Yoga For Complete Beginners - 20 Minute Home Yoga Workout!

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Yoga for Complete Beginners! Adriene welcomes all levels - complete and total beginners to start here! Hop on the mat and start to build the foundation of your own yoga practice with this 20 minute home workout video! Enjoy, stay mindful and find what feels good. For more details and to join the conversation, go to /> Stay connected~ Facebook: />Twitter: />Pinterest: />Instagram: adrienelouise Intro music by Shakey Graves. Check him out here:

Tracie Irene
My depression has kept me in bed a lot, which has caused a lot of pain and tension in my shoulders. I thought this might help me alleviate that, and get my blood flowing to help my brain and body reconnect. This was perfect. The right amount of strengthening burn without pain. I havent done anything active since i was little in gymnastics. I love how the poses quickly felt like falling back into those stretches I did when I was 8. I will definitely be returning to this video as I try to improve my health, and get my brain listening to my body again.
starting out 2019 right!!! anybody else??
I clasped at 13 minutes. I'm 15 and have the back of an 80 year old 😂😂
That_RightWing_Goth _Bitch
I am a recovering heroin addict. Will be clean on June 10th exactly one year. This has helped bring me to a new peace of mind as I start dealing with the stresses of the real world. When you are an addict all you can care about is drugs so when you finally get clean the stress the real world has to offer can be quite over whelming. Thank you for this video it's been very helpful in my recovery of mind, body and soul🙂
b dee
Me 3 mins into this video: "this is boring when do we get to the good stuff" me 13 mins into this video "omg I can't feel my hands anymore tell my children I love them "
Bri G Beauty
New to yoga. It’s my new year resolution 😂. I loved this video. Thank you. 🙏🏻
I'm pretty unfit. I find exercising embarrassing, partly because of body insecurity and partly because I'm not strong or flexible. I've always had tight hamstrings, which doesn't help. I've always wanted to try yoga, and I really enjoyed it. My favourite thing is that your voice is reassuring and comforting, rather than pushy or harsh. I didn't feel guilty for not being able to straighten my legs fully or whatever. I felt reassured that it's okay as long as I'm trying. Thanks Adrienne. Gonna try the 30 days of yoga and see how I go. 😊
Scott Free
Just turned 50. 340lbs and Type 2 diabetes. I've given up sweets and now carbs. Hoping that by adding yoga, I can get to a stronger healthier lifestyle. Love this video. Just the right length for mornings before I shower and go to work at a desk all day.
Sarah Glenner
I hv never done yoga before and this lady is both inspiring and patient. She is both realistic and NON-JUDGMENTAL with her body moves and stance. I’m sharing her with all my friends!
Liz Neptune
did this right after waking up.. my first yoga experience.. thank you! I want to make healthy decision today :)
My bones cracked so much and I almost threw up at 13 minutes. Great video tho.
Gabe B.
2019 is a new start for me. I'm working towards complete sobriety and to better my mind and body. This session really helped. I am going to do more and be more. Thank you.
90's Mary
I'm a total beginner, tried some yoga video previously and tbh I was losing hope, because my body is not flexible at all and I'm overweight. But my goodness, your video is the best. Helped me a lot mentally, as you say "Don't worry about making the perfect imagine", "It's self expression", "I get tired too", "ouch".... they really really helped me to build my confidence. Thank you xx
Carol Grunewald
Day 1, difficulty sitting on the mat: rather advanced arthritis in hips and lower spine. But followed along as best as I could. After your Beginners and Seated classes, I stood up to discover I had much less pain in my back! Day 2: spent 45 minutes with you, and my range of motion( stiffness) also MUCH improved. Day 3: Not only could I sit on the mat, but I was able to sit cross legged for part of the class. I'm looking forward to being able to do the activities that my back pain has prevented! And also to improving my strength and flexibility for your other classes. So grateful, Thank you!
Róisín Grant
This is a great video! You're a great teacher and you seem very patient. Didn't quite make it through the video on the first go, but I'm gonna keep at it. I've already revised my diet, I've taken to eating more fruit, veg and protein. I've taken up walking 6 days a week and I hope to join my local gym once I get a job. I'm so proud of myself so far! Can't wait to be fit and healthy!
Ian Spence
Thank you Adriene. After back surgery, this Yoga for beginners will be just right for me.
Destry T
I can’t believe 20 minutes flew by. I’ve been stressed, work nights at fast food until 6am, I’ve been going to the gym and making better choices but this week was really hard. It’s been 4 days since I made an effort and I feel myself slipping into old habits. I came home from work, fell asleep for about an hour and jolted awake. I woke up and one of my first thoughts was how I wanted to move my body. Not wanting to go all the way to the gym, I decided to look up yoga. I had a rather spiritual experience. Thank you for giving me some stability in my body and for grounding me.
Imy B
she posted this in 2013 and it’s 2019 and i just saw this right now !!
Hannah Thorp
Thanks for the video! 2019 resolution is to be more healthy and find more balance in my life. This video was very nice to start my morning !
I needed this today. I haven't been good to myself lately.
Ciel Phantomhive
my year starts with a mission: beat MS symptoms..with yoga😊
Charles Phillip
Thank you for this! As a total newbie to yoga this video has been great. I’m on day 2 of this beginner’s practice and it clicked for me and I see why so many people are into yoga. 🙏🏽
Anastasia saari
First I wanted to say thank you very much for taking the time to make this video. It was simple and easy. I have done some yoga in the past and found I was pushing myself to my limits and forgetting to have fun and enjoy it. I am also a recovering. I woke up and decided to search for a beginners yoga video and found this one. I m happy I did this while my 6 month old baby took her nap this morning. I will accept the challenge to do this once a day for the next week. Its sometimes so hard to find time for myself, when I have four kids who need me all the time. This was me taking some time for myself. I have been really stressed out these last few weeks and honestly just surviving. So again thank you. I needed this and will check your other videos out. I live in Finland and the classes here are all in a different language , so that was also hard to follow in class.
Veilent Invest
Yoga is the bomb lmao. Cya tommorow ✌
Sonny Chaudhry
This is so helpful! Thanks so much, subscribed :)
my new years resolution <3
Oh, Mothstradamus
I have always wanted to do this, but every time I go somewhere to try, I get mocked... for being a beginner, for being fat, for not having the right attire, for having too large of breasts... and I am so weak that I can't really even hold a downward dog for very long, but I am going to keep trying with you as my guide. I really like that you let your viewers know how things are supposed to feel, because if it doesn't feel the way you say it does, I have to adjust until it does. Your videos are very inclusive and welcoming, and I don't feel like I'm being mocked the way I do in other guided videos (I know it's just my own paranoia and fears, but it's been over 18 years of being made fun of for my weight, or for not being able to be terribly active thanks to asthma.) Sorry for rambling on and being kinda personal, but I'm really appreciative. Embarrassed that I feel so sore after 20 minutes of beginners yoga (with a small break at the 14 minute mark to cry over the fact that I couldn't hold the position,) but still very appreciative. See you tomorrow!
Nitza’s Mind
I have PTSD and this video help me a lot with relaxing I’m not quiet out my head yet but hopefully the more I do this it will help
La'misha Dennis
Hi @YogaWithAdriene I love your energy this is my first time doing yoga this is day three for me I’m in three hundreds basically I’m obese your channel is helping me become a better me I do this one during the day and your 7 minute bedtime one at night and it helps me using your channel I have lost weight I was 312 now I’m 309 I lost three pounds using your channel thank you so much Adrienne you inspire me sending peace love and happiness your way namaste 💜
Jazlyn Cleamons
First time doing yoga, and I'm not gonna lie, it kinda hurt! I haven't really stretched too much in my life (19) so that may be my problem lol. I'm excited to see how I'll feel in a week after doing this everyday!
Stanley Noel
Morning and thanks Adriene. As a first timer, I really enjoyed the experience. Found myself really getting into the feel of things naturally.
Mandi Aldridge
I just did this. I can't even explain... I've struggled with my body for years. Abuse on every level. I've PCOS and Adrenal issues that have made weight gain easier and weight loss more difficult. I've read that stress is a nightmare for these things- I stay stressed. Articles and friends have suggested Yoga as an option for relieving stress and a low impact 'exercise' that would go easy on my taxed adrenals. I was intimidated. Have looked at local classes but have been ...too insecure. It's more than the weight. It's the connecting with my body. In order to survive certain abuses I shut off from my body. Now, what once helped me survive, is literally going to kill me. I decided tonight is start. I decided today. I just circles around it until now. This little video. This. Little. Video. Your kind voice and the doable poses and the encouragement to connect to a body I've so long neglected and ignored. I am near weeping. I can't explain it. Thank you. So very much.
Ray Nichol
November 13, 2018 63 years old. Late bloomer to yoga and beginning to open up some (or all) of the joints and finding my center. You come recommended from one of my sistes. Thanks for your videos.
Maybe yoga just isnt my thing, it kind of frustrates me more than it chills me out 🤔any tips?
Adiesta Prabaningrum
i'm going to do yoga starting today. thank you for the amazing video!
Ebony Coe
Unfortunately, I suffer from an eating disorder, and when I was looking for workout videos online, I stumbled across this. I knew yoga wasn't as intense, but I decided to give it a go anyways. Best decision I have made for a long time. I look forward to continuing to use yoga throughout my recovery as a way to reconnect with my body and the earth.
Stardust Vibes - Relaxing Sounds
If you are reading this, YOU"RE BEAUTIFUL😊 don't let anyone tell you otherwise 😊
Thank you this is the best beginners yoga I have ever tried. I love it!
Never done yoga for real, I just finished my collegiate basketball career and needed something like this in my life. I'll be doing this 2 times a day until i'm actually flexible and strong enough to do the harder stuff. Thanks! (:
Franka Henley
My first yoga attempt ever and I loved it!! After my friends been telling me to go to yoga class with them for ages I thought I it first myself and now I want to join a yoga class. Great explained and such a great soothing voice! Thanks for the video x
Nevo Hyams
I would have never thought of trying yoga on my own (at least not anytime soon), but I was inspired to do so because of self care November. I luckily happened upon it, and decided to join in. I recommend you do too!
Ashley Elizabeth
Thank you so much! I am new to the truck driving world. I cannot explain what my body has gone through driving 18 wheelers in just a month and a 1/2. The vibrations alone in the truck are intense. The position I sit in for hours and hours, and not to mention the food that is available. You helped me make the first step into fighting the evolution of a trucker. I am inspiring to be that yogi trucker. The one who gets out at truck stops and does yoga or performs it in an empty trailer when I have one, instead of sitting longer, watching TV or cramming heart attack burgers down my throat. The career I chose is an easy way to fall away from what I am which is one with earth. I live in chaos and traffic and busy busy hurry hurry. So I am giving you great gratitude for sharing such a warm and loving exercise and way of life, way of connection with the universe. I subscribed and shall continue to view your wonderful work. 💜🙏🏼
Netarded Rigger
My drama teacher told me to watch a yoga video for a play we're gonna do. My mom walked in and she thought something else was happening...
Ruby Lopez
I felt like a confused pretzel as I’ve never done yoga before but I gotta say, great job explaining everything. I really found this intro helpful.
Shubhangini shubhangini
Wow.. Namaste ..from India 😄
Trolling Cupcake
i love this video, your voice is so calm and soothing, i had a great experience i'm definitely gonna check your other videos .. you have a new subbie here :D
Fire Bird of Infinity
Did anyone elses volume turn up by itself everytime towards half of the second quarter of the video?! I tested it and it kept happening everytime.
Emma Griffiths
Really good video ... liked how you always did the parts with us instead of editing them out and how you emphasise how we want to do it vs a prof. Doing this everyday 100% xD
ashleigh hoebener
My aunt recently finished her yoga training to become a teacher and an old coworker had told me how much she loved it and it relaxed her. Now I am a stay at home mom and felt like I have somewhat lost my purpose because I am working anymore. I am going to make it to the mat, twice a day. Once an hour or so before bed, a relaxing one, and one in the morning to get my day started. Thank you for making easy videos... I never thought I would be able to do yoga without having to pay for a class!
solitary nerdette
It's so hard to start moving when you have spent years believing you weren't worth it or couldn't do it, I managed to do most of this and 20 mins went by so fast, I found myself wanting to go to the next video straight away. Will be doing this for a week then might progress, feel so much better mentally having moved my body. Thank you!
Khushal Gandhi
My first yoga experience practicing it alone and I loved it Thank you Adriene
Micheal Gonzalez
Yesterday, my wife and myself started with this video. Our first Yoga class. Just wanted to let you know. Thank you.
Monica Kappel
I just moved to Austin and have yet to find a yoga studio. This morning, I thought I would give it a try at home. Boy did I get excited when you said you lived in Austin! You are a great instructor! Can wait to try out the rest of your videos
Alyssa Hosking
I just tried this today and I think I'm sticking to it. you're great at explaining everyhting thank you!
Just done this its my first time doing yoga, I feel great!
Wow I just finished this. My first time trying yoga ever. And I am so surprised that such “simple” or basic moves seemed to really challenge my strength. All that pushing from the earth business is no joke lol. Thanks for such a relaxing instructional. I’ll be back tomorrow ❤️
If you look at the statistics, this video has huge spikes in views every January! New Year's resolutions, anyone?!!
Emily Beckwith
Day 2. I feel so calm and relaxed. Thank you!
my first ever yoga experience and I love it, I feel relaxed, powerful and paceful at the same time if that make sense. thanks
Love Sandhu
Love from india🇮🇳
Lance J Nolasco
Subscribed this gonna be my routine every morning it’s so good!!
Simon G. Geoghegan
Great video. After dropping 45lbs have 5lbs to go to get to my goal weight. Wanted to try yoga I am about as flexible as an iron bar. This is by far the best beginners video I have found. That cat pose thing was explained very well a physio tried to show me how to do that before but I left there knowing less than I went in. Hopefully yoga will help with my 3 messed up discs or what's left of them in my lower back.
Gary O'Donovan
I did this at the end of a long day and feel so invigorated! All of my tight muscles and joints loosened and became relaxed. I will follow more of your videos and for now sleep more easily. Thank you so much for this video!
Nik Nak
Hi Adriene. Im just about finished my first week of this video, what would you recommend as my next step. A second video of yours? Thank you.
Charlotte Gulley
OH.MY.WORD!!! I am 72 years old and this was HARD!!! I cannot bend my knees ALL the way. I WILL be back. Also, I had to hold on for balance. I will be 73 January 7th.
Samira Trini_Countess__
Did it all and it was so relaxing I just added to the end where I go down and touch my toes cause I was feeling like I needed release in my back and it cracked like a mf. For some strange reason though I yawned like 7times doing this. I'll definitely be doing it again. Thank you ma'am. Great video.
Kelsey Lyn
Love this! Thank you so much. I’m so relaxed and feel like I’m going to get such an amazing night sleep
Felt great today after doing this for 23 minutes. I instantly feel better. I had several sleepless nights because I feel anxious before my interview but this yoga exercise for beginner is helping me to calm my mind and not give in my inner thoughts. My inner thoughts are filled with negativity and anxiety so my best bet was to perform yoga first thing in the morning. Thank you Adrianne . #mindfulness
i like this
I know this class says for "beginners" but I am a TOTAL beginner. I have no idea what "head in the heart heart of the pelvis" or "crown of the head releases" or "puppy posture" or "breathe into the back of that right leg" means. If she could do a class on yoga dialogue to help explain what it means, and what the goal of yoga is for the body, to watch before the beginner yoga class, that'd be great.  Also maybe something for someone with trouble doing these poses? I think some beginners like me are probably not this limber yet. What do you do if you have severe pain (mine is chronic)? How do you break the pose without injuring yourself? My doctor just suggested yoga was helpful for the pain I have.
Marjorie Yates
Adriene, your yoga videos have literally saved me this week. I'm facilitating an 8 day training, and despite being happily exhausted, my body insists on waking up at 330 every morning. With your yoga instruction, not only can I make it through the day, but I'm fine. Color me amazed!!
Mesaros Minucer
A year ago I started to do regularly this seemingly simple and short exercise (after years of "planning to start doing yoga"). I still return to this video very often. It is really life altering. The connection to oneself and others, energy, focus, well-being, calmness it is really amazing! Adriene gives a perfect guidance for beginners. Thank you for this wonderful gift you are giving to the world! It must be special when you touch so many lives and bring relief and joy to millions of people!
Living Jazzy
Thank you ^_^
Melon and Love
Im really trying to better myself as a person. As well as mental and physical health. This is really nice and fun. ITs very relaxing. I am really into calming my mind and becoming self aware recently. This was a great video. It felt very nice. I have bad hips and struggle following unclear instuctions since i used to never be active or take classes in yoga or anything. Very good narration/voice.
Julie Dixon
I really liked her session. Really teaching the "soul/spirit " part of it.
Cali Molina
I suffer from fibromyalgia and both my rotator cuffs are injured so I’ve been terribly afraid to start any sort of exercise at all. I was so excited that I actually did this that I cried
Ruth Morgan
I'm amazed the difference just 20 minutes of basic yoga made to how my body felt. I've been feeling stiff and inflexible, and now feel looser and relaxed. Thank you Addriene. Love that it was short and sweet.
Carson Thorpe
Thank you so much for this video! My little sister and I loved watching since I'm planning on taking her to a yoga class.
Tay Powell
Wow this got me excited to finally give yoga a try!!
Bad Hare Day
So this is for complete beginners? I feel so dumb right now, but sadly I don't know what half of those terms even mean, like "hugging your inner thighs towards the midline", to give just one example. Should I just start and wing it, or will I hurt myself if I don't do it exactly right?
Shanelle Jocelyn
Yay always wanted to do yoga and now I have this great video!
Dbl Dee
It’s been a few years since I’ve practiced Yoga. Thanks for making an easy introduction video.
Cee Why
Thank you. This was very nice
Caelin Bradley
Wow!!! That really helped my back. It has been sore for weeks and this has helped majorly and I feel really good now. Thank you.
Lei fan
Hi, Adriene. Thank you for sharing this. It's like magic. 20 mins practice cured my back pain. subscribed:)
Coral Cameron
I let myself go and as a result of being bedridden for a while, my weight was out of control and my whole body was in pain. However, I woke up one morning and resolved to change that. I changed my diet, have scheduled in an early morning walk everyday, gentle exercise in the afternoon and then yoga before bed. When I tried this video for the first time I was so pleasantly surprised that I do it everyday now. I love it. Thank you so much. All 15,000,000 million people thank you as do I. x
Michael Jones
That 100% didn't feel like 20 minutes 😁😁😁😁
Amanda VHK
...What’s with all the dislikes?! Am I missing something?
Roger Domingo
Hi Adrian. 15 million people have benefited from your great video. Thank you. Just a note of feedback - not complaint - from a 74 year old geezer who is a REAL beginner. Laugh with me at this picture. I turn on your video "for beginners," and resolve to do everything you do. You start me in a cross-legged sitting pose. I spend 5 minutes trying to muscle my stiff legs into a pretzel position under me, falling backwards onto the floor every time. Could you perhaps post another video, called "Leg Folding for Beginners?" Thank you.
Joanne Bamford
I’ve been practicing this routine for a few weeks now. It is part of my new morning routine. I love the is comfortable for me. Thank you for kind guidance for us beginners.
Adéla Beranová
I have just started running, fitness and some lifting after recovering from a serious illness, so I’m practically a total beginner and I feel like I need something to stretch my body and find myself again. And this video made me feel I can actually do it! Thank you so much! I will definitely continue with you. :)
Matthew Rogers
you made this feel like what I've always assumed a yoga workout should feel like but I've never experienced. thanks! You are a great instructor!
i am 19 and i have extreme anxiety. i’m currently up at 3:42 a.m. searching for ways to alleviate my anxiety and i think i found my solution.
Caitlin Smith
My wrists and hands can barely hold my weight while doing downward dog. I keep having to take a break from that pose every like 5 or 10 seconds ugh. I'll keep trying though.
My therapist prescribed Yoga for mindfulness purposes and exercise to bring my mood up. I hate to admit but I never really took it seriously...until now that is. This is a really good video for a beginner who has doubts. It goes slow. It explains what you have to do step by step and why you're doing it and most importantly Adriene doesn't make you feel like an idiot for being a beginner. Honestly, I think Adriene makes this video so great. I feel silly when I try yoga because I'm not as good as the instructors and for the first time even though I messed up and didn't do as well as I liked, I still felt good about it.
Whitney Shea
I'm trying to regain muscle strength after battling cancer through surgery and radiation. I have lost 70 pounds of not only fat but muscle, and I knew yoga was the way I wanted to go to regain muscle and just be healthier in general. Thank you so very much for an easy to follow and nonjudgmental video. I cannot wait to conquer the beginner's video and move on to your other videos!
Gabriela Castro
Angelica Centeno
Loved it! I’m an artist, so I’m usually sitting in one place, probably slouching, for very long periods of time. This felt great, and I can’t wait to do more!!!
my body pops and makes cracking noises a lot. I'm only 17 is this normal? anytime I do exercise or yoga this happens. (i also have hypermobility)
Began doing this today