Who is Fast N Loud star Christie Brimberry's husband? Family life and career details

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The beautiful Christie Brimberry is the manager of Richard Rawlings' Gas Monkey Garage where she puts up with the monkeys in the garage and has thus gained the title, "Zookeeper." Her husband works for Richard Rawlings as a hair stylist. Find out more about her husband and children by watching the whole video. Read More at CHECKOUT Officially Licensed Gas Monkey Garage Coffee Mug ON AMAZON: /> Audio Credit: Dub Eastern by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( />Source: />Artist: /> Thank you for visiting our channel. Please like, comment, share and subscribe. You can also visit our official website for more celebrity updates.

Fast N Loud cast is set to appear in Discovery's Motor Mega Week in a race, Street Outlaws: Mega Race, with 405 Crew. https://youtu.be/wgQR_ga7YMk
Randall Bagwell
She be lot hotter she loose that tattoos
Adrian Smith
Of bigger concern is the fact that she has ruined her looks with all those hideous tattoos. Who does that???
50 years from now / no white race !!!~
Sam Garcia
She looks good for a mother of six....😍
I see sime disrespectful comments on here. Im a black guy, and the roof i lived under dont see no color. You be with whoever you want to be with no matter if he or she is white, black, Mexican, or whatever it shouldn't matter who she's dating
Dipesh Somai
Nice program. I love fast N loud Christie are a beautiful girl I like her's hair style
Miami Hick
I thought she was gay.
I just see a beautiful and hard working woman who has six gorgeous offspring...
Buddy Allen
Well you know like someone just said. Don't judge a book by its cover. Well you should look at yourselfs. She's a hard working wife and mother that love's her husband and kids. She is a very beautiful loving woman. See I look at it this way. Your really jealous that she's not your wife and your kids. Plus people who judge others has nothing good going for themselves.
I liked her till I saw the holsteins
How many husbands has she been through
Chosen One
I knew it. Mud Shark!!
Rick Uyeda
I'd like to know what each member of the Street Outlaws does for a living and how much the Show pays them. In the beginning Big Chief claimed to be an Air Conditioning technician, but how can he afford $30K motors? Same with the rest of the cast.
How do you know her kids are not adopted? I am sure you never heard of that before.
Hollywood Graham
What a disappointment, goes to show you don't judge a book by her cover.
Scott H
I don't know and I don't care if she's hot and I like her
William Kiene
Christie is an important part of the show.
N Croes
I am still in love you baby 💋
Josh Oman
She is sexy and has a great haircut
mark L
I thought that was Ellen when she was younger
jack wilson
I enjoyed that story. And I'm a big fan of Christie.
Mike Seal
After 6 kids and some cancer she looks awesome along with that cute face
Strength Axle
tat ink goes into lymph nodes and can cause cancer
anthony dierlam
Just like to say that she is awesome and sexy
Formula 1Fan
Glad she seems to be over the BIG C i know at one point she couldn't speak if I remember right they cut a vocal chord .
Robert Forrest
Smokin Hot,sexy woman, tatted,and Blonde! Dont get much better. Yo Beer assistant
madsplatta lot
Who cares
Swifty's R/C And more
Damn girl your hot and tough af.
David Blakley
we are taking a look at the life of Christie brimberry office manager of Gas Monkey garage and the star of the show Fast
N Croes
God bless you crhristie and famely 😁
She a babe
shes gorgeous !
Yeah she's got a rockin bod'. Wish she kept the long hair though
Blades 22
Who cares
tippy Dog
6 kids ? WOW
POF 415
mr peanut
she needs areal haircut.
Tax Payer
Never seen it. Tv is shit !
Brian Cabral
Who the fuck cares?
el juice
im thinking this video just put an end to the monkeys tv show
Eugenio Tapia
I'd put a money bet Richard has put the moves on her. He's full of himself.
war god
Ewwwww sick
Love Aaniq
where i can find her
Christie use to love the BBC
She is smoking hot though.
Clash Hacker
6 children?
Jay Betting low risk
The shop dog lol
She's beyond smoking hot!!! Incredible looking woman. I'd marry her on a minute.
Mauricio Rodriguez
she is byutifull
Didn't know she was ultra liberal. Will never watch the show again.
S god
The show is very good and cool and the personal lives of the cast is nobody's business.Ride on.
Drool Alot
I'm glad my black great uncle died for this country in the Korean war..... All you fake patriot flunked out of the cub scouts
daniel escobedo
Whu care...
Jeffrey Rodriguez
I'd like to hit those giblets!
Roger Williams II
Who cares?
Mauricio Rodriguez
hello black guy
Frank J Rouseau
Wow pumped out 6 kids !
john g
Do block head Todd Hoffman off of Gold Rush, he may end up making more money off singing than the show. He can carry a tune, look it up.
She seems like a great person. But if people knew the truth about ol Richard and his real "Car ability", I am afraid they would be disappointed.
Jesse Meza
Racists are total losers. Why else would they need to attach themselves to other Successful "white" people. They serve no worth on their own merits. Dummies aren't race specific. They're linked by stupidity.
Val Kilmore
No one cares