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Finally pulled the trigger on the kouki conversion for my 240sx!! Check out our apparel on www.illiminateapparel.com Follow us on instagram!! @illiminateapparel @randytruongg @tomasuhh @static.ka9 @kevinjude7 @andrewibarra @christian.ngo

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Kelly Josephs
LMAO I lost it at Trump care. Another sick video man!! Your Dad is cool af.
Ricky Rizzo
you guys are literally the asian haggard garage.
Dan Theman
Dayum where'd you get that conversion from? We were twinning it up with the red zenkis lol
clubpenguin tutorials
"Obama care?" "Obamas gone fool" "Trump care?" "Trump don't care" Had me dead
Hesh Buckets
link to those quick latches? please?
T Bo
Your dad is authentic AF, bruh hahaha✌. Good shit, brody, keep it up 👌
Jose S.S.
Rip to another OEM zenki
Victor Orosco
Progress is looking great on the front end Randy. Can't wait to see it all buttoned up!
I need videos of the prelude
Vincent Adame
do a vid on the Prelude 👌
surprise you haven't got kick out of your apartment yet.
Joel Tejada
How tf do they have 30k subscribers they should have wayyy more
Import Fanboy
congrats on 30k!!
This channel gonna grow soon 🔥🔥 keep up the good vlogs
ICall iSos
Damn chun lee violated the mexican kid
What wheels are the new ones u threw on and offset
Nikolas Vazquez
We're do u get the quick release buttons at thanks
Bryan Vlogs
do you guys have snapchat's?
"trump dont care" lmao
Chuy Canseco
Ive been watching your videos for a while but this video made this channel my favorite. Mad respect for the work you guys put in your cars. Plus you guys seem so chill , also love the long video !
Porn Flakes
You guys gotta post more bro ! I can't wait till this channel grows ! Great videos keep it up.
save the zenki's
Martin Ruvalcaba
Where can i get that hood?
Sam Finnie
Where did you get the kit?
Slideways Garage
no copy right strikes????
How come you don't get caught for copyright of music?
DriftingBrandon C.
"Obamas gone." Hahaha
Brown and where did you get the front bumper quick release button thingy
Lena the Fucktoys snatch
so if someone sees your car and wants the bumper all they need to do is take it
Yun Sang Cho
u scratching ur rims makes me feel better about me scratching my rims yesterday
Josiah Zurita
goals af, trade for sc300?
San Diego Native
What car does the Mexican drive ?
Mark Guzman
YOO were can i get those bumper release?
what is the music on 6:30
Alexander Garces
Song 6:24 please
Bryan Estrada
how much for the zenki hood
Oleg Vazhnik
Cyka blyat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! song name 6.35
Juan Uribe
Just ordered some gear from you guys . Can't wait to receive it .
Andrew Lopez
What do y'all do for a living, just wondering??
Concrete Board
subscribed because of dad
Jeremiah Pedro
Trump don't care 😂😂😂😂
Lite Skin
That new migos though
A tuner Life
When u did that naruto run lmaoooo
Doyan Motor
Cool as always man keep up the good work
Jacob R. Doty
Yo what lens was this ?
HennyBoy Zoo
Yall selling the Zenki hood or Bumper il Cop those !
Robb Southard
How long have you been making videos? I like the style and your character but I can't wait to see y'all upgrade from Hondas lmao
Criss Steichen
Just discovered your channel love your content 🙏🏼
Fernando Roque
Ispy is my shit gonna see Kyle and Yachty tonight actually 😤💯
Fernando Roque
Yu arr a dissonor to ur famarry, giv mi ur carr
Savage Charles
So what do you need for a kouki conversion? New hood, lights, bumper, and what else?
Hey I have a zenki so do after market bumpers for the Kouki fit on the chassis ? So I could just buy the fenders hood and bumper and the headlights and grill and it would all fit?
maybe some type of quick release in the middle of the bumper on the inside? like a latch of some sort
v8power gaming
da music doh.
Luis Zavala
4:09 RIP torque wrench. :(
name of the rims please
name of the rims please
alvaro garduño
3:05 song please?
Automotive Anatomy
No radiator support swap or any crazy modifications..huh nice.
Dylan Prasad
You're so weird
Harvey Ruiz
What front bumper is that a vertex rep?
Try adjusting the factory latch on the car. You could probably get the factory latch too work too.
Sour Lemons
whats the song at 4:50
Justin Abiva
how much for the old wheel!
Eduardo Salcixo
are those cr Kai reps or real work wheels I been looking for some of those but reps my drift car
Jose Martinez
Just put on a mask next time dude
Jorge Ramos
Ayyy looks good guys!
Daniel a7X
send me your instagram
just pick up a bash bar. fixes the bumper sag, and you drop some weight on the car by removing the stock crash bar
JayonBlay C
how did yall customize the lights to fit on! I need to know
Cristian Mendez
If I was your neighbors I would be so pissed with the noise 😂
You need the kouki bumper beam and the retainer
Ag Sher
"TRUMP DON'T CARE! TRUMP DON'T LIKE YOU, BRUH!" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 ...truer words were never spoken! 😂😂😂😂😂😂
you guys from vegas?
Sass22 Stowell
I made it 1 k likes
Saul 760
Finally another video 😄
Where is sonny
how did you guys rewire the headlights
JJ San
"Should take couple minutes. An hour Max..." 6 Hours later........
Y'all should wear masks !
Erik pacheco
link for the quick release ?
Kevin Tran
Badass work bro! Can't wait to see the final look
andy meung
Southern Mx
Whatvwere all the songs you used????
Jose Martinez
that eg in the back
Official OhDee
Ima need help doing a kouki conversation later on im gonna need illuminate body shoo help 😂💯
Duke Bigballz
Hahah Tokyo drift
Jeffrey Bright
Where did you get the conversion parts and how much? Great video!
Jacob Dilbeck
Noooooo not kouki😭😭😭
what are those rings hanging from the roof in interior of the S2K called?
I hope to see you guys at drift central !!!
Ben San Soo Kung Fu Sifu
Hey guys it was good to see the dad stopping by to give you a hand I do things with my boys and they appreciate all of my knowledge to help them customize their vehicles professionally it's very good to see your dad helping you appreciate the fact that you have a dad to do things with you guys hang in there project looks great
Chia Xiong
the front look like a mustang
Jay Arr Reyes
Boooo!! Boring i think your car is made from scrap hahahaha
olga hernandez
Whats the name of that song on 6:57
Alan Morales
Whats the song at 6:23?
What are his new wheel called
jack shammo
Randy where did you get you whole kit from