The Baseballs - Torn (live from Strings 'n' Stripes)

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Yasmijn Kok
I tried to repeat it until I hated it... 2 (!!!) years and I still love it! <3
Dalton Costa
  Great band, great singers, and I have to say: they are very hot!
Patricia Atienza
I really, REALLY love Digger's voice, it's gorgeous. I hope I can go to see them on a live concert soon *-* (Sorry for my poor English)
Deleon Souza
Sensacional! Virei fã :)
Geile Frisuren, geiler Song, geile Band,  geile Mikros,  The Baseballs sind veflucht geile Burschen!!!! Und das sage ich als Mann....
Marcelo Oliveira
É o que eu digo sempre... o que é BOM, pode ser MELHORADO! UM SHOW DOS CARAS!
Emmanuel Kapps
What a lovely song ! What a good spirit and vibes !! Great.
Konstantin Gribov
Справа - Сюткин?? О_о
Maxim Scherbakov
We'll done, the Baseballs! Come back to Moscow soon!!!
Ευτύχης Μπλέτσας
amazing band!
Nicolas Hernandez
What voices! Digger and Basti have wonderful voices! And I felt in love with the girls that the camera shows.
vale Valebu
Son genial ...... unos Elvys......... Fantasticos
Thomas Burgmayer
Ich hab die Baseballs Live erlebt, absolut GEIL
polya eaten
нужно больше геля
Jairo karim Campos lazcano
esta genial
oowwww omg is a beautiful cover
Das ist das was ich an diesen Jungs liebe!! Die Band perfekt, die drei Sänger perfekt! Viel Gefühl und so viel mehr an Fanliebe <3 wäre gerne auf diesen Konzerten mit Seifenblasen etc. gewesen <3
Winston Norrris
they are great and the 1st girl looks like anette olzon.
Thomas M
they sound so good live !! :)
Valter Alesso
absolutely amazing!...
I was at this concert, just melting like everybody there.  This year I was at another concert and they did it again - turned me into a groupie fool. My husband let me drool.  He loves their rocking music and we both love seeing them together.
Jordana Niedermeyer
Wonderful! ❤️
Marie Kulm
*Schwärm* Hach ist das schöööööön ♥ Die Stimmen sind genial!
Mire Christophe
JADORE cette music du passer une histoire
Maíra Fernandes
The best, beeeeeest!!!!
An gie
Awesome! Pls! i want hear just the way you are from B.Mars.. i can't stop hear you!
Ala Stępak
Uwielbiam tę piosenkę :) <3 
Mel O
I'm wondering why they never did any classics.
Candy White Aldry
ohhh iss fucking AWWWESOMEEEEEE!!!!! xD
Laura Bios
The majority of the versions that they make I like more than the original songs. Me encantan! :D
Perfeito! Eles são muito bons!!!
Gabija Tinginyte
they're soooo handsome :o and teir voices.. perfection!!!!
Pedro Vasconcelos
Absolutely amazing!
The Lone Wolf
Why dont they make a fucking movie already!!!
Romy Dolderer
super geile Music
Sam is good, Basti is good, Digger is good. But, together, they are fucking perfect.
Libor Macák
Das Beste!
renata batista
Essa música ficou conhecida na voz da natalie imbruglia, mas essa versão superou a original. (na minha opiniao) e diga-se de passagem, lindos todos integrantes, todos fofos...
Captain Van
My Johhny longer a fantasy...HE'S REAL!!! \m/,
Ester Azevedo Maia Ruiz
I'm in love <3
my god this band must be showed in Mexico City. They are amazing!!
Ja wtedy ich niestety jeszcze nie znałam ale nie mogę się doczekać kolejnego koncertu na którym na pewno będę : )
Weronika Szacilowska
miałam to szczęście, że byłam na ich dwóch koncertach w Polsce! :)
Artūras Kinčius
the baseballs cool!!!! go go go! :) its great
This is one hell of a good song and they sang it really well! Loved it!
kick ass , rock on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wooohoooooo
Rebecca Trenouth
watching this i just want to give them all a hug!!
I still can't believe that reality singing shows use Natilie's version of this, when TBB's are so much better. I saw this live and was in tears. So heartbreaking the way they do it...just perfect.
my panties drop so hard, there is a hole in the floor
Nat Ar
Meu Deus, que lindos!
Hmmmmm , das ist soooooo schön . Play and replay , replay , replay , ........
i don't know if anyone else think's so, but the guy on the right looks a bit like James Dean :O
Ricardo Brandão
Sabe Nada o/
oooh he knows that or at least, he knew. :D
Howie Dewitt
The acoustic bass makes a huge difference in emulating that cool classic style.
Artūras Kinčius
ohhhhhhhhh it s cooool song! !!!!
Viviana Sofia Fernandez Torales
Amo The baseballs, eles cantam com a alma.
Ivanhoe Rose
Can anybody explain why girls like Digger?  Sam is more handsome and have much more strong and beautiful voice, to my mind. His voice is the most close to Elvis's voice.
Maya-Louise McPherson
New Obsession.
Ilse B.
Sam is so perfect *-*
Wie kann man(n) so gefühlvoll singen, ohne dass es schnulzig oder übertrieben wirkt? Unglaublich...
Это просто ФАНТАСТИКА!!! В живую!!!
Poland is waiting ! 
Beata Gaeva
И здесь тебе привет!И Спасибо!! Супер!!!
Artem Dragunov
fangirl murder, this one
Danilo Alves
muito dahora
Gerardo G Montelongo
Ich habe die Stimme als basti
His name is Sam. Left side Basti, Right side Digger
Ania Z
I don't have one, and I regret that I don't know dude in the middle :D
Alfonso Gasa
qué versión tan aburrida de esta hermosa canción// such a boring version of this beautiful song...
Alfonso Gasa
qué versión tan aburrida de esta hermosa canción// such a boring
*sigh of happiness*
Karlo Leš
Karlo Leš
hes voice is like johnny cash and elvis had sex and he is their child :D
Digger 3
Fabiana Ferreira
Sam is the man...ohhh handsome
ana karen ramos sastre
amores miosss jajaja digger contigo si me kasoooo
Ferdinand Go
Rayssa Pinheiro
they make me swoon...especially the guy in the middle.
I like how this song conveys so much more emotion and pain than the original! The Baseballs are fucking awesome!
el mas guapo de todos, i love you digger
i love you digger
On the right side is Digger ;) From left to right Basti, Sam, Digger :) Their real names are Sebastian Raetzel, Sven Budja and Rüdiger Brans. Jeeeej :) They are indeed very awesome <3 (and Handsome ;p <3)
Angela Giadelli
There're people (like me of course) that likes clasics... and I live in 21th century. So if you don't like just don't watch it.
tastyabs bellybutton
yea but they are portraying that very era, so i'd say job well done. And stop projecting your own supressed sexuality onto others. Just makes you seem gay.
:DD rofl what the fuck is this shit :D the band looks like gays^^ one tip for the band, we live in the 21th century and not 1960-80 :DD
Cecilia Torres
this makes me aasdfghjkljhgfdfg
Lily thepink
Which one is Digger? What are their most fav group now x♥
Klara Aythea
cool !! :))
Sarai Vargas
Es muy original producir este genero en estos tiempos....
Vanesa Medina
Love love love this cover....there voices r too cool
Rayssa Pinheiro
that cover is my favorite! <3
Rayssa Pinheiro
this performance of The Baseballs makes me swoon!
Carsten Langbo
Lighter moment
Penha Silva
Omg!!! They are great and have beautiful voices... but Sam ( the guy in the middle ) has the most perfect voice !!!!! *O* Sam, do you marry me?! :D