Yoga For Complete Beginners - 20 Minute Home Yoga Workout!

Yoga for Complete Beginners! Adriene welcomes all levels - complete and total beginners to start here! Hop on the mat and start to build the foundation of your own yoga practice with this 20 minute home workout video! Enjoy, stay mindful and find what feels good. #yogaforbeginners #freeyogavideos #yogawithadriene - - - - - - - - - - ❤️SUBSCRIBE to the YWA channel for free yoga videos every week and to support high-quality free yoga for all! ❤️ /> - - - - - - - - - - 🧘🏽‍♂️Become a FWFG YOGA member! 🧘🏻‍♂️ />Free 7-Day trial featuring over 25 hours of exclusive videos + all my digital courses. - - - - - - - - - - 🗓Get your FREE Yoga Calendar: 🗓 /> - - - - - - - - - - More at ▶︎ Instagram: @adrienelouise ▶︎ Twitter: @yogawithadriene ▶︎ Facebook: Yoga With Adriene ▶︎ Shop: - - - - - - - - - - Music by Shakey Graves: /> - - - - - - - - - - Yoga With Adriene, LLC recommends that you consult your physician regarding the applicability of any recommendations and follow all safety instructions before beginning any exercise program. When participating in any exercise or exercise program, there is the possibility of physical injury. If you engage in this exercise or exercise program, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself.

starting out 2019 right!!! anybody else??
Yz Halbig
When you can't close your eyes or relax because you keep looking at the screen to make sure your doing it right...
b dee
Me 3 mins into this video: "this is boring when do we get to the good stuff" me 13 mins into this video "omg I can't feel my hands anymore tell my children I love them "
MiraculousGacha Jade
Am i the only one watching this in March of 2019?
90's Mary
I'm a total beginner, tried some yoga video previously and tbh I was losing hope, because my body is not flexible at all and I'm overweight. But my goodness, your video is the best. Helped me a lot mentally, as you say "Don't worry about making the perfect imagine", "It's self expression", "I get tired too", "ouch".... they really really helped me to build my confidence. Thank you xx
Moshe Balanga
"For Beginners", right… what the hell category of unfit am I then?
Aria Nola
me: *In downward dog* My cat: *Rolls over my hands* *Boops my face* CUDDLE ME
Bri G Beauty
New to yoga. It’s my new year resolution 😂. I loved this video. Thank you. 🙏🏻
Tracie Irene
My depression has kept me in bed a lot, which has caused a lot of pain and tension in my shoulders. I thought this might help me alleviate that, and get my blood flowing to help my brain and body reconnect. This was perfect. The right amount of strengthening burn without pain. I havent done anything active since i was little in gymnastics. I love how the poses quickly felt like falling back into those stretches I did when I was 8. I will definitely be returning to this video as I try to improve my health, and get my brain listening to my body again.
John Loizeaux
April with Adriene... anybody else up for it? I started doing this sequence around November of 2018 and I love. Just right for a beginner.
Cynthia Zhang
Who is younger than 20 and doing yoga?
Tori Pennington
My legs feel so limber! Thank you so much!
Great video! I have a back injury and found this a great way to get back into yoga gently with beginner mind. Thank you!
Imy B
she posted this in 2013 and it’s 2019 and i just saw this right now !!
Kara Sprigg
I thought that was great! I have never tried yoga before and I wanted to for a while. This makes it so much easier for a newbie like me!
Danielle Blacquiere
Hi Adrienne, I’ve been doing this beginners 5 days/week for 1 month today. :-). What a difference in my body for flexibility. And my back and neck pain is 85% gone. I’m ready to move on but not sure which I should go to next. Hoping you can lead me. Thank you.
Reka Ambrus
Thank you it is wonderful I am a total beginner and it helps
Zuzana Leischnerová
Thank you so much! Have tried yoga before in class and absolutelly hated it. The lecturer (I suppose she was right to, my posture and flexibility is awful) kept streching me into poses I couldn't do and everything hurt out of just the fact I'm not flexible. And it wasn't fun and mindfullnes for me, it was pain and stress of doing it right and being the worst in my class. And today I tried this at home and absolutelly loved it! Thank you for making me feel like yoga can be for me after all.
Naji Taha
Thank you. This is my first yoga video. I’m always curious and afraid of yoga coz of my inflexiblilty. But your video helps me to change my mind. Thank you for making this beginner less threatening. I have fun and feel relax. I might join beginner yoga class next time.
georgia peel
young and ready to start 2019 April nicely
Ryan Knight
Thank you for my 1st Yoga lesson ever. I will just subscribe to your channel and do my daily yoga with you, instead of joining a studio. You were very helpful and well spoken. I look forward to tomorrow !!! 🌞🌒✨💫
That_RightWing_Goth _Bitch
I am a recovering heroin addict. Will be clean on June 10th exactly one year. This has helped bring me to a new peace of mind as I start dealing with the stresses of the real world. When you are an addict all you can care about is drugs so when you finally get clean the stress the real world has to offer can be quite over whelming. Thank you for this video it's been very helpful in my recovery of mind, body and soul🙂
Kayla H
Dealing with anxiety and depression and this made me feel great ❤️
Vincent Antonio
2nd day doing this.. Helps a lot getting the basics right. Thank you, Adrienne!
Amanda Mahoney
I've got 2 exams tomorrow but here I am, doing yoga lmao. also I workout regularly and even I was tired at the end of this!!
Emily Brune
just starting out. day one!! this was really helpful and encouraging. will be doing this everyday for a week. :)
Liz Neptune
did this right after waking up.. my first yoga experience.. thank you! I want to make healthy decision today :)
Kamila Iskhakova
I think I need to stretch consecutively for like a month first :D my lower back kinda hurts just from taking that 1st position
Catherine Covington
Great for a 65 yr old beginner ! Will use this a lot. Thank you for the talk thru and the breathing reminders. My biggest challenge is remembering to breathe.
JRC Alpha
This video felt waayyyy shorter than 20 mins. Sure took my mind away :O
You can really see her genuine passion and love for her craft. It's beautiful and inspiring.
y'all….love it, great video thank you so much.
Amy McIntire
I always watch exercise videos before trying them. This woman''s voice and demeanor are so soothing and instructional and non-judgmental, I cannot wait to try this!
Hello 👋🏼 my name is Jess. I am currently doing the #Gymshark66 challenge. I am on day 33 and I chose to do yoga today. Your video really helped me understand how yoga works, thank you so much. I have subscribed to your channel and will be returning to do more yoga with you. This newbie yoga has me feeling some type of way, Namaste Adriene 🧘🏻‍♀️💕
Nevo Hyams
I would have never thought of trying yoga on my own (at least not anytime soon), but I was inspired to do so because of self care November. I luckily happened upon it, and decided to join in. I recommend you do too!
Daniels Mark
male, age 50, 5'8" 236 lbs, started meditating three weeks ago, today will be third day of yoga in a row.  first disciplined practice of meditation and first ever attempt at yoga.  makin' it happen!!
Hayden Wallis
Thanks for this! Which of your videos do you recommend next?
Vineet Honkan
this was my first yoga class and I enjoyed it...
I love the invitation for "a little self-expression". The movements in this video are so welcoming.
Nitza’s Mind
I have PTSD and this video help me a lot with relaxing I’m not quiet out my head yet but hopefully the more I do this it will help
Fire Bird of Infinity
Did anyone elses volume turn up by itself everytime towards half of the second quarter of the video?! I tested it and it kept happening everytime.
Thank you so much. Today was Day 1 for me with yoga EVER. Will do this for a week as you suggest and continue learning with you. Finding the bones cracking and creaking isn't putting me off (advantage of home yoga)
Veilent Invest
Yoga is the bomb lmao. Cya tommorow ✌
henery errt
Really helped me this! Being a taxi driver for 5 years has killed my posture
Kerry Mihalik
I've been doing this once a week since the new year. It has made me feel so good. My posture has improved. I feel I'm building muscular strength.
If you look at the statistics, this video has huge spikes in views every January! New Year's resolutions, anyone?!!
Riza Redosendo
I love this sequence. I had sore muscles from workout yesterday and this feels like heaven❤️ thank you
Anna marie
Hi thank you for the beginner's video I loved it! I started today doing yoga i just know this will help me. 🤗
Mark McGookin
At 34, a stiff and heavy retired rugby player and weightlifter, I just completed my first ever yoga session to this video with my wife. Really simple, really enjoyed it, feeling more supple already! 😂
An Alternate Perspective
Perfect after work, before bed stretch wind down session. So refreshing! Love this instructor too, no pretentious show off-iness. THANK YOU!
Mandi Aldridge
I just did this. I can't even explain... I've struggled with my body for years. Abuse on every level. I've PCOS and Adrenal issues that have made weight gain easier and weight loss more difficult. I've read that stress is a nightmare for these things- I stay stressed. Articles and friends have suggested Yoga as an option for relieving stress and a low impact 'exercise' that would go easy on my taxed adrenals. I was intimidated. Have looked at local classes but have been ...too insecure. It's more than the weight. It's the connecting with my body. In order to survive certain abuses I shut off from my body. Now, what once helped me survive, is literally going to kill me. I decided tonight is start. I decided today. I just circles around it until now. This little video. This. Little. Video. Your kind voice and the doable poses and the encouragement to connect to a body I've so long neglected and ignored. I am near weeping. I can't explain it. Thank you. So very much.
Gabe B.
2019 is a new start for me. I'm working towards complete sobriety and to better my mind and body. This session really helped. I am going to do more and be more. Thank you.
Chelsea Ramey
My heart is so full this morning. My three year old wanted to do yoga with me, and did a great job following along with Adriene. What a wholesome experience <3
Sara Terrill
Yoga beginner March 2019. Have just realised that my body is made of concrete! Hoping yoga practice will change this :-D
charlene leak
I didn't realize how outta shape I was smh lol thank you I will be doing this from now on! 😆😆
Harshit Karan
you are are nice Yogi....i stayed with you till the end of the video. I never realized how 23-24 min video ended. it is very helpful.
Ian Batson-Wright
Thank you - I wanted to start a yoga class and am having trouble finding one to attend, however your video is just what I needed, easy to follow and  I feel great already.
karina vazquez
Haven't done yoga in over 10 years, just finished my first session of the year. Thank you for this video! :)
Jorja :p
I clasped at 13 minutes. I'm 15 and have the back of an 80 year old 😂😂
Benjamin Pritchard
Just tried this for the first time, I suffer with should injuries and wrist due a motorbike accident a while back and this has helped alot already. Thank you!
Elizabeth Parsons
I was in complete an utter shock when I realized I had been doing this for 20 mins. It flew by and I enjoyed every second of it. Thank you so much. I really hope my journey of health and fitness grows because this introduction made me feel so empowered and amazing. Thank you so much, really though THANK YOU
Troi Smith
man.been a long time since I did Yoga but iam getting bk to it Thx to I did 5 Day my brother
Joy Hodgson
Thank you so much Adriene for helping me to take better care of myself in 2019. Namaste
Charlotte Gulley
OH.MY.WORD!!! I am 72 years old and this was HARD!!! I cannot bend my knees ALL the way. I WILL be back. Also, I had to hold on for balance. I will be 73 January 7th.
Ms Shelley
My sister introduced me to your channel, I just finished my first-ever yoga session (for lack of a better word). I hope to stick with it for as long as I am able.
Chazea Ebrahem
My first ever yoga session timed out now.. feeling happy.. wish me luck And thank you Adriene😍
Johnny Walker Texas
This was nice. I like the pace of the video, perfect to just pause when you want to repeat exercise.
Karli McNett-Saloma
First video on Yoga I've watched and I'm in LOVE! I know I need look no further for now <3
is linkin park's account hacked o.0?
Edgar Chaidez
I wanted to tell you thank you so much for your beginning yoga video. Ive never done yoga before and found your video to be not only perfect for me but also something to help with my everyday stress. Thank you!
Thank you.
Sıla Korkmaz
It was perfect! I can't believe that I can did it fully and how time goes that fast! thanks.
Richard Stone
Tried yoga with you for the very first time this morning. Slightly out of breath and strain in lower back. All signs of the benefits of yoga I hope. Thank you
Caitlin Smith
My wrists and hands can barely hold my weight while doing downward dog. I keep having to take a break from that pose every like 5 or 10 seconds ugh. I'll keep trying though.
Kalli Mcdonald
Adriene, you're amazing. I've tried other yoga youtubers before and you're the best by far. What an awesome teacher you are. I'm going to love yoga. Subscribed and notifications on!
Chris Gault
Great beginner yoga workout that really stretches the whole body! Great job, Adriene!
cherish d
Thanks for this video! I'm excited to start my yoga/healthier lifestyle with you!
Sara the amazing mustache lady
Hello. My step-grandmother gave me a $50 gift card and I bought a yoga mat to see what it was like. I love it. Thank you for getting me into something else I enjoy💙💙💙
Roger Domingo
Hi Adrian. 15 million people have benefited from your great video. Thank you. Just a note of feedback - not complaint - from a 74 year old geezer who is a REAL beginner. Laugh with me at this picture. I turn on your video "for beginners," and resolve to do everything you do. You start me in a cross-legged sitting pose. I spend 5 minutes trying to muscle my stiff legs into a pretzel position under me, falling backwards onto the floor every time. Could you perhaps post another video, called "Leg Folding for Beginners?" Thank you.
Total beginner and this was awesome, short time frame, fantastic and clear instruction, excellent to try at home versus going to a studio and not knowing what the poses mean or struggling to see and imitate. Thank you and can't wait to try your next videos.
Jill Spears
I’m looking forward to starting the new year with a clear mind and driven towards good health! Thank you!
Isa Schalk
Loved it ♥️ thanks. You did this great. Perfect for beginners 😍
Jennifer Walsh
This is my fifth day on this work out. I have a bad back and these movements are helping. Every day I notice the difference in my ability. Really enjoying this.
Julie Dixon
I really liked her session. Really teaching the "soul/spirit " part of it.
I have a slap tear in my right shoulder. I had to stop running. (avg. 100 miles a month) This is a great way to stay in shape. THANK YOU!
Kevtron McDee
Hi, I’m new to yoga and just completed this video. I found it really helpful, look forward to not having to look up all the time to understand the positions 🙂
Lorena Leon
I'm super out of shape and this was the only video that helped me challenge my muscles and bones without having a heart attack and wanting to quit. Thank you!
Mila Mila
Merci beaucoup pour ce cours de yoga. Très accessible et gratuit en plus! Vous avez une nouvelle abonnée :)
Micheal Gonzalez
Yesterday, my wife and myself started with this video. Our first Yoga class. Just wanted to let you know. Thank you.
Ryan Santiago
Thank you! You have no idea how your sessions have helped me (as a beginner, new parent & a suffer-er of chronic back pain). Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!
Natalie Fleming
this was an awesome way to get active for the first time since november when I had intensive shoulder surgery. thank you!
Ian Spence
Thank you Adriene. After back surgery, this Yoga for beginners will be just right for me.
Ketaki Pawar
Amazing... I love your explanation of every pose... Im going to do this every day.. I just had a baby and want to lose weight..
I'm pretty unfit. I find exercising embarrassing, partly because of body insecurity and partly because I'm not strong or flexible. I've always had tight hamstrings, which doesn't help. I've always wanted to try yoga, and I really enjoyed it. My favourite thing is that your voice is reassuring and comforting, rather than pushy or harsh. I didn't feel guilty for not being able to straighten my legs fully or whatever. I felt reassured that it's okay as long as I'm trying. Thanks Adrienne. Gonna try the 30 days of yoga and see how I go. 😊
The Scent of a Woman
Thank you that felt really good to my body and soul. #deepbreaths 😊
Caitlin Starnes
I love your videos! I love your communication and attitude, thank you so much I’m so excited for this yoga journey 💗
Harman Kaur
i really enjoyed it. will continue to do this beginners yoga for 7 days!! <3
Yasmarie Alvarado
Day three for me ❤️❤️ Great start to my week thus far and I am looking forward to learning more on your channel ! Happy holidays Adriene
alejandro landeros
Do it once a day for a week? Challenge accepted. :)
Lisa Ramsey Art
Woofta, I am such a beginner. This kicked my behind a little bit, but it got me into a few yoga poses. It's a start! Thanks for the video!