SIG SG 552 Commando

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So awesome Eric.  I am jealous.
Thumpert the Fascist Cotton-tail
This must be how the Swiss put all those holes in their cheese.
Julien Nizan
this bae was in r6s, the fire rate was WAY slower tho
Why do I have to fall in love with such expensive guns?
CS kids are wondering where the scope is
Be Yourself
SIG is Swiss, Sauer is German. They are in a partnership.
Der Alte
The Swiss Guard of Vatican uses this rifle to protect the Pope.
Olivia Lambert
Hitler didn't invade Switzerland not because he wasn't that stupid, but because they were useful to him. He could purchase Allied goods through Switzerland and a number of American companies knowingly sold goods to Hitler during WW2 both directly and through Switzerland, some even during the war for example. Also Switzerland strongly aided Germany through transporting hardware and equipment through a safe route both into and away from Germany which was a massive benefit. Hitler himself found Switzerland to be a "disgusting people" with a "disgusting politicial system", and generally had an incredibly low opinion of them and found them completely unintelligent and was famously quoted saying just that. I have no doubt that had Switzerland not provided Germany some benefit that he would have invaded them and wiped them off the map. A mountainous environment and reasonable marksmen are nothing to an incredibly well funded military, and a few rifles won't do much against artillery, tanks, and air support. Switzerland and Germany both knew that exact fact, and its why Switzerland were encouraged to help Germany in such a way or disappear from existence, even if Switzerland preferred the Allied political nations. Swiss goods are great and all, but lets not twist history to support a false narrative.
Mars Dent
"Unfortunately, not quite so available to most of the free world" .... So, I guess it's not much of a free world, huh.
CraZe_NoVa 8901
Rainbow six siege anyone
احمد الحلبي
ابن حرام، كاتب علئ راسه كافر
That guy has good accuracy on full-auto, not bad.
Steven Brown
the reason Hitler didnt invade Switzerland was they were exchanging foreign currency for most of his gold. it would have been terribly counterproductive.
Hitler didn't invade Switzerland because they were marksmen. Ok. Another reason may have been that Switzerland's banks operated as one huge money laundering machine for Nazi Germany.
مناصرة مناصرة
مكتوب على طقيته كافر
cannon m
pure gun porn.
Filippos Mikrogeorgiou
IQ anyone
Conker .The Squirrel
good ol Rainbow Six Vegas
Iron Will
Hitler never invaded Switzerland because there's nothing there but snow and mountains. nothing to gain. no strategic gain for a base either.
Is a fully semi automatic assault rifle? It’s grey so it’s not so scary. I bet I can buy one in 5 mins via loopholes at my local underground gun show.
Luzerner Schütze
Youre right. In Switzerland we had guns, freedom and democracy centuries before the USA became british. Thank you for your kind words towards my homeland ;)
Florian Stamm
Break into my house and I'm gonna welcome you with one of these! Greetings from Switzerland!
AKA the gun Sig needed to make instead of the 556...
Black Simon
To be honest, the reason Hitler didn't attack us was not because we were super badass. Switzerland had no use for him, there were no benefits of invading us. Also, the nazis wanted us to keep their money safe, so it was in their own interest to make sure Switzerland stays unharmed. (There was a fully developed plan of how to attack Switzerland tho, search for "Operation Tannenbaum" on google.)
Disco Eterno
Terrorist Win
can you do the HK 416
Jorge Martinez
SIG 552C or G36C... damn, I take both!
Nobody remember this gun. It's actually in *Counter Strike*. I know this for over 15 years.
Redeye -/-
Some here get it wrong all the time. SIG was a swiss company producing famous guns like the SIG 550 or the SIG 552. SIG was brought together with SAUER and is a german company now. The family of the 550 rifles is still produced by the company Swiss SAN for military and civilian purpose. It is a 100 percent swiss company. Rifles from SIG Sauer lack the superb quality of the original, swiss only, SIG 55x rifles. It is by no means worth a comparison.
Hitler could have take Switzerland easily enough. Sheer number plus technology and experience would have ensured victory in at most a couple of weeks. Why he didn't is because the Swiss banks were supporting him and Switzerland had no resources and was of no strategic importance.
Danny Schmanny
"Hitler never invaded Switzerland, because he wasn't that stupid". Joker. Hitler was stupid enough to march his guys to Stalingrad in winter. Him not invading Switzerland had nothing to do with Swiss marksmanship. Anyway, cool video!
Evol Si Live
This should replace the ak,well if lower end country's could afford them then it would change the course of modern conflict
Karim Ramisch
poorest muzzle discipline I've seen in a while!!!
Exposing the Darkness with the Light of Truth
Thomas Kwon
are you really iraq veteran?
Not that you need me to say it, but I have to say anyway....Im am sooo impressed by the way you have adapted and upgraded your production, the camera angles, style of footage, effects, etc, all such a professional package I forget im on youtube watching your channel these days and think Im watching TV, Just an awesome job man!!!!
Tony Bersaglia
Oh great! Some more shit that we can't buy..
Kadhim Mohammed
هذا السلاح يستعملة الفرقة الذهبية المخصيين لحماية الحرامية مال العراق
Resycss Blender
clone of ak47
Ijaz khan umrzo Khan
Very nice video and butter gun how much sir US dollar
in switzerland if you done the army you get it for free
Laurence Thermes
Switzerland was not invaded in WW2 because all sides need its banking.
Dario da Silva
1:44 - that sound tho <3
Elwood Sherman
speaking of AR and AK having a baby, what do you think of the ARAK?
Reminds me of the AK74.
Sam Samsung
Marian M
Hitman Blood Money - murder of crows :)
Biplob Sharma
Sionso Schwalts
robert leath
If you guys are hiring any gun testers, let me know.
Ak47 or SG 552??
#sauver l'humanité #
🇨🇭 swiss made
Swiss quality = Swiss price tag !!
Cole Biggs
not a machine gun
Samuel Anderson
You NEVER invade your banker!
John Deere
Hi ,I mostly agree with you . You have your dates a little mixed up .The Sturmgewehr 57 entered service in 1957 and replaced the K31 . In the early 80 the new Sturmgewehr 90 was developed and tested . It entered service in the early 90  until today .In this timeperiod the Stgw 57 was phased out . If you served your full time , you could keep your wapon , it has being altered , so it would only do semi auto . Keep up your good work.Ernie Stamm  , retired Sergeant Major , Swiss Army
Audrian Rafaladhika
Iq approved
Mohamed Mimouni
Any iq mains here ?
The best of both worlds, ... AK design with Swiss quality. 
Davide Giromini
Probabilmente il miglior fucile mitragliatore compatto, mai costruito
Leon Corvin
What music in this video?
Beslan Beslan
I want one :)
You guys have the coolest S*#T! :)
Socom introduced me to this lovely weapon
This is that gun from counter strike
AWSOME............... Thanks for the video....................................... & THUMBS UP :D
That rate of fire made my nipples hard
Is that gas piston or what?? Omg ita good rifle for me
Mister Android
Rainbow six siege....
Curtis Heltsley
Let's party!
Adrian P
Fuuuuuck 😍
Aderpt Derhp
It's like chocolate, Swiss rules.
Robert De Niro in 'Ronin', best use of this weapon in cinema ever...!
Brb. Gotta change my pants.
Life is illusion
Hitler didn't invade Switzerland only because Swiss bankers were the ones funding him...
Why you play (fold/ unfold) with the stock so much, it bothers me.
Sionso Schwalts
Moa Hernandrz
It is a copy of the H&K MP5 and i don't like the plástic magazine
Stefan Trajkovic
B-4-4 ---> insufficient funds!
IQ t h i c c
Supreme Snake
iq is the best operator
Austin Gross
IQ is t h I c c
Hi Eric After the K31, the Swiss Army had the Stgw 57 - not the PE 57. The Stgw 57 is the full military version, the PE 57 is Semi Auto only for private ownership (Privateigenum - PE). In the same way, Swiss can buy the PE 90 which is a SIG 550 semi automatic only, without the full auto or 3-round burst..  BTW Stgw is the abbreviation for "Sturmgewehr", meaning assault rifle.  Love the vids, keep 'em coming! Best regards from Switzerland, Rob
Dear Santa......
chris masters
sig sauer is a swiss company ? never knew that....shit , I thought they were a German company.
General Guisan Quai i
It is not a machine gun!!
Issac Washinton
Strangely this makes me want to buy a takedown 22.
Very good video and as a Swiss I am proud that you appreciate our craftsmanship and our marksmanship. But there are a few errors in your videos, may I point them? - The 1957 rifle is refered to as the Stg57 (or Fass57), the PE57 was the semi-auto version for the civilian market and had a slightly different lower (but you won't tell the difference without field-stripping the guns). - It was replaced in 1990 by the Stg90 (or Sig 550) but was completely retired from service in 2012, not around the mid 70's. - The 510 wasn't the prototype of the 550, Sig 510-1 refers to the Stg 57, the rifle above. - The prototype for the 550 was the 540. It was engeneered by Sig and produced by Manurhin in France. The first attempt for Sig to go with the 5.56 was the 530, but it was more of a 510 in 5.56 than an ancestor to the 540/550 wich are a direct inspiration from the ak-47 (It's an AK made by Rolex basicaly :p). - They tested a 6mm cartrige because they aknowleged the benefits of the AK rounds over the 5.56 but wanted good accuracy up to 500-600 meters (wich is impossible with7.62*39). They wanted to basicaly create a 6.8 SPC but with a little less mass and a little more velocity. They took the 5.56 because they were obligated by NATO  but they still had a different size and shape of projectile to keep the long distance capabilities. - The 556 isn't the import version if i'm not mistaken, it's american made by sigUSA. That's all for the gripes, and I don't want to sound as a grumpy guy but just inform you. You should try a 551 or a 550, they are amazing at long ranges, and don't forget to check the twist of the barell to choose the ammo, there are 55X-1 version with 1/10 twist for the swiss ammo and 55X-2 versions with 1/7 twist for longer ammo. Very good video as always. Merry christmas.
My favourite terrorist gun.
Outer Beast
Cool name for a cool gun
Thomas Hardy
Wow, what complete ignorance of history... the dwarf sized Swiss military put the fear in Hitler? Not tanks, not air force but a bunch of peasant 'marksmen'.... oh boy, carry on perpetuating the baby logic of the 2nd amendment...
augusto neto
So basically all the guns from Counterstrike are fucking awesome.
Dr. Whis Grant
Here in the Spanish Army you had in the old times the Cetme, now the german G36 E.
David Jelly_King