Building a 1965 Volkswagen Beetle | Fast N' Loud

Cheap and reliable, the Volkswagen Beetle was an icon of American and European roadways for decades. Richard and Aaron buy a 1965 Volkswagen Beetle. Subscribe to Discovery TV for more great clips: /> Follow Discovery on Twitter: /> Subscribe to Discovery TV for more great clips:

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jack mehoff
What work did they actually do > they skipped over everything
Would love to have that bug! 🐢☠️
mann wish i had this vw bug.
thats not original paint. the plastic bead between the fenders and the body should be black. someone painted the car with the beads in place and they got paint on.
They get the car in the shop and start talking about what color to paint the wheels. Like magic, there's a new engine in the car. Boy did you cut a LOT out of this video!
Chris Ross
That looked pretty sharp!
Scott Kurtzman
That's a $3000 car all day with parts that cost a few hundred to make or maybe $1500 to buy (before they built it i mean)
Ger Ruddy
So glad it wasn't customised to much, it's a Beast!!!!
good job!
T3rra Phantom forces and Roblox
Defo not my style. Better before they started!
How did they make the normal vw beetle engine into a 200hp
John A
How Paul
should have put a v6 porshe moter in it
The Piano Man
Building a proper original bug... Let's drop it and put give it a ridiculous big motor.
Cool work you all.....
Carlos Henrique Noronha de Aguiar
Why build????? You can buy it here in brazil!!!!!
chris rhodes
the first car they have built that I wish I could afford to buy
mindy burton
ill give you 2500 au you can buy these in mexico for 500
David Hatchel
Nice job!
Toby Mehlos
What brand rims are those
Pete Munoz
awesome bug
$5500 for over 200hp HOW?! :D
Team Toyota
get you some of that. WOOOOH
Kyle Davis
Well done !!!!!
Damian Os
i'd buy a bug like this. just not from these jokers.
Man, I'd love to get a Beetle again. My first car was a '61 with a full canvas sunroof, followed by a '67. Nice job on your '65!
Jose Antonio Morales Dans
Este es mi programa favorito sigan asi
Wayne Novotny
Original motor was 1200cc, not 1600.
Lazaro Torres
Wow awesome did you sell it yet
Ivan Ruiz
These guys are extremely crazy that bug is expensive I don't know if any body's gone to Mexico, the central and south part people have those for sell from 700$ - 1500$ dollars that's cheap as hell, besides there's plenty of models from the 80's to the 1999's.
in Greece they are like 500€
shows canceled
Skye Fuego
why lower a vehicle when dealing with these dallas roads.
WHYYYYY is there always a dumbass deadline???!!!!
John Irey
Bugs are all the rage in Texas at the moment. Seeing people paying $4-6K for rust buckets and spending $20K restoring them
#want! love it.
Bruce Burns
Six grand in Australia would just about buy a MacDonald's Big Mack and maybe half a bucket of Fries , the Yanks  have know idea how cheap the US is , I just replaced the remote eclectic motor and renewed the springs on my roller factory door and just to get the door people the night it jammed cost $600 for half an hour , all up $6600 this country is a joke and if I was a teenager I would be seeing if I cold migrate t the US where it is still the country of fairness compared to Europe and the rest of the world .
Guys build a bug. Stick a "monster" motor in it!.............. Spend zero time talking about the motor's stroke, piston size, total displacement, carbs (Weber 48 IDA's?) cam, clutch? Instead they spend 90% of the video picking out interior colors and color matching wheels... That's so freakin' GAY!.. ........................ Nice bug though! I'm from So Cal. home of the original "Bug-in'" Back in the early 1980's I used to run a 2180cc, 1966 Baja bug with dual 48 IDA's 200olb clutch, lightened flywheel, ported & polish heads with Manley valves, double springs etc.........Fun car, but it's my 1965 21 window VW van that that I could kick myself for selling.. Oh well hindsight....
Schmitt Djeson
Is a herbie from the love bug in real life?
i love it ! can i have it ? i had a 1971 and it was the most fun car i ever owned .
Will the car ALSO have nas-tee TRAMP STAMPS?
Think we all want to fix up a bug and it’s so cheap to do. Sometimes we just don’t want to admit. Great looking car and I bet it’s a blast to drive
Gasser Hashem
This is why i love classic volkswagens❤️
Gasser Hashem
I love these old beetles i got a 1974 and i love it, its amazing and very popular in europe and egypt❤️
Gasser Hashem
8000 is very little for this sexy looking and sexy driving masterpiece i got a 74' and i love it i still drive it till today
Gasser Hashem
I love these old classic cars like this beetle
nizam sheik
Which episode was this featured on ???
Özen Akkoyun
Which episode is this
Jamie James
Founder repeat fifteen xniehln investment lung statue.
Ben Mallie
That is one sweet bug! Love them Smoothies. I wonder what sort of exhaust that is?
It's to low.
6K is a steal, soon as the camera turned off after the initial 8k they probably did the real deal. 8K was a reasonable request and then he comes down to 6k and throws in extras, GTFO. I'm done.
Simon Preston
Herbie's cool cousin..
Zander Hoffman
Why did it point to the hole in his pants in the beginning
Cad mium
You know air cooled VWs and you try to say a '65 had a 1600 cc engine? Ehh! Wrong! 1600 cc came out in the early 70s, you probably had a 1300cc in '65, 1500cc in a '69. Basically, anything is a step up. If you are going to talk like you know what you are talking about, please do some research so you know what you are talking about. Any VW guy will let you know.
Jack Forde
can someone actually tell me what the new engine on this thing is
Bunthoeun Tao
I remember back in the 80' they use to be under $1000
Adrian Bratoi
This video should be called “blue balls”.. 👎🏻
Rory Considine
Little did they know ..... Aaron would never come back
zubair khan
whats a price of this volkswagen......i want to buy....
If they spent an hour explaining the details, this would actually be a worthwhile program! Jeesh!!
Özen Akkoyun
Which episode is this
Mike Buttfild
Rolled one in 1969.
Javier Bustamante
Ha those jag offs
The Melting WOLF
I know this is over kill but...can you please make a 1963 bug and turn it into a Herbie?
Garagem 1970
Parabéns pelo vídeo uma baita produção hehehe E claro um belo clássico :D
Anonymous 2016
Disgusting.... Make it suspension normal why does everything have to be fucking sporty
Matthew Villamor
The Volkswagen Type 1/Volkswagen Beetle/Peoples car, is one of the best cars ever made in the whole world. Henry Ford invented the assembly line but Ferdinand Porsche invented the "Peoples car". Volkswagen literally means Peoples car when you translate German to English. Nothing can beat the aircooled beetle. No modern car offers the same durability. If we were to make the 1965 Beetle today without the safety and emissions standards we would have the best car for the masses. With independent rear suspension. Turbo Charger or battery electric. And new materials and rustproofing that they didn't have yet in the 60s.
M Whitelaw
Left the stock diff and lame ratios in the gearbox
resturnat doha
Cesar B
How to ruin a classic
Marc Dufour
Killer beetle!!!
Liam Johnston
They made it worse.
Alex Lintern
Shows like this are not for car guys/girls. It's all fake drama, and nothing about building anything. Sad because some of their projects are interesting. Watch the "Power block" shows for real custom how to car stuff.
Joseph Brandtner
How to fuck up a classic VW! The only addition that made sense was the roof rack!
I hate it when these shows don't show the work being done. Wheeler's Dealers is much better.
Lucas Martínez Parra
0:42 Air cooled!
I had a 65 bug. Did it myself. Painted that bright red with all stock trims and bumpers. Lowered it and WHAT A RIDE for summer nights in so. cal. I wish I'd never sold it.
Blake E
How much are they selling it for?
mr.Right Ldu
gas monkey gay . . roadkill rocks ✌
Branon Fontaine
Whomever it was that chopped this vid up left all of the good shit out....that is a clean little rig....
Larry Bahr
Multi millionaire because He is "cool" looking. The Hollywood generation of dim witted people are all about style over substance. I look cool therefore, I am cool. We all know how important it is to look good. I, on the other hand, am ugly. So... nobody knows Me. I have know money 'cause I can not live off how I look.
Sulam Benang Emas
Hey Richard I need and I wan buy this beetle Pls ship to malaysia
Wow... thats a 43 series on your back!!!! but dealing with the bee for 6k 😅😅 and ignore the FJ43.. what the hell 🤣
Martin Ortiz
E encantan
jm adams
They build some cool stuff on the show, but Richard is such a vain tool, with his jewelry and sunglasses indoors...
Mano do céu 😍👏👏👏
w. scott Hamilton
Totally awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
It 's nice, it' s pretty. But you have to lift your ass every day. Richard is a winner. He says: In the usa everyone is born with his chance: .1944 usa comes france beaches .2018: frres usa moi .yaeahhhhh a life .ya a prob to texax, i get lol.
Why would you put that ugly roof rack on the car?
Quinn Jones
They need to build a Volvo
Sick car!
c00lkid1001 gaming
If only it was herbie XD
Jane Doe
the guy with the beard looks like george bush
bazookaman garage
Can someone tell me about those wheels where can I find those?
Jed Clampett
6 grand for that bug? Their outta their efing mind.
Ian Ferreira
Uma Brasília em 01:04! Nunca imaginei ver uma na Europa fora de algum museu.
Noble Puker
Killed its best feature, it's versatility.Bugs are great offroad, even stock. These guys murdered it. Bugs do nothing great on asphalt. This one still wont. Should've built the engine, added a couple inches in height. Some A/T tires...