The Babadook | Trailer US (2014)

Darsteller / cast: Essie Davis , Noah Wiseman , Daniel Henshall , Cathy Adamek Genre: horror Regie / directed by: Jennifer Kent Kinostart Deutschland: 2014 Kinostart USA: 2014 offizielle Filmsite: /> Verwendung mit freundlicher Genehmigung von used with authorization

So much better than any American horror concepts. If this was done here it would star Nikki Manage and be called the Badonkadonk.
Fernando Cunha
BABADOOK = A BAD BOOK ....did anybody else notice this anagram???
You know a movie is scary if just the trailer freaks you out. O_O
2:11 Babadook is apparently a pokémon
Jeez, why is this so scary? "South Australia Productions." Oh, that explains everything! The Babadook is a dropbear!
Jul But
Amazing movie, beautiful but intense at the same time, there are really some creepy moments.
one of the scariest movies, i´ve ever seen. Essie Davis should get an nomination for an oscar in a female leading role...
This really does look incredible. Out of all the concepts for a horror movie, "Childhood monsters becoming real" is one of my favorites. Does anyone know when this will be premiering in the US?
Matthew Jordan Miller Miller
I am so going to see this
Serious question: Why does every American call this movie "The Baba-duke"? Do you all go around saying "Luke at me! I'm reading a buke. That guy who steals is such a cruke!"
i luv this movie lol its rlly good
PJ's Channel
Classic horror.
BetaRay Bill
After "Mama" produced by Guillermo Del Toro here comes "Babadook"
Looks interesting. What I think a scary movie should be is like it would be in a book. This seems like one of those. Want to watch it now and see how good it is.
Darth Sparrow
I am going to watch the movie in a few minutes and I am already scared to death
Ciara Kelly
Is it just me or does it sound like a Pokémon at the end?
That pop up book in this movie was messed up.
I didn't see what was so annoying about that kid. I just saw a boy trying to protect his mom.
Baylee Bluejacket
I want to hit this kid omg
WTF is my priest doing in this movie?!
Shaylin Simmons
I already watched this real good
Melanie Brandt
Yep, I think American movies have all gone to complete [email protected]#t. I am so sick of the movie franchise bullsh&*t!!!!! This was interesting. The boy was great and so was mom! The end was a bit much, but I cared about these characters. That's what makes a good watch.
Creepy trailer!
Patricia Taylor
Quite an impressive film. Genuinely disturbing on the whole.  A little silly at times however more than compensated by seriously sinister moments.  It could have gone either way but overall much better than a mediocre outcome.
I can't wait for this (:
William Yuguchi
It's really a horror film in the style , a Great engaging script , which shows that do not need huge investments to make a film that gives fear liked how scary movie .
Danielle Parlington
where couyld i watch this omg..
This movie has become one of my favorite horror movies, because it brings to light one of many horrors we face in life: losing a loved one. We can try to put on a brave face, ignore our deepest feelings, and move on...or we can accept that this grief will always be a part of us.
Sherry Wong
Possibly the best horror film I've seen to date, honestly. I hardly get spooked by horror films and I watch alot of them, but this one just scared the shit out of me and woah the plot is pretty damn awesome as well. I loved it so much.
I have a Babacock, is the same thing?
Jennifer Crook
Gave me the chills
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I hate that kid for se reason and I haven't even watched the movie yet
Amanda T
It's on Netflix!
Mark Ryan
Friggin terryfing. Sooo good. Brings back childhood fears of things that go bump in the night
ShikaSaku NaraHaru
I find it weird how people act like a movie like this he never been done before. I've seen at LEAST a handful of movies like this! It's not all that great compared. Weird child monster, "oh noo, I'm soo scared." *sarcasm intended* And yeah it gets props for the psychological shxt but I've seen a hell of a lot better. Come now, you guys need to step you games up.
Macy Johnson
I actually thought the movie was kind of dumb and unscary. Maybe I'm just weird
someone lonely
Is it wrong that i masterbated to this?
Looks crap
i love the kid his accent and accting is amazing!!!ba ba ba dook dook dook,
Mihai Zubac
you can't get rid of his babacock
buttnakedthug idk
I am completely baffled on why this movie has such positive reviews?! The movie wasn't terrible but was definitely not good by any means. The camera angles and lighting were decent especially for a lower budget film, but unfortunately not enough to pull this move through. It falls on its face with its dragging story line (If you can even call it that), over acting, and laughable scary moments. Lastly what the hell is up with the ending?? No underlining message that I could see....  I would like to hear from someone else opinion, maybe something I missed??
monika malec
It s bad
Michael Hartomo
My Review about The Babadook
Hot Dog Storm
Worst name for a horror flick next to the The
The woman in this barefoot whenever she is indoors. It is not made clear if that is common practice in her part of the world.
I think the movie had some good gray tones for lighting and red and black..that could be just me. I think the sound effects were creepy sounding. Some parts I think had references for the Exorcist like the shaking bed scene and the floating.I enjoyed this film, like Dead Silence, the movie's ending was...surprising, I didn't see that coming. In fact everything is great , just the ending seemed alittle undone to me. If this was not based on a book, I commend them for originality and darkness...reminds me abit of Tim Burton with the darkness and creepy things that lurk about. Not sure why people say cheap scares or over acting. And......why laugh at movies like this? That's what I can't understand, I would never laugh if somebody was getting murdered or hurt in anyway. It's crude and mean I think. Things like that shouldn't be jokes or people take it like least I think shouldn't.  If I saw that thing in my house, yeah...I'd over scream and over react as it's something that's not from our realm and it's scary. In terms of effects, I say if you don't work with them or never use them, or acted in your life, don't say bad acting or cheap effects. My rule of thumb is, if you never worked in that field, don't pretend you know about acting and effects to say something is cheap and horrible. Also....the Babadook would be such a creepy book to own....nicely made too I think. I think what made this movie scary was the book itself ...well and everything else too.
I just recently watched this and I loved it and the actors were amazing they were scary as hell
Edward X
OMG! It's a book! Lol. Just kidding...just kidding
This movie got pretty high reviews on RT... like over 90% which is really high for a movie in this genre.
Caleb Urrea
So, film currently has 100% on RT and overall raving reviews. Think this'll be the Halloween/The Exorcist of this decade? (Speaking waaay too soon.)
Me: "Babadook? What kind of name is that? Psh this isn't scary." Two minutes and thirteen seconds later: *screams*"HE SAID BABADOOOOOOOOOOOK."
Mina Graham
i like how this movie doesn't depend on jump scares to be scary its like a creepypasta but its not
ok i finished the movie, Don't watch it. Its not worth it you'll be annoyed
That soundtrack playing while she stops reading and the boy starts getting frightened..... what a disturbing and scary scene, this one, the tv news crime scene and when she's  washing the dishes gave me goosebumps. Amazing movie, for me it took horror to another level.
I loved this movie
Edith Guzman
Watching the movie at this very moment and I am predicting by the way the story is unfolding so far that in the end the "babadook," possesses the mother and she ends up killing her own son? Hmmm...
Carlos Blank
Its on Netflix yee
This looks absolutely delightful! No joke! Can't wait!
Brandon Conforto
creepiest movie I have seen in a long time! Its a different type of scary...I only really jumped at one scene but many scenes sent shivers down my spine!
"If it's in a word or in a look..." I saw this movie a few times and it made me feel like I knew what psychosis was like. It definitely amplified my compassion to those who have lost loved ones and still live life in inescapable grief from time to time. What next?
Bianca Sias
My type of movie! Can't wait!
i watched the movie and it wasnt very scary for me but i had a dream of it that babadook is shouting behind me in bed
A Green
Someone wanna explain to me why youtube feels the need to give you the option to "translate" any comment with the word "Babadook" in it? It's the goddamn title!
Adam Tempesta
awesome horror.
Best horror movie ever . I can't stand modern American horror flicks
I'm about to watch it this movie 😳
Eric Inglis
i understand that this movie might be well made.... but that ending just made me want to take back those 90 mins of my life
Won an award here in Australia recently  Directors first movie and she also wrote it.
I think the underlying theme to the movie is the desperation and loneliness of being a single parent; and the utter sense of alienation from life itself. I think the entire storyline of the Babadook may have been in her head and the dark thoughts were her own deep-seeded need to act out against her alienation. In this sense, the mother would subconsciously place blame on the child - having him be the reason her husband died and why she has to work at a job she hates and why she can't have any real friends or real life or just that this kid sucks at her very existence. As a mother, her sense of guilt for feeling this way was so overwhelming she either concocted or embraced the notion of a 'boogeyman'. With this theory, one could even suggest that she may have been physically abusing Samuel from stress and mental illness, and she made herself believe it was due to the Babadook.  In either scenario, whether it was real or not, the underlying theme of this movie is the utter sense of alienation that single parents feel - the long work hours and yearning for more that leaves them with absolutely no energy to give or even figure out something different. The end of the movie (spoiler alert if you haven't watched it, lol) has her trapping the Babadook in the basement. Figuratively speaking... the kitchen of the house represents the heart of a being or a family, the attic represents the mind or memories, but the basement represents the foundation and underlying emotions of a being or a family - it's where the secrets are kept and it represents the core of who we are. In this sense, she locked a monster up, a monster that wants to overtake her and harm her child. That to me says it all. At the end, Samuel says, "Can I see it?" and she responds, "When you're old enough." Sure, that could be literal, but it's mostly a figurative mention that they are both aware of the "dirty secret" that lies within their family and relationship and may even foreshadow that Samuel will inherit such behavior.
Tom Sproson
That last bit you hear is the bit before you wake up, start crying and go to mummy and daddy's room from being completely and utterly freaked out.
Tom Pinsonneault Pinsonneault
Oh man...not a good trailer to watch before going to bed, lol   :O
arielle lau
To scary
Rend Eve
Babadook sounds like someone doing inhale screams. Cant waot for it to premiere in sg !
Umar Sanchez
How is it an American trailer
Ryan Beaty
This isn't a juvenile horror movie. It is a strong character piece that doesn't rely on common cheap plot devices. If you want a typical monster movie or something with a slasher film pacing, then go somewhere else. I'm thankful the few rare times someone offers up a horror movie with some substance. 
grumpy cat rules!
I have seen the movie it is the best movie of all Time!.....well in my opinion.
Nguyễn Ân
Trailer :((((((((
519 Forestmonk
The trailer shows too much. But it looks fantastic anyway!
Proceed with caution, I detect a "The Others" moment possible with this one...
sally rickerson
~ I bought this Movie. not really knowing the deep meaning of it. It is about her inner Soul with grief and loss.I lost my Son 08/02/2011~ and I understand the brink of insanity of holding onto grief and how it does consume every fiber of your being. Not moving forward~ because you never do.One never gets over it~ ever.
Le B
U can bring meh da boi
The movie was ok... Wasn't scared really. I think the suspense is what really got me tensed; but nothing really climaxed. It's not the art some people make it out to be and I'm usually impressed by originality. Just not my cup of tea..
Kurt Lim
She has some serious redecorating to do
Michelle Bernal
Best birth control ever. Holy shit, that kid was annoying through the entire thing.
Stephen Smith
Xiumin Kicks
how to make this movie not scary or in particular any horror movie 1. start thinking about the BTS 2. think how many times they had to retake that scene there ya go, not scary anymore ruins the whole "scary" mood
Can someone just explain what exactly this movies about, its confusing as hell to understand the plot?
Jarno Datema
The scariest things about the movie are the comments of this video
watched it. its stupied. ending gives you nothing. and you dont know who if anyone was ever crazy or if babadook is even real
this is a psychological thriller, not a horror was marketed wrong
poop sausage
Lucky McWoozy
Did anyone actually see it and is it worth seeing?
Michael England
I can't believe some guy on rotten tomatoes said where's the monster?
Callum Attenborough
Is this on Netflix plz tell me, I'm desperate to watch this movie
Randy Savage
This movie will not get a sequel cause it was too dam scary. I don't get it that stupid sinister movie got a sequel why not this one.
I'll wager with you. I'll make you a bet. The more you deny, the stronger I get. 
Elizabeth Storms
I just saw this movie a few hours ago and it was pretty scary. I like physiological movies like this one, just all twisted and messed up. There only two things I did not like about the movie, I found the kid to be a tad annoying and I didn't like the ending. Like he lives in there basement like she goes through all of that only to have him live in the basement. Also, I found the dog to be unnecessary in the movie. There were a few scenes through out the movie and for a while you don't see the dog until she kills him. Poor adorable thing, I was so sad :( poor puppy.
Sandy Holliday
YECK!  People sure must love the devil they make enough movies about him, and watch him terrorize other people.   Can someone please start making good movies again?????