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Fast and Furious 8 The Fate of the Furious Movie Clips 2017 | Check out the new Official Movie Clip compilation For "The Fate of the Furious"! See the film, starring Vin Diesel,Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham coming in April 14, 2017! ✔ Help Me Reach 500,000 Subscribers! Click to Subscribe Now : />✔ Follow On Faceboook Page : />✔ Follow us On twitter : />✔ Google + : /> The Fate of the Furious Movie A Movie directed by F. Gary Gray Cast : Vin Diesel,Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson,Nathalie Emmanuel Release Date : April 14, 2017 Genres : Action, Thriller, Adventure The Fate of the Furious Official Trailer © 2017 Universal Pictures

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Furious Trailer
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"We're gonna need a bigger truck!" Reference much?
Sees Nails
I remember seeing the first F&F and I thought it was about a 3.5 then I saw part 2, I didn't even finish it because it was lame asf. I can't believe they're still making these movies.
King Tiger
Fast and Furious went from drag racing and Racing Cars 2 Call of Duty
Rufus Greenleaf
*9:40* "The Rock would be great at CinemaSins" *Ding!*
maybe mr bean will join the fast and furious 9?
Furious Flame
In my opinion the movie was great
Tecnologia y mas
joder ya quiero ver esa película..
Dj wicked Ryans
just went to see in theater totally sux !!
Mary Calhoun
Fast and Furious 8 Movie Clips (2017) | The Fate of the Furious
Nitin Tns Green
can't wait to watch ohh
SS Tab
This movie was super dope and the cars were insane. I found this review on utube of all of the cars driven by the Fast Family. Just search Top12 Cars from Fast and Furious 8 to find it. Some cool information there. Check it out
TheColor 4
Fast and furious 8 is amazing
Premium 6
This is one of the movies that I like, very helpful if anyone would send a link where to watch movies with HD quality
Jamie T
This was an amazing movie. Easily one of the best in the entire series
Might as well not see the movie. They're showing everything
looks like #fast8 minimovie
संजीवकुमार चक्रवर्ती
Dwayne Johnson has done fine acting.
Marco Antonio Sanchez Nieves
wow Vin Diesel tratando de hablar español es pésimo
Al Chris
I heard Fast and Furious 9 is gonna feature Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Megatron and it's gonna be called "F&F Transformers Drift" I Can't wait to see Torero riding Bumblebee!!!!!
pipo laamenasa
Cuba my country asere
Maricela Alcantar
The Rock is and will always will be THE ELECTRIFYING ONE!
Dave M
The Trailer pretty much showed the entire movie. The only thing missing is that Dom joins with the bad girl because she threatens to kill his son. (Dom and Elena had a kid together) The movie is pretty good, but I don't think anything will beat Tokyo Drift or The First Fast Movie
Roses are red Voilets are blue Fast 8 is too long I slept all the time
Maricela Alcantar
Bao Pico
F9: Keanu Reeves as Cipher's boss.
IT releasing Today.............hahahahahah
Milagros Gonzalez Gomez
me encantado la película😆
Jovaan Mills
bro i cant do fast 8 big fan since day one. shit just got corny stunts un real dom turning.... hope theres a twist to that and not to mention paul walker since day one now he's gone aint the same RIP P WALKER AKA BRIAN
harpreet singh virk
this movi is cooolist in history of fast and furious
Godzillar Mwakajwanga.
noma sana aisee
Robiul Khan
#F8 best of the year
Nicholas Malone
how did he go forward and hit the Bentley if the 2 ropes on the back is holding him?
ฟันก็แปรง เป็นแมงได้ไง
muy muy buenooo
Revz Chain
paul is not there what is the point 😢😢😢😢😢
ali '-'
moral: never use coke ring as a hoseclamp
luckly in my country(Latvia) it will come out on 12 april ;) btw movie was great
iOS bminhas11
"its impossible" lmao
Kesnel Lrssaint
vailoc 2nd you are right vin diesel is the real man
Dylan Oliver
Dwayne Johnson is Batman.
Ahmed Elwakiel
we were all the Fast and the Furious movies 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 really like to go to see looking number 8 the great actors and we miss Paul Walker very much his very character is Brian Connor rest in peace for him very much we are the people one of them always remember the four generation Paul Walker love his brother sister mother and father grandparents memory
Johny Utah
This movie will clean up at the Oscars
Laxman B K
why they leak many clip
Life and Time Podcast
Remember when this movie series was about racing? Now there's a race at the beginning of the films now... if there is one at all.
Dptians Society
Ali Hasan
رايد اشوف هذا فلم
Gloria Modise
Me and my friend enjoyed the 4dx movie ... : ) : ) the experience was amazing. Best movie ever watched since Feb.
Kahli Crossley
is that the rock
Tickets are sold out everywhere!
Monu Gujjar
kab Aaygi Ye brooo
Ubaid Khattak
yaww awsome i love the furious legacy
Mariano Nsue Ndong Mangue
la bestia peli de fast and the furius 8
Fast 8 mini Movie
Ricardo Tchaka
Gistaria d ver todo o filme
Claudia Hallstrom
Fast and Furious 8
Big Moco 44 ver
I love you
Nam Chp
alicia wills
enthusiasm movie
full movie er link hobe..karo kase
K Bozz
This will be bad
if you want to watch full movies of Fast & Furious 8 go to my channel but i am so sorry the video is not HD
M v abhishek
soooo awsome
Jerome Jazz
This is by far the CRINGIEST MOVIE i have ever seen.
Stefan Stefan
why did u cuz the litlle baby boss scene??
moaci paulo da silva
Haris Husaini
NonStop Fazzu
I am 1k comment
ComicBook Guy
How i would rank all the movies from the franchise: 1. Furious 7 2. Fast 5 3. Fate of the furious 4. Furious 6 5. The FAST and the FURIOUS( the 1st) 6. 2 fast 2 furious 7. Tokio drift 8. fast and furious( the 4th)
Armen Marta
i miss paul walkeer😢😢😢
little miss sunshine
You know when you put too many ingredients into one recipe and it ruins the whole dish..... this is what this movie is like!! 😢
ابن العيس
Jadin King
I already watched it this morning: Van desil Betrays them
SUCKS! hahahahahah!
khalil tube
Tell me F&F is the biggest series of the world? comment
Wow they showed almost half of the movie nice job guys
Kill Me Broccoli
There's no Fast and Furious without Paul,it's slow and slowious.
BEST FILM EVER ❤❤❤❤❤👌👌👌👌😍😍😍😍
GamerKiddChris 1
3:26 I'll beat your asss like a charekee drum lmao.
Considering Paul Walker died in a speeding, burning car wasn't that first scene a little insensitive? Just saying....😔😔
WolfJR Gaming
Who else got very sad when in the end dom said Meet Brian 😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭
School Sharing
Tony Peralta
Transformers ? solo que sin los robots y en su versión mas reggaetonera posible 😂
School Sharing
God Duelist
so stupid ĂĂĂĂĂĂĂĂĂĂĂĂĂĂĂĂĂĂĂĂĂĂ+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Gaming Stone
you are The best
OneofAKind 13
Who remembers when Vin Diesel said he didn't want to do anymore movies after Paul Walker died? Money talks
Adrian Fuentes
Spoiler alert dom has a kid
Sorybinta doum
jaime jaime paul walker rip mon ange... big up a Toi vin diesel One love a leur groupe ou equipe
andres felipe rojas
muy buena
andres felipe rojas
de marca
Helene Diedericks
soooooo cool
Aleshia Greenhill
Fast and Furious 8 Movie GOOD
berlinda lovely
Maple brown sugar
Side note to the dipshits who do audio on movies, the music doesn't need to be 7 times louder than the actual dialog
Harris Ah
Why couldn't cody walker play brians Role
Roslizawati Abas
So amazing fnf8
Xander Zone
"What's the best thing?" "Family." "No,it's not." Looking at her like saying "Bitch,what did you just say?"
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