Beauty And The Beast FINAL SEASON 1 S01E22


Dolor Solheim
good series BUT THE SOUND IS BAD...
edith aisien
True love my dear friend fantastic film I really enjoyed every thing about it
Intan Balabadan
I can't proceed to watch this till the End..I don't want him die..Ooh No.!!😢😢😢 I scape..thanks for the Bad sound and sad Ending..! it's a Brilliant movie and the main actor is a perfect couple..good job Vincent & Catherine I'm enjoyed a lots..greetings fromPhilippine..😍😍😍
Laura Elaine DeSilets
Little game played to keep people hooked on this channel. Click bait
Rocky jani
Where is more seasons 23 When will upload please
What happen to the sound?
sojourn Traveler
Funny she just goes along ignoring hundreds of opportunities to take the ada's gun and control the situation. LOL
ong Yongkuk
first I like it very much but, in the ending I feel so sad 😳n angry😡😡 .
June Clemons
I don't like how this ended 😐
Lelynn Miller
did he jus say "dabs on ur tad"?????? :O   HE DID, HE DID!!!I I bet he ment "if ur mom workd for them, I guess its possible they mighta kept tabs on ur dad" but he totally totally said "dabs on ur tad"!!!! I cant believe the director didn't catch that. :O #MovieMessUp
Kazoko Iswamo
great and interesting movie but what happens to the sound
Chantal Barnes
Can u please upload season 3 and 4?please please please
Wendy Harris
Love this show but sound cuts off before the end of EVERY episode
Kay-dean Morgan
If you read the guy lips in the helicopter you'll realize he said that Catherine is his daughter.
nazkiya susanto
'that's ma daughter' 😮
Alaa Essam
ممكن ترجمه للحلقه
Mave Jn Baptiste
Nice ending
ong Yongkuk
final ep I didn't like it