Chloe x Halle Sing National Anthem at BET Experience

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Chloe x Halle sing U.S. National Anthem.

When someone says “well” YOU DOING THE DARN THANG😂😂
They're so beautiful, graceful and refined. Chloe definitely has that Beyonce attitude and Halle is giving me Corinne. Well done
She's saying "WELL", not "wow". And it's actually a good thing............#blackculture
Dashinae K
Fergie honey take notes 😩🤣
Drew Thomas
this is seriously like, musical brilliance to the very highest level though. not even kidding. this is some mozart/beehtoven shit right here. Beyonce really has a great ear for raw talent. these girls have the potential to become iconic vocalists of our generation!
Tasha White
"Those are black women" 😭😂😂😭😭 am I the only one who heard it
Tanny Lowell
The church "WELL" in the background... cracks me tf up..
1:00-1:06. Tell me you don't see a young Beyonce in Chloe.
I-Dream Ofjeannie
The title speaks for itself BET stands for black entertainment television...and that's how we do it..."We represent"! .....can I get a "WELL" ?
😂😂 to the lady in the background, if you wow one more time.
Oleathia Jones
I've honestly never heard the Nation Anthem sung so beautifully 😢😢😢
All I know is they deserve more than $1M for 6 albums underneath Beyonce. SMH
They sang this anthem as if the country is great 😢
They turned the boring ass national anthem into a soulful, beautiful RnB song. Sing it, girls! ♡♡♡
They literally sound like mini beyonces it's craziness
Sekela N
Had to come back to this after watching Fergie. I am no longer traumatised, my skin has cleared and my edges grew back
Was someone about to catch the Holy Ghost??! "Praise him..y'all better sing that national anthem for Jesus!!" 😂😂 "Well" 😆 I love my people!!!
Just Air
Chloe has so much power and soul and Halle so much elegance and control...
Johnathan Dougan
Did some dude say, "Those are black women" right before they started walking lmao 0:28
Kizzy Wizzy
I was so distracted by their beautiful dreads! Nice! Very nice.
Sharjjahn Aziz
" WELL"...............................
Keara Sheri
surprise they ain't sing Lift Every Voice
Johnathan Nieves
That one chick in the background though... "Wow" I crack up every time
1:06-1:08, Halle has my absolute HEART!!!!! That smooth harmony took me OUT
Tinnys Town
Lmaoo "wow". Halle has glown up 100%. She isssss sooooo beautiful 😍😍
DeArery Washington
Chloe carried that bass, and Halle is curling them runs. ❤
but Halle made it look so easy.. like breathing 😍
Sam Ross
The oldest one has studied Beyoncé's mannerisms to a T! Lol!! Love these young ladies.
BAE Bunnij
Lunel "Well" was too funny but I would catch the spirit too saying "Well" right next to her. (lol)
james snow
Hope McIntosh
You can definitely tell they are around and being trained by Beyonce. They act and sound just like her
Simaholic89 Productions
Officially has become the best rendition of The Star Spangled Banner EVER!!!! I would buy it as a single, just as is, acapella... Amazing talent
Doziér Dynasty
I see why Queen Bee signed them ! 👏🏾
Kaeoh Samuel
Titi Condo
I wish these two girls had sang the American Anthem again this year because that was a reallt cringy performance by FErgie.
Galaithsa Argant
when the first WOW wasn't enough you gotta throw another one
Matthew Cameron
Who is that lady ?? "Wow"
Tash Sandy
the range of the older one....slay
Cyntia Marcelin
Came here after hearing Fergie 🤦🏿‍♀️😥
Aivy Tran
Coming here after Fergie’s national anthem to bless my ears with Chloe x Halle
There is a baptist in the house! "Well"!!!!!!
beautiful melanin
That “well” sounds like something from Spongebob. 😂😂
J0130 J
Did someone say those are black women in the beginning?
Lmao at the "well" lol I love the Lena Horne quality to Halle's voice So Classicalistic
Sonny Wharekura
wow it's like watching beyonce and kelly. the one with the darker voice tone is deadly while the lighter toned sister is just stunning.
LMBO I saw the "wow" comments and I was like what are y'all talkin' about, and then I watched the video. This chick didn't just say it once, but TWICE!!! ROTFL like why was that necessary?! Her input was so unneeded haha like girl we know you there, now shut up
Is it me or does Halle kinda look like Jessie from Toy Story with the way her face is structured?
Lady P
Look at mini Beyonce attitude and all. 😂
Perfection. just pure perfection
That is Beyonce!!
Kuei Kuei
I love how there voices bounce off of each other. they build each other up with there voices. Beautiful
The national anthem a dumb collection of words "bombs bursting in the air", glorification of war and killing people. They did a amazing job with song with horrible lyrics!
Chloe is giving me Beyoncé tease ☺️
The girl with the yellow skirt walks like a model, slaying, just like Beyonce. You can see her shaking, both are very nervous....but they do an amazing job with wonderful harmonies. You can see they practiced really hard and that they are bing groomed by the same people behind Beyonce. You're amazing, girls, my best wishes to you, and blessings. You're already on your way of becoming stars. Greetings from Mexico.
Tyra Love
i love halle's voice
We needed them at the nba all stars game 2018
I can't believe Chloe and Halle invented the national anthem
Lashawn Bell
I know Beyonce is training them vocally LMBO.... they sound like angels. Beautiful job!!!
Haha the "well" killed me the first time!!! Cause that's the church coming out, but the 2nd time was an overkill, and the mic should have been off.
I'm not even American and I keep coming here just to listen to these two gems
Akacia Carter
Literally blown away😍😍😍😍😍😍 straight up flawless, jaw dropping performance.
Amnesian Bro
Chloe walking "Watch this space... I'm going to slay your existence" Halle walking "Hi all :) I'm going to slay now if that's fine :)" Such different voices and attitudes blend so well!
Einstein Relativity
Halle reminds me of young beyonce! Chloe reminds me of the mature beyonce! I love them both😍
Fergie ... take notes
Jess Rucker
I love that they are sisters! This was absolutely beautiful 😍
I thought they were gonna sing the black national anthem 😂
Wow Halle's voice has matured so much, reminds me of an old timer jazz singer, like Billie Holiday.
I just saw them at the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade and they sounded amazing!! I didn't even know Beyonce signed them 😧 ... they sound just like her omg
Timeless_Allure .
I've watched this so many times that I say "well" with the lady in the background 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ambar Deleon
Halle surprised me so much! Her voice has matured in a very impressive way than when she was younger. Such beautiful voices, God bless!
I got chills
Jeremy Collins
who keeps saying well😂😂😂😂, but their performance was good
Both wonderful voices how they have grown beautiful. When Halle came in I got goose bumps such a unique voice.
Talya Simone
that ending tho gave me chills "bray-ey ey-ey-eyyyyvee"
Ana Castellano
It was kinda wierd hearing a duet at first, but it grew on me after a few seconds. Loved it. And it's nice to see these young ladies dressing conservative whike still looking very beautiful.
Shekinah Davis
Had to come here to heal my ears after Fergie destroyed them.
D. M. Cook
They sound terrific. Beyonce was smart in signing them to her label!!! Now they just need some more mid-tempo and upbeat joints that rock!
Brittany James
I felt like a proud mom and one I got no kids n 2 they ain't mine lol side not the comments made by the audience had me shook I was the same way.
Sangin Mf
they sound just like beyonce
Jerome Powell
they can sing but bey need to push the older girl into her own sound she sounds to much like bey its enough copy cat artist as is
Chris W.
Note to Fergie: this is how you do a variation of the National Anthem. You let two kids half your age show you how its done! Study and learn.
Rebecca Fields
They never dissapoint Ive been following them for awhile, their renditions on youtube.. I sure hope the industry doesnt turn them out, beautiful girls
E'Rion F.
Chloe now shows a huge deal of similarities as Beyonce! The way she acts and sings shows it all!
Ozkar Winter
Slaying in those Mexican inspired dresses
Bertha Kitt
Lmao someone said, "Wow"
Music Addict
whats the name of the second girl? she is soooo beautifull.... wow...
Lindaaa aaa
Brruuuuuhh 😱 I'm shoook they're hella good!
KsF orever
@2:31... Goosebumps SCRATCH THAT I GOT GOOSEBUMPS FROM @0:40
Through Davon’s World
1:22 who ever said "well" I STARTED LAUGHING 😂😂
Why Ain't Y'all Already Famous
Beyonce signed them both last year after she seen a video of them on YouTube. .
Annabell_ JiuJitsu
Who was saying wow in the backround 😂disrespectful
Average JO
I will say WELL done but someone said WELL enough
Quinton 777
and of course you got that one black lady that obnoxiously says “WELL” while they sing lmao 😂 💀
What was the dumb "Well" someone kept interrupting the song!
LeDaniel Daychanel
Lunnell in the background....lmao "Wellll"
La Laniece
Fergie brought me here. But anyway, to the people who says the oldest has “studied” Beyoncé’s mannerism , I have to disagree. If you go back and review videos of these girls as very very young children you will find that her mannerism has always been the same. She has ALWAYS had a very strong voice, it is in my opinion that she just “happens” to sound like Beyoncé. She has ALWAYS been extremely theatrical. No disrespect but she is her own individual self and is NOT trying to emulate Beyoncé at all. Everyone has and is entitled to their own opinion though 🙂😘😘
Libby B
Those are Black women! He ain't never lied! Well! A great rendition.
B Jay
they literally have a lot of similarities to Beyoncé in their intonation and melody while singing wow
Arihia Cassidy
Ummm Yesss both slayed the bejesus out of it👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼😍😍😍