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instagram- @southernhooning In this episode of Southern Hooning we learn how to install the timing chains on the KA24DE / KA24DET if you liked this video or if it helped please like and subscribe!

does every damb car video have to have that annoying chipmunk music. every last one of these car videos lol?
Tre' Borne
Great video! I'm preparing myself to rebuild my ka, and your videos are going to be a huge help. You're very organized and professional, something you don't see often anymore.
Richard G.
your video need more views the quality is really good, going to need this when i rebuild my KA
Thomas Crashley
this channel deserves some more subs, you guys put in work
jeff meador
I feel the same as richard g
We need that song at 7:09 please!
Please Take A Sip
What is the song that starts at 7:09? Please
Big O Yates
really good quality carry on ur doin man
Faded Entertainment
badass videos man just found the channel and subbed lol
Leopold Whylie
very very good video. Very detailed explanation. thank you
Jr Zendejas-Ruiz
very informative video. thanks !
M Blackwell
good vid
M&R Tuning
Southern Hooning Like the vids man I'm out hear in Mooresville it suxs we don't have a track but the bills looking good
Hightime Carclub
Never said anything about the positioning of the crankshaft can anyone help me out on telling me where the crankshaft should be located for top dead center
Logan Hickman
I may be getting a 91 240sx soon, with a 94 ka24de. Im still learning to work on cars. Would you say that they are good to learn on? Like are they pretty forgiving?
Raul Granados
Where did you bought the timing kit??
Hatsune miku 01
For some reason my tensioners have little latches on them instead of the pin hole
MuddyVale Music
hey, I'm currently working on my KA and looked through everything and did a compression check and it was zero. I was wondering where was your cam sprocket pointed at? I changed 2 good head gaskets and prior of the build I had compression. what I'm guessing is my timing maybe the cams should be facing a certain way. thank you for your time!
The Finger
Need some help, I took off my cams instead of taking off those bolts(didn't know I could do that) now I can't get the chain on what can I do? I tried to take off the bolts but the cams just spin.
Man that is a good video!!! Just please get that stupid music off, where the next guy dont have to hear that crap.
Awesome video, any tips for doing it while the engine is still in the car?
You got website where u got all ur specs from thanks
Why weren’t the marks lined up towards the end of the video ??
What turbo and how much power does your engine make now? If you don't know specifically that's fine, I was just wondering.
Diego Olmedo
name of the first song?
Weston Stonehocker
thank you homie
where did you buy the time chain kit? please let me know