What Happened to 32-Year-Old Teacher Believed to Have Vanished Before Hurricane?

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A 32-year-old teacher vanished in the Virgin Islands days before Hurricane Maria hit, and there is a search on for her. According to Hannah Upp's friends, the last time she was seen was on the morning of September 14th, at her apartment. As day turned to night, she never returned home. Hannah Upp suffers from a rare form of amnesia called dissociative fugue. Maggie Guzman is her best friend and said that Upp "may not know she is missing. She may not know who she is."

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Finn Hm
How could she have been a teacher!?!?
Does anyone realize she goes missing every 4 years
Rachel Fausak
Oh my gosh...I can't even imagine! I hope that she's found safe. Her family and friends must be completely out of their minds with worry!!!
Someone needs to stay with Hannah at all times tbh
Milton Gonzalez
If her family knew about her amenisha why would they let her go if this happend 3 times already
*Thanks for spoiling Bourne Identity!*
she should have a tatoo on his body to remind her stuff like her name and a phone number she needs to call
Why don't they just put a tracking device in her? Like they do with dogs?
Jackson B
she should have a bracelet that says she has amnesia or something like that, or she should have a phone number on it say she calls it when she gets amnesia
Pinkonion 22
How is she even a teacher she ain't remember her name to tell the kids and how would she teach
no offense but how's she a teacher if she even forgets her own identity?
G- Ridez
Someone put a leash on her jeez
Clareen Gibbons and more
C Merritt
That is so dumb why is she traveling if no one is really with her? And she has a memory loss condition smh
pixie art
Enrique Singh
Kinda goofy seeing the reporter with sunglasses and a NYPD cap in Puerto Rico handing out flyers.
beautiful4everr 55
So why isn't she in a nursing home or some type of home where she can be monitored... Her family and friends failed her.
Half eaten iPod
Christ. Just keep this woman on a leash already
Wilmer Constanzo
Why she always missing in hurricanes and rain 😂😂
Braden Scanlon
Lol the name of where she lived tho :)
Her names “hannah” not “Hah nah”
Kim Seo Hyun
Well U post this on friday the 13 sooooo......
Leigh Ann
Put a bell on that ho
branden8045 theultramangofighter
They wanted to despacito all day and look what happened
Samiya Nadeem
she should get a tattoo with a phone# on it
Danna Dominguez
Lost adult AND she's a teacher!!!
Abbey Lawler
How could she have been a teacher ?
Hash Slinging Slasher
I hope she's not Upp there.
mahalia tiwn
I live in the Virgin islands and I have not seen her did you all check St Croix or St John
Yuki Kun
god damnit hannah
Kim Hampton
Someone need to be living with her like it’s their fault
Gotta admit, Hannah Upp is hot!
Mosthated._. Angie
1 sub= 1 prayer for Hannah Upp 💖 Please prayer for her y’all.😭
Earth Stone
What a coincedence friday the 13th of october
Laksita Wijayanti
She should wear road iD
New craft Time
How is she supposed to be a teacher.sorry but how?
Your mom Michelle
34!!!!! She looks so young
Kerran Richards
i was born in the virgin island i miss that place
That man know he aint seen her he just wanted clout 😂😂😂😂😂😂jkjkjk😅😅😅😂😂😂😂😄😄😄😄😶😝😲
cat Nunez
Shes the hide and seek master
Hawkwing 88
I'm from Puerto Rico I haven't seen her.
don brassco
Maybe Storm's trigger her memory loss
T. C.
I‘m save, dont worry
Victoria VESSUP
My and dad use to work there cause I'm from Puerto Rico and I laern English when I move to texas
Wait does that mean she forgets the kids have homework BEST TEACHER
Miri Riri
Puerto Rico i live there😃😃😀😀
Pixelatedpinecone !
Dang that girl is a missing magnet
Redskin Fan
They need to put her 8n a mental hospital for her own safety.
Stella Kag.
How can they let this poor woman wander around with that illness.....
Sofia Ortiz
I was strucked by maria😭💔
Emma R
Does any one else see the patter of each 5 years she goes missing?
Microchipping her would be a great idea
How gig she even became a teacher
King Gaming 200 Roblox & More!
1:45 i was born in 2008
She went *up*
ur mum
Jo Jones
Hope she is found safe. 🙏🏻
Itsuro Plant Bean
man she gotta long noodle neck
Omg the comment is 333
The Ninja
Every 4 years she goes missing
Exxcuse me ?
Wow imagine being married to her
Dana Jones
z I was wondering removingff
GPS her
Spread Love
Poor soul 😭😭😭
Tru Medina
Im 8th
M. Valentine
She left because she didnt want to be a virgin on island
Every 5 years she went messing
white woman goes missing and everyone goes crazy like it's the end of the world. come to find out it's the THIRD freaking time 😐 don't worry, she'll be back
Lucky Llama
I hate to say this but can't they give her a tracking bracelet or something. If I was her, I'd even get a damn tracking chip under my skin. I truly hope they find her.
I wonder how they have convos if she just forgets them
Madi W
I wish one of my teachers would disappear
Minty Donuts
Hope they find her...
*If she's 32, I'm 32.*
AMY'S gacha studio midnight scare last night
Ive sen her hear at pasadena but left only the one word that she told me was help me somebody is trying to kill me and i dont know ho but i know god was with me in the weather i was so scared so i was going to let her to live with me but when i turned she wasn't ther only her shadow whas ther
Bat Mang
Hannah is Jason Bourne
Elspeth Graham
It's been recommended that seniors who have some form of dementia have such a bracelet to make things easier for first responders to identify them and make sure they get back to their families. This lady needs the same thing for the same reason. If nothing else, she can call the 1-800 number herself and have first responders easily locate her.
ᴄʜᴇʀʀʏ ᴍᴀᴛsᴜ
At least Puerto Rico is being noticed for once (since I live there and I wish more people would know about us puertoricans and our culture) but I hope that they find her and take her safely home!
Robert Jimenez
Smh gets lost twice and not one of her family members put their brains together and said hey let's have someone keep an eye on her
Bulids & Tours
U need to put. GPS tracker on her!
Pamela Harrington
I hope they find her
ii_omqlolNATALIA the fnaf sl fangirl
She went Upp
Chante Slaunwhite
Watching this on September 14th
Pastel Emily 101 Johnson
I fell bad for her family and friends they must be worrying about her
frederick raz
Hannah Upp amnesia only happen ever 5 years the first was on 2008 the second on 2013 the last one on 2017
Star Wars Maniac 66
Why do I feel like she's gonna have a story and adventure to tell in the future and then a movie Is gonna be made about her and she will go through one hell of an experience... IM CALLING IT
cheychey Plays
Makaveli Santos
Give her a Tattoo with her Name and Phone No.
jj eve
32 year old teacher WITH AMNESIA. does that mean she forgets the lessons most of the time? Lol
George Hennon
She should get a necklace with a tracker
Cute fluffy unicorn Dancing on rainbows
I believe that she got kidnapped and got hit by a brick
Kieran Shea
I fell bad for her and her family and friends but why would you let her go out like this after she went out missing 2times I hope she is found very soon
Izzy_ Cake
It’s even sadder because she was One of my sisters teacher :C
ava. duran
I’m my birthday is September 14
Sharon Santizo
Omg I think my long lost uncle may have that. He was 23 I don't know what year he was missing but I wasn't born at that time he was never found again. I hope they fine her because is sad not know where your love one is
Lia's Channel
omg this was posted yesterday on my bday i hope they find her and i live in Maryland and I'm not that sure but I think i seen her somewhere I'm not quite sure.
Cris. Hernandez
I wish she was my teacher. She would forget about tests and quizzes.
Wherever she is we all love her and god is with her
Jessica The cool dog
She went missing in 2008 then 5 years later in 2013 and then now