Yoga For Complete Beginners - 20 Minute Home Yoga Workout!

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Yoga for Complete Beginners! Adriene welcomes all levels - complete and total beginners to start here! Hop on the mat and start to build the foundation of your own yoga practice with this 20 minute home workout video! Enjoy, stay mindful and find what feels good. For more details and to join the conversation, go to /> Stay connected~ Facebook: />Twitter: />Pinterest: />Instagram: adrienelouise Intro music by Shakey Graves. Check him out here:

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Liz Neptune
did this right after waking up.. my first yoga experience.. thank you! I want to make healthy decision today :)
Sonny Chaudhry
This is so helpful! Thanks so much, subscribed :)
I did this yoga workout for the first time about a month ago and tomorrow I'm attending my first ever yoga lesson in real life! I'm so excited about it!!
Kendall Falk
day 6 ... woo!
Charlotte Gulley
OH.MY.WORD!!! I am 72 years old and this was HARD!!! I cannot bend my knees ALL the way. I WILL be back. Also, I had to hold on for balance. I will be 73 January 7th.
Tracie Irene
My depression has kept me in bed a lot, which has caused a lot of pain and tension in my shoulders. I thought this might help me alleviate that, and get my blood flowing to help my brain and body reconnect. This was perfect. The right amount of strengthening burn without pain. I havent done anything active since i was little in gymnastics. I love how the poses quickly felt like falling back into those stretches I did when I was 8. I will definitely be returning to this video as I try to improve my health, and get my brain listening to my body again.
Kyle TheKiddo
I’m watching this at 4am,and I have school at 7am, I’m still doing this hahah
Jasmine Bond
I am a recovering heroin addict. Will be clean on June 10th exactly one year. This has helped bring me to a new peace of mind as I start dealing with the stresses of the real world. When you are an addict all you can care about is drugs so when you finally get clean the stress the real world has to offer can be quite over whelming. Thank you for this video it's been very helpful in my recovery of mind, body and soul🙂
Allison Shockley
I couldn't hold all of the poses as long as Adriene did, but I made it through the whole video and I'm super proud! :)
I clasped at 13 minutes. I'm 14 and have the back of an 80 year old 😂😂
This went by so sure this wasn't actually 10 minutes?! The stretching felt so nice even though I'm sore from having physical therapy today!
Claire Scott
Your a great teacher, this is very easy to understand
Tay Powell
Wow this got me excited to finally give yoga a try!!
Great instruction!
Vanessa Patterson
I love yoga with Adriene. I’m 48 and haven’t exercised in years. I’ve been doing yoga with Adrienne for two weeks now and I feel great.
Daniels Mark
male, age 50, 5'8" 236 lbs, started meditating three weeks ago, today will be third day of yoga in a row.  first disciplined practice of meditation and first ever attempt at yoga.  makin' it happen!!
RiceLover 69
My first time after my workout today thank you
Tatjana T
finally I found the video for complete beginners that is slow paced and easy to follow without constantly trying to look at screen because you have no clue what the teacher is talking about and all the terms she is using! It was nice, thank you! :)
Frensisca Danastor
This was awesome for a yoga beginner. Her voice is perfect for yoga. Thank you Adriene.
Frankie Roberson
Thank you Adriene, novice checking in; however,, I am with you for the next 30 days!!! :)
Mila Queen
I just do this everyday! It's super easy and relaxing!
Katarina Kitanovic
I think I'm a bit late, but this was very helpful, and enjoyable, looking forward to doing 30 days program :)
vishwa joshi
enjoying doing yoga ..:-) lots of love from INDIA .. namaste _/|\_
Zinnia Jane
This really helps my anxiety (and lack of muscle definition XD). Thanks!
Can't sit cross legged, so far off to a terrible start
I started watching your channel with a bias "Oh here's another girl trying to show off yoga" but my god, was I wrong! You seem truely grounded and focused on nothing but the yoga. Loved it. Subscribed! :) Keep up the great work!
sarah patterson
Hi Adriene! First time doing yoga and glad I found your video time went by in a flash and it didn’t feel like a chore. Just felt great. Thanks I’ll be back tomorrow !
Jackie Schneider
I felt like it was 10minutes. Thank you!!!
Scott Free
Just turned 50. 340lbs and Type 2 diabetes. I've given up sweets and now carbs. Hoping that by adding yoga, I can get to a stronger healthier lifestyle. Love this video. Just the right length for mornings before I shower and go to work at a desk all day.
Chloe Mills
Wow! That was amazing! My first experience with yoga and the 20 minutes just flew by. I feel amazing now and really refreshed! I will be coming back to watch this and try it for a week and go from there! :)
Shianna Race
Tried this yesterday and was surprised it was over so quickly. I remembered trying other workouts and 15minutes seemed like an hour. This video however seemed to breeze on by. I was disappointed I gave into breaking the downward dog position, but I at least knew the next time I could hold it. Today, I went through it all without breaking pose. I breathed through the pain. I’m proud I made it through the video twice now in two days. I want to keep this up! :)
Ricky Triana
Hi, just wanted to say thanks, I incorporated yoga to my boxing and weight training.
Bev Onciu
Samira Trini_Countess__
Did it all and it was so relaxing I just added to the end where I go down and touch my toes cause I was feeling like I needed release in my back and it cracked like a mf. For some strange reason though I yawned like 7times doing this. I'll definitely be doing it again. Thank you ma'am. Great video.
that was awesome. she's a good teacher. good worderer.
Kendall Falk
3rd day doing it
Elnaz FP
I came home from work today, feeling depressed and tired so decided I was gonna sleep in. I sat the alarm for an hour and a half and got in bed. as my eyes were closing and I was falling asleep I had a moment of realization, all I could hear in my head was that this is it, this is the moment you choose. so I instantly got up and as I made my bed I made up my mind to. So happy that the first video that popped up was yours. I did this right now and I'm already feeling a lot better. I've added this to my bookmarks and from tomorrow I'm waking up 30 minutes sooner to start doing yoga 😇
Channel 10
If you combine Yoga and Lord Shiva prayers , then be ready to enter one of the most peaceful and healthy phrases of your life ! Om Namah Shivaya !
Caitlin Smith
My wrists and hands can barely hold my weight while doing downward dog. I keep having to take a break from that pose every like 5 or 10 seconds ugh. I'll keep trying though.
I'm pretty unfit. I find exercising embarrassing, partly because of body insecurity and partly because I'm not strong or flexible. I've always had tight hamstrings, which doesn't help. I've always wanted to try yoga, and I really enjoyed it. My favourite thing is that your voice is reassuring and comforting, rather than pushy or harsh. I didn't feel guilty for not being able to straighten my legs fully or whatever. I felt reassured that it's okay as long as I'm trying. Thanks Adrienne. Gonna try the 30 days of yoga and see how I go. 😊
Ellie Cai
This helped me a lot to
Stanley Noel
Morning and thanks Adriene. As a first timer, I really enjoyed the experience. Found myself really getting into the feel of things naturally.
I’m not exactly like you showed in this video, some things I had to do differently but I feel so much better after this! I feel so calm and my pain is gone, thank you!
Wanda Ann
First yoga practice done. Thank you, iintend to do the entire series...after a week of this.
First yoga experience & I can honestly say I don’t know why I ve never done it sooner the time flew by too! Thank you x
Simba Perkins
Today was day 1 of getting back into yoga and meditation I kind of hurt my palm but it works and I feel better I'm still feel a little tense and stressed but obviously that's normal it's just the first day looking forward to tomorrow
thank you I have become a wee bit broken over the years and my sense of balance has been very poor...I don't have the confidence to wobble my way through a lesson in front of people that I don't know...this is brilliant it's gentle relaxing and really helping my balance and you are a lovely teacher I wish you love light and laughter x
Jessie C.
With being a beginner. Is there other videos you would suggest me watching? Today was my first day doing yoga and I'm already loving it.
Jessica B.
I'm sooo out of shape omg and this was the easy one?! That downward dog killed my weak arms! I'm so ashamed! 😳 Will be doing these daily tho! I enjoyed it was over too soon!
Gina Perez
Great video! Love your voice!😊
Andreana W
Can't wait to start this! Thanks so much
Adil Daoudi
thanks alot adriene <3
Dawn 17
It really helps,I'm always insecure and self cautious about myself,I'm really glad when you kept saying "its okay,dont think to much about the perfect position and just let out self expressions" I'm very calm and relaxed! Thank you so much for putting the effort on making the video,And its not tense at all,you kept talking nicely and calmly,I feel very welcomed. Again,thank you. 💕
Stardust Vibes - Relaxing Sounds
If you are reading this, YOU"RE BEAUTIFUL😊 don't let anyone tell you otherwise 😊
Did this as my first experience of yoga. Really enjoyed it and am going to do it again tomorrow. Thanks for a great, easy to follow video! 😊
Khushal Gandhi
My first yoga experience practicing it alone and I loved it Thank you Adriene
Ruby Lopez
I felt like a confused pretzel as I’ve never done yoga before but I gotta say, great job explaining everything. I really found this intro helpful.
Mathew Green
I do this one and a 2 mile walk every M/W/F and the Fat Burning video Tu/Th and I've seen results. I still have a gut, but my stamina, strength, and flexibility have gone through the roof. I went from bad back pain and being able to lean just far enough to touch my lower thighs to being able to easily touch my toes. I don't shake when holding my weight up on my arms, I am no longer finding that I'm out of breath from the simplest exercise, and my asthma has been much more under control. As a 38 year old man I was super out of shape. Now I am still out of shape since I'm only into week 6 of Yoga, but I'm out of shape but getting healthier as each day passes. Yoga With Adriene has been the best exercise experience I've ever had, and I have tried using quite a few different programs. This one just works. As an aside, she also voices characters in one of the games I enjoy, DC Universe Online AND she was in a movie with the best and most versatile actor of this or any generation, Nicholas Cage.
Amit G
Such a strong calming energy and present this girl has👌
Emily Beckwith
Day 2. I feel so calm and relaxed. Thank you!
Bev Onciu
Sarah Glenner
I hv never done yoga before and this lady is both inspiring and patient. She is both realistic and NON-JUDGMENTAL with her body moves and stance. I’m sharing her with all my friends!
Travis Lahey
not gunna lie I never really got the whole yoga thing but decided to try it out, i guess to silence my inner critics. Turns out i enjoy it and hopefully will be able to commit daily.
i did this just now... i didnt want to start going to a yoga class as a man i thought i might look silly or it might be seen as "kinda girly" and a "gay thing to do" (i'm not gay, im asexual), or maybe i would GET IT WRONG and look foolish .etc, but the main thing i took from your video is that yoga is not about what you look like, or looking silly, doing it wrong or whatever but it's about the EXPERIENCE of it all, and also it's much more difficult than it looks (i couldn't even do some of the poses in the video, my tendoms can't even stretch that far lol), but also that it's MUCH more accessible than i thought it would be (it's difficult, but i think the more i do yoga, the easier it will become due to stretched tendoms and such)... anyway, THANKYOU for the video!! I will see if there is a yoga class at my gym now because i think it would be beneficial to have someone directing me and correcting my stance if i'm doing it wrong (i know it's about the experience, but it IS also about the exercise too so i dont want to be making it too easy for myself by half-assing the poses! :D) ... thanks again!! i added it to my bookmarks / fav video / subscribed :P i will probably watch it tomorrow and follow along thanks bye! p.s sorry for writing so much but i have asperger's syndrome and i got excited by the whole experience! plus i've been awake since 4am drinking coffee! lol ^^ ok bye! opps, i mean NAMASTE! (I respect your spirit very much!!)
ishika Vishwas
Loved it. Seriously... Flowing a new energy in my body after this.
Anusha Rao
Not a true beginner but still loved it ...thank you
Miriam Kahlu
Doing this right after waking up feels great!
If you look at the statistics, this video has huge spikes in views every January! New Year's resolutions, anyone?!!
gezgin lady
This is my first experience and it helped so much more videos like this please
Thank you, really enjoyed my first yoga class.. it was a good session. Happy I didn't have to be perfect. Still a little taut but learning to relax
That one friend
As someone depressed, I’m trying to improve my lifestyle and this video is perfect for when I wake up!
Paula Jones
Day 1/365. I’m a total beginner and I need some positive change. This is my first step.
Is was amazing, I really couldn't stop smiling during each pose lol. I feel absolute stretched out.
Ingrid Mazariegos
Starts easy... later on in the video it gets a little difficult. But I loved it.
Blu Wyatt
Hey there... been watching your for years...I’m from Austin too....just introduced my sister to you....she loves you as well. Soooooo, important question: what kind of mic system do you use? Silly? I so need this mic! Thanks for helping me out if you can....even a keyword how to search? Been searching for a wireless mic like this with no luck. Thanks ROCK!!!
Michael Shea
Love your video!! My gf and I are complete beginners and the way you explain how to breath and do the movements is perfect. Were going to start the 30 day beginners video tomorrow morning. Thank you!
Matthew Rogers
you made this feel like what I've always assumed a yoga workout should feel like but I've never experienced. thanks! You are a great instructor!
Angelica Centeno
Loved it! I’m an artist, so I’m usually sitting in one place, probably slouching, for very long periods of time. This felt great, and I can’t wait to do more!!!
i really like this, the first couple of videos i found for yoga beginners the instructors spoke very slowly and it didnt feel very engaging, hopefully i will come back for more and more :)
Thank you, Adriene!
Heerrow Heerrow
Thanks. First ever yoga. Regretted that I've never done yoga earlier.
Bourbia Nasro
day 5
My first attempt at a yoga class in the comfort of my home. Really feel great and rejuvenated after work. So glad I found your Channel!
m t
That was wonderful~ 1st yoga class in the books! Thank you!
Angie Mitchell
Normally when I work out I'm counting down the minutes and can't wait to be done, but this went by really quickly, and I enjoyed myself :)
Mandi Aldridge
I just did this. I can't even explain... I've struggled with my body for years. Abuse on every level. I've PCOS and Adrenal issues that have made weight gain easier and weight loss more difficult. I've read that stress is a nightmare for these things- I stay stressed. Articles and friends have suggested Yoga as an option for relieving stress and a low impact 'exercise' that would go easy on my taxed adrenals. I was intimidated. Have looked at local classes but have been ...too insecure. It's more than the weight. It's the connecting with my body. In order to survive certain abuses I shut off from my body. Now, what once helped me survive, is literally going to kill me. I decided tonight is start. I decided today. I just circles around it until now. This little video. This. Little. Video. Your kind voice and the doable poses and the encouragement to connect to a body I've so long neglected and ignored. I am near weeping. I can't explain it. Thank you. So very much.
Saige Marie
This is AMAZING! Thank you soooo much!
Cuddleslut Enterprises
Great video trying to get healthy and this seems like a good jumping off point looking forward to more videos
Fine & Shine
I did compelet
England Star_14
I just started yoga and I did all of this..I feel a lot better now!!
alejandro landeros
Do it once a day for a week? Challenge accepted. :)
Trolling Cupcake
i love this video, your voice is so calm and soothing, i had a great experience i'm definitely gonna check your other videos .. you have a new subbie here :D
Karen Mosquera
wow i just had my first yoga experience. it really feels good!
Shanelle Jocelyn
Yay always wanted to do yoga and now I have this great video!
This was amazing ❤️
Bad Hare Day
So this is for complete beginners? I feel so dumb right now, but sadly I don't know what half of those terms even mean, like "hugging your inner thighs towards the midline", to give just one example. Should I just start and wing it, or will I hurt myself if I don't do it exactly right?
Imran Chaudhry
"Findering" and "genterly" should be real words :) Thanks Adrienne!
So relaxing
Mike Williams
I promised my anima, my first yoga session! It was enjoyable, Thanks so much.
Rebecca Sylvester