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Dennis is trying Richard's style and it ain't working!
Nick Moseley
1:43 " y'all wanna burrow my flesh light and take a peek at it"
RYAN Elliot93
The owner got a freaking hell of a deal
Jeez take a hose and wash the rat turds off the paint at least.
Guillermo Rodriguez
With their leather jackets all they need is their French Poodle
b Mc
Richard should have showed the guy $125k. Walked away, and said call me if you change your mind.
Joe Cuts
Dennis wants to be Richard so bad it's not even funny same haircut now almost. same clothes and jacket says same things. bro get your own swag. lol
Skippy the punk
Pretty soon you will not buy a single car. They will keep them.
Peter Cavellini
Their like a couple of old Rock Stars!😂😂
Looks like they just came from a garage sale at Cher's house......... #oldFartsRuinedMetalWatches
Paul C
He's nervous about carrying cash ? Yeah..Can you say traffic stop?..civil forfeiture ?
Wow they magically switched cars at the beginning ! They started off in a sequoia , and magically ended up driving a ram !
Justin Daley
Hey Richard, what are you wearing man?A black leather ensemble, just how you like it Dennis.....Oh me too Richard, how nice
i've always thought dennis was prob gay.
Louisville ky is my hometown that county has people that are batshit crazy
Branon Fontaine
What...the f**k...happened to Dennis' hair?!! Whoever told him that looked good I hope was fired on the spot....
Kenneth James
what is with the jackets boots and jeans?
Nicoletta Bonauguri
Come fa ad andare in giro con tutti quei soldi,senza paura di essere rapinato?!!! Qui in Italia non lo potrebbe fare.
oneway mike
I normally don't pick up on gay people. Enough said.
Eric jones
Haven't watched in a while. Dennis Dude got a makeover! lol.
Skippy the punk
Located Hemmet on River, owner must remove. Paper
Anthony Laudano
These 2 guy's are serious TOOLS
Wz Tr
Mardi Gras leather jackets, Louis Vuitton bag, u serious?
Iron Head
Dennis got a make-over.
Aysha Xeanophera
by time im 30.. i hope you respect another mans work as you do your own. good luck living
Octa's LP
They get famous with Discovery. I love the Show Gas Mokey Garage
Xavier Butler
Medium God root qaitrce elementary cable we general dose brick historical.
Arlene Beiruska Hernández Ventura
He must pf had like a million in that bag
Calum Palmer-Alexander
Ah Dennis’ outfit man wtf
Brody Brady
One of the last ones built? Have ya ever heard of a Maranello ?
Humberto Rodriguez
They dress like queers
Peter Cavellini
So, you paid 40% more for it, you might get it back plus 50%....?😂
I Dig Ohio
Best part is the pooch giving the city boys the stank eye.
I can tell the guy would have taken $100k
I was at a car show, met him... and he offered my friend 2 million for a rare Porsche 918 Martini with red interior / leather! Unfortunately the Porsche owner refused lol.
Peter Cavellini
Do they really dress like that?, and dig the Hair products, and someone dyes there Hair.....😂
Gunjan Rawat
sir you are amazing I see your all episode in discovey
Watch out for cops pulling you over when you have a bag of cash in the back seat.. civil forfeiture ‘merica..
I was thinking that old ferrari would be worth $400.000 or more. Since new Ferrari is 1mill & more.
Juan Gallardo
Rick from pawn stars would've offered 25k and said it's risky tooooo risky me.
Who carries around that kind of money. Ever heard of a bank transfer??
Richard Kelbe
Dennis dressing like him now?
I am never was & never will be
They just gave the guy cash and walk away, didn't take the car, didn't sign any papers, didn't ask to see a title?
Dave Pawson
Dennis looks like the gay Dr. Evil.
Alex M
Fonzi called...he wants his jacket back
ugly fish
In the 90's you could have picked this car up for 20/30k in this condition.
Imagine if instead they replaced cars wit drugs.. greatest trafficking show ever
John Beidleman
Bro that's a perfect car that they threw some dirt on 😂
They do look pretty fruity in their matching leather jackets
Andy Nicolaou
steve darnell built the D-Rod
Nicoletta Bonauguri
Adoro questo programma 💖😁
eric heine
They should be rebuilt around 30,000 miles. The light that burns twice as bright Burns half as long. Just when we had a run-in so nicely. Iron American Dream on YouTube.
Who ever picked the out fit needs to get fired
Ling John
Wish I could catch him with 100k.....
Buck Buck
Id be nervous being a poser in Kentucky too
shame that this dipshit has an old Ferrari rotting in a garage, doesn't even bother covering or cleaning it
Curly Q. Link
They started out in an Sequoia SUV and then pulled into the dude's driveway in a Dodge RAM pickup. Editing error.
Terry Breedlove
If I saw two gay looking MF come up to my garage I would say go dress like men and come back or not but just go away
daniel boxall
if a came over there I would have to learn some new skills and some fun
Trini_ Bang
Why can’t I find these deals !!!!
michael tuemose
WTF HAPPEND TO DENNIS??? didt he find a goth girl, wow he looks so weird
donny bass
A cant believe these 2 have not come out of the closet it is obvious they are fudge packers .
Moses Smith
Lol window sticker is 2005 but hea it hasn't ran since 1975 hahahaha
Kyle Morelli
I’m pretty sure u would never get threw the airport with that kind of cash
Juca Bala
Pô não tem como ser dublado.
Oooooh 19seconds in. Thats one BAD hair day for both of these jokers !
phanny pack
you dont double ots trouble. 140 in the can for maybe a quap?
Samuel Gonzalez
Dennis stold Richards look what a dork.
urban rider
The Louis Vuitton bag he has is well over £1000
Money Green
he'll make way more than 25K off that ferrari, who does he think he's kidding?
Virtues et honor
Kentucky with new York plates on that truck
lewis Whitman
Why is Dennis looking like a 80’s boy band member
The Great Chimera
Why tf are you always driving on the goddamn center line? That’s so upsetting
Adyth Chandra
I can pay it no more with $50k 😂
Steve Dallas
Guy selling the car is a combat veteran and has my respect as a fellow brother in arms , maybe no one else noticed that KIA band on his wrist but I sure did
Kyle M
Anyone know what he made on this deal?
He’s getting looser and looser with his cash
Daniel Singh
Headlights look like 240z
when they are super rare,the last person to sell the car ,he gets all the money,i got rid of my mopars,too many thieves in texas,better to have the money than worry
who wears jeans like that?
Please this program return to discovery channel
Your twin outfits are quite suspect.
Pliant Impala785
200k at least, at least.
Nimus Works more!!!
Lucille Henzig
still hitting the wall joke waller
Esteban Rodriquez
I see a box for a car cover... But I don't see a car cover anywhere to be found.
BigSi 2017
Richard is not a great negotiator he could of gotten it for 100 to 120.I think he be folding like that to show off cause he's on t.v.
eric burhed
Richard tries so hard to be cool
Brodie Lounder
What about the F12 berlinetta? Front engined V12 Ferrari. So not one of the last built
Bandre Q8
Please people see my tattoos 4:45
Michael James
2019 - that car is well-north of $200k in value now. Richard did WELL if he held onto the car for a couple of years....
Gregory Underwood
Gets pulled over, money seized, and arrested for possible drug dealing and money laundering...........
Adam Hornyak
Why are they driving a truck with New York tags but they are in kentucky... hmmmm
Shaik Ilahi
i want your phone number plz
Dan Casey
What are you going to WEAR next year. Please let me know so I can be as fashionable as you TWO. DID YOU GUYS SERIOUSLY PICK OUT THOSE CLOTHES ?
I’d charge them 160 for those outfits
Branon Johnson
Dogs not fixing to eat you... Hes trying to figure out what is covering your feet?!?! Do those auto lace???
Eric Albertson
Fram filters 🤮
Stuntman Mike
Dennis look like he is hungover