Once Upon A Time 7x08 Opening Scene Hook Meets Daughter Alice in Wonderland Season 7 Episode 8

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Once Upon A Time 7x08 Opening Scene Hook Meets Daughter Alice in Wonderland & He Got Hurt. Ella and Henry Practice Fight and almost kiss. Season 7 Episode 8 “Pretty in Blue” Go and Watch the Once Upon A Time 7x09 Promo this channel too.

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Queen Rose
Henry had the same thought Hook did in season 3 "one day I'm gonna stop chasing this woman" *Me: no you won't!*
Katie Signer
Also henry was taught to fight by his grandfather then his father AND THEN hook
Ella runs into portal and Henry's face is pricesless. Now Henry knows what Hook went through having to chase Emma!
Jasleen Singh
Alice can't even hug her own father😟
Happypanda AJ
"But is it really you? You're so young." I can just see old, pot-belly Hook singing the lullaby or reading a bedtime story to grown up Alice XD I hope they have more flashbacks of Hook and Alice <3 It's really the only thing I'm loving about this new season.
Happypanda AJ
At least we know that CaptainFloor is still a thing. Best ship after CaptainSwan.
Jacklyn Lawson
"Papa?" oh my goodness. Hand me a Kleenex and a camera, that was definitely a Kodak moment. R.R. is rocking this role! Yeah, still don't Ella.
Angelina Delena
I seriously love how the opening was similar to the opening in 7x02! Also I got a little teary eyed because Alice can't hug her own father!! When Alice said "Papa?" It was so adorable and I got REALLY Happy and Emotional.
Paula GS
I love the dad/daughter relationship between wish Hook and Alice 😭😭❤️
Alice Wise ツ
*_Is anyone else really starting to ship Wish Realm Hook/Officer Rogers with Regina? I didn't at first...but they seemed to have so much chemistry in this episode._*
WHY IS HOOK HEART POISONED!!?!!?! he can't even hug his own daughter!!! OMG i'm crying!!! so many feels!!!
Katie Signer
Ugh omg Alice and Killian ugh crying this is adorable and sad
Alice from wonderland...and other places😄
Sunshine 9232
Joshua Ford
One of these days he’s gonna stop chasing that women
Jacklyn Lawson
Wait a second, back up, hold the phone! Rogers Hook told Killian that true love could cure his poisoned heart and we've seen the true love of a parent and child break a curse...so or maybe this curse was tweaked. Like when Gideon sent Killian through the portal and made it impossible to return on his own. Maybe Gothel did something to prevent true love from breaking the curse on his heart.
Diana Yudina
It's interesting how they've created the character of Cinderella being quite similar to Emma, and also including some traits of Regina
Ella and Henry's word practice was so great! Her little laugh when she shoved into him was adorable. But UGH. My heart. Alice thought she finally could be close to her papa. I almost cried. It was so sad. What a great opening few minutes!
Jeremy Jackson
Even though WR Hook isn't Henry's stepfather, it's kind of like Alice is his stepsister!
Why do I have a feeling that The Witch is another Dark One or something similar/equal ? Trapped by a magic 'which can trap any immortal' - as Regina said, making deals, awake. That would be quite cool
Julie marie Aleksan
I miss captainswan
Katie Signer
CRYING OMG THIS SCENE😭😭 way to many emotions
George Weasley
I honestl love Alice's dress though tbh....its so weird and different
This scene was very sweet and is making me hope that we will get flashbacks of Hook raising Alice. I’m confused though because I don’t remember when/how Hook’s heart was poisoned. Can someone help me with that?
Ellie Thompson
I said Alice was his daughter
Mariana Benavides
Am i the only one who ships Hookedqueen? hehe
Paramjeet Kaur
I find it odd that Regina was the first one to go run to Hook to see if he was OK while Henry, Alice and Ella just watched. And how she calls his name when he gets hit back by the magic that prevents him from being with Alice. Secretly shipping hookedqueen here. They had really good scenes this episode.
Zee A
Cupcake Queen
I know this is question is ridiculous but would it help if hook removed his heart when he is with Alice or not? also Alice must be special for gothel to return and decide hook can no longer see Alice and curse him but why does Alice have magic or a prophecy that the witch doesn't like
Eruintiel Greenleaf
That's not Alice! Anyone who has seen Once upon a time in Wonderland knows that.
Shari Diaz
i am glad she got her daugther back but i want her to go after herny n now her step mom heplng her granddaugther
Tammy Martinez
I like the father/daughter dynamic of hook and Alice. Reminds me of charming and Emma
lali :p
i'm the only one who ships alice with henry ?
i shure in episode was scenes Hookedqeen but they was deleted(
I hate their twist with Gothel but I love them together so they better do lots of scenes with them and scenes showing what G did was awful (for once).
Lily'sCrazyGames! LCG
I was like wtf hook was omg I can hug my daughter and then this happens!
I KNEW it...
Lily'sCrazyGames! LCG
Hearing hook shout breaks my heart break💔
Hook & Henry specifically needs to figure out their family tree gosh💀
Why does Alice talk like that (no offense)
Arianaismyqueen X
Wish realm hooks is such a good father to Alice I hope they break the curse
Irish chick
wait a sec if Henry's step father is hook and Alice is the daughter of wish hook then ........ what the hell are Alice and Henry😕😕😕😕😕😕😕
Such a Good scene❤
Brandy Earl
how the hell Is Alice Hooks daughter? is Emma her Mom??
Is that really HIS daughter?
Claire Aquos
Henry:ALICE! Alice:brother
Sunny Pylypchuk
Guys, help. I don't know English very well (yes, I'm stupid) and I'm curious. Someone can quote the end of the dialogue? What did Alice find? I'll be grateful. Love you, oncers ❤️❤️❤️
I kinda wish Hook still acted like Old Hook.
marta Lis
So in the whole goddamn show they never thought to even mention that hook had a daughter till this season
Luany Chaves
I really love that.
Some Random Cat
What the heck did I just see?
shook temper 101
I'm here like wtf why would hook have a baby with a dirty ASS witch sorry I'm waiting for season 7 on Netflix you can never replace Emma crusty hoe . WHERE'S EMMA ANYWAY? TELL ME
Bintou Sinera
Is this his daughter with Emma or is this the hook from the enchanted forest daughter with the other girl
Lindsay Wamhoff
Cinderella should totally should have been violet
aapjes8 aapjes! roblox
WHERE is Emma!?!!
I would hate to think that Alice must have also played by her mother's playbook by luring some poor sap into the tower, have a night of fun (or several) with them, get knocked up and then abandon her poor kid up there with their father while she heads off to Wonderland to do god knows what. Hence why she doesn't want to divulge the details to Hook.
Veronika Machytkova
so sweet how she says "papa"
Sunny Pylypchuk
Guys, help. I don't know English very well (yes, I'm stupid) and I'm curious. Someone can quote the end of the dialogue?What did Alice find? And what didn't happen? 🤔 Yes, it looks weird and funny. But I love this scene and I want to explore it. And also I love you too, oncers)) ❤️❤️❤️ Mwah 😽
Samsiah A Karim
who's Alice'S mom?
Im so confused. So this is wish realm hook? He came into the real realm? Had a kid? Went where? Got so old how? Someone help!
What the Heck??? How can Alice be Hook's Daughter?
Avakin Bell
No seré fiel a capitán swan
Emily Lee
I know Hook isn't "the" Killian exactly...but I guess in a way Alice is Henry's stepsister? Because Emma and Hook are married, and that makes Emma Alice's stepmom, and Henry's stepsister.
Cherry Chui
Had to watch this after tonight's episode T_T
If his heart is poisoned why cant regina just take his heart out and then theyll be able to hug again
Taz Scoles
Do Hook and Alice have a ship name? They should
Golden wing
for a moment there I thought that was Emma and hooks child
Kyahdnnjrbdm Hejdnrm
So their 2 hook each from a different world
Miss Sakura
Question since Gothel is a witch doesn't that mean Alice is a witch. Because Zelena was a witch and Robin is one too
poor Killian/Hook
Hook has a bloody daughter? cute but discusting
Baby Angel
I miss the other Henry
Menina da Lua
Alice's teeth are so weird I think she needs braces
Nana Love
is Henry going to question the fact that Alice was sent by Rumple to prevent him to date Cinderella, and discuss this with him? Because now that Rumple is in the EF they really have to talk about this
Arii Gh.
Can someone Please explain to me where the hell Emma is.
Julia Gugołek
Why the hell this isn't a child of Emma and Killian?! I wanna see Swan-Jones kid!
Am I the only one seeing the continuity issue? There already WAS a Cinderella who went to the ball (with help from Rumple) and fell in love with a prince. Young pregnant woman that Emma helped keep her baby by making a deal with "Mr. Gold"?
hook is getting soft
Eristine Forever
Where is Emma? She and Hook are supposed to be together. Unless...is Alice their daughter? If not, I am going to be so freakin pissed. And if she isn’t their daughter, is she Mother Gothel’s (who pretended to be Rapunzel) and Hook’s? If so, that is so disgusting and wrong. 😩😤😠😡👿👺😾🤢🤮😾
Arianaismyqueen X
Does anyone know how old Alice is supposed to be I’m guessing she’s about 20