NEUROFUNK DRUM&BASS MIX - AUGUST 2018 [1080p HD] (free download)

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💎 TRACKLIST 💎 DOWNLOAD 💎 BELOW 💎 ------------------------------------------------------------ Write me to comment name of your track, or your favourite track and maybe you will hear it in next mixtape next month 😊 ------------------------------------------------------------ 💣💣💣Download on Soundcloud: /> ------------------------------------------------------------ ⛔ TRACKLIST ⛔ 1. Akov - Initation 0:00 2. Kanine - Dancefloor 2:41 3. A.M.C - Die Hard 3:55 4. James Marvel - Way Of The Warrior (ft. MC Mota) 5:21 5. Bl4ck Owlz - Under Control 6:46 6. Maniatics - Dick Chasen 8:25 7. Dominator & Turno - Bomb Squad (A.M.C VIP) 9:58 8. Fourward - Nobody 12:28 9. Jack The Ripper - Back Again 14:14 10. Jack The Ripper - It's Groovin 15:50 11. Infrared - Rage Quit 16:30 12. Dan Caplen - Trouble (Calyx & TeeBee Remix) 18:00 13. L PLUS - Let Roll The World 20:06 14. Prolix & Black Sun Empire - The Message 21:32 15. Merikan - Crunch Time 23:18 16. The Clamps - Soul Of The Abyss 24:43 17. A.M.C - Titanium 26:30 18. A.M.C- Puppet Dance 27:55 19. Mob Tactics - Crazy Hype (Annix Remix) 29:21 20. Delta Heavy - Gargantua 31:07 21. Muzzy & Teddy Killerz - Shut It Down (ft. MC Mota) 32:33 22. Synergy & Signal - All You Got 33:45 23. Cod3x - Technology 35:00 24. Tantrum Desire – Vybez 36:06 ------------------------------------------------------------ 🔥🔥! IMPORTANT ! 🔥🔥 Fair Use Disclaimer: COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER UNDER SECTION 107 OF THE COPYRIGHT ACT 1976 Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. I Don't Own the Single Tracks. Promotional Use Only. All Copyrights on them goes to the right owners and artist. If there any Problems please contact me and I will delete the Video immediately. THANKS 😊 ------------------------------------------------------------ Mixed with Pioneer DDJ-SB in Traktor 2 Scratch Pro by Dusik. ------------------------------------------------------------ Support and contact me on: Instagram: />Soundcloud: />Facebook: Email: [email protected] ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡ ⚡ Like, Subscribe and ENJOY!! ⚡ ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡

Dušik Milar
Next month: Crossbreed.
John Krendželák
Zas kvalitka ako vždy ;)
First time I've heard nuerofunk and I think I am in love!
Kevin RT
Wow the song at 18:00 REALLY killed the mood. Was really into the mix up until that point...
Dimon Veres
Бля такая живая музня !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ))))))))))))))
Miroslava Smutná
Najlepšie..... 🎶🎵🎛️🔊🎚️😎😍 Tieto tvoje hudby by mal počuť celý svet.. a nie len tých pár ľudí čo to zhliadnu
Dimon Veres
What a mix..more jump up than neuro..
I am tweaking so hard on this mix... And it's awesome !
Sehr gut!! :)
Žoži Blažková
Hraju u toho sfgame xdd a poslouchatelný to je a to je to hlavní a to neuro nemusím xd
Dusik please never stop making neuro mixes. Thank you <3
Илья Мазин
Omfg!!! It's so sick!!!!!
15.20 БОМБА
Petar Atanasov
First track is dirty af madness such power... Very good mixing love you man great mixing
Владимир Желтышев
Еxcellent, and in Russian -Заебись!
DJ OgStar
На хардстеп-драм-н-дрол больше похоже, но тоже Класс! Лайк...
Fexron 11
I listened this whole serie with out changing sofa!
Adam McFadyen
Nicely done! You've really hit a note here. Pitch is wicked, your blends are great & the resonance throughout the first 15 is dialed in! Whole thing's dope, but that first 15 minutes or so of it is really smooth.
Math Hagen
Holy shit what a mix! i only think the last drop of shut it down would have fit better, as the first ones are drumstep.. but really a dope mix, loved it !
Rozjebal ako vždy 👑👑👌
Csaba Toth
Jaroslav Neuman
Bracho kdyz je v nazvu neuro nemixuj do toho jumpyy
Дима нискажу
Michal Frančiak
Hands down, za poslední dobu za mě nejlepší neuro mix!
Andy ficus
2:56 killing it😍😍😍💪💪☝️👍❤❤❤💓💣💣💣♥️💎💋👨‍🚒🚨🔥🔥🔥
Victor Taturin
Thanks. It's a beautyfull нейруха.)))
Scottro Mc
Enjoyed this mix. Thank you for making it.
Максим TinPlate
Slukdog cz
Nice další mix do playlistu díky :)
The Spirit of Beatbox
The first track growl sounds exactly like the inward bass of a beatboxer called Two H. Wonder if they have actually taken from him and sampled because it just sounds the demonic same. Shiet.
Katherine Byrne
Woah... Epic...
party ended at 6am. went home and put this playlist on. party continued to 6pm "_*
I have not heard Neurofunk for a while now but Im still loving it.
mAjst Spich xdd nice urcite pokračuj xd
hustě ty!
Marek Bryja
Hej kamo fakt libec užil jsem si to keep it up
100000 subs without video
Ako vždy prosím😍😍😍❤️
Норм качь!
Matej Mokráň
Dj Aid
Cool world
Jack Olsen
12:48 lets gooo
Анна Лаптева
это просто нереально круто !!!!!!!!!!!
tuty mixy poslouchám když hraju něco na chill <3 super!
Oh god, this is so good!!!!!!!!!
Eva Kovalenko
Hello) thanks!! Can not understand where you are from? Very similar to that from Croatia)) Do you remember that I wrote to you about the fact that you came to us and held a party? We will pay you everything, including tickets. I have a wonderful dinner, you have a wonderful musical evening. If you agree, write to me)
Miguel Viveros
Dam!!, so fresh always :3
Danny Skripp
Hot Hot Hot!!!
Mr. Andreison
Opět top, bro! 🔥🔥🔥
Awesome! You got a new sub :)
Fallenyou !
chepolino chepolino
Dominik Em
Zajebiście mocno! DOBRZE!
Michael Rojas
Thank you 🙂👍
Epic! btw where can I get the wallpaper?
n00bcake 547
jumpup hast nichts mit jungle zu tun!!
Ondřej Šťastný
Morda jak cyp úplně chcipam u toho ❤️🔥😷
Jose Avendaño
Esto está muy sick!
Sam Shroom
Damn... I was looking for Neuro... Not jump up and cheesy vocals... Edit.. About 20 mins in the Neuro does begin :)
Dope <3
Love the mixin of some filthy old school tunez (10:40).
Luis Miguel Naranjo Malagón
Yes yesss i love thiss!!!
neřeš více
Tak toto je řádná šlapačka,sousedi budou skákat 2m vysoko :D
Libuska Huhu
lepší set sem neslyšel,wow moc dobra hudba v práci mi dává energií,díky bro amazing job❤️
ben scott
The 2nd drop to canine dancefloor gives me the bass face🤣
MaDDog Creepypasty
Mrda :3 :D
Максим Торопов
Скорость немного выше воспроизведения. Опять же в этом стал смак самый)))) Четко заходит!!!
Daniel Sopko
Junk - Bong
Kde bereš všechny ty skladby?
Cristian Simonetto
Very good quality mixing and music, good man :D
Bodi 37
10:00 dominator is sick
This is mixing in perfection! Every time you release a new mix i go in to it with high expectations but i never get dissapointed.. Love you Man :D
Marek Basel
Pedro Dias
0 visualisations 1 like ---Yeah that was me !!Because I know its quality garanteed
Luis Filipe
Sick Sick Mix bruv, got me head banging alone in my room. Nasty drops as well dude, u just got yourself a new sub with this mix. Five Stars
Dan Caplen gives some nice attitude of liquid funk ;) The set is awesome, as always :D
Hurin 1
one of the best neurofunk bravo mr Milar
*Dušik always delivers, biatch!*
YEAH! Bangin as usual with that techy fantasy scientific feel to it. Another phenomenal mix cant wait to hit the street and see what it sounds like in the bass invasion mobile! Thanks brother you never fail to deliver!
First time I listen to this kind of music and that's fire !
Matatah Willis
Dude, this is Master peace! Best set i ever heard..
Dominik Lacko
why do u call it neurofunk mix if a lot of the tunes are jump up ?
you are missing cyberpunk by phonetick and let em know
Александр Ковалёв
Nice mix Bro :) Best regards from Russia!
Tamás Papp
Again the best monthy mix ;) Big Up for You!!!
this mix is absolute sick and tune!!!! <3
Nikola Zec
In Croatia we say " jeeeebeno". I think you understand that word 😉.Ave Dušik
Nejlepší 👍👍 !
Wiodący Wiedźmin
20:45 track name please?
Pedro Almeida
Hey man, where do you find these images?
Oliver Werner
jump up in this neuro mix 👏🏼 why?
yian dev
an error occurred
Юрий Блинков
Моника, Донбасс с тобой!!!
Novikof_m 1
Не, этот сет чета гавно.
Novikof_m 1
А не, вторая половина норм