Solving The LEVEL 10 Packman Cube Puzzle!!

Today I'm going to attempt to solve this very rare Level 10 Packman Cube Puzzle by Gary Foshee. This was first presented in 2000 at the IPP Los Angeles and although looks simple enough, proves to be quite tricky. The goal here is to make all the pieces of the cube fit inside the cube... enjoy! 1000's of PUZZLES Available here: />Buy PLAYING CARDS Here: />___ INSTAGRAM: />TWITTER: />__ LEARN A TRICK I CREATED HERE: />LIKED A SONG I USED? GET IT HERE: />___ GAMING CHANNEL: />___ MY MAIN CAMERA: />SECOND CAMERA: />BEST LENS FOR VLOGS: />BIG LENS FOR B-ROLL: />TOP DOWN CAM: />MIC: />TRIPOD: /> Website: /> IF YOU WANT TO SEND ME STUFF: Chris Ramsay CP 50011 BP. Galeries Des Monts St-Sauveur, PQ Canada J0R 1R0 #Puzzle #Packman #ChrisRamsay

Chris Ramsay
Hanayama Top 5's?
Kay Jay
Am I the only one who's still curious about the coordinates
Lil_ Mexican
chris ramsey’s mind be like “when it doubt spin it out.”
Stamrow Bitbud
Me: walks up to villager in minecraft Villager: 7:11
Cuda FX
would have been hilariously evil, if some part was magnetized as a distraction
Guys... before we even get to solving the puzzle, let's give thanks... Chris Remembered the ?!?TIMER!?!
not sure if anyone's solved the mystery yet, but I think the coordinates lead to Gary Foshee's house/workshop. He's from Issaquah, WA, which is where your coordinates took you. could be wrong, but that's my guess
But..... the tool in the bag is part of the puzzle... doesn't it have to fit inside as well???
Shipmate | Revengefull Trout
*Is a blue satchel* Chris: This is a purple satchel Satchel: Am I a joke to you?
Dan Flak
Purple?? Either I'm just finding out that I'm colour blind or that's blue. Edit: I didn't mean for this to be such a big deal, I was genuinely curious if I had something up with my vision which I hadn't noticed before.
ok cool
I think the coordinates were the location that the puzzle was made at but idk ;)
“This purple satchel” Uh am I going colorblind because that’s blue Chris lol
Devin Peninger
That's a dirty trick hiding that tool in the bag 🤣
Murg Trollen
it's obvious to me. This is just like IKEA furniture, u've got spare parts that u've gotta trow out xD
Jimmy Live
Only just found your channel, now addicted to your puzzle videos 😂 Binged watched almost all of the already!
The Shiblings
Congrats on solving the Level 10 timer puzzle!!
Petrus Romulus
I guess i found a clue... the name of the puzzle suggests to look in the "Pack, man" for the tool... so it's very clever indeed Great vids btw... a pleasure to watch before sleep :D Keep up the good work!
Travis Pisani
Uses Google Maps streetview trying to get clues on a puzzle from 2000. Lol. Good luck!
Lmao how did u not know that?? Always at the start check entire packaging and see if parts are interchangeable or work together. U must of had an off day, that was rookie mistake
Alex Burchett
Chris, your videos are like a better asmr. I know it’s not the intention of your videos, but you have helped me deal with my insomnia. If I watch a couple of your puzzle videos when I lay down it puts my brain to ease and I am able to sleep. I want to thank you for your videos and your drive to make these videos. All your pain, struggle, and mental fatigue is very appreciated. Keep the great content coming!
Dat Gurl
Take a shot every time he says puzzle or puzzles
darrell adams
"what would you do here"?, like the last time you asked that, I'd discover its melting temperature
all your puzzle solving vids put me to sleep just so relaxing and satisfying, anyone else?
0:52 He say purple little bag, in my little I, I see a blue bag. So is it a blue or puple bag what do you think?
Carl Alvaro
Him: "Sometimes it's more of the tool than meets the eye" Also Him: "Definitely not, aww!" 😂 I like this guy hahahaha
Maybe the coordinates was the psychologist after you ended cryin husk after tryin solve the puzzle where you can go with the bag adn cry there on someones shoulder :D
Okabe Rintaro
It is Wednesday my dudes _Realizes there's a secret compartment_ *ahhh-AHHHHHHH*
Jacob Beatty
Hey Chris, maybe try using a wider lens so the focal length is a little deeper. You won't need to rely on the auto-focus as much. Love the content bro keep it up
u redu je
Men I too much love when he figured aut something and then music stop 😍
Milly Ryan
“Today we’re looking at a puzzle.” 👏👏👏 we had nooooooo idea Chris
first thing to remember when starting a puzzle: always check the pack, man
Pourya Jannesari
rocking the Houston astros i see :D
Ferdabois77 Gaming YTB
You didn’t actually do it they said ALL the parts that includes the tool
Zinnia Henjum
No one: Me: well if he can solve anything.... bet he could solve my problems
The Ræl Dingø
Wtf I grew up in Issaquah, Wa. Crazy. That address is literally 5 min from my old house.
i420x Gaming
You should try beat Dr. Nim :D
Jayden Malugin
Am I the only one who think the bag is blue not purple
V. Adams
I actually watched the whole damn video. I am surprised cuz i got a low attention span lol
Grim Sleeper
After the Excalibur video i really needed this, i have been waiting so long for you to solve that puzzle and i was so heart broken when it broke. (Write on your hand "start timer" or do a timer on screen during post.) Love your videos brother, keep it up.
I love how you almost forget the timer every time! 😂
You should have another camera angle so we can see your face reaction... just saying it’d be fun
Dustin Rem
Paul Nieuwkamp
"Repack all parts of the cube into the cube" That's genius. Innocent enough on its own so it doesn't clue you in on the tool, yet specific enough to tell you the tool doesn't have to be part of the finished cube.
Nobody You Know
What if you needed to pack the screwdriver?
I'm so happy, that i found your channel. Great content with a friendly bear of a guy. ;) Love from Germany. Keep it up.
Sergio Pacheco
I'd personally love the beginner's suggestions! The Hanayama puzzles seems pretty darn good but they are a little bit intimidating so having a good place to start would be great. BTW, now that I'm here, gotta say that I've been following your channel for a couple of years now, really like your style of editing and content so doesn't matter what you do, I end up watching it So... Thank you for all, men! Keep up the great work ☺️
You've grown in popularity so much and I am just amazed that you can solve these puzzles. And magic tricks. I have been watching you since 2k subs
Trey Hodson
When I found your channel a little over a year ago, I became enamored with finding and solving new puzzles. I checked out some of the puzzle supply pages you mentioned and realized most were out of my price range. It wasnt until I found Hanayama that I started collecting. I probably have 10 or 15 of their puzzles and love them. Can't wait to see you feature the Hanayama line and all their clever work.
Ummm, anyone else have 21 minutes of ads before the actual video started?
Justin Dotson
the tool should fit in as well. this is a level 7
Kyle Turner
Automatic respect for wearing the Houston Astros hat my guy I’m from Houston and your the first big YouTuber that I’ve seen actually wearing something to rep Houston! So there is an automatic like for you!
Demonic Akumi
Don't know if it's all left handed people, but for me... this screwing/unscrewing puzzle would've had me lost for days as my brain tend to screw the inverted way to a right handed person.
Phillip Blest
Loving the Astros hat, thank you for reppin' it.
Blake Anderson
Hell yeah Houston astros🤟🏻 thanks for repping the H
What is the definition of an optimist Someone who works crossword puzzles in ink.
Diggin' the Houston Astros cap 🤘🏻
This is why I love Wednesdays.
Pussy Monster
There is Washington company that makes multi head screwdrivers
Carli Bester
Love your puzzle solving videos! Side note: Mr. Puzzle wants to help you with Excalibur!
axel van hoorn
Could you make a video about your tattoo's..
Hey Chris! Recently found your channel, love all the puzzles - great content! ... just brought a level 5 puzzle as a first ever puzzle... was this wise? lol
Zachary Bostick
Astros hat! I’m a Houstonian, so I love it!!! Always a treat watching you solve puzzles. Keep it up man!
Alonzo Franklin
Been super for 5 weeks love ur vids bro keep it up and good luck on 3m subs
Big Thirteen
We just gunna act like it ain’t creepy that those random coordinates are on there...? I need answers 😂
MrSeeks Seeks
Awesome channel mate. Wondering if you've tried Static institute on PlayStation VR? Awesome puzzle game
I love this stuff man, I agree this sort of puzzle are very satisfying to watch so they must be to complete, keep em coming man love your vids
devin roth
Man I love watching your vids to pass the time of day.. Much love man.
deysi melendez
I’ve been subscribed for about 2 weeks and I absolutely love your channel I am in love with all the puzzle solving content !! Keep up the amazing work !!❤️
Daring Darius
0:55 "nice purple satchel" Either I'm colorblind, or that is blue, it has little to no trace of indigo/violet/purple...
With all those amazing puzzles lately, these "normal" level 10 puzzles looks more....hmm...ordinary :D. Great fun though....
Seth Blanco
Coordinates meaning: Deep Creek Washington = DEEP CREEK clue meaning the deep washer inside. it's all a puzzle of words for a clue. Clever.
E Meme Card
You should play The Room series. It's for Android and iOS. There are 4 or 5 games I don't remember.
Biyaah Dy
I just subscribed yesterday when I stumbled one of your vids. And it got me addicted 😂😂😂Binge watching all your videos❤️❤️❤️I love your content.❤️
Xander Cozaciuc
Hey man, love your videos, but I think you could try using a lower apperture on your camera so you don't run into as many focusing issues.
daniel Martinez
Like the hat 😉🤘🏽
Stavros Th
Love the fact that in the past he used to solve level 4/6/8 and 9 puzzles but now, they must be level 10😂😅 Keep up the great work brother☝️☝️
Kris Hall
I've discovered I really like your videos I've been watching for a week or two, and you're one of only two puzzle channels I watch. I've seen a few of the same puzzles featured on both channels so they must be good puzzles. I like the Hanayama puzzles, they're so we'll crafted. Subbed & belled, keep up the great work mate!
Thinking outside the box...quite literally!
I love your hat im an Astros fan as well!
Mike McGee
Sweet hat. H-town. Clutch City. 2017 WS Champs!!!
John Haywood
Chris, your videos are just killing it. Presentation, photography editing. Thank you for sharing your skills. ♥️♠️♦️♣️
Demetrius Billups
Way better than me Chris i woulda gave up, smoked and came bacc long time ago lol love your vids brother.! Keep up the good work ...blessings
The Border Ryker
That was a very satisfying puzzle. Nice one Man. Namaste 🙏🏻
Justin Sapp
That was awesome. I love listening to how your mind is working and watching you figure it out
Jan Kuso
I find myself wanting to say to the screen "can I have a turn?" with every puzzle clips lol. Great clip & puzzle Chris 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Blake Williams
These puzzle vids are so relaxing dude 💪🏽
Meredith M
Saturday Live Streams of Puzzles? I would totally tune in for that!
Dalton Weils
Clicks on video Clicks on thumb up Wait through ad #truefan
Cypher House
Another awesome puzzle Chris! Thanks for sharing!
Greg Ritenour
Loving the quality of the videos and sound. It makes us feel like we are right there with u
Scarred Vexy
I was wanting to get into the type of puzzles you do. Any specific place I should be looking to purchase from? Love the videos btw!
dimitris soilemes
Hey chris do you remember your old videos that they were shout in portert mode ❤😂(love you )
Amazing simply amazing chris i would love to see one of your shows you absolute legend
William hatten
Your magic makes me so we chris!
Aidens Empire
Jeezzzzz 😍 the fresh haircut caught me off guard lmfaooo
I love all of your videos im glad you upload before i go to work
hey chris! it is my birthday today! finally 18!!! by the way, i love your videos please keep up the great work!!!
First of all....GO ASTROS! H-Town Represent! Nice hat bro! Second. Great video once again! Love what you do!
Kelvin Hirst
Hey! What software do you use for editing little video effects into your vids mang?
oooofh, the sunburn! love the content! <3