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Title aside and all that this is Nadesico movie Prince of darkness english dubbed. Sorry about the subtitles. I can't get rid of them. This is a alright movie. It takes a bit of a darker and more serious tone than the series. But prepare for the most abrupt ending that you have ever seen.(Just to warn you) Guest staring Pac man and the Akatsuki. I don't own this nor do I want to sell it so yadadada....

some part of the dubs are really bad...
Ricky OldBoy
lol prince of emos...pretty true this movie is freaking depressing...
@WatchGamer - That's his dad. It's all very strange and very complicated.
Armyz5 Z
this one sucks, what happened to all the old characters.... the were the best.... akido and his girl, they made this show the bomb....
Beverly jefferson
The movies starts out with the two most important and fun characters DEAD? Great movie... -________-
@airkillere100 - No. If you still need help, please look up "The Blank of Three Years". It will give you the missing time line.
@DarksideDemon47 wait DID akito and the girl Die!???
aye, i beat it a few days ago and am playing through it again using different mechas, this time my main one ares the Nadesico, Gear Fighter, and Garmraid(1st time I used the Cerberus)
Something tells me I'm really not going to like this movie. :/