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Richard and Dennis travel to Kentucky to take a look at an old inherited Ferrari... but will the numbers match? Catch FAST N' LOUD Mondays at 9/8c on Discovery: /> Watch full episodes: /> Subscribe to Discovery: /> Test your Fast N' Loud car smarts: /> Join us on Facebook: /> /> Follow us on Twitter: />

Nick Moseley
1:43 " y'all wanna burrow my flesh light and take a peek at it"
b Mc
Richard should have showed the guy $125k. Walked away, and said call me if you change your mind.
Kenneth James
what is with the jackets boots and jeans?
Dennis is trying Richard's style and it ain't working!
That Ass Monkey Garage guy is a moron. One of the last front engine V12 Ferraris built? Last time I checked, they still make front engined V12 Ferraris today.
Wow they magically switched cars at the beginning ! They started off in a sequoia , and magically ended up driving a ram !
Moses Smith
Lol window sticker is 2005 but hea it hasn't ran since 1975 hahahaha
Joe Cuts
Dennis wants to be Richard so bad it's not even funny same haircut now almost. same clothes and jacket says same things. bro get your own swag. lol
Paul C
He's nervous about carrying cash ? Yeah..Can you say traffic stop?..civil forfeiture ?
Looks like they just came from a garage sale at Cher's house......... #oldFartsRuinedMetalWatches
Jett Rink
What a greasy low life this Richard is....
Flying Dutchman
Barn finds are the best. I'm wondering how many classic supercars like these are still not found in the USA alone.
Kenneth Corbett
i wouldn't let this moron near a ferrari ever.
Rusty Shackleford
yall look like boyfriend and boyfriend with matching outfits... lmao
The Great Chimera
Why tf are you always driving on the goddamn center line? That’s so upsetting
Tyson Comfort
I baught a 68 plymouth roadrunner for 2 grand from a old man down the road and been working on it for the last 3 years bought it when i was 16 and am hoping to get it fixed and perfect before im 21 that way i can drive it to lasvagas. For my 21st birthday
Maly Pivo
lol USA is great, if I pulled this cash anywhere in Czech Republic, the communists here would fkin skin me alive:d
John Beidleman
Bro that's a perfect car that they threw some dirt on 😂
first class junkie
haha guy had a Ferrari and a Buick in the garage and had on a Ford service tech shirt on under his jacket
eric heine
They should be rebuilt around 30,000 miles. The light that burns twice as bright Burns half as long. Just when we had a run-in so nicely. Iron American Dream on YouTube.
Fred Slatford
They just said it's one of the last front engined v12 Ferraris when there's the gtc4 Lusso and 812 super fast that just came out:/
cell pat
thats one cute doggie.
I would meet him at 130k CASH.. bet he would said yes!
Bob Doc
Maybe spend more time doing some research on the car (try the "interwebs") and less time in the hair salon & tattoo shop. This show used to be interesting and really fun to watch but now it's all about his bank account and GMG 'exposure'.
majik fuzzybutt
I do like some of the ideas that GAS monkey comes up with, But I cant respect some that runs their mouth about cars yet they cant or don't understand the first thing about how to wrench on a car, great at buying and selling, and he should stay out of the shop and let the ones that are getting their hands dirty and cut up do the talking about the details, I would respect Richard more if he would give more camera time to the guys that make it happen and has made him the money he gets, even the guy that sweeps is important, There is no I in team, just like any business, It takes the entire team to make it happen
Pround to be italian
i've always thought dennis was prob gay.
lights out
richard -Aaron all ways crying about fixing thing an say he refuse to do the things you ask who owns the company fire him il go to work an make better car without air ride
just look at Dennis new look hahahaha
Richard Kelbe
Dennis dressing like him now?
Daniel Singh
Headlights look like 240z
Goofy XBL
who sells his car in such a dirty condition???
RYAN Elliot89
The owner got a freaking hell of a deal
Nick Oats
Does it have two oil filters ?
I’d charge them 160 for those outfits
101 owlman
200k at least, at least.
Richard go don't understand nothing about Ferrari, you are only a stupid actor !
brian stuart
and you don't get to see the outcome what the car sold for you're going downhill Bubba
Oooooh 19seconds in. Thats one BAD hair day for both of these jokers !
Gary Rice
The headlights look like a Citron
Benny Bizz
Richard got punked this time.
phanny pack
you dont double ots trouble. 140 in the can for maybe a quap?
Larry Finklestein
Rawlings has a net worth of over 15 million, he can afford it.
Brett Clausen
Love this show guys
gas monkey sucks. iron resurection and counting cars is way better
turkey tlc
Humberto Rodriguez
They dress like queers
how tf did you fly with 100k cash
Juan Gallardo
Rick from pawn stars would've offered 25k and said it's risky tooooo risky me.
donny bass
A cant believe these 2 have not come out of the closet it is obvious they are fudge packers .
Paul Ott
Kentucky with new York plates on that truck
Jaime Vasquez
Two douchebags in leather jackets
Dr. Thomas Fister
those leathers jackets lmao
Joseph Lariviere
What happened I thought they ran out of a big expensive shop why are they in a dump garage?
Gregory Underwood
Gets pulled over, money seized, and arrested for possible drug dealing and money laundering...........
Chris Sisco
This guys is shady af
Cute doggo
Jon Murdock
You can't fly with that much cash so I don't even believe he bought it.
i can pay off my school loans with that money
Mark Williams
Just give the guy a bottle of pappy van winkle and call it good lol
daniel boxall
if a came over there I would have to learn some new skills and some fun
daniel boxall
Some stuff we don't want to again
terry breedlove
If I saw two gay looking MF come up to my garage I would say go dress like men and come back or not but just go away
Alex M
Fonzi called...he wants his jacket back
Money Green
he'll make way more than 25K off that ferrari, who does he think he's kidding?
Shubham Singh
sir you are amazing I see your all episode in discovey
Mario De Jesus Rosario Dela Rosa
no entiendo porque no lo pasan por república dominicana el duo mecánico
michael tuemose
WTF HAPPEND TO DENNIS??? didt he find a goth girl, wow he looks so weird
chris walker
Dude looks like he needs the money an had raped Richard. Like other guy said 125,
Ralph Neves
What are they wearing???
Xavier Butler
Medium God root qaitrce elementary cable we general dose brick historical.
Steve Dallas
Guy selling the car is a combat veteran and has my respect as a fellow brother in arms , maybe no one else noticed that KIA band on his wrist but I sure did
Christopher Adamson
Lou - e - ville
Allan Green
Oh look it’s the guy who’s been known to bondo and paint over rust holes.
House Retornd saturday
Yo tengo uno igual pero aquí en Argentina te lo vendo Richard
Juan Ortega
I bet the owner thought u guys were GAY
I was thinking that old ferrari would be worth $400.000 or more. Since new Ferrari is 1mill & more.
Adyth Chandra
I can pay it no more with $50k 😂
Raul Sanabria
Blessing Monkey Garag
Raul Sanabria
Blessing Monkey Garag
Stace Neff
1:49 wouldn’t his stepbrothers father be his stepfather ?
Andy Nicolaou
steve darnell built the D-Rod
ugly fish
In the 90's you could have picked this car up for 20/30k in this condition.
Please this program return to discovery channel
VuurwerkCrew 058
that louis duffle though
BigSi 2017
Richard is not a great negotiator he could of gotten it for 100 to 120.I think he be folding like that to show off cause he's on t.v.
Esteban Rodriquez
I see a box for a car cover... But I don't see a car cover anywhere to be found.
lotusjag04 garage
They already killed an e type don't let them get close to a ferrari
Juan Carlos Camarena
Like Car
Imagine if instead they replaced cars wit drugs.. greatest trafficking show ever
Juca Bala
Pô não tem como ser dublado.
Branon Fontaine
What...the f**k...happened to Dennis' hair?!! Whoever told him that looked good I hope was fired on the spot....
Paul Vieweg
Add an email to my account
chris walker
Magically not close to the car
lewis Whitman
Why is Dennis looking like a 80’s boy band member
Peter Cavellini
Do they really dress like that?, and dig the Hair products, and someone dyes there Hair.....😂
Abhinav Gupta
Paid too much
Joseph Eberhardt
Mike's shop shirt is the exact same one as my highschool auto class
Eric jones
Haven't watched in a while. Dennis Dude got a makeover! lol.
Marcus Tutankamon
by time im 30.. i hope you respect another mans work as you do your own. good luck living