SIG SG 552 Commando

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Not that you need me to say it, but I have to say anyway....Im am sooo impressed by the way you have adapted and upgraded your production, the camera angles, style of footage, effects, etc, all such a professional package I forget im on youtube watching your channel these days and think Im watching TV, Just an awesome job man!!!!
CS kids are wondering where the scope is
Swiss quality = Swiss price tag !!
Tony Ellero
Oh that must be the rifle I could get without a background check at the gun show!
Stephen N
the hughes amendment is bullshit. nothing in the Constitution says "a well neutered militia"
I wonder if he's a fan of Swiss made firearms...?
Marc Michel
The 510 still used the GP11 (7.5x55) only the 550 adapted the GP90 (5.6)
Why do I have to fall in love with such expensive guns?
Hitler wasn't invading Switzerland because Switzerland kept german financials.
Samuel Anderson
You NEVER invade your banker!
Mark Dahlia
I fucking love the Swiss
Boris Müller
If you've ever been on a train in Switzerland, chances are you've seen one of these slung over a soldier's back. Soldiers in Switzerland get free public transport, and they are free to carry their weapons with them.
Der Alte
The Swiss Guard of Vatican uses this rifle to protect the Pope.
That guy has good accuracy on full-auto, not bad.
robert leath
If you guys are hiring any gun testers, let me know.
Cole Biggs
not a machine gun
My OCD took a turn for the worse at 2:58 :/
Socom introduced me to this lovely weapon
fa şo
counter strike anyone?
As a swiss marksman i can only say what a fucking waste of ammo... Auto's for guys who want some fun but have no clue how to use it properly...
Jacob Clark
I have an airsoft gun modeled after this weapon, so it was great to learn the history behind it.
i wish the US Sig rifles were made with the same care and precision as their Swiss counterparts.
matthew birch
why can't UK change their gun laws. we should have the rights to own a full automatic rifle or pistol. all we are allowed are shotguns and rifles. hand guns were banned over a decade ago. my teacher used to have a glock. and was a member of a gun club.i understand there's people who cannot be trusted. and you have crazy people who would use them for doing wrong. if you want a handgun it must be kept locked away at the gun club at all times. when not in use. that would suit me as I would only ever use it for target practise and fun.
DXP Reviews
Chad looks like Bear Grills.
How can you be such a gun enthusiast and have such terrible firing posture?
Why you play (fold/ unfold) with the stock so much, it bothers me.
SG552 and SG550 are definitely one of the best weapons.
American Flag
Counter strike source anyone?
Hitler could have take Switzerland easily enough. Sheer number plus technology and experience would have ensured victory in at most a couple of weeks. Why he didn't is because the Swiss banks were supporting him and Switzerland had no resources and was of no strategic importance.
Holle B! TechCheck
Hitler didn't invade Switzerland because no one attacks his banker and factory
Jonathan Y Wu
Just cause I'm a liberal doesn't mean I don't like guns.
Rob Bentley
This rifle is so sick
Hitler didnt invade switzerland, because apart from sweden it was his closest ally...... uhm.. ;-) simple as that... indulge in swearing here: I I I V
I need one of these.
One of my favorite terrorist gun on counter strike!
David Jelly_King
General Guisan Quai i
It is not a machine gun!!
Ehhh Hitler was plenty stupid enough to have invaded Switzerland if there was a good reason to do so. I mean he invaded Russia; and that was pretty stupid.
Thomas Hardy
Wow, what complete ignorance of history... the dwarf sized Swiss military put the fear in Hitler? Not tanks, not air force but a bunch of peasant 'marksmen'.... oh boy, carry on perpetuating the baby logic of the 2nd amendment...
Life is illusion
Hitler didn't invade Switzerland only because Swiss bankers were the ones funding him...
Elwood Sherman
speaking of AR and AK having a baby, what do you think of the ARAK?
Black Simon
To be honest, the reason Hitler didn't attack us was not because we were super badass. Switzerland had no use for him, there were no benefits of invading us. Also, the nazis wanted us to keep their money safe, so it was in their own interest to make sure Switzerland stays unharmed. (There was a fully developed plan of how to attack Switzerland tho, search for "Operation Tannenbaum" on google.)
Hahaha im from switzerland my mother has two
Olivia Lambert
Hitler didn't invade Switzerland not because he wasn't that stupid, but because they were useful to him. He could purchase Allied goods through Switzerland and a number of American companies knowingly sold goods to Hitler during WW2 both directly and through Switzerland, some even during the war for example. Also Switzerland strongly aided Germany through transporting hardware and equipment through a safe route both into and away from Germany which was a massive benefit. Hitler himself found Switzerland to be a "disgusting people" with a "disgusting politicial system", and generally had an incredibly low opinion of them and found them completely unintelligent and was famously quoted saying just that. I have no doubt that had Switzerland not provided Germany some benefit that he would have invaded them and wiped them off the map. A mountainous environment and reasonable marksmen are nothing to an incredibly well funded military, and a few rifles won't do much against artillery, tanks, and air support. Switzerland and Germany both knew that exact fact, and its why Switzerland were encouraged to help Germany in such a way or disappear from existence, even if Switzerland preferred the Allied political nations. Swiss goods are great and all, but lets not twist history to support a false narrative.
Moa Hernandrz
It is a copy of the H&K MP5 and i don't like the plástic magazine
can you do the HK 416
Here in the Spanish Army you had in the old times the Cetme, now the german G36 E.
FYI,  Mikhail Kalashnikov died today.
Vincent Charles
My swiss military service rifle was a SIG SG50 or STGW90 as its called in the Military, those things are accurate up to 600M on iron sights if your sight is good enough. You can shoot 1 franc coins accurately on 300M courses, no sweat
Mars Dent
"Unfortunately, not quite so available to most of the free world" .... So, I guess it's not much of a free world, huh.
Aderpt Derhp
It's like chocolate, Swiss rules.
Outer Beast
Cool name for a cool gun
Stu Preston
Hitler loved Toblerone, that's why he didn't invade Switzerland!
Florian Stamm
Break into my house and I'm gonna welcome you with one of these! Greetings from Switzerland!
Sionso Schwalts
Sionso Schwalts
Issac Washinton
Strangely this makes me want to buy a takedown 22.
My favourite terrorist gun.
John Sessoms
Germany didn't invade Switzerland because Germany benefited from Swiss Neutrality and the Swiss military posed no threat to German ambitions. Neutral Switzerland provided international banking services that were otherwise blocked to Germany. If Germany had achieved all of her war aims in France, Great Britain and Soviet Russia, they would have eventually turned to Switzerland. And although it would have been a costly victory for Germany, it would have still been a German victory. In the early days of the war, Germany didn't need to invade Switzerland, and doing so would have been more costly than the benefits obtained could justify, especially as Germany got most of those benefits from Neutral Switzerland anyway. And by the end of the war, Germany didn't have the forces available to carry out such an invasion against a Swiss military that had had many years to dig in & prepare multiple fortified fighting positions.
Matt Goodwin
You should know better than to call that a machine gun...
I love how the mags are translucent. Just seeing it spring up into the gun as each round is fired makes me giggle.
Luis Aubine
Like you say, AWESOME!
Bruh Zee
I was a Swiss Paratrooper, I love the weapon, I personally used the 551 Carbine, but on some patrols, I used the 552 and the 553, the 553 only just practicing at the range. It is very good mainly cause of the magazine.
Laurence Thermes
Switzerland was not invaded in WW2 because all sides need its banking.
Turboahdettu Skoda
i am contemplating suicide because you cant get assault guns in finland unless in rare cases where your a weapon collector :/
Battlefield 3 SG 553 :3
You guys have the best job ever.
"It's not available to most of the free world". That's an interesting statement.
CraZe_NoVa 8901
Rainbow six siege anyone
Alex Sedov
So much bitching around about Swiss ingenuity... Just say its a copy of an AK, it looks as an AK, it operates as an AK, it kicks as an AK, IT IS AN AK GODDAMIT!
Malcolm Isenhower
Hitler did not invade Swiz because the Nazi and rothschilds held gold their!!!!!!!!!!!
Maurice Lacey
Plus the SIG SAUER is a german-swiss co-op, not purely swiss. Another Brainless military serviceman, SIG = SWISS , Sauer = GERMAN
the part with WWII and why Switzerland never got invaded is historical b**ls**t....
Ömer Güvenen
sig is mostly german and its headquarters is in germany
in switzerland if you done the army you get it for free
Јаблановић Звонко
cs 1.6
Bongo Charm
Hitler didn't invade Switzerland because the Swiss were his bankers; they washed the Nazi gold.
Dareis Nogod
Hitler didn't invade Switzerland because they were marksmen. Ok. Another reason may have been that Switzerland's banks operated as one huge money laundering machine for Nazi Germany.
Max S
SWISS HISTORY: For a brief moment in service, the Swiss military issued the Sturmgewehr 57 (in the 80's). My great uncle Fredi was issued the K11, my grandpa was issued the K31, and my dad was issued the STG57. I will be issued the Sig SG550.
Jack Ou
The only games i know that have SG's are counter strike and COD BO2
Supreme Snake
iq is the best operator
Hitler didn't invade Swotzerland, because Swiss were makrsman? That is something new
tyler baron
I want one
Iron Will
Hitler never invaded Switzerland because there's nothing there but snow and mountains. nothing to gain. no strategic gain for a base either.
Joe Blow
Hitler never invaded Switzerland because they were the central banking source of world banking and Germany was heavily involved doing money transaction with them. If Switzerland wasn't involved with banking they would of been attacked and eventually taken over.
Dr. Whis Grant
Stefan Trajkovic
B-4-4 ---> insufficient funds!
Diemon Slayer
Hitler was kind of stupid invading Russia in the winter almost no one has succeeded at that
Amlan Kiron Banerjee
It's ridiculous to claim that Hitler didn't invade Switzerland as almost all the swiss were armed.
Is Beautiful.  I need to move to Switzerland.
Dareis Nogod
Omar Altye
Hail hitler .. Hail germane
Marian Goldego
Hitman Blood Money - murder of crows :)
I thought hitler didn't invade Switzerland because they liked to buy Jewish gold teeth.
Peter August
Hitler did not invade switzerland because there really wasnt much to gain besides his own money. Switzerland has no major resources, not much space either, small population. Theres nothing there which is worth invading for besides some ski slopes. It just made more sense to keep switzerland as a neutral bank and business partner. Had nothing to do with swiss shooting skills ;)
Aussie Spoon
Is there any recoil or are you guys making it look easy.?
PFG - 45 Ag. 042-IO
Swiss rifle, the commando version reserved for Grenadier special forces and swiss guard (of the pope). We trained with this rifle in the military here. 300 m targets (prone position), headshots without any modifications. We also get to keep this rifle after military conscription because in Switzerland you are automatically in the reserves after military duty. You are required to report to a shooting range yearly to continue be proficient with the rifle, and you have to send in your score card to your local military centre. Good rifle. Light, accurate, sturdy, easy maintenance and reliable. Swiss made ;)
Consumer Droid
This is that gun from counter strike
Thumpert the Fascist Cotton-tail
This must be how the Swiss put all those holes in their cheese.