I go back to High School and sit down to talk to my old world literature teacher, Mr killinger. He spills the tea on all the gossip and talks about what kid of an embarrassing student I was. Follow Jeff Killinger on twitter: Subscribe to Jason: /> BUY MY NEW MERCH: SUBSCRIBE TO MY MAIN CHANNEL: My Social Medias: Twitter: @DavidDobrik Instagram: @DavidDobrik Snapchat: @DavidDobrik Vine: @DavidDobrik Musically: @DavidDobrik

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Liza Koshy
4:20 was my favorite part..
Who else is waiting for the scares to be uploaded?
Y Tho
Most dope teacher ever
Fatima Gozon
When jason asked "what did you do here for four years?!", You can hear in the back ms. Ednire around 3:30 say "play tennis" and that's actually true. David is in our school's "hall of fame" and if you went there, you would see his picture with his slick back hair and braces and under his name was his place in tennis.
"was david ever bullied in school?" "if he was i dont think he would have noticed" me too david lmao
Naz Aborode
David looks older than his teacher
Josie Beshara
david: "welcome back I'm with one of my high school teachers" me: "one of them !"
Bec Dunst
Waiting for: David: I'm here with one of my old high school teachers Mr. Killinger: One of them?!
Meme God
This teacher looks really young, and I was confused and then I realized that David is only 21 so he’s only been out of high school for 3 years.
God this video is great.
"Can we start filling it out" willing to bet $100 that that was Dom LOL
Fatima Gozon
I actually went to vernon hills high school and saw kilinger a lot. One of the best stories I have of kilinger is that before class started our teacher left the room and kilinger entered our room and took a tennis ball from the teacher's desk and threw it onto the top of a closet (where books and old equipment was stored) and left. Our teacher is a neat freak and short so you could imagine his frustration when he found out that his tennis ball was on top of a closet 😂😂😂😂 kilinger is really the best
I need Mr Killinger to have a YouTube channel. ALL IN FAVOR SAY I
jose garcia
David totally has ADHD lol😂
Brynlee Hassan
WHY does his teacher look as young as him
Half The Heart
*I wish my Highschool teachers were like him.* xD
Lovatic 101
"I was thinking about how would you describe a car...green? So Im like, white?"
Ashley Doom
Killinger is suspended on Twitter. I like him even more now.
Am I the only one who realize that he was talking about Alex when he said that David didn't let go of his crutches😂😂😂
isn't it ironic that he never did anything at school but he works so hard on his vlogs
Vanessa Blanco
I wish I had a teacher like that in school. I would have payed attention more.
Your teacher’s twitter has been suspended for violating twitter’s terms?! Lol
Claire Swanson
"I could've bullied!" as if it was a good thing
Not Cory Ochoa
Omg his name is Jeff..he's perfect
someone random
David isn't the most attractive but I love his personality and I get why Liza fell for him
Look at that! A teacher who accepted for who his student is, a rhombus, and didn't try to put in through a square peg. In fact he'd enough faith in him to do just fine. HUh! How unique and refreshing
Sofia Palacios
The teacher is hot tho
little caesar's official
killinger hot asf bye
CarterH 72
I wish I could quit school and be successful.
franceska serra
Aliyah 2k18
Is it just me or is Davids teacher cute asf?
Imagine what killinger would have to say about Liza and David’s breakup 🤔 I imagine Killinger: I hope you two the best and I just wanna say.... Liza’s better than you
i love what a special connection these teachers have even though David was a terrible student
Karly Carnicelli
So that teachers Twitter is suspended 😂
Now I realize that you don't have to smart to have lots of money
Juliet P
killinger > any teacher i have ever had
Ellen Comanescu
I just looked up his twitter and his account was suspended wtf did you do to him David 😂😂😂
smiley face
David can you add him to your group please this guy seems amazing
Cristian Nativo
Does anyone know why his account got suspended on Twitter??
obey the walrus
waiting for Davids prank video with Alex :D
I would love to meet short, chubby, Justin B hair cut David Dobrik
Emelie Ligues
His tweeter was suspended lmfao
Desiree Castillo
My teacher once said this “if you cheat at least cheat right because it’s not cheating if they don’t catch you”
Punz are my Life
Who else is waiting for David's next video?
Nimiy K
5:15 David being passionate abt cheating is meee
Liza Koshy Too
Why was his twitter suspended
Savage 101
Why is the teachers twitter suspended lmao
So are we just gonna ignore the fact that Killinger’s twitter was suspended..?
Aavas and Isant
yo why is killinger's account suspended on twitter
Twenty Juan Pilots
"How would you describe a car... green. So I'm like... **Points to his teacher** white?" I AM SO SORRY 🤣
Mathias Anderle
Mr. Killinger's twitter got suspended ..... wierd
vittoria chan
Jeffkillinger’s account on Twitter got suspended does anyone know why??? It’s so weird!!
Wait the teacher has his Twitter account suspended
why is his twitter suspended LOL
taylor grape
"describe mr. killinger in 5 adjectives" "what are adjectives? i'm kidding" "wait maybe not"
Fairy Dust Slimes
Mr killingers twitter got suspended
Avery Hoskins
Why was killinger’s Twitter suspended?
Esmeralda Zuniga
I live sooo close to Vernon hills😊😊😂😂😂
I want a teacher like him. All my teacher's are almost dead lol
Katie Donoghue
This is the best teacher ever.
SWARM acid
Why is killingers twitter suspended?
Braden Regier
This is actually really inspiring!
the fact that these teachers all remember david so well... like if i were to go back to my high school my teachers would be like soz who u?
Jethro Chu
Anyone gonna notice that his twitter account got suspended?
brownmehloprincess ot
i wish the teacher went "one of them" in the intro
Bezhan Aland
His account is suspended
Aliya A
Kaea Neville
These teachers are lowkey shook that David's really popular now
hannah woijeck
I tried going to David’s teacher’s twitter in the link and twitter said his acc was suspended 😭
Jeff a count from Twitter is suspended lol
Erin Toska
So supposedly Mr.Killingers account on Twitter has been suspended for violating terms !?
janell Karnasuta
peep crusty the clown in the back
Baby A & Mama J
David said "well that's all the time we have" pretty close to 4:20😂
Anyone notice, his Twitter account has been suspended
Went to follow his twitter, and it's suspended.
The teachers Twitter got suspended OMEGALUL
Spencer Lyst
omg the teacher's twitter is suspended
david smiling is so cute. ok bye.
1000 subs no videos
teacher's twitter suspended?
Victoria Knight
Why was the teachers twitter account suspended?
Reagan Price
I just tried to check his teachers Twitter, it says his account has been suspended
Jenny Chambers
Anyone know why killengers Twitter was suspended?
David Edick
that teacher looks so young
wunwun43 Gaming
The teachers account is suspended
lindsey macasiljig
bro ur teacher looks your age
Emmanuel.M.F Michael
The Twitter account is suspended
Ali Rose
That moment when your old teachers Twitter account is suspended😂 What did he do?!
why do they low key look the same age lmao
Gaby Liz
My killinger’s twitter suspended?
Taryn Schmitz
Mr. Killinger's account on Twitter said it was suspended???
honestly davids teeth are goals
Flame Erebos
David Dobrik being Leo Valdez is perfect.
Lean Raquaza
Why did his teacher get his twitter suspended?
Why is the teachers Twitter suspended??? LOL
Taavi Tammela
why is jeff killingers twitter suspended??!?!!!?!?!?!
How is it possible that David had these amazing, cool, and nice teachers when my teacher barely responds to me when I say good morning to her.
Daisy Flores
Lol his teachers account is suspended?Whatcha up to Jeff?