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Blow past the 'friend zone' and get him to deeply desire you with these secret tools. Say goodbye to being looked over and hello to being sexy and desired. Watch more videos like this: />Learn how to trigger emotional attraction here: /> ---------------------------- Follow Me On Social! ---------------------------- FACEBOOK: />INSTAGRAM: />TWITTER: /> Do you know the secret to making a man deeply desire you? Inside this short video I break down exactly how to avoid landing yourself in the dreaded 'friend zone.' I also reveal what you need to do in order to make him chase you like a cat chases a mouse. Check it out now and join the conversation in the comments below. Your Coach, Adam P.S. – Making a man desire you has A LOT to do with how you make him feel. And that's the entire focus of my Emotional Attraction Formula which you can grab right here. Summary – Sexual Tension This is a phenomenon that occurs when two people interact with one another and both feel sexual desire towards one another, but the consummation is postponed. Sexual tension is what keeps the possibility of a relationship alive. Think of sexual tension as a rope. You on one end and him on the other. Now, there are three scenarios. Situation #1: You Sleep With Him on a First Date If you jump the gun too soon, what happens? You wake up the next morning and you realize you don't even know the other person. The rope snaps. Sexual tension is gone… and it's over. Situation #2: You Have Zero Sexual Tension Imagine that the rope just sags and sags and sags. You get to know each other. You talk, talk, talk, then before you know you realize that you're just friends and then nothing's there at all. Sexual tension gone, now you're just friends. You could literally have everything in the world in common, but if there's no sexual tension there, then he's not going to desire you and chances are you're not going to desire him. You are just friends. Situation #3: You're Actually Getting to Know Each Other Slowly, But Surely The rope is tight… a little pull here… a little slack there… and then another little tug on the line… Boom goes the dynamite! Of course, we all want this third situation. The question is how do you do it? How do you keep sexual tension in a relationship before you have sex? For starters, allow for slow sexual progression. Without forward progression, he's going to give up. With too much forward progression, such as having sex on the first date, you're risking the fadeout. Be sensual without being too sexual. Maybe on the first date, you guys have a kiss. Maybe on the second date, it goes a little bit further. Maybe a third date, it goes even further. Progression is great, but you don't want to jump the gun too quickly. Forward progression, good. Jumping the gun, bad. Secondly, talk dirty but do it very subtly. Watch the video for some examples of what to do and what not to do. Bottom line: dirty talk allows him to use his imagination a little bit. If he's using his imagination, you're winning. Finally, make him miss you. If he's constantly drawing you back in, then you know what, you're building more tension in the relationship. If he's constantly pushing you back and pushing you away, then you are at risk of losing him. Make him wonder if he's going to have you and if he's wondering, then he's going to really desire you. Some women out there, I understand they want to wear their heart on their sleeve and just when they meet a guy that they really like. They want to just go for it, let them know everything and just dive right in. At the end of the day, it can really hurt you with your early on relationships because that's not how attraction works. Sexual tension really works when the guy is still wondering where it's going. When there's still a little bit of mystery in the relationship. If he's not really sure where it's going… …that's going to really push him forward to want to get to know you further and turn it into a relationship.

Sam Nolan
I agree with this. How can you be romantically involved with someone your not attracted too? Theirs gotta be some physical desire.
Liza Wallace
When Adam said "Yes You, You Sexy Single Lady" I lost it 🙈🤣😂
never been friendzoned but always "friends-with-benefit'-zoned... I don't understand why. I am a normal,attractive woman, great job and life... but guys only want to hook up with me, although I don't dress sexy or look like I just want to hook up :/
T Elmo
you sure like dropping that rope thing on the floor lol
Liza Wallace
Video starts at 2:30. You're welcome
Jen C.
The man is supposed to court you and impress you. let the man do the work and if he isn't into you then have him step aside so the real one can step in
KVL Angel
these guys want everything FAST...
A True Love Official
"Be sensual without being too sexual." I love this statement as much as I love all these three tips. Thank you for this video.
No sleep with a it for marriage.
Golden Prize
I kinda disagree. I did hook up with a guy on the first date and he literally kept chasing me... and wanting to date me and asking if i would consider him as a bf. So i agree but kinda disagree
DanaLovesYeshua Liberal Antiabort
I'm in the friendzone right now cuz my crush is married. :)
Video: "You sexy single lady" Me: "oh well" (flips hair)
An important point to remember: too much playing like this means it is just that, playing and no real attraction.
My friend who had a history with friend zone me and try to make me his booty call. So I don't call or text him anymore and he leaves me alone :-) :-) win win next
andres urgelles
Am a man and ladies yall need to follow this man's advice .
viv 123
The advice is always don't rush phyiscal get to know eachother first. I do this all the time but a lot of guys expect it by 2nd date so as soon as you say something they are gone then there are the ones I like that move at snails pace and don't make a move and then become friends and no longer hang out. Why is this never addressed in these videos? Always the same old don't rush into sex
Keryn Dawer
Thank you Adam. Always appreciate your Truthful videos although sometimes the Truth hurts. I think I've been friendzoned. I attempted to "cheer up" my amor (with whom there was tons of sexual tension) when he was having a bad day by telling him how Amazing I think he is. Well, that seems to have been the kiss of death. Sad when being honest is a bad thing, but I do see your point regarding how that works. Anyway, it's all good as I don't have time or energy (or admiration and passion for) anyone I can that easily dissuade. Your points are well taken though. Blessings and Gratitude xo
krysty kava
Is True Love created or a pure luck?
Precious Cousins
Yes I have been friend zoned. We broke up, but I still love him. I had to let him go.
I was too needy :( The guy fell head over heels for me and tried to impress me all the time. I wasn't interested at first, I friendzoned him. Then I started to fall for him and became needy. All of a sudden he doesn't want to date anymore saying he doesn't have feelings for me. And now I'm friendzoned and heartbroken.
*verne* Nicole*
what if you do nothing and men fall in love with you what does that mean?
Shweta Kumari
i met a guy 6 months ago, felt an attraction since the moment i saw him...he's not the hottest or the cutest of them all but for me he's the only one i think of every night before i sleep .....but he friendzoned me back i've slowly escaped the friendzone but he still fears to commit...what should i do?
Friend-zone: the only place I'm in 24/7 :(
I just found out that a guy I have a crush on is into me, I got told by one of his friends - but i really don't know if I should break the ice, or wait? hmm..
What about if your in a relationship with that person and you want to keep him desiring you? I had a discussion with my bf about having the need to be wanted, cause I feel like it's always me showing I want him.. and he told me "girls dont know how to cultivate desire that they want to be wanted but dont know how to go about doing it and think it just comes naturally" So that leaves me wondering what I am doing wrong... what should I be doing? I do basically everything, making him feel wanted, needed, loved, compliment him, make him feel like my protector.. I know he enjoys being with me and I know I make him feel good (he's told me so) Only thing I can say that I might be doing wrong is spending most of my time with him. Should I keep away from him and give him space so he misses me and wants me? I just hate the fact that I have to play these types of games to feel wanted by the person I love especially when I know the person loves me.
Dria E
I've been in the 'I don't even want to be friends with you' zone
This video is funny and so clear about the 3 scenarios. I've dated guys in all 3 categories. C is ideal. Thank you Sexy Confidence
men are always trying to get women to sell low. they don't want to pay full price even for the woman they can't stop thinking about. dating has become a sport, almost like trading on the stock market.
Jaymie delnicky
I just got friend zone today I been text my crush and we both like earth other we been text for two mouth then he said he been text xgf and he still has feeling for her and he ask if we can be friends
Renata nik
i always get friendzoned and friendzone guys and never end up with the guy i really want. i am very attractive and intelligent. Your advice is great but i am beginning to give up on love. I fear myself when ever i get attracted to someone. it makes me run away because i feel like at one point i will realise that he never intended love. 😑😑😑😑😑
Solenne Nicli
Could you make a video with example of those subtle flirts?
Leelee G
I am still in love with the guy I was seeing previously. We had a bad disagreement over the phone back in November. we are no longer on speaking terms. I very much want to reconcile our relationship. should I reach out to him or wait for him to contact me? I love him very much...
Kajal Pandey
I wish I could date you
nofy bn
I don't think you actually mean the first 3 dates do you? I don't think it has to be the first 3 dates. It can be months, should be months because again you don't even know the person really. There can be sexual attraction/tension without sex or anything sexual. I don't think you know what dirty talk is. That isn't dirty talk. Dirty talk is the I wanna see you naked one.
marni matikka
Omg, you are so funny. Lol.
xaashiix m
thanks that'll help.
Monkeytail Studios
Have I ever been friendzoned? I wrote the book! ;)
Terrance Burnett
yes i have been in the friend zone. we were sexually attracted to each other but both of us were shy and eventually i got bored and he started acting non responsive so i made up a lie that i hooked back up with an ex told him to delete my number
Donna Byrne
Men are natural hunters, they don't like to get it easy, there is no excitement in that for them
Funny way to explain. That wig being the girl. Hahhah we learn and laugh. :)
Shelley Viohl
I’m always put in the friend zone. Lol
Inside Evil
What if the woman has cancer and disabled. How to attract a man then?
Tara B
You crack me up! I could watch your videos all day - good laughter fix. Especially loved the twirling of your rope at the end. I bet you have Jessica laughing all the time (except when it’s inappropriate to laugh).
joy ruth
am in this situation now
Fundacion Acharya
Great. Spanish subtitles please.
Courtz K10
yes I've been friendzoned and I've friendzoned someone
GRANT Lehana
Yes I have been friendzoned and I guess it's because I'm not attractive enough
jernelle louis
this guy who I'm seeing didn't kiss me on the first date he acted so shy and I don't know why is that a bad thing?
charlotte vandaele
Calling someone by their last name has nothing to do with being friendzoned. Right, Covey?
Michelle Williams
Hi Yes I'm that confident woman that is seeing someone and were in the friend zone . Now a days they also might call it a situational relationship/friendship. Anyhow this has been going on for the last 3 1/2 years, and earlier this Summer he pulled a fast one on me telling me he was going to make some girl his girlfriend from his past but meanwhile I knew about her and actually met her when he brought her over to one of family functions. .. this chick didn't know who I was but I knew who she was he never introduced me at all but introduced her to his family . So I thinking then why wouldn't he introduce me if this is suppose to be his girlfriend. moving forward him and I talked I was angry but the part that made me mad was , if he wanted a break he could have told me because I needed one to not to see other people but so do something's for myself. when I told him that I wasn't sticking around while he sees other people he got mad and told me why she doesn't need to know about you . anyway  I forgave and moved on cause I thought it not worth dumping my friendship with this man because some stupid bimbo is not smart enough to wonder since the last time they were together if he has been seeing other people .. but guess what I did I got the nerve to let him know I was moving away . I got my ducks in arrow while he was messing around with bimbo and prioritized a bit and flew out to the Carolina to look for housing, he was so mad called me and wondered why I didn't book him a flight as well because he wanted to go , I made no comment to safe argument I lied and told him that their were no more flights too late. ever since I have does this I have had nothing but kindness from this man he wonders what I'm doing where I m going , I told him I was moving this year in February 2019 . he said he will come and visit me I have not asked him to move with me nothing I haven't begged him at all  . The real reason I wanted to give my opinion on this topic is because him and I are truly friends we has touched each other but haven't had sexual intercourse he is truly my friend the passion is there . Let me know your thoughts. Thanks Chelle Chelle
Cynthia McCrea
Who wants to go around kissing every freaking joe schmo? That's not healthy. And guys say in their dating profile that they want a woman who enjoys kissing and cuddling ( not to get graphic). Its too much. I swear I have no clue what to say to guys now...especially now that im older and the guys are 35+ talking like horny teens.
Dianne Brown
How can you have romantic relationship when you’ve never met the guy I’ve never met the guy met online November 19, 2017 he’s coming home soon will be meeting each other very soon what should I do how should I do it tell me I’m desperate I’m curious help plus I think he’s cheating on me already
Cornelia Hanimann
actually, ok after watching the video... one point I'm curious about and disagree with... I don't fear to admit how I feel, the guys I have around me, I don't straight up tell them that I like them, I enjoy the moment, and since most women like to define the situation when it's happening, they get curious about how I feel... and instead of what they expect me to say, i tell them that I like them and that I'm enjoying it, just how I feel... not giving away where it's going or if I want something serious, but letting them know that I am falling in love, but taking away the power that emotion has over me, they seem to be curious about it and kinda...trying to push a button that doesn't work. I can tell them how I feel, that I miss them and that I remember great moments and all that and they'll be glad to feel that warmth, but they figure that they have no power over me so... it works really well if you're honest about how you feel when they learn that these emotions won't make me crazy...but instantly takes away the power they like to have... what do you think of my tactic?
There's this guy I talked to for over 2 months we hung out once and I thought he was a really nice guy I'm not sure at that point if I even liked him or found him attractive I'm guessing he noticed that so he disappeared now I'm just like ? 😪 now I'm here thinking about him because he deleted me off everything I had him on he stopped talking to me because he admitted to being clingy and I said I hate that. I always like what I can't have so idk if I should just brush it off 😪
Judgment Proof
I've actually reached the age and stage in my life where I just take whatever comes. If it happens fine, if it's friend zone fine, I'm content either way. I'm not really looking and it's been said that's usually what it takes to land Mr. right from the stories I've heard. You really should mingle although, this is how you usually find the right one
Cornelia Hanimann
soooo I met a guy that started to do the " I don't want a relationship I don't like the drama" talk minutes after we were making out and he walked me home... I thought that's a great thing because I live somewhere else and it's obvious that things between us wouldn't work out so... we enoyed our time, I went back home from my holiday and he kinda loves me now and wants to stay in contact because he really likes me... where did I go wrong? I thought the short term romance of 2 days would be great and I expected to go home with a heartbreak so I can move on and take a good memory with me, but we're still talking...I didn't even sleep with him because time was so short, I really wanted to stay single, now it's already going into that stupid direction again... I find it ironic that I watch these videos because I find the information given interesting, but initially I want the opposite of what your tipical audience likes to see, so... how does this happen? that I intend to stay single, yet each time I try that, I'm suddenly with some dude that's unexpectedly liking me and I figure I like that dude too... I've been in a relationship for most of my life, I want to be single, I have to be single for some time... can you teach me to not fall in love or something...and also how to deal with this without making the man feel like he's not good enough or something?
Lexie Ware
ive been dating my current boyfriend for maybe 3 months, and he told me he loved me within the first month. I really like him but I just feel like he's going really fast emotionally and I just don't know what to do. My feels are going much slower and I feel like he's upset I'm not there yet
Sonu Singh
Hello I'm from India age 34 I have got marry for last 5 year since last few month i desire to have sex too much when i see someone attractive female.But honestly I was not such person in my life since the things are happening with me for few month what is that? Pizzazz suggest me
Dorsa Arvandi
I'm in the friend zone right now because I don't want be anything more than friends at this point unttil who knows what will happen between us in the future although me and him had sex a few times but that was in the past. for now I just want be friends and have a decent non complicated friendship till time can tell what happens between us
Yes, major FRIEND ZONED!! I'm here and you know that I know that I'm attractively hot by society's definition! Why does he think that it's the worst possible thing if something were to blossom?!?! #nerdboysamiright
Greninja Gamer
I like someone but they like my friend should I steal them I’m feelin messy af tbh 😎😈
Ranger Thompson Music
I undersrand what you mean about not jumping headfirst into a relationship, but I'm getting the impression that you're saying sex is necessary to keep a potential partner interested. I'm not sure if that's what you're intending to say or not, but I think that if things like the "subtle dirty talk" you mentioned are needed to keep the relationship from fading away, then that's not love and the relationship should end.
This sounds just like me and my young friend. Mmm, mmm. He sent me a picture of him in the snow and I text him that he was a brown snow man. He said "bite me". I waited about 1 minute then returned this text, "be glad to". He said "oh lord lol". We have been doing these hints back and forth lately. Been knowing him for about 3 years now and this is the closest we have gotten. Its been slow because I wasn't sure I wanted to become involved with someone as young as he is to me but I honestly liked him from the beginning and so did he like me. Its the age difference that slowed things down so much. He hasn't given up and is constantly pulling me in needless to say.
J OneLife
friend with benegits zoned 7 times by one man in a year. he just did it again but this time he swears there won't be any more sex. known him 2 years from my building. he has not had a relationship for 25 years or loved a woman 25 yrs. we are in a fight now we rarely fight. I love him but he says he has no feelings I don't believe him. we were involved for 7 months...
justine mathers
I had a one night stand 15 years ago...2 kids and a dog later,we still fancy either other like f**k!
Ivy Tania
Me: Hello my old friend, it's good to see you again! Friendzone: Oh hi! :')
Bochra ba
i don't know if i'm friendzoned with him or not but we both know that there is sexual attraction and emotions between us even w had some intimacy moments once after 2 years of knowing him..we still friends we talk every single day but nothing is clear about beeing in relationship or sthg... what should i do?? :/
Desiree Lesha
I was actually friend zoned once to my current boyfriend at the time he liked one of my friends and asked me if he asked her out that she would say yes, but he ended up a couple months later asking me out guess I did something right😂
Be a
wow loved this video! Unfortunetly I only know these tips now after it was too late for me.. I did a lot of these mistakes you described, now my love is gone... ok but now I know better
Hurya Bella
If u just show sexual than ull just be sexual to him..dont be like that show not see u..but see their feeling exictment .thats what i learn
I have a question… what if you have no physical contact with the guy you think likes you, what if it's someone you can't see physically?
NEKO Chan Namulaz
Thanks for the info you really helped me with my love life
Maria Pollack
lol quick question are you still in the friend zone when he calls when he texts and calls morning noon and night and he drive an hour an a half just to see you? Once a week for sure but sometimes up to three times a week?
I have never been friend zoned but it seems that it's always the married guy who makes an initiation, why is that? Uhhh FML.😒
So if you engaged in fingering on the 6th date is that enough tension build up. Or is that too late ? Not sure if therir will be a 7th date. But if there is should I take it further with him ?
Meshia Frisby
No but I wish I was
esme weeks
tbh I've friendzoned myself in every relationship😂😂
guncha parveen
Hahaha...Damn true.. all I have gone through....let's last one works for me:)
Frankie Flowers
Me and my boss have extreme sexual tension to the point we are both about to bust
Dee Monk
i seriously should of watched adam's videos during puberty. i would of known so much! He's totally 100% accurate!
Lucia Coello
I told him I was into him after a few drinks by text 😦😪 need to rebuild mystery stage
Lyss Bolda
friend zoned, FWB zoned, ghosted.. I'm ready for this stuff to work..
Afomia Hailr
I haven't got friend zoned yet, but I have friend zoned many lol
niki Gran
Never friendzoned
Trace Er
I'm friend zoned every. single. time.
Esmerelda Indigo
I desperately try to friend zone when I feel a guy digs me way more than I bargained for and I am not returning it OR he totally got the wrong idea.
Maddie Paige
I'm not single but I like watching these cause I love pleasing my man :)
Bradley Lenart
How do you get it back after it's lost? (and good job my friend)
Alina-Raluca Pipirigianu
Awesome videos!I love them !
brianna brady bardot
I've been friend zoned for being too skinny lol
Friend zone vs sexual tension
Savage abby
second comment, also ur so amazing
Sara Lopez
Omg, thank you for the video! I love how you always give great, sensible, advice and are hilarious about it at the same time.
Yup, scenario 2 happened to me.
Dr Sana
how to make him committed for marriage
Phoenix M
I wonder if yandere Chan is Watching
andres urgelles
Am a man and ladies yall need to follow this man's advice .
Liza Wallace
Adam make things to wear on a first date
Rantsand Raves2K
Adam, you’re desirable. 🤤
Kadie Galewaler
I love the rope definitely