Yoga Weight Loss Challenge! 20 Minute Fat Burning Yoga Workout Beginners & Intermediate

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This free video explains how to do massage work on the back using Trigger Point techniques and neuromuscular therapy. ♥ Start Your Two Week Free Trail />♥ Help Support This Channel />♥ Subscribe To Our Podcast /> #WellnessPlus #YogaWithJoy #WeightLossYoga -------------------------------------------- #Yoga #WeightLoss Challenge! 20 Minute #FatBurning Yoga Workout #Beginners & Intermediate Joy guides you through a full body workout to burn fat and tone your glutes, abs and arms! Can you meet the challenge? Of course you can!! Visit Joy Scola’s Website & Youtube Channel: Website: Youtube: Joy's Wardrobe Provided by Dragonfly Part 2 - Yoga Weight Loss Challenge /> Part 3 - Yoga Weight Loss Challenge /> Part 4 - Yoga Weight Loss Challenge /> Follow our Social Media /> /> /> /> /> /> Related Videos Beginners Morning Yoga Workout 20 Minute Stretch For Energy & Weight Loss - Joy of Yoga /> Yoga Weight Loss Challenge Workout 1- 30 Minute Fat Burning Yoga Meltdown Beginner & Intermediate /> Weight Loss Yoga For Beginners. Full Body At Home 1 Hour Workout & Yoga Class /> Detox & Weight Loss Yoga Workout #4 - 20 Minute Fat Burning Yoga Meltdown Beginner & Intermediate /> Complete List of Joy’s Fitness Videos />Wardrobe by Dragonfly /> Music by iChill Music Factory />Song: Indigo Sky Album: Chill Away © Copyright 2015 Target Public Media, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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Rosie P
love the moves but i really want silence when doing yoga...maybe im the only one?
Tracie Sivadjy
Thank you it works thank you so much 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Kadie Henry
I don't have the patience yoga requires.
I actually quite like the chattyvibe. I can't do yoga in a yoga class cause the silence kills me. I guess everyone has a different way. But I liked this very much ill try to keep up with the challenges, thank you!
SnakeLover 7272
Don’t do this on a foam mattress cause you fall of and is unbalanced I learned that the hard way
SnakeLover 7272
Am I the only person at 11:30 just collapse lol
Elyse Adderley
i just got into yoga but i do have a lower back problem so i can only do the exercises for that
tnx for the video, and i think you should talk less
Rick Cleek
I want the Dragonfly outfit! I do! I do!
This was a fun video! All the giggles and jokes made me feel like I was just hanging out doing some yoga with my buds.
Thobe Sokhela
my goodness m so in Love with yoga I almost do every day it makes me fell Maverlous
vikram singh
love this yoga soo much. it's really useful iloose my 10 kg😊
Biji Jacob
it is very useful to us
eric brown
Damn they are so gorgeous
Thomas Kozaki
We love you today
Joy's really good for this channel, like a pro.
Sunita Choudhury
liked the yoga poses. something different. great stretching poses
Lena Xiu
Oh I hope I can win the giveaway this is so good <3
Jordan Stanley
I love how this video is so relaxing, so many workout videos push too hard and it makes you not want to do them but I love that this one is so chill and makes you feel confident even if you can't do the moves just right.
Maria Dolor
Kitty wants to do yoga lol
Leisel O'Keefe
The moves were fine but too much chatter and promotion. Won't be using this again. Not relaxing.
Susan Jackson
Jane Doe
I'm not giving a thumbs up or down. I loved the positions but this video just is no doubt it's my generation (born 1971). But I must be honest... Too much comedy and giggling. Too little music and calming sensations.
Ana G.
Great poses, but wish there was more, too much fooling around :(
Brooklyn_love quake
I want it this is now my morning routine
Jessica MacKenzie
Great workout !!!
Judith -Sonia Arkorful
Sabahat Zafar
she is amazing
I am not sure if this is gonna help with losing weight?😯But I L.O.V.E your channel!😊
Jessica MacKenzie
Do I do this every day for weight loss or do I do the other videos that are linked? I really want to tone up for my wedding/honeymoon in January, the one workout I was doing is so crazy but I LOVE this one. It's tough on the abs but nice and relaxed!
Mauri Bass
Joy Scola, ur absolutely inspiring and a true life saver to me. I just started ur program 3 days ago and I've already lost 2 to 3lbs. I'm a mother and sometimes I need to remember that I need to take time for myself and get fit. I'm 30 years old and hispanic. I'm 5 ft. 1 in tall and weigh 203lbs. in severely overweight for my height. I needed a real turning point in my life to get healthy again. After having had cancer and depression because of that back in 2014 I comfort ate with out even realizing it. I was under a lot of stress and didn't know if I was going to survive it. I'm cancer free now and have seriously gotten back on track. I started at 225lbs and worked really hard this whole last year to knock it down. And then my step dad mentioned YouTube and there is where I found ur program. Thank you! Thank you! For giving me hope again in my struggle for weight loss. You're the best Joy!
olivia noelle
Joy, thank you so much for this! I have always loved yoga, but I'm always nervous about physical activity because I am asthmatic. This was slow paced enough for me to relax into the poses and take my time without over exerting myself, and I loved how enthusiastic and talkative you were, it really encouraged me to continue and not get bored... Thanks so much for this video, I'll be trying the other 3 right away!! Sending good vibes your way~ (Sorry for my bad English hehe)
Petra Hui
wow this was so boring :(
Thomas Kozaki
you are the best
Sarah and Norman!
Youtube could you NOT put in ads when I am trying to workout and get my yoga on? Also love this challenge I just do it on a loop each week! 20 mins every morning is just enough to wake me up and shape up my body!
The quality of the front facing camera is so high, it almost looks surreal. Kuddos! +PsycheTruth what are you using for this?
Mery Ventura
Shela Berge
I am very glad to share the news, I lost more than 40 pounds as I did see here +Emilie Kesinger
BorderCity Bandit
Im not sure bout weight loss ,but it will contribute to Carpal tunnel syndrome. :)
Maria Michela Pisani
Americans have a great defect.. You talk TOO MUCH, even during YOGA.. Yoga is for relax, concentration.. Unbelievable and irritable!
Scott S
Usually just watch the massage vids but can't help watching any video that Melanie is in. That damn smile.
Becca Ramirez
What's the Instagram name!??
Ekanshi Rastogi
Which is better for weight loss- cardio or yoga?
lol thank you Joy of course yours is mt favorite. I will continue my breathing. i am a recovering addict and this has saved my life in many ways thank you. 🙏
The one on the left is a highly suspected sweetie.
Dona Allen
Thank you Joy. I have been using your videos for almost a year now and love them. they are just the right pace and difficulty. Another series of weight loss routines would be amazing. Thank you, Thank you!
I tend to gain weight and heard about this product so I bought the Weight loss green store tea. It’s only been a bit over a month now and not only I didn’t gain but I lost about 7 pounds. I also feel healthier a day that I’m taking this.
I love how you make yoga fun! As a fellow instructor (aerobics and zumba) I always love when someone actually inspires me to join their workout, and you definitely do! :) Also, very nice strong voice and good instructing. And the smile! :) All the best in your career <3 Iskra from Serbia
firos koormath
Yeah it's really great
Alexandra Aberastain
hi, I just started doing this, I need to know, how many times a week should I repeat this? and when I should start the 2nd part? It's the first time for me doing yoga. Thanks!
Hannah Louise
pause at 4:50 :)
Realy good 👌
soniya Adhya
The girl on the left back has such a good vibe! She is really fun! Doing a great job guys! Thanks!
Mark Schrader
can i have a shirt and pants so i have something to ware with yoga that is perfection give me a price
ambreen raja
superb mam i just want to lose fats from shoulder plZZ tell me shoulder exercise
MissConduct 1
Do you do cardio a couple times a week? If so how long ? And what kind?
Martha West
I enjoyed this a lot. Normally I have a hard time with following yoga videos, but this one was great. Just enough of a challenge, but not enough to be discouraging. I am definitely keeping up with this.
Bobbie Smith
how many calories does this burn ??!
Elisa Davalos
How many calories are we loosing with these 2o minutes of yoga?...
Leena Hafeez
how many calories i can burn with this 20 min part 1 yoga?
Mohd Zoheb
Good video
Linda Suyk
Just worked out to this video. Really relaxing, quite a sudden end though..
Thodoris Theodoropoulos
how many calories do we burn by doing that program?
Becca Ramirez
Which one is the 2nd part video and the rest I want to do this challenge for myself ! I loved this video! Please hope thank you😀?!?
Joy, You are awesome. - The World
Kate Mcdonald
You are so adorable! I love the dragonfly outfits, too. thanks for a fun yoga session, this first one is my fave of the 4.
This is great stuff. That cat passing by is also relaxing.
Emna Hmandi
How many calories does this burn
Anita Carr
I've done every step it's easy I used to do yoga and I'm below 10
Marco Pascua
AHHH....😧😧SO TIRED😂😂😀😀😄😄
Tegan Smith
I honestly enjoyed your laughter and talking in this video, Joy :) It made it more positive and friendly. x
Reviw For Health
good challenge
Dan the Man
Pretty sure I'd have to tap out on the first move. So I guess I won't be winning the outfit...which is my contribution to humanity for today haha. Keep up the strong work, ladies :)
ahmad n
best but why ur right handed girl not followed u
Jessie Sivo
I am completely out of shape. Like I am worse than what you pictured when I said that. So I'm confused because I try to concentrate and make sure my form is ok and that what I'm doing is right, and I don't feel anything. I feel like my form is off? Idk but I know I should definitely feel something because I am not in shape.
Reconnect Yourself
I loved the video. Just wonderful. I want to start now.
I started doing yoga today and I feel so bright and happy after❤️
jilsha pk
yoga is not an excerise form. first of all understand that.
Mervat 123
love them
As a beginner i love it!! And the fooling around.. Well why not? I can tell there is much love between them as a close friend and i laughed to it too.. Its not so much about all exercise like she said have fun, laugh.. Its the best medicine! Love u those who have positive vibes !!
Dounia Bourhezal
I lost it when the cat came
hey need help is it better to do it with socks on or without
Cathy Garlick
love how the cat walks across near the start 😊
Tony Medina
gif me da
Wendy Klawon
where is video #2?  This was great and I love your channel!!
Dominika Mertová
The most annoying yoga video I've seen. I want to relax and concetrate, not listen to this jabbering. The fact it had made me write this comment, is enough to prove how annoying it is. Peace.
Dauntless Girl
well i think she starves herself to look like that
Veldrin Luth'ol
I love this workout, but my only problem is the Video won't load all the way anymore. I want to do all the videos. I think they would be helpful. I loved that the day after I felt sore in all the right places. I don't mind the voices or the laughs, everyone deserves to be who they are. If she is happy making these videos who are you all to rant about them. There are other videos you can watch, simply move on. I assure you if she was making fun of your laugh or your weight problem you would be offended.
Úi... con Cat
They R you
seriously is this yoga??
Joselyn Nava
You are amazing
Fallen Artist
I'm excited to do this honestly finally got my sick, lazy booty out of bed today and did this along with the Beginners Ballet~ <3 absolutely love this it isn't too difficult but isn't exactly easy which makes it so much fun and I can look forward to everyday for the rest of this week! Also you 3 are super beautiful!! such gorgeous bodies and everything (: Oh yeah, eagles pose is officially my enemy but, I will get it :> *super determine face*
jasmina kasemi
Awww-someeeeee !!!
A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes
This looks like fun and "painful" at the same time. I can't wait to exercise to this video!
Alvyna Sanders
this my 2nd time doing yoga i feel great i had to take a break on some of the moves my legs are shaking
Kalin Tonchev
Begginers? Seriosusly... mos of the moves require a lot of flexiiliity which the one just starting dont have/.. so yeah maybe think it over next time
Hawa Asallam
heeeeyyyy.. cute kittyyy hahahah