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Watch more videos like this: />Learn how to trigger emotional attraction here: /> ---------------------------- Follow Me On Social! ---------------------------- FACEBOOK: />INSTAGRAM: />TWITTER: /> Your worst enemy when it comes to creating white hot attraction with a man might be gut level impulse. If you routinely trust your first "feeling" when you start dating a new guy… you could be making a critical mistake. Here's a simple technique you should be doing instead. Don't get me wrong. Trusting your gut definitely has its place in a new relationship. BUT… When it comes to creating attraction, your gut will usually betray you faster than a final four alliance on an episode of Big Brother. Check out the video now, and let me know what you think in the comments. Your Coach, Adam P.S. If you'd like to get your hands on a proven blueprint for creating blistering hot attraction with any man, follow this link to my most popular program: /> Summary – What I'm about to share with you is so counterintuitive, yet powerful, that it will forever change how it is that you interact with men. You may already do this naturally, or it may be one of the most challenging shifts you'll ever make in your dating life. But I'll tell you this… Make this shift, and men will start emotionally bonding with you in ways you've never known possible before. Here's the thing: When a woman begins to get emotionally involved in a man, her first instinct is to give, give, give whatever it is that she can to the man. This is because women are innately very compassionate, caring, and giving. If you find that you fall into this trap, you probably notice that many times the more you give, especially early on and especially before a relationship even begins, the less that he responds. You might bake him cookies or buy him a t-shirt that you saw that made you think of him. Although these things are really nice to do, they aren't making him bond with you any further. Here's the simple shift to help you emotionally bond with a man. The best way to bond with someone is not by doing them a favor, but instead by asking them for a favor. Maybe you need some advice on how to deal with something at work. Maybe you just need some help fixing your washing machine that just broke at your home. Maybe you need him to pick you up after work because your car is in the shop. Making him invest his time, energy, and resources into you first, by asking for some type of favor is an incredibly potent way to emotionally bond with you. Why? Because it's part of human nature. Science supports this. In fact, in a research study where participants could either receive a lump sum of money or donate the money to a charity, they discovered surprising differences in neural activity for decisions that involve receiving money or donating money. While receiving money, activated the rewards system in our brain as would be accepted for something that gives us a positive reward. On the other hand, when people donated to charity, the same network showed even greater activity and the activity actually spread to the subgenual area, which is implicated in a social attachment. This suggests that our brains actually enjoy being a gift giver over being a recipient. By making him help you in some way, he's going to start emotionally bonding with you even further. Now, like I said, you can't force him to give you a gift, but you can definitely ask him for small favors. The easiest way to do this is by simply asking for some advice on something. Get him to invest his time and energy into you first, and watch as he continues to fall deeper for you. Have you ever tried doing this with a guy that you're dating, without even thinking about it? If so, comment below. I'd love to know how it went. [Like this episode? Make sure you check out: 

Sarah Irick
Maybe on my first date I'll ask him to pay my rent. Lol!
Tassoula Blake-Cameron
In the past i usually act like the "nice girl" doing everything for a men thinking he would "fall in love" with me. Such action did not get me the results i wanted. Since last year i started to watch your videos and i have change my actions. I ask for favors, i don't open up myself to any men unless i am in a committed relationship, i up grade my standards etc. And now i am getting results, i have high value men falling for me, men who own there own business, handsome, stable etc. I have become a mystery to men because these men have women running behind them, begging to be with them and willing to do any and everything they want. While i am like yeah i like you, and i would like to be with you however, i am not going to lower my standards. I have taken total control of my love life. Thank you, for your help.
Alessandra Alvirde
OMG this is Sooooooo hard for me. I literally can’t ask anyone for anything 😂 I think I’m asking for too much, or if someone is trying to “reward” me for something I say no. Pfffff. I just like to be the giver 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ H E L P
Yes because men like to feel needed.
Jo Desouza
Wow wow wow. It really does work. I done this subconsciously. I was getting to know a guy and one day while he was on his way to mine I messaged him to get me grapes when he arrived he brought me black,red and green grapes because he didn’t know which one I liked. Drinks and chocolate. I was genuinely shocked as I hate asking guys for anything as I thought coming across independent is the best way to get a man to desire you. But there’s power in receiving !
Miranda Baxter
Too much work for me..i'll just take care of me. I wanna emotionally bond with myself.
Virginia Petak
It hard find a good guy. I have big heart to give. If he out there i will wait for him. Love him. All my. Heart
Raquel Li
Psychology proves a man or whoever does favors for you feels more of a connection.
I asked the guy I ve been on couple of dates with to help me carry a heavy work counter from the car to the house. He offered to come straight after work ! More dates followed :)
Women have to keep in mind that it's not just the favor you ask him it's how you ask him. Make him feel important that you asked him instead of asking anyone else (man) that could this favor for you. If you want his advice, let him know he is smart, you trust him and his advice he gives you. Need a favor that involves physical labor such as carrying a piece of furniture make it known to him first that you had gone to him first because there's no other man that has the strength he does to so such favor. Also, asking for a favor and returning a favor such as asking him to fix something at your house and in return you would be happy to fix him a dinner. Let compromise be appreciated by what he is/has done for you. Rememner, don't make the appreciative compromise because the "favor" will be done but rather make it about "who" did the favor.
Reland McClure
So we should initiate his hero instincts.......hmmmm....interesting !
Southern Sweet Tee
Wow! This is so crazy. I literally make it my business to not ask people for anything. This is going to be hard, but I'm going to try it out on someone.
Carol Loraine
I've found the more distant I am the better at least in the beginning. When I care less, they care more.
Donovan Thompson
This isn't really good advice.Women ask me for favors, but it always seems like that's all I'm good for. Every time I get a call from the woman I like, she needs this or that, not once did she call to just hang out or invite me to a get together. I just end up feeling like I'm being used. I felt like I was falling into the dependable 'nice guy' that's always there at her beckoned call. Ladies, don't just call them to do something for you; actually try to return the favor by doing something for them. I ended up telling her I'm busy after she asked me to cover her shift.
Autumn Rayne
Seriously hard to find a good man
pink rococo
This is so true hahah! I am aloof and mysterious most of the time, and the guys line up. My problem is turning the "aloofness" off and showing that I can actually care and open up.
Aubrey Rex
If you're not pretty, you're done. Men are visual.
Completely agree. I've always done this and told my girls to be this way too. Men love to help!
This actually worked on a narcissist I recently dated. It took him a while to get there, but when I started asking for things for myself instead of catering to him he actually became more invested. Of course, when I pulled back if he didn't follow through it gave him the motivation to put himself out there for me.
Arohi Singh
So True Adam...I have been constantly asking him for his views or suggestions on my personal issues...and sometimes really personal issues and he has always shown great interest...And our life is going so well... Perfect Couple 😍
Devine Asuquo
I am sorry to disagree, where I come from if you start asking a man/guy for a favour in the beginning they tag you Needy Desperate demanding and a control freak. Not asking them for a favour is what attracts them to you and at ease will offer to be of any help or assistance to you.
Becky Tull
I grew up with the women in my family beating independence into my brain haha! It’s very rare I need anyone to do a favor for me, I’m generally already doing it lol! What kinds of things can I ask for to help him feel more helpful to me?
Meggles Lynn
Done all of those. They all said no lol.
could anyone give any good examples of what kind of favors to ask of the guy??! haha
Shelley Viohl
When I ask for a favor, I end up always having to pay for help. Nothing is given for free.
Carol Loraine
I have found men to be like little boys who get bored easily and they move on to the next thing that appears to be shinier. ...and to the next..yada yada. It's in their DNA.
Jasmine K.
Really? Hmm.. interesting
B Chuck
So I have been following you for years and am happy to report that I am recently married. I am the typical independent woman but I followed your advice and started LETTING HIM do small favors for me that HE wanted to do. Each time I thanked him he had this sheepish dumb look in his face in satisfaction. Needless to say it led to date after date after date because he saw that I wasn't a gold digger who wanted to take take take.... I was grateful and truly appreciated what he was giving to me. Anyways I've been sharing your links with all my friends because your advice helped me. Thanks so much!
Kecia Scarbrough
That doesn't work.Guys around my age don't care about me.Asking for advice makes me feel stupid.They either say I don't know or they tune me out.
k meg
Men love to give advice i don't like it, even when you just want to tell them a problem and just for them to listen nope they give advice.
Kacie Reed
hes gotten upset with me baecause i never ask him for help or when he offers i turn it down....mainly cuz i dont want him to feel used
Ger R
Good video but all the good guys are taken or the single ones have a long list of impossible criteria.
Melody S
Omg this is such BS. If a guy truly likes you, trust me he will go after you. Plain and simple. No need for these little strategies.
Morgan Stewart
Wow...I always ask the guy I like to watch my bags or help me carry things to my car or just things like that, and I never realized that it was strengthening and emotional connection!! I feel really close to him now but I just had no idea that doing this was even a contributing factor. Thanks Adam!
Dark Light Tarot
I never thought too much about it, but actually it does seem that when I ask for advice or need help with something - carrying something of whatever - a guy does start looking out for me, to see how he can help again. thanks for your videos, they're really informative.
LeBonBon V2
I don't even know why I watch these. No one will ever love me 😂😢
Sruthi Zenith
free ur mind from everything...and see what is God's plan for u..... Love is not a game to test or play..... it should be given without any expectations and fear......
Soma Jaiswal
dude i love you but i dont agree with this logic, guys are hopeless ,except you ;) ... they dont feel nothing ... esp german men . Can i request you to make a video on '' how to tame german men'' lol haha... trust me i find them emotionally so numb
Ok but at what point do you give back, and how? Just taking all of the time will be exhausting for the man to always give and the woman to always take.
Leonora Dompor
True love waits!
Noozy T
Although I agree with this and do believe it works, in my personal experience, if I ask a guy for even the smallest of favors (not monetary!) , they always make an excuse for why they can’t. They always say “ah sorry I can’t!” I don’t get it
Jane Brooks
I am very little, short and kinda weak and I would always ask my boyfriend to reach something for me or help me with my heavy bag or something like that and he would always laugh and smile at me and do it. I feel like it was making him realy happy.
A New Love Official
Being deeply in love to someone too early is a trap. I can relate to your video because I was once like this before though I regret giving him too much but in the end it gave me a lesson.
Christine Notermann
I appriciated the science aspect to this topic.
(Tue night)I asked my crush to help me pick up a couch I bought....😐 hasn't called me all week (Thursday)
sorita mangla
Dude you are really an expert in men
Psalms 91
Thank you so much. I am so much of a giver/pleaser that I got the worst end. Now that I know better, I will definitely be asking. I see why one of exes always talked about how all these women call him for advice but I knew that that was just an excuse for them to call. Besides he was actually telling me the same story but I was not buying it.
Charly Althouse
I think I’m not compassionate or giving. Im a little too independent.
Living abroad alone for years and working as a supervisor at work, I have made myself a problem-solver 🙄 I think I realised just now why I have never been able to maintain a relationship. 😌 Lots of guys pursued me but they usually pulled away after a few months of seeing each other 😌 Thanks Adam. I will try to ask for favour from today.
Maria Vargas
My goodness! I couldn’t agree more in this video. My experience has been 💯 % true the more I gave myself to him the more he disengaged. And before I knew our relationship ended leaving me broken , hurt with so much despair 😪
Hunter Collins
The other day, teaching summer school, I had armfuls of stuff to take to class & had to set some down to open the school door. And had to use my little tush to hold the door open (guys do tell me it's really cute). Bent in half I was trying to pick up my stuff when the best looking guy on the staff ran up and held the door open for me. I said, "You just made it so much easier for me. Thank you so much!" and flipped a smile and my ponytail over my shoulder. I got back the biggest megawatt smile. Even unasked, great guys like to help us out. Isn't that awesome?
Sheryl Gething
He and I arent in the easiest situation. We have to be very mindful. This is what has happened and seems to be working: We like talking to eachother (face to face). Perhaps hes quite traditional and always puts his phone away and gives me his full attention when we meet/speak. When we first started to know eachother, I opened up a little bit about my work and some of my struggles to him; and mentioned that I shouldnt be telling him these things but I felt like I could trust him, which is exactly what I felt (it was not a plan/trick). He then gave me some advice. I texted him late that night saying thanks because what he said really did resonate. He replied later (wayyy later, like almost dinner time later) the next day saying that if I needed anything I can call em up. The next text I sent him was a few days to a week later; a link from youtube. without any follow up text (just the one link). A topic I found very absurd but I knew he could appreciate. He gave me his opinion on the matter and ended his leghtly text with "texting is tiring". (he usually replies with very short sentences) to which I replied that we could continue the convo when we see eachother the next day 😏😉. We didnt (have to). We continue to bond once face to face. When we are in close proximity he gives himself time and space to talk to me alone whenever possible. We may not always have a great amount of time to do so but i appreciate that he tries. I like him. He also seems interested and is very comfortable with me. He's not big into texting (which I can very much appreciate). We both have a need to move slow. I think, if this were to progress, I'm just going to have to slowly pump up the sexual-tention and 'asking for favors' (because the two examples above did work. Because I opened up to him and made him feel helpful, he opened up to me in return. Which is very very nice.) Although I do wish he'll try a little harder to get that date with me. We're not in an easy situation so I know it'll take time. It's a good lesson for me in becoming more patient ;) I'm a 20-something (and dating ~ though I do really like him) while he is, in his own words, at this primal age (35+). Never married, no kids, good relationship with family, stabil-working-class job, wants to be in a committed relationship. Which is exactly what I desire! I know... I'm a lucky bitch just knowing a guy like that ;) thats why I dun wanna mess it up or keep my hopes up too high. What do you say Adam?
Yu Wei
I do that because i heard this advice on tv show "Mentalist"
Danielle 1974
So so true. I was dating a man that I was doing all kinds of things for. I really liked him. He never invested. Another man who was giving me advice and even monetary favors was always interested.
Jaque primcess
i respect him as a person but asking him favors is none of my busines.infact he shud ask me afavor.da diference is we allow ourself to be swallowed wid da idea that he is everything n ones he knows yu are in for him completly he will roll yu like a pet.shows him yu have morals n widaut him yu can be.don allow him to learn yu like a book keep him gessing what yu are up to n he will always be careful to mess around wid yu.
This is the best video ever it really good. unfortunately I done the opposite he wants to do favors for me but I refused what a stupid girl hahaha now i learned the listen.
Maya Gamal
I actually did this trick and I worked amazing .. he was happy and proud and everything went better
Islam Bani Yaseen
Can this applied to married couples?
shannan dalier
I met a man that is emotional shut down and started a relationship too soon with him. Two months later I broke him ankle and at the time I was just about living with him. I caught him on the phone with his ex one too many times so a week after my ankle surgery I moved all of my things, with my friend of course, back to my place. The hot water pipe was broken and he knew this and came over to fix it and shoved roses threw the crack I opened in the door. But I needed him I needed him to bring me food everyday for a month and he did. This was the type of guy whom drank your drink on the way home from getting you Wendy's lol . Breaking my ankle changed everything needing him changed it. I totally see that asking him to do things makes him feel needed. This man is 47 and I am 50 we both have had drama in our relationships. But... Ive been watching your videos and understand now what I do to drive men away or I completely get taking for granted. I over indulged men with too much and never ask for anything in return. I ask now even if he fusses, cuz he will!
Rose Lyons
I have a need right now for my man but I don't know if he will do it for me or not Adam! But I will definitely give it a try!
What about asking him to hold you because you need him...does that count?
Little Wing
Mind blown. Love it!
Julie Anne Ryan
This was awesome thank you.
Melanie Aldershoff
Sexy confidence I want to date you
Gods kid
Your vidoes are my evening routine lol. Even tho I don't like any man I am Learning alot 🙃
Kaila Cook
Huh. I typically didn't ask my boyfriend for favors when we were going out, but I'd constantly ask my guy friends for help on things, only because I felt better about getting help from them. It's all making sense now..
Aimee A
Prime opportunity! The man I like has offered to help me with my school assignment/anything I need help with school wise including my practicum and the assignment is an interview so I get to know him better and get to bond. Score!
Southern Paws Training
True. I asked for him the first time to help me with a client. He was hooked from that day on, after that I asked him to please help me change my windshield wiper blades because I've never done that and also worked!!!
Adria Dobson
Could you use this for a good guy friend you think likes you?
Cathy Baldry
If only had found this video a few weeks ago
Great advice!
Rosanne Keizer
I don´t know if it works. I do this naturally.But I think the clue isn´t just asking for help. Relationships need some serious work, and helping another is natural in this process. I think it´s communication and having an eye of the patner his/her needs. Btw. my relationship is really strong and we know every deatil about one another. Where needed we help each other.But again we communicate with each other .
Jessica Olson
What kind of favors? Or advice about what?
Randi Pierce
Dig this tip - thanks! :)
I replayed him saying you sexy lady 10x it's hit coming from him❤😜
Goddess Serenity
My guy friend at work is like this he even told me to allow him to help. A toy got stuck inside a toy and he was able to get it out a child was giving me problems he helped out. Now I help him if he has a sudden problem still friends until this day.
aki ross
trying this thing and others, thay you have up on youtube,is working but slowly with a guy im close to 😀
Ikia Mosley
The part when you mentioned " asking for a favor" totally nailed it! I swear my guy gets upset when I don't ask him for anything but only in an emergency😆 I love to be surprised sometimes but it better be good for the both of us🤔🤔😈😈💀💀💀💀💀😂😂😂😂 That's a turn off for alot of damn girl why you begging
Leonora Dompor
My boyfriend told me love is not all sex.
Tara Worden
I was dating a guy for a few weeks and felt him start to lose interest. Not to sound horrible but I thought since he's going to break things off I may as well ask him if he could help me move a couple of heavy tables before he does or else I'm going to have to hire someone. No idea that request would make his attraction go from a -20 to a 110+. I didn't even understand what i did that changed his entire behavior towards me at the time because it was such a simple and short conversation i could've had with anyone. We dated for a year after that.
Lacey Ziegler
When I first met my fiancé we both connected quickly, both instant attraction. A month after we met and starting dating, I asked for his help, its a difficult thing for me to ask for help financially but I did. I was interested in renting a house which he viewed with me (he had his own house) but I didn't have enough for a deposit. 1,700 that's not small, but I called him and began to explain " This isn't easy for me but I trust you and I feel safe asking you this" he gave me a check for the deposit, later he explained how much it meant to him that I asked him that and how it made him feel that I trusted him and felt comfortable asking him that and he knew it wasn't easy but it made him feel needed, also asking his opinion on the house and if he thought it was a smart move or not. After I turned in my deposit and move in date approached. He quickly asked me to move in with him instead. I asked him because I trust him, and feel safe. He knew I'm very independent and self reliant due to my ex husband so for me to ask him was a big deal it took a lot and that's one of many things that have created the love, trust and bond between us. Its basic human desire to feel needed, to feel important specially by the ones you love.
Linni S
Omg! This actually happened last evening. I had just started chatting with a new match and he was being honest telling me about his current career and I asked him if he enjoyed it. He honestly answered me and his thoughts for the future. I gave him some words of wisdom and then alluded to the fact I’m at a shift as well. He then asked me my thoughts. I was stunned but I opened up. He was so nice and reassuring giving me advice. I knew right then he would be a very supportive partner and that with him I feel I could do anything.
Vanessa Haycraft
I’ve asked him for a favour few times an all I ever got in return is lies after lies an excuses An to be honest there should be more on men in a midlife crisis and stubborn an cold how to get him back yet he wants to make you jealous,he wants to make sure there’s still a door open between you like he keeps your cell phone on or he has a copy of your house keys when you ask for them back he keeps giving you the wrong keys so how do you get to them in away that they will stop An realize what there doing
Mrs. Greene
I did that with a guy who worked in a grocery store and he wanted to get to know me better but I felt funny about the whole thing so I never went back to the store, mostly cause I was shocked by his attention and not ready for a boyfriend or lover.
Ho O
Thank you. This is so hard, beeing a independent woman. Never ask for anything- getting panick while a super Nice guy offered me some help after hurting my foot. He saw a little wound I had not seen myself.. hm. Was he that "interested"? Panic when someone want to care. Really wanted to stay:) any tips to calm down and trust?
Kayla R.
I am trying to learn as much as I can because I am very attracted to a man at work who I know Is attracted to me but hasn't made a move. The problem Is that he has a girlfriend already. I do not want to take avantage of this situation. However I haven't felt this way about a man in a very long time... and I want maximize my chances as much as possible should the relationship naturally come to and end.
Agnes Talplacido
I don't care if he doesn't want anything l give.. what's important is myself.. that i am real... it's his problem if he doesn't like it... I don't like pleasing people over myself...i don't like doing something against my heart and will just to get his attention..if he won't like me, so what??!!!
Tina Markey
I did this this I ask him for a favour to help me out. He got all flustered and turn me down got annoyed about that, that he was too busy? The washing up was more important?? WHY? 🤔 he Obviously he didn't want to be close to me!! Maybe Thats why now hes my ex!! 😃 it was happening too often. 🤔I get worn down, then I gave up asking. 😞
ruby valdez
Hahaha. I never ask anything and I give, because to me when someone is important to me I tell them and show them. Hmmm... I shall try this out. Even when I had friends who were guys trying to help me or saying I can ask for anything I always said I was fine. I like doing things on my own. Interesting...
How about being yourself lol I like being myself. Take all of me or nothing at all😚
I like how you ended the video. Keep doing your thing. Respect👊
Sincerely Stacey Karen
This is great advice because it’s so true. Even if you get him to do the smallest of things (in someone else’s eyes) you’re the one that is gaining the biggest reward, and that’s not the gift itself, it’s the love you’ll receive from that special someone in the long run. 🧐😍
Christallin Johnson
I told my friend that a Power Point presentation about a list of info was too long and he suggested putting it in a flowchart instead. He'll be helping me with it next week. 😇
I was on the wrong path and was letting myself completely into the giving. I'll start following your advice right now. Thanks
Carol Loraine
I'm a good person, however, I put my guard up and watch to see if they're worth my time.
I asked him for a favor right before I watch this video lmao
Schöne Frau Zhang
May I ask a question,how and when tell him you are a single mother while some guy thought you are single and want to date you
Brunna Mclean
Ahhh!!! I had this years ago. Didn't realise What caused it but now I know! I had a guy that helped me loads (bit by bit for months) we got to know each other really well, laughed and joked... and he fell. HARD. Didn't work out, but he has never gotten over it. Wow.
Carol Loraine
If a man wants to make it happen, he will make it happen and it doesn't matter what we do or say. This has been my experience.
Christina Baldivino
I hate that I've made mistakes early on in relationship I hope theres a way to flip it again.