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Cheap and reliable, the Volkswagen Beetle was an icon of American and European roadways for decades. Richard and Aaron buy a 1965 Volkswagen Beetle. Subscribe to Discovery TV for more great clips: /> Follow Discovery on Twitter: /> Subscribe to Discovery TV for more great clips:

jack mehoff
What work did they actually do > they skipped over everything
The Piano Man
Building a proper original bug... Let's drop it and put give it a ridiculous big motor.
6K is a steal, soon as the camera turned off after the initial 8k they probably did the real deal. 8K was a reasonable request and then he comes down to 6k and throws in extras, GTFO. I'm done.
chris rhodes
the first car they have built that I wish I could afford to buy
WHYYYYY is there always a dumbass deadline???!!!!
They get the car in the shop and start talking about what color to paint the wheels. Like magic, there's a new engine in the car. Boy did you cut a LOT out of this video!
in Greece they are like 500€
Naseem Khan
Would love to have that bug! 🐢☠️
thats not original paint. the plastic bead between the fenders and the body should be black. someone painted the car with the beads in place and they got paint on.
shows canceled
Guys build a bug. Stick a "monster" motor in it!.............. Spend zero time talking about the motor's stroke, piston size, total displacement, carbs (Weber 48 IDA's?) cam, clutch? Instead they spend 90% of the video picking out interior colors and color matching wheels... That's so freakin' GAY!.. ........................ Nice bug though! I'm from So Cal. home of the original "Bug-in'" Back in the early 1980's I used to run a 2180cc, 1966 Baja bug with dual 48 IDA's 200olb clutch, lightened flywheel, ported & polish heads with Manley valves, double springs etc.........Fun car, but it's my 1965 21 window VW van that that I could kick myself for selling.. Oh well hindsight....
John Irey
Bugs are all the rage in Texas at the moment. Seeing people paying $4-6K for rust buckets and spending $20K restoring them
mann wish i had this vw bug.
Carlos Henrique Noronha de Aguiar
Why build????? You can buy it here in brazil!!!!!
mindy burton
ill give you 2500 au you can buy these in mexico for 500
Ger Ruddy
So glad it wasn't customised to much, it's a Beast!!!!
T3rra Phantom forces and Roblox
Defo not my style. Better before they started!
Man, I'd love to get a Beetle again. My first car was a '61 with a full canvas sunroof, followed by a '67. Nice job on your '65!
aarons last build, he looked off
Think we all want to fix up a bug and it’s so cheap to do. Sometimes we just don’t want to admit. Great looking car and I bet it’s a blast to drive
Chris Ross
That looked pretty sharp!
$5500 for over 200hp HOW?! :D
Wayne Novotny
Original motor was 1200cc, not 1600.
Scott Kurtzman
That's a $3000 car all day with parts that cost a few hundred to make or maybe $1500 to buy (before they built it i mean)
henry fjord
Isn't that Kenny Rodgers dirt track car from the movie "Six Pack" at the 3:34 mark?!?
Shane Duffy
Little did they know ..... Aaron would never come back
How did they make the normal vw beetle engine into a 200hp
Schmitt Djeson
Is a herbie from the love bug in real life?
Gasser Hashem
8000 is very little for this sexy looking and sexy driving masterpiece i got a 74' and i love it i still drive it till today
Gasser Hashem
I love these old beetles i got a 1974 and i love it, its amazing and very popular in europe and egypt❤️
Skye Fuego
why lower a vehicle when dealing with these dallas roads.
Gasser Hashem
I love these old classic cars like this beetle
only grannys used that hideous thing on the top back then, why all vw things need to have a rack on the roof why!
Not impressed, this is something I did when I was 15. I don't care if you drive a Ferrari, if you don't like a VW Bugs you are not a car guy. Anyone notice how Richard has to hire someone to come in to build cars and not his crew? His garage is worthless.
Gasser Hashem
This is why i love classic volkswagens❤️
well this was boring. No built just before after. Dumb Production and editing right there.
What brand rims are those
Garagem 1970
Parabéns pelo vídeo uma baita produção hehehe E claro um belo clássico :D
good job!
Team Toyota
get you some of that. WOOOOH
Da Os
i'd buy a bug like this. just not from these jokers.
Pete Munoz
awesome bug
Lazaro Torres
Wow awesome did you sell it yet
Will the car ALSO have nas-tee TRAMP STAMPS?
i love it ! can i have it ? i had a 1971 and it was the most fun car i ever owned .
Cool work you all.....
Ivan Ruiz
These guys are extremely crazy that bug is expensive I don't know if any body's gone to Mexico, the central and south part people have those for sell from 700$ - 1500$ dollars that's cheap as hell, besides there's plenty of models from the 80's to the 1999's.
David Hatchel
Nice job!
John A
#want! love it.
Jose Antonio Morales Dans
Este es mi programa favorito sigan asi
Kyle Davis
Well done !!!!!
How Paul
should have put a v6 porshe moter in it
Luis Miguel Rodríguez Piña
Too low, broke its originality
That moment when you see an american video on a english channel from a german car😂🤦‍♂️
garp grap
I'm 12 i have a 1976 vw beetle it's rusted af
zara alex keys
Hey Gas monkey. I love a bug. I want to buy one but I need it to be "proper". I want an engine like yours. F1!
Barry Monroy
In this episode it looks like Aaron was already done with Richard 🙄
Widya Savitri
VW Bugs 69 white4 berel Derolto hightorsy
sheldon peterson
6000 for a non running bug . did you bruise your knees with hand prints, possibly pick pieces of condom out of your butt. you don't know how to properly lower a bug.
Richard anguiano
Beautiful bug👍👍👍👍 !!
You all are going to get mad but should of made it electric. Would of been faster lighter & more of a contemporary build, its the future. better change it up or you'll be old news, Go for drivetrain silence converted cars sound like rattle cans. Eh doesn't matter I gave up tv.
Shekhar Shitole
hindi video dalo
Dang, i would so have that. But Canadian Winters means in the shop to protect 'er.
"over 200 horse" LOL right...
why the video was edited to death ????!!!!!! i wanted to see the transformation in more details :0((((((((( however. it looks super awesome to say the least. thank you
The ad I had to watch is wrong school is designed to make your kids a slave. If the teacher doesn't know whats going on I'd say they got the right idiot for the job.
terry breedlove
I know where a couple old buses are. Cruddy paint problem some rust and no interior but they look so cool I would love to build one
Jeff Eppenger
I would but this bug 👍 how much did it sell for?
my dream car :)
Kareem Galaroza
Im still making my old 4runner to look mean and aggressive , 8 years later .... so whats with the deadline??
Thumbs Up Liked.
Andy C
Lets build a BUG! *buys a ready made car which is already fine as is*
Richard Rawlings: This guy may well be the most superficial, contrived, egotistical, jive turkey twit I've ever had the displeasure of seeing on TV. His on-again, off-again phony Texas accent, his self-induced gray hair, his jive commanding personality and overall banal, invented status makes for a pretty nauseating character. He's also living proof that ability, intellect or talent has nothing to do with being on TV.
Ziggy Lorenz
Wtf why thr deep v bus yall should have us3d the box face
I speak My mind
Must be nice having the money from a tv channel to let you run wild
love the vw
Lightning spider Car.
It’s herbie’s cousin.
Geometry dash Fearless
My dream car😍😍😍😍😍
were is this vw person
Gerard voughn faust
You'll know who's the bug fan coz of an air cooled pants.
Karthik Aj
0:43 air cooled..hehe
Michael Puchegger
5500 for a 200hp Motor? Where can I get one of these, in Europe the price is almost 4 times higher.
Brian DeBeck
Volkswagen Danny would be Rollin over in his grave
Aarons Bug Out episode. He built a Bug then he bugged out.
Daniel Escobar
Heh heh... Air cooled.
Beautiful Volkswagen, and I love the way you protected its original look!
Robby Jones
Check the valve adjustments and check the leakdown. A V.W. engine will run sitting on a table with the transaxle hooked up! Replace the heads and rod bearings and crank and mains.
done doda
u know that dude would be wearing a rebel flag hat if he could .....6:35....
Juanca Urrutia
Ojalá esto lo viera juca
Derek Harms
Now they should race it in the Baja 1000
Duane Thompson
Should have electrified it!
Craig Pledghammer
"The people's Car" Adolf Hitler approved! Production reorganised and restarted by the British after the War....
Dennis S
Airkewld smooth centers are too wide and the 17s make most VW bugs look like a cartoon car. I wonder why nobody makes a proper 100% aluminum alloy 15" smoothie wheel. My bug has the stock smoothies on it with widened ones (reversed) on the rear, looks way better than this.
They ruined it imo. The next worse thing they could have done was turn it into a dune buggy
Street Freaks Racing Videos
What are those 2 piece wheels called??
@0:42 ... AIR-COOLED ... LOL
Simon Mole
Love the car what tyres are they