saying wtf though this in disbelief 😂 I'm shook
Naomi/ WolfRUNNER/
8:50 what is the name of the music? I can't find it anywhere.
Prince Justin
Omg I'm to scared to see what happens in the second part😨😨😨😨
Ino Vlog's
Ok.... another ship... lyon x sora
Dea Goldylocks
I feel kinda bad that Leon only sees Sophie in Sora. The first time I watched it I ignored it (cuz I ship them hard!), but I have to admit now that the reason he held her, helped her was because of Sophie's memoyr;he literally SEES Sophie, instead of Sora. That embrace though, it made my heart flutter, I had to fan myself. I hope he does eventually see Sora for herself. I can't remember if he does.
Saltly Moon
Anyone watching this in 2019
Eila Liu
Man, Leon’s got it bad for Sora🤣(my ship is coming true)
We need a season 3 of kaleido star
Jemimah Barretto
Well they got it all wrong. It's not that Sora's not worthy to be Leon's partner, it's the other way around! Leon isn't worthy YET to be Sora's partner 😎
Radiant Beary
Uh oh a ship is coming
Lamar Christopherson
I couldn't watch when she went on stage!!!
Julianne Simon
Omygash i love it...😍😍😍
Sooo cute
Christina Campbell
me too
Hotaru Chan
I am starting to like Leon now
Louie Glienn Felix
Zoe Sam
Angelica Marie
I now love Leon :)
angel a
i couldnt help but laf wen da girls in the background screamed while sayin omygosh
Dhona Portugal
_my heart's beats so fst,, and I catch my breath. Sophie is her sister,, wHat a episode. ?♡♡
Mines too!!! :D......actually.....I think it's tied with the last one xD
ダリツマ アルボノス
Awww now I feel bad for Leon :/
last song
i thought they were lovers at first until I saw the episode with their childhood
Silly Sora... this is why you're supposed to tell an actor to break a leg instead of wishing that they have a good show.
Zoe Sam
romeo and julet more like sora,may,and leon.
Zoe Sam
sophie was leons sister.
despite the fact that Leon gets injured in this episode, this is one of my favorites cuz you finally get to see a more human side to Leon and a gentler side
Jadia Nightbane
LEON!!! T.T i dont hate him anymore. actually for some reason i kinda thought something like this would happen. i hope he'll be ok.
Kim Nguyen
Poor Leon !!! TT.TT
Lol. I have the same logic as Leon. =))
7:00 Nigguh thirsty XDD!
Holy cred!!My heart was pounding so fast!!!!!!!!
did anyones heart skip a beat when leon jumped or is it just me
My heart was actually pounding...
Hope Etta Wachtel
I love the opening song I wish it was on ITunes
Era I
OMG best episode ever this is my favorite episode poe Leon that fall in the end ):
I love this ep mostly cuz of this part :3 6:36- 9:32 Sora <3 such beautiful performance
Fairy Marie
6:51 when leon remeber sora doing the petal i think he's think "she needs to be on stage"Leon thought
Sharon Vineyard
i think that sora and yuuri are the best couple
Dolphine O.
omg i hope leon is ok i cried at the aprt when he was like sophie don't leave me oh leon:'(
Best episode ever!!!! And what's up with people seeing another person on sora? Lol!!!
Burn Tor
Wow my heart almost stop
MURATA Goodrich
drama bomd
Joy Hale
Please tell me he didn't die please tell me he didn't die
Sky rain
leon finally found his partner. sora you he was trying to get you to see that no matter what you do to be in on stage everyday is a competition. just accept it. nd lol may will never be better than sora
sarah love
i love this
Thanks for the upload! :D
Isobell Mahree
oh my gawd this anime is so dramatic!!!
i love this episode thanx u so much
Isobell Mahree
Cindy Tran
Thank you!!
GAH! again, thank u so so much for uploading this! X3
Crap I bumped the wrong button!!!! Stupid iPhone. Is it hit me or do I see the beginning of a passionate romance:)
cutey berry
i love the video that you pic
cutey berry
i love the video that you pic
You're Welcome Part 2 should be up soon :).