1936 Packard 120 by Randy Perez - LOWRIDER Roll Models Ep. 33

Our latest Lowrider Roll Model's 1936 Packard 120 Convertible was built on passion. Check out his story now.

David Madrid
R.I.P Randy, Raza at it's finest. You were truly a role model...
Rest In Peace Retired San Jose Fire Engineer Randy Perez. A true service man, leader, and role model.
Ryan Beatie
RIP Randy Perez and thank you to all the first responders who came before and those to come.
Stephanie Manzanares
Always ❤ Lowriders 💯🌹🌹🌹👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏The Stories are the cherry!!🍧 Thank you Lowrider😎💯❤Always a treat to watch!!🙋‍♀️
Manuel Quezada
Hell ya Randy 👍 theirs no other way. Lowride Till The Wheels Fall Off
David Johnson
Cheers from Detroit near Packard plant
Barbara Hernandez
Nice video that answered my question its on hydros bad ass 👌
Michael Armenta Sr.
Awesome and inspiring! Clean car and cool story.
Jose Avila
J Avila Randy what a wonderful 36' Packard and equally was your story. Which I can very well identify with you. Que siga El Low Rider.
Genuine 100% Applaude 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Dan Na
Fricken Awesome..... keep doing what you're doing Brother !!! ✊
Because having passion is life. Shout out to everyone passionate about anything/manything out there!!!! Love and True Light from Skåne Sweden.
Matt Paiss
Amazing tribute to you and your work Randy! Well done.
Lorraine Carrizales
Nice ride Randy very beautiful story about your success.Not all Chicanos call say they succeed.You have that driven Power.Hats off to you.😇Happy Holidays.🎅
Dangelo Idrogo
Rest In Peace such a good hearted man
lva crew
I live here in Pleasanton and have seen you cruisin around a couple of times
Ahh man this is the best one I’ve seen. Great story, gotta love the story. Greetings brother from Houston, TX.
Jose F Rodriguez
Mind blower; I finish watching this video and as habit I go review the comments. RIP Randy, many blessings to his family and my deepest condolences.
J Hall
Thank you for sharing your inspirational story. Very beautiful ride! How can we find out more about your hydraulic setup?
Martin Rodriguez
Super inspirational ! great example of a tru role model. ...
J. Gamez
😎👌🏾 very inspirational
Sherlock Holmes
That car is beautiful!
Osmar Pastor
Great video! The film quality is amazing!
Luis Nunez
Beautiful story beautiful ride homie 👍
One of my goals in life is to one day be a lowrider roll model love seeing the videos
Be really interesting how you found that Packard, what shape it was in...I love how Lowriders, bring old cars back to life..Your Packard is the most beautiful lowrider I've seen...
Henry Posada
🤜🏼 Much love from WES-LOS/AZ
Firefighter's ABC's - Diversity Awareness
We love and miss you, Randy Perez! You'll forever be one of our favorite firefighters and inspirations. RIP, Randy!
Ramon Preciado
Beautiful car brotha.love that original look with a little bit of bounce to it.You did a great job building the ride and becoming who you are.i have family in union city too super nice.
Truly inspirational brother.. Much love and respect keep them wheels rolling
Gloria Niebla
Me encanto su vídeo sr. Randy felicitaciones a quienes lo hicieron posible 🙋🏻👍👍👍👍🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
beautiful cars and wonderful people. thanks from Australia
Kyle Henricks
R.I.P. Man. "Always give 100%"
frist and foremost let me say you are very blessed brother. May God Bless you and your family...
Jesus A O
Keep up the great work Mr.Perez by far one of the best videos yet.
Alex Cano
One of the best videos I ever watched in YouTube is been awhile....! LOWRIDER FOR LIFE....! QUE VIVA LA RAZA
Eddie Brock
Absolutely Stunning.
I'd love to attend one of those parties, a lot of beautiful cars.
Miguelito Dominguez
Wow what an inspiring story!! This makes me very proud of my culture🙂
Marbella Leon Barragan
Thank you for sharing your story. Well done!
Mathew Korn
And now you know the rest of the story! Cuz I’ve bought my mag and got not much story to read. Other than that piece of negativity, I really enjoyed this roll model story.....Bravo Good Job! I like the fact that Mr. Perez is a Good neighbor! One of Thee most important commandments- crucial to all other commandments in my humble opinion
Jeff Hoelscher
Beautiful car, BEAUTIFUL story. Best of wishes to all.
Generation Oldschool
This is a gorgeous car as a nice video
Inspiring. Glad to see someone actually show that lowriders come in all shapes, sizes, colors and walks of life. I appreciate this vid.
Vicente Zambrana
Randy, Thank You for your service to the community! Respeto..
Chris Stoughton
Great Job Randy, keep up the hard work!
R.I.P Mr. Perez🙏
I'm very proud of you Randy ,Its people like you that make me smile......Thank you.
ron stewart
Beautiful Packard and thanks to Randy for his years of service to the public.
Dave Barry
What a great video. Randy is an outstanding gentleman. 👍
Baja Larry
Sir you are awesome.. Cheers from SANDIEGO
Reginald Fitzpatrick
Its really nice to see an example of how the car culture is about family friends and community. Not all of them are about Hondas and street racing and being an idiot, most of them arent. And Californians are the OGs of custom car culture
its got switches what a G bro
Dave Garcia
What a great idea to meet your neighbors. Super clean ride,Randy. Shout out from San Antonio,Tx
David Garcia
Jorge Carretero
You have worked hard for what you have obtain,Given 100% of whatever you do and that my friend is call PASSION WITH LOVE because i fall in this category as well in everything I do and well respected by others. Here is my motto..to you MEN'S GREATEST REWARD FOR HIS TOIL IS NOT WHAT HE GETS FOR IT, BUT WHAT HE BECAMES BY IT.
Rey Fierro
Randy you're number one
Noel Cesareo
Nick Fiscina
This is what Raza means being a benefit to our community working hard with pride and dignity that's Raza
Jesse P
This car looks hard. I love the stance. 👍
For Wakanda
Te quedo bien Chingon esa Ranfla Compa...
Neto Don Amigable
Raider Rey
Wow, what a story, very inspiring! Gracias.
Daggs 65
Mi Respetos from Sothern Cali. 😎👨‍🚒
Gerardo Gutierrez Villalpando
RIP RANDY. It was sad to find out he passed away even though I never met the man. After seeing this video when it first came out I thought it would’ve been cool to meet and talk to Randy. This is a really great video.
alex Aguilar
Viva the latino raza 💪
That mustache gave him his career.
Viviana Flores
Rip 🙏🏼❤️
Steve Souza
Aye, cool car.
Tank 710
san jose! all the way!!
Sancho Ancho
I love watching the “Roll Model” series. I love the music and of course the lovely vehicles. Much respect to all the Lowrider Roll Models!!
R Pyle
This is such a wonderful history of a man's life and so well put together video . Very inspirational....thanks to Big Poppa for sharing your friends story.
strictly only brothers
I'm crying I wish you would of been my uncle to look up too
Mustache goals
David Lopez
Awesome job Lowrider! Keep the stories coming.
Danny boyy
You are a good inspiration you well deserve it bro. I wish more kids can see these videos.
Daniel Silva
Very nice ride and great story!! Much respect from the S.E.L.A.!!
Dean's of Nomadica
Great guy....great documentary!
Miguel Leon
Viva la RAZA
Denise Christensen
We love you Randy and will miss you immensely. -Jerry & Denise
Tequanato Lajierno
On the spot this HUMANE decision you made as a young man is what TODAY gave our young future gen. A little-known perspective of "SI SE PUEDE". GRACIAS
Momo C.
Nice ride old timer can't wait for my first car.
J Francisker
Carlos Goulart
Inspirational story. So cool!
Jorge Nunez
R.I.P. Randy
Eugene Gutierrez
Nice car
Thumbs up!👍👍
Karrisa Rodriquez
Rest easy man
Joel Alvarez
I love all these stories truly inspiring. I wish i could cruise all year long although i live in Chicago so i gotta put my baby away for the winter and wake her up for that summertime cruise.
You weren't a millionaire but you had a million ways to impress people way to go 👍
Edward Wiedemeier
Tony c
GREAT Mini Documentary!! I don't know Randy, But he lives on through this video!! I'm not prying, but Randy didn't look old, when, and how did he pass?
Mr.Richmond Saw
Rip. heroin addiction affects millions of people each year
Lil Dreem
RIP 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
highway_ dreamz
Thomas Perez
Arriba los PEREZ
Rest In Peace Randy
keith kuehn
really really nice, but I hope you saved ALL the original drivetrain. otherwise, its originality is gone, and the worth just goes down the tube......