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Best Gas Monkey moment ever. I remember watching this on tv when the episode came on for the first time, I laughed so much at this part it was just so funny.
you know what time it is? hell yeah i know what time it is i just got through watching the flintstones! very good
He said your dagger tattoo looks like a penis XD
"It is quarter to five IN THE MORNING and you are just showing up"!!!!
StinkySQL Sixpence
That's so brilliant. Well done.
I just got done watching the Flintstones hahaha
aaro gant
I really can't stand Richard but this was hilarious
all the dirt I crawled trough to find this gem
Bob Doc
Jesse James talks like Garth from Wayne's World...
Eduard Lopez
jajajajajajajajaa me cago! :D
donde mierda puedo conseguir esto en audio latino?
Sauce Lloron
The Best Moments
Sơn Nguyễn
Where is kaulman??? Where 😞😞😞
Xardas T3
ich sollte englisch lernen !!!
the Flintstones
da coder
God this was funny :D lol
Joey Paddia
that was good
Jeancharles Rabaux
Arone please vend ta BMW e36
nunyer beeznaz
Now it's 2018,and richard the moron has zero credit-ablility in the automotive field. Everyone has seen the little rich kid get his way too many times. Aaron left him slithering in his own self made slime from not completing deals and projects as agreed upon. DICK is a scumbag !!
That’s was awesome
Volk Revel
rawlings depends on the kindness of better men. That they dont beat his ass.
Кокин Артем
HEEEEEEELP!!! from what is the season and series?
Thank you so much I thoroughly enjoyed that
John Nadar
I watch on this in episodes
eric burhed
Falon Lentz
Spot on
Gary Britt
Sr's reaction to this made me laugh
Regenerate Gene
Priceless how Paul are loving this joke on himself??? Not like Jesse ape knuckle f%^&face that cannot compute a joke bcuz he's just tooo dumb!!
Eng. Thaynan Pereira de Faria, PMP, PRINCE2
mtoo bom hhahahahaha ri demais!
Driftwood Evergreen
Acting is hard.
Toby Tyler
Fool me y'all nailed it. To funny
Sergio Freedom
por favor traigan estos capitulos a latinoamerica siempre hay seguidores de estos hermosos programas saludos
buellman buell
Excellent ;-)
Ich Ich
Yeah thats one way to get frequenz!!!! But i guess this is the only way for gas monkey blablabla
John Riccobono
OCC where the heavy hitters back in the day and the OGs to me but as with life time flys and things change
David Qvo
Love this guys
lol they about loved it right
I just died
chris terroy
that's  just   FABULOUS GUYS .........      GAS MONKEY GARAGE is OK in my book ......  I about fell outta my computer chair just now   laughing so hard ....       KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK  RICH AND AARON   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brahahhhahhah that so Fin funny!.
They were right on the money! I'm glad Jr. and Sr. thought it was funny too.
Gabriel Muniz
Cocaine is a helluva drug. Haha.
J Henry
you think you're better than everyone i mean it's a quarter till 5 in the mornin and you're just now rollin in lol hahahah
ted s
Well that was pretty accurate
farouk rafikalli
Lol.😃 That's still funny.
Lagstabbing Fiend
Only OCC has a computer so bad that it runs a video at 5fps.
In a very weird way, I kinda liked it.  Gig'em.
Nightwing Lover
There reactions😂😂😂😂😂
joyeux anniversaire aaron 34 ans
chris terroy
If Paul Teutal cant take a joke oh well ...  I will admit   OCC think there the only builders in the world ...   id rather watch Jesse James  till he got his lil  EGO ... trust me if it wasn't for a NETWORK makin them who they were they (OCC) would be all that   THANKS DISCOVERY !!!!
Gale Gregory
out there lol
Егор Кондратенко
почему у меня пропал телеканал Diskaveri
ibrahim media
Mister SS
Henry sounds like John Travolta hahahaha
Good old fun! Love how both sides enjoyed that...good to see. GMG did a good job at poking a little fun n not taking it to far or getting personal with these guys. Good job!
Matt Renfro
I wonder if Richard went out and bought a pair of Gatorz specifically for that?
Michael Michael Motorcycle
david Huber
Aaron and his air bags, well Aaron your full of air too.
Quinton McHale
ROTFFL !!!! also funny when occ took a JJ interview and dubbed JJ farting through it. LOL
Julia Boeddeker
lol it was funny watching the tuettles whatever they are hilarious..
Steven Adams
Todd Kesler
And the same thing happened to them as whats going on to you now...
what season and episode was this one
Iam Moetic
ah man gas monkey killed it Richard and Aaron won that battle for sure lol
Stefano Ventimiglio
that was pretty funny though.
New Generation
Lmao this has made my day😂😂
iCeMaN tHe BeSt
LMAO so much 🍺🍺🍺🍺
awesome moment of the show lol
Real Mart Ent
Brian Barney
You guys forgot " This bikes gotta be done tomorrow and we're way behind. Everybody stop what you're doing and get this place cleaned up."
Mladen Turčić
so fun😀😀😀
AMD amelie
Yeah I agree he is a good fabricator but he acts like he's GOD and his shit don't stink. I used to like his work a lot then it all started to look the same and his douchebaggery kicked in. I stopped paying attention to his work after that. He talked a lot of trash about Jr but I think Jr is far more creative. Not saying every bike Jr designed was the shit but they all were very different from one another. I'm talking post OCC. Jrs Gears of War trike was probably the baddest bike I've seen in a long time. I also think Billy Lane and Indian Larry's bikes were for the most part better than JJ.
LeRoy Winnie
That was funny !
Jerny James
John May
this is stupid
On the edge Blades
victor vargas
Scott Matheson
did these guys at the end actually find that drivel funny? pathetic.
Julia Boeddeker
I miss watching the dad break down doors and scare the shit outta everyone..and juniors like..I'm leaving..I wish junior had bigger balls..and
Joe Ripoll
great vid!   LOL!
On the edge Blades
If Jesses so tuff why did it he deliver that shit himself instead of having his ass clowns do it now who’s the real punk??
Brock Dufour
I like the show more when you spend more time on the build and less time on your selfs. I dig you guys your fun. Just saying
Glenn Reed
If you can't laugh at yourself, you don't deserve to laugh at anybody else.
Diego Abarca
Jesse James punked this clown lol
SCXTen Diablo
Jesse James is the clown or should I say washed up wanna be thug Douche Bag. I built this part with my bare hands so that makes me better than you. He's such a loser and that's why he lost his wife.
Martin Pozzi
funniest thing EVER!!!
And this is why Gas Monkey, Sr and Jr are all so great, they took it as it was meant... as joke. Jesse would have got all bent out of shape and been a douche about it.
Son los mejores
aaron=Dr. Beardface