W.O.W! ALL 5 GOLDEN BUZZERS on Britain's Got Talent 2018!

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Crystal Elk
Thank you again! These were all very original iconic acts! They are all worthy of the golden buzzer! Again thanks, I live on YouTube & these bring me such big emotions. & The most joy, I can ask for! Sending positive vibes your way. PEACE LOVE & DREAM'S!🇨🇦 💞🌐📷🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🎼💚🌍💜🌎💛🌏☮💖☁🎬
John Jersey
That old Jamaican dude just made ya want to party. I’ll bet he’s a hoot to hang with!
ELeigh 09
Griffs friends are the most awesome guys ever! To have people love you and support you that much?! Truly something special
Rafdi Dafi Hatmadiansyah
The last man is not magician. He is a wizard
jason robbins
Those guys supporting Griff are true friends... people need more friends like that
Hemo Flier
I envy him for such supportive friends, they went crazy for the golden buzz like they were the winners but the true winner is having such friends.
Percy George
We all danced to wiggle wine
Veronica Lastname
Anyone else reading comments while listening
I wish my friends were supportive like griffins, if I did that they would all laugh at me.
The look on simons face. *Thats* what he wanted from the opera singer
Fabio Carioca Fagundes
Simplesmente sensacional esta seleção de vídeos, Eu gostaria de assistir em portugues agora.
Darrin Whitman
Im a guy that absolutely loves to see people happy. This was amazing!!!!
Are you freaking kidding me?? Wiggle Wine was AMAZING! When you get the judges to jump on stage and dance, you know you’ve got something special. BOOM!!
Tea Cup Tony
When Simon gives you that wink you know he wants you to go big ❤️
Who's still crying in *2019* 😭
Lathen Harris
No I'm not crying I just got a hair in my eye 😑😅😅
leela stoma
That wiggle and Wine song is a total jam. You must be dead if that don't make you wanna move. 💃🏼🕺🏼🕺🏼💃🏼🕺🏼💃🏼🕺🏼💃🏼
Trisha Mae Villacampa
Griffin's friends are awesome <3 wish there would be people like them supporting me <3
Emily DarkHope
When Simon winks you know it's gonna be a good act.
I saw a completely new face of Simon today. I wish he does more of that.
God dammit magic Ben Shapiro made me tear up
Eskii NZL
i started wiggling and winding my body and my old lady walked in and hasn't stopped laughing hahahaha
orionis rodriguez
ima have wiggle wine stuck in my head for like a week now😂
Didier Parra Alzate
*_Simón es el mejor...sabe cómo sacar lo mejor de cada concursante_*
Jonah Goodrich
I'm not crying, you're crying
Oj Blackcat
I held it together during the father/son performance until 19:10ish in the video. When the crowd roared for them and the father stepped back and pushed his son into the spotlight...need some tissues.
Aiden Corona
Every time I see these videos I feel like I'm in an emotional rollercoaster 😁
Shark Fin Gaming
Get you friends like Grif.
Jason Damrau
Simon is a genius he knows when an act that has potential is going wrong and he knows how to turn them around
The magic was incredible 😭😭
10:26 his wife actually looking upset she touched his face
sarah vergara
the wiggle and wine will be stuck in my head for days, thanks
Caramba esse ultimo foi pra derrubar qualquer um...
I would pay so much to see Simon wiggle wine
Pr Incess
Friends are like siblings or they can be more than you could ask for because they know your hidden secrets and your hidden personality. This guy is so fortunate to have a friends like them you can see the purest love and how much they pushed him to sing just to show their support. I want them to be my friends as well😊❤️
Yuri Barreto
David always chooses the funniest Golden buzzers
Vijit Jain
The last one was the best one ever.
Do You know.?
That boy got 1000 golden buzzer wroth friends
Aaron Hickerson
I love seeing people smile, making people happy is just the best thing in the world. For me it’s hard to stay happy because of bad OCD and depression. From the time I wake up it’s hard but, a persons smile is the best thing EVER!!! It just lightens you and your day up so much. I wish these 5 people and ALL of you the best. Thanks for this amazing video 👍❤️
Elizabeth Seiden
The father and son are adorable! Such a harnonious duet!Beautiful voices and song! 🤗💖💝💕
YaBoi Heatro
When Alesha grinded on Dec i was dead haha
I’m sorry because I can’t speak English (I’m from Poland) ,but SINGING DAD AND SON IS AMAZING💗! He Is AMAZING ,he Is 12 years old!❤️❤️❤️
Whenever the golden buzzer is hit Sweeper: Noooooo! Not this time😁😁😁
Em Parker
Griffin's Friends are literaly the best thing ever
O my God.... i cried loud watching the last one....
carlee and aprils life
That father son act.... absolutely beautiful.... Speechless...☠️😈🖤
King Luey
Ya know, for a guy that portrayed such a grinch back in the day, .. .. Simon turned out to be...the most human. (I guess his heart grew 3 sizes over the years) ❤ 👍
Lauren Powell
That magic (?) one absolutely blew my mind... Simon's face is like 'What exactly is happening here ...?!)
Watching these golden buzzers i think is great therapy for moving our hearts of happy feelings. Wow
5:19 Not only he song beautifully his friends or family are emotionally there for him... something I never experienced... Love the voice !
Rafa Márquez
The Last is Wonderful incredible
fifi nominal aka Deb
what does not living with mom and dad have to do with anything Simon ? Way to bring up a traumatic childhood right before an audition lol
Anna Kravets
I am absolutely sure that true singers don’t sing with their mouths but with their souls. Bravo all the contestants!
MrBeast Huge Fan
Im crying 😩 I love seeing someone so happy
Dickxon F
"im 60yrs old" "WHATTTT?!!!"
Superhero Nerd
I almost cried for all all of them! Especially the last one, they all warmed my heart! 19:49 LOL DAVID KISSED SIMON! ❤️😂❤️❤️
greg Madore
That last one broke me, that was such an amazing trick, magic or whatever it was
HolySmokes Am Rich
Wow Simon is Really Lost for Words with the Magic Man -We’re is He Now 💖💕
Jesse Brennan
I love "The Lucky Ones" Just an amazing song period.
Brought a smile to my face
If the whole stadium is silent when you sing a song or play music, that meant you're that good. That father-son combo made me cry, I saw Simon has teary eyes so I'm not feeling so bad about it.
Idk why i envy more....the kid and his dads relationship or the guy and his friends relationship....wish i just had one :(
Sara Hayee
they gave 3 golden buzzers in one day
best 20min of my life. but i didnt even write a minute se lets go again. BEST 20MINUTES OF MY LIFE
Dolphins And Whales
The father son duo killed it.
Seeing his friends made me cry because I have always longed for people like that in my life.
That last audition left me emotionally unstable
The magician wasn't good at all.. His story was emoving but he isn't a good magician
Fookit Yeah
David Williams is so amazing in everything he does.
Samah Rumani
The last one was my favourite 🔥
Gladys Riggs
Omg they all were awesome but when they did wiggle wine omg!! He lit everyone up even Simon!! And even that father & son omg!!! Priceless! Awesome performance everyone but Omg, the magician & family .. Tears!! God bless your Amazing daughter & your wife!! ALL I CAN SAY IS LOOK @ GOD!!! TEARS OF 😂 JOY!!!
Fabiano Pina
Wiggle Wine!!😂
God bless Don Dacre ok we stan a king in this household (Also the cut to the crew groovin backstage actually made me cry)
Mexicana En Malta
those are not Griff's friends ... those guys are his family!!
Sofie Hagman
Wiggle wine dude is the greatest! 🙌😁 And he is on Spotify! Donchez Dacres! 💃
Noam Nasser
If you guys want to win a Golden Buzzer, just sing a cool song that makes the judges dance!!!
Alok Gahlot
janitor be like" please god no good acts today.. please god"
He's Near
I almost cried when the son and the dad we're singing together. Man it gave me that feeling when a song hits the G spot but in you brain. It's like a cool ticklish wave that goes through your body, but without the tickle just a cool wave of awesomeness. I would say it's kinda like goose bumps but without the bumps. My favorite part starts at 18:18. What a voice the boy has. My goodness i can just amagine the dad and son fishing together by the dock sitting close to each other. The dad and the son then decided to sing together while waiting for the fish to pull on the string. As the the string begins to pull the dad and the son get more into the song. Giving the feeling of a rising to the climax like in a story 18:18 is the beginning of that climax! But Man it got me thinking about always wanting to be with my dad when I was younger but couldn't cause my mom and dad weren't together. Those were the times! In those times certain cartoons and toys that my dad gave me would remind me of him making me miss him even more. This song is Those moments were I use to think of my dad and just miss him. I often use to dream about my dad and mom getting back together and making life awesome again. Hope you guys enjoyed my emotional comment about my childhood.
Armin Harnoyo
Amazing. Thank you God for these talent shows that bring out all the ppl with amazing talent that would have NEVER had the chance to share their amazing gifts. Wow man wow!!! I lovve music. Everyone is awesome 👏 i love the happiness i get watching these. 🥰💫👌🏼
Irish Handcuffs
Slight of hand. watch at .025 speed
Daniel Baca
The Lucky Ones....OMG! Made me cry with every harmony!
"Oh... silence this italian harbor barker!", Col. Potter, M.A.S.H.
Lauren Powell
That father and son team had me bawling.
Roberto Campanelli
Italiani 😂😂😂?
Maria Mostek
Hege Nilssen
19:54 how does he sweat so much at that age
Man i wish Simon hadn't made the opera singer change his original song...he was singing the Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet!
Omg that father & son duo...😭😭😭Marco deserves the golden buzzer for those brows! 👌🙌
Miss Lion
Tim and Jack are just adorable😍
Freeze-Dried Water
Oh man, Wiggle Wine made me so happy
Lili S
I literally sobbed with the magic guy! Omg so touching and his wife crying made me cry even more 😭
Rannely Isela
That’s the reason why I love Simon . He really know when there’s talent. ❤️
Juevon Armstrong
19:54 that big pit stain shows he was nervous 😂
Fed Up
Oh gheesh..that father and son duo brought me too tears...thank you Simon!!!
Bunny Bruh
7:53 He's gonna write like 100 blues songs
Brandon Kyle
That change gonna come guy cave me a headache trying to keep from tearing up..the boy and his dad did also..s Till no watery eyes tho just a head cramp
how in the deep hell that last guy did that ??
Darth Vader56
Griff’s friends know he’s gonna win a lot of cash
Taylor and Peter
The Last Act is the most Emotional Magic I have ever seen. Job well done, Marc. You're the best magician ever.