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TechZone ► /> If you like to watch sports events, you've probably noticed that the competition is especially intense in the last few seconds. At this point the medal winner is decided, and many athletes often save strength for the final second. But sometimes in those situations, a few moments before the end of the game, or the race, really amazing things happen. Call them what you will: miracles, unexpected comebacks, incredible results, but in the end it's the same. These seconds are remembered for a long time by fans and enter the history of the sport. Today we've gathered the best final moments for you, so...

Atheletes don't save strength for the lasts seconds of a game- they find strength.
Sara Godecke
Today's my B-day so if I can get 16 likes i'll be happy.
Usain bolt 2008 2012 2016 100m 200m 4x100m 9 Gold Medals Not 2004 Sir.
Marco Molinari
missing... Football: 1) Barca vs PSG 2) Manchester City vs QPR 3) Manchester United vs Bayern Munich 4) Liverpool vs Milan NBA: 1) T-Mac 13 poiints in 33 seconds 2) Celtics game4 vs Lakers (2008) 3) Cavs 1-3 comeback vs Warriors Formula 1: 1) Button last2first at 2011 Canadian GP 2) Raikkonen 17° to 1° at 2005 Japan GP 3) Schumacher 16° to 1° at 1995 Belgium GP
Steven Bradbury is an Aussie legend! We love him so much and it was damn amazing when that happened!
Brandon T
Where’s Lightning McQueen blowing a 2 lap lead in the piston cup?
Jón Skúli Ómarsson
Hansen did not fall its called a scorpion kick
Yi Peng
Where is 6-1 Barcelona🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😡
Kenji 12
Barcelona psg?
Half the details are wrong
Umm, where is Super Bowl 51? Falcons blew a 25 point lead in the Super Bowl against the Patriots.
Oscar Farrington
wheres tracy mcgrady scoring 13pts in 35 seconds
G. D00RN
Are you the guy from Viral Vehicles??
Various Freestyle 161
Martin Hansen did not fall he meant to backheel the football
Ritik Khugshal
Investing Hustler
Most amazing sports comebacks have happened in video games 👌
Hugh Mungus
Where the hell is Barca Vs PSG? 😡 Credit to Nemanja Mocevic's comment, you recall do lack sports knowledge. How is a 2-1 ADO comeback better than the 4-0 Barca comeback?
Zidan Iqbal
Humreq àñjōl videostraù
CZ Chromozone
Wow Bradbury wow
XxBlack_DragonxX Subscribe
Anyone 2018
Jonathan Green
Where is Neymar scoring two and assist one in the last seven minutes and win 6-1 (6-5) against PSG?
Meuler Luc
Soccer game ANTWERP - Vitosha Sofia.. from 1-3 tot 4-3 in injury time with 10 players against 11 players (I was there by the way).
Ind v Ban WT20 2016???
nihar x1x
From 41-4 newzeland chased down 349 againts australia👊
Velocity Falcon
This guy has literally zero clue about sports 😂
Mohamed Nagi
Did he say 2015 it was 2016 5:44
Adam Shah
Ummmmm, did he mean 2008, 2012 and 2016 for Bolt????
JEaNetTe X0x0
I wish I had that horse 😂🤠
Crisostomo Ibarra
2004, 2008 and 2016 are not all consecutive; 2012 not 2016 would make it three consecutive olympics
Yusuf Zulfi
A good one is Liverpool vs Ac Milan 2005 Champions League finals. That was crazyy
Noah Epik
Espera que? Hay una copia inglesa de HOLA A TODOS
FreestyleX 666
Kobe is not kinda a legend, he is a legend
Olivier Wentink
Where was Barcelona 6-1 psg
Nemanja Mocevic
As a commentator for this vid your lack of sports knowledge is cringe worthy!
nie ta ben
I am dutch
The Unicorn
Where is Sweden-Germany 4-4?? When Sweden made an amazing comeback when they where under with 4-0!
Barca comeback vs PSG? Barca comeback vs Sevilla? Roma comeback vs Barca?
Owo [] Best
The Los Angilis lakers
Big Chungus
Great video but you missed one of the best comebacks witch is in sailing we’re team USA wins coming back from 8 to 1 needing to win. 10 races to win and they win the America’s cup
Bell Wolf
Horse racing is so cruel whether it is regular racing, Steeplechase and the suicide race. While yes it is and amazing come back it should not have been featured. I don't support it and neither should you.
Ben Mapleston
Athletes save strength for the last second wtf will happen in the last fricken second Edit 5 likes is my most ever thanks lmao
Daan van der Drift
Like whene you are nl
Tracy mcgradys 13 points in 39 seconds in huston is a good fit for a NBA comeback as well.
David Ochoa
what about America vs cruz azul 2013
Divyanshu Dubey
Where is India vs Bangladesh t20 match. It was the best comeback in last moments
RepublikofMancunia 20
What a stupid video... Where is Man City winning the LEAGUE with the last kick of the season? Or Man United 1999 European Cup win? Dumb yank
Barcelona Vs PSG ???????
Nick M
2004, 2008, 2016 - 3 consecutive Olympics????? Uh.... 2012?
If I watch this and the steffon diggs Minneapolis miracle isn’t on here... oof
Pól Reilly
This guy sounds gay
Kobe ended his career in 2016 not 2006 3:16
esme cronin
You forgot about the PSG Barca champions league comeback
Reggie miller 8 in 8.9 seconds? Colts Tampa bay game?
Gregory Fernandez
Uhmm, Liverpool v A.C. Milan champions league finals 2005. Barcelona vs PSG champions league quarter finals 2017. Both of these are better and more Important than that random game of two no name teams.
Santos _09
Where is Club America vs Cruz Azul 2013 It was the best
Petar Zebeljan
Barcelona PSG 6-1?
Ryan T Daly
You've messed up years a few times. Bolt won the 100m and 200m in 2008, 2012 and 2016. Kobe retired in 2016, not 2006. Some wild finishes I've not see before though
nie ta ben
Aman Khan
Arsenal vs reading
Connor Moore
Where is Michael Phelps' 100m Butterfly in the 2008 olympic final?
That Moment when he said that Kobe came back to give his Team a Draw!! Hahahahahaha!!
DigiWiz STEM Kits
terrible voice over, I had to turn off
Jennifer Whitmer
Dude National Basketball Association......... BRUH it’s also the NBA ..........
Liam_d02 _
I didn’t know you could tie in basketball 😂
Mlg Sty
Shameful that Lasse Viren is not in this list
The Blue Guy
Where is the Clevland Cavaliers in the 2016 NBA finals?
Trent Sivils
Missing: Drew Hunter Penn Relays
Clay LeBlanc
Is that narrator from Viral Vehicles?!?! Like if you know what I’m talking about!
The heat coming back to beat spurs to win it all, where is it at?
quad gamle
That is my birthday 11 ag
Bala Srinivasan
Usain Bolt won it in 2008-2012-2016 not in 2004
I guess you don't know about sports in the Philippines. One time in the PBA(Philippine Basketball Association) it was the Finals of Alaska Aces and the San Miguel Beermen. Well, summary is, Alaska led 3-0 in the series and San Miguel still won.
Blastoise EX
Wares tom Brady's comeback in super bowl 51, he overcame a 25 point deficit in the forth quarter
Atul Dwivedi
bolt is bullet
I think you haven't seen or heard about the 1999 Champions League Final! MUNICH VS UNITED! Ohhh what a game that was
#Mind Warehouse
Thanks for watching!
Sykie Bro
The Flash of Life
Im glad my cousin kobe Bryant made it on here our family is very proud of his success
Amrinder M
I still remember the time I watched the canadiens match
who's the girl with the 'UK' bib, the one closest to camera @ 8:23
He won in 3 consecutive Olympics in 2008, 2012 and 2016. Where did you get 04 from lol
Therien Paskemin
What about billy mills?
Itsyourboimico Dabman
A pair of pixel glasses urgently
jennifer lans
sorry being nice but really wanted to watch the events wit the audio not listen to you over talk the whole thing is just annoying . But you do have good videos ill look for them else were
Quit watching four minutes in. I HATE embedded video ads that interrupt the flow of the main video. If you can't time them to fit in between sections, don't use them.
Ties aren't a thing in basketball lol
Hovey Benjamin
This dude literally just said "Kobe scored the decisive shot, scoring a DRAW for his team"
Saucy O'Shaugnessy
Dude says Kobe retired in 2006 lol
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Is this mofo really explaining who Kobe is?
Joe Mahon
Bolt a mi genna!
crossoverkid 101
Super bowl 51?
Nikola Veljkovic
Partizan Cibona? 😂
C. W.
This guy clearly doesn't understand half these sports. Calling it a 4-times-400m relay race? Seriously? Also, basketball games don't end in a tie, bro. We have this thing called overtime.
Bob Boberson
Jesus, man - all kinds of mistakes here. Get your head in the game!
Kishi Karasu
Roadrunner in real life
Cristian Toma
Where is 'Miracle at Manchester', where Los Angeles Kings won 6 - 5, in overtime, after 0 - 5 in the beginning of the third period with Edmonton Oilers?
Ilke Koroglu
People go check out (Bold Pilot 1996) it’s a big come back.Bold Pilot is the last horse on the race it comes on the last 600 meters and beats all. The vids are Turkish but cool go check it out.
Wayne Oombash
1:31=what the hell is that
Michal Tomek
Hello, great video, but you could have mentioned Ice Hockey World Championship 2010 in Germany, where outsiders from Czech Rep. Tied up the game against Sweden just few moments before end, i was there and it was the best moment on that championship