Saab 35 Draken | SPITTING FLAMES

Saab 35 Draken with big afterburner flame at the 2016 Airpower Airshow in Zeltweg, Austria.

Hammer of Davey
One of the most beautiful planes ever created by man. It's not often you get a modern fighter that is capable and beautiful. The Swedes really have an art in their aircraft.
My dad was a Draken pilot! So proud!
The Saab J35 Draken is STILL one of the most sexiest fighters ever!!
Marcus Alm
A plane that still doesn't have an actual top-speed. The engine is so thirsty that it runs out of fuel long before it stops accelerating. There are a lot of stories of pilots gliding these in for landing due to not having anything left in the tanks.
Clay Van Alstyne
Love Sweden's fighters. Unique...
1:08, Later suckers.
Johan Blom
The Draken I love it..most beautiful fighterjet ever made...!
BowserJr Playz
Saab Draken and Saab Viggen are one of my favorite fighter jets
For every non-swedes. Draken means the dragon. :)
01:20 .....worthy of a Star Wars star fighter! like a Mandalorian "Kom'rk-class" fighter.
solidarity libertas
Swedish Air Force Historic Flight got two Saab 35 Draken this Saab Sk 35C Draken (Serial Number 35810) twin-seated trainer version and one Saab J 35J Draken (serial number 35556)
Alain ZEN
again...thank you, nice filming of a very special formation flight!
This 35 Draken Project must have been made and  feed by  a genius arcitect! /magnus
Beautiful, but mig29 is much more beautiful
Almost looks like it shouldn't be able to fly. A great design.
That two seater was called "Turbo versionen" or turbo version, it did not carry all the heavy equipment the fighters had. There is some stories that The J35 pulled 16g:s at one time, making only the engine mounts to be replaced and the nose pitot exchanged for a new one. This is an extreme fighter. And a very dangerous one too. Imagine having a blackbird Sr71 in it´s mach 3... Pretty much says it all.
Isveç yapımı savaş uçaklarının çok sira dışı bir yapım dizaynları var
SAAB sure makes Beautiful Airplanes.
Ronny Holmberg
17 seconds if I'm not mistaken, then you've got to turn it from upside down to , well, not upside down. Gravity.
Dan Berglin
Thats alot of vegan meals/h.
Here's the real swedish greatest plane of all times... Amazing !
The most beautiful airplane ever built must be this, Draken. It looks odd at first but it has charisma. Props to Saab!
X Gen
The Draken is the coolest looking aircraft ever made. And it sounds like a Tie Fighter [][]
The formation footage was pretty neat, but the Typhoon probably should have been replaced with a Gripen. (And where was the Lansen and Viggen?) As it was a J29, 35 and 105 in the mix was pretty cool. Wish I could have seen it for myself!
Johan Wahlsten
i wonder how it feels in the air
"SPITTING FLAMES" ... ... Yes, the afterburner.
Christian le Bordelais
Trés belle formation aérienne....
Great video. A truly underrated aircraft. The Swedish know how to build good aircraft.
Ari Inkeroinen
-such a sweet sight, I love look that side of view..;-D
Jonathan Grainge
No fighter has ever copied the viggen especially the draken which is the only unique shaped delta wing out there and it looks so awesomely cool.
Craig Pennington
What a Ride! This is way beyond cool. A class all to itself and very capable. Outstanding video-thanks bunches.
Nice, did you get anymore of J29 Flying Barrel on film?
Definitely ahead of its time
Weirdest Youbetuber Ever
Sooo far ahead of its time. Anticipated the cranked delta plan-form decades before every one else, achieved M2 on a single engine. If they built a new one using modern materials and techniques it would be a serious contender even today.
Alexander Anderst
Check Out the paper model Draken of Geli 👍
Perro Oceaniko
35 is beautiful ...!! Endless design ..!
It is alike starwars plane.
Stephen Matthias
Concept art by Gerry Anderson LOL !
Alex Grossman
Looks like an old-fashioned grandma's iron.
Gianluca Badejo
I want a custom guitar shaped like a Draken.
Игорь Сайфатшин
Thank very much for video
It was top of the notch in late 60's. :)
Fabio Sun
What a masterpiece !!
Thanks for sharing this vid..
Muhammad Ahmad
this is unique because it looks like a space ship.
Leif Gunnarson
Like something from Dr. Who or Flash Gordon :) However without great thrust, or a lot of kerosene, no way to keep the speed up in turns.
Simon Broberg
So you like our old toys then Paddy? Try the Gripen, lands on normal roads, can be refueled & rearmed in less than 10 minutes. You got the cash?
This was so ahead of it's time. It wouldn't put a scifi movie to shame.
Simon Broberg
Love the wheelie at the end lad... We know how fast they stop.
Jorge Picabea
...if this aircraft was american or english, we would never heard the end of it. All 3 Swedish aircraft, the 35, 37, and 29 had to deal with the american and european commercial, behind the scenes manipulations that killed so many good machines over the years.
Simon Broberg
I always felt safer knowing I had my dragons with me. The Vigens were cool too. Got the new Grippens these days to add to the armoury. Some of us are just lucky I guess.
Robert Lalum
whats the fuel range of the j35 anyone know?
Badlaama Urukehu
Never proven.
❤❤❤❤Draken. die saab 105 und die “TONNE“
Wolf Blitzer
Maybe they should clean the candles,
This, in fact, is the plane that is a part of the theme in Dubmood's Force De Frappe album. Really cool.
az stuff
0:43 I can identify a few, but not, all of these. Anyone have the list?
ralroost einsnulldrei
Where are they flying Saabs still?! I must see them!
it took too long on the run way than I anticipated
What is that v tail in front of the formation?
Cosmic Goat
Arguably the most beautiful fighter jet ever
alex from SLV
Ilja Baikov
Красивый недавно лицезрел сей аппарат
Kenneth Hildebrand
That's flying sex right there.
Panos A
It is a beautiful plane but suitable only for Swedes. They designed it strictly for their own technical requirements, which is normal of course, which however made it difficult to export. It was exported only to countries that did not want to buy American or Russian and did not want to give their money to the French either.
Adolf filerson
Sweden still best whith girls and aircraft . det förtjänar gå på rekordmånga . and don't forget the Volvo .