Building a 1965 Volkswagen Beetle | Fast N' Loud

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Cheap and reliable, the Volkswagen Beetle was an icon of American and European roadways for decades. Richard and Aaron buy a 1965 Volkswagen Beetle. Subscribe to Discovery TV for more great clips: /> Follow Discovery on Twitter: /> Subscribe to Discovery TV for more great clips:

jack mehoff
What work did they actually do > they skipped over everything
WHYYYYY is there always a dumbass deadline???!!!!
The Piano Man
Building a proper original bug... Let's drop it and put give it a ridiculous big motor.
Not impressed, this is something I did when I was 15. I don't care if you drive a Ferrari, if you don't like a VW Bugs you are not a car guy. Anyone notice how Richard has to hire someone to come in to build cars and not his crew? His garage is worthless.
Wayne Novotny
Original motor was 1200cc, not 1600.
chris rhodes
the first car they have built that I wish I could afford to buy
Would love to have that bug! 🐢☠️
thats not original paint. the plastic bead between the fenders and the body should be black. someone painted the car with the beads in place and they got paint on.
well this was boring. No built just before after. Dumb Production and editing right there.
6K is a steal, soon as the camera turned off after the initial 8k they probably did the real deal. 8K was a reasonable request and then he comes down to 6k and throws in extras, GTFO. I'm done.
They get the car in the shop and start talking about what color to paint the wheels. Like magic, there's a new engine in the car. Boy did you cut a LOT out of this video!
Ger Ruddy
So glad it wasn't customised to much, it's a Beast!!!!
in Greece they are like 500€
mann wish i had this vw bug.
Skye Fuego
why lower a vehicle when dealing with these dallas roads.
shows canceled
T3rra Phantom forces and Roblox
Defo not my style. Better before they started!
Chris Ross
That looked pretty sharp!
Man, I'd love to get a Beetle again. My first car was a '61 with a full canvas sunroof, followed by a '67. Nice job on your '65!
aarons last build, he looked off
mindy burton
ill give you 2500 au you can buy these in mexico for 500
Zibani Baruti
Jose Misael
I'm more of Baja nettle but this is nice too I need a love bug😸
John Irey
Bugs are all the rage in Texas at the moment. Seeing people paying $4-6K for rust buckets and spending $20K restoring them
How did they make the normal vw beetle engine into a 200hp
Carlos Henrique Noronha de Aguiar
Why build????? You can buy it here in brazil!!!!!
rory considine
Little did they know ..... Aaron would never come back
henry fjord
Isn't that Kenny Rodgers dirt track car from the movie "Six Pack" at the 3:34 mark?!?
only grannys used that hideous thing on the top back then, why all vw things need to have a rack on the roof why!
good job!
Naseem Khan
Guys build a bug. Stick a "monster" motor in it!.............. Spend zero time talking about the motor's stroke, piston size, total displacement, carbs (Weber 48 IDA's?) cam, clutch? Instead they spend 90% of the video picking out interior colors and color matching wheels... That's so freakin' GAY!.. ........................ Nice bug though! I'm from So Cal. home of the original "Bug-in'" Back in the early 1980's I used to run a 2180cc, 1966 Baja bug with dual 48 IDA's 200olb clutch, lightened flywheel, ported & polish heads with Manley valves, double springs etc.........Fun car, but it's my 1965 21 window VW van that that I could kick myself for selling.. Oh well hindsight....
Scott Kurtzman
That's a $3000 car all day with parts that cost a few hundred to make or maybe $1500 to buy (before they built it i mean)
Schmitt Djeson
Is a herbie from the love bug in real life?
What brand rims are those
Think we all want to fix up a bug and it’s so cheap to do. Sometimes we just don’t want to admit. Great looking car and I bet it’s a blast to drive
Cool work you all.....
Pete Munoz
awesome bug
David Hatchel
Nice job!
Gasser Hashem
8000 is very little for this sexy looking and sexy driving masterpiece i got a 74' and i love it i still drive it till today
Gasser Hashem
I love these old classic cars like this beetle
Gasser Hashem
I love these old beetles i got a 1974 and i love it, its amazing and very popular in europe and egypt❤️
Will the car ALSO have nas-tee TRAMP STAMPS?
Jose Antonio Morales Dans
Este es mi programa favorito sigan asi
$5500 for over 200hp HOW?! :D
John A
Gasser Hashem
This is why i love classic volkswagens❤️
i love it ! can i have it ? i had a 1971 and it was the most fun car i ever owned .
Lazaro Torres
Wow awesome did you sell it yet
Garagem 1970
Parabéns pelo vídeo uma baita produção hehehe E claro um belo clássico :D
Team Racing
get you some of that. WOOOOH
#want! love it.
Kyle Davis
Well done !!!!!
Da Os
i'd buy a bug like this. just not from these jokers.
Ivan Ruiz
These guys are extremely crazy that bug is expensive I don't know if any body's gone to Mexico, the central and south part people have those for sell from 700$ - 1500$ dollars that's cheap as hell, besides there's plenty of models from the 80's to the 1999's.
How Paul
should have put a v6 porshe moter in it
putting new wheels on is hardly a rebuild
zara alex keys
Hey Gas monkey. I love a bug. I want to buy one but I need it to be "proper". I want an engine like yours. F1!
Danny Ruble
1971There is so much disinformation and misinformation here... I don’t know where to begin... stock engine records in 1965 was a 1200, actually 1192... any performance build should start with a later engine ... anything from 1641 to 1915 are based on the 1585cc (1600) that was introduced in the 1971 beetles. The 1600 features dual port heads that unlocked a whole new world of affordable performance for the VW enthusiast. I do not recommend the 1641, as they use the stock case bore to utilize the slip-in big bore kit... much wiser to have the case machined for the 88, 90.5 92. Or 94 pistons and cylinders. I would use either the 90.5 or 94. Study up on the engine and all the costs involved. Building a higher performance VW has been done successfully by thousands of people. Before you slap power plant into that baby, make sure the the brakes, suspension,tires are upgraded. A performance bug can surprise people with the crazy fast speeds that are possible, but double, triple or even five times the stock horsepower is not something to play with. When you start making more than 60 to 80 or so over stock things are going to start protesting... Things like transmissions. A good hi performance transmission is going to set you back a couple thousand or more. I wouldn’t start off with the goal of 200 hp. First, the costs of parts s and big heads and dual carbs. is something you need to be aware of. A build can escalate quickly once you start going with stroker cranks and dual carburetors and ported big valve heads. The maintenance is also going to be off putting for a lot of people. This is not a turn the key and daily drive for thousands of trouble free miles. This is frighteningly quick and fun performance the can bite you real quick. A great guy that had experience in all manner of performance vehicles, and was fairly well known in the VW community was killed in a quick bug. So, you can build a nice stock stroke bug around 100 hp and learn the quirky nature of a hot bug and have a machine with performance fairly equal to an early 911 Porsche, then after you are used to it , consider if you’re ready for more fun with a bigger engine. If you had the machine shop clearance the case for a longer crankshaft stroke at the time you had them bore for the larger pistons and cylinders, you can drop in another 200,300, or more cc and with proper cam ,heads and carbs you are looking at a nice 2110, 2165, 2276 or 2332 with 160 -180 fairly reliable horses. The 200 hp, while quite possible is not worth the time, money and maintenance woes.. think of maybe weekly valve adjustments...monthly valve spring replacement... stuff like that. Do some research, attend a few VW related meets like bug ins, bug fest or Bug-0-Rama..find out all the true costs before you embark on a Hilo bug adventure... it ain’t cheap.But the good news is a properly built and tuned stroker bug is so much fun that one quick spin around the block and you won’t be able to get the grin off your face for a week. Good luck!
Francisco Gomez
In Mexico 🇲🇽 Volkswagen . Make any year . As special order brand new..
Talk about highly edited...yikes
Where can I order those rims? are those 17s?
Michael Scott
My first car was a 61 or 62 ragtop. Had a lot of dents,and the engine was in the back seat. did all the work myself at age 14.4 to drive on my 16th birthday. It was painted gold,and I wore the JC Whitttney catalog out, as I earned money to buy stuff. Looked like a show car,and had many offers but would not sell it. Finally traded it for a MG then had to sell it for more reliable transportation of a 68 camaro. Now I own 18 VW's, and stopped buying them so I can get all of them restored or resto-mods. m Squarebacks, Karmann Ghias,and bugs. Have not found a solid enough bus yet. Have to love these cars. Nothing like them.
Calvin Crews
The Volkswagen Beetle is a low man's Porsche and more affordable and more parts than you can imagine
Theres some VW that are related to Porsche that are no punks...
You all are going to get mad but should of made it electric. Would of been faster lighter & more of a contemporary build, its the future. better change it up or you'll be old news, Go for drivetrain silence converted cars sound like rattle cans. Eh doesn't matter I gave up tv.
Matt Davis
unfortunately prices are going way up on aircooled VWs these days. Beetles are still relatively cheap but 6 or 8 grand is pretty much right for an all-original, complete, OG paint, rust-free pre-1967. Start getting into the late 40's and 50's Beetles, you might get lucky to get a rusted out shell for 6k. It's hard to find a running and driving Beetle of any year for under $2500. I was lucky to get my '70 convertible for just under 2. But of course its rusted to hell
Bad ass build! Where did you get those wheels? Help!
kenneth crossley
Guy from Kenya, think I know your brother wanted to buy my Honda Fire blade 1000 RR, I said I fancied a ride out from the UK, dam,, he never did get back to me, pissed off as he did offer me silly money via the good old Western Union
Anybody notice the dirt modified from the Kenny Rogers movie six pack?
Redember Black
0:43 nah. that’s a cool air intake
Juanca Urrutia
Ojalá esto lo viera juca
Michael Scott
did they use original 65 wheels, and what size tires are on the front and rear? I have a 65 do begin myself. Also have a rust free Karmann ghia Vert. Would like to see Gas Monkey Garage do one of those.
Dave Pawson
200hp with stock brakes and transmision? I call BS as usual with BS reality TV.
Bill Snapps
Hey guys I am currently building a 66' beetle. I love the color you have there would know what the color code is? thank you for the cool video!!
Jeff Eppenger
I would but this bug 👍 how much did it sell for?
too expensive for 9k. i got mine for 300
lets take a good survivor and turn it into a hack.........years from now someone will want to put it back to stock because it will be worth more
Moritz Schmidt
Almost makes me want to import a Mexican Volskwagen Beetle over 25 years old
Amanda Yerian
5500 on a v w motor looks as you got hosed richard
Luis Miguel Rodríguez Piña
Too low, broke its originality
Calvin Wagner
Holy cow, less talking, more building.
Michael Scott
Also what engine is it? What mods?
Fixer 1
bug is to low. didnt show anything about drivetrain.
Richard Rawlings: This guy may well be the most superficial, contrived, egotistical, jive turkey twit I've ever had the displeasure of seeing on TV. His on-again, off-again phony Texas accent, his self-induced gray hair, his jive commanding personality and overall banal, invented status makes for a pretty nauseating character. He's also living proof that ability, intellect or talent has nothing to do with being on TV.
esa abu
it's herby !
Cosmic Silence
A build ??? Changing tires and painting rims lmao what a joke
Jason Vaughn
Seemed like a good idea. Looks dumb.
8 grand???????? that thing is work like 800 dollars
Widya Savitri
VW Bugs 69 white4 berel Derolto hightorsy
J Robson
Another example of why there are no decent stock Bugs left.
It's a very pretty beetle but over 200hp? Why?
Bram Collier
If I got it the first thing I'd do is swap it to the original engine and stock ride height...
Beautiful Volkswagen, and I love the way you protected its original look!
Anthony Murray
10 grand for a stock beetle nope I'll pass 🤨 I wouldn't care if you were doing it for 30 years.
why the video was edited to death ????!!!!!! i wanted to see the transformation in more details :0((((((((( however. it looks super awesome to say the least. thank you
Just a little something for the cable show. #RealityTV
why 8k for this? This thing goes for less than £500
Ziggy Lorenz
Wtf why thr deep v bus yall should have us3d the box face
l like it